5 Popular Japanese Cat Breeds

Japanese Cat Breeds

There are so many Japanese cat breeds worldwide, but did you know Japan has quite a few of its own? These breeds have unique features and characteristics, ranging from fur to eyes to tails. 

Some Japanese cat breeds even have specialized personalities! Here are Japanese cat breeds you’ll want to know about, including some information on why they’re unique and how they can improve your life.

When you adopt or purchase one of these cats as a pet, be sure to do your research on how much grooming they need.

1. Somali

The Somali is a beautiful, long-haired cat that is native to Japan. These Japanese cat breeds are known for their loving and affectionate nature, and they make great companions. 

Also, Somalis are known for being very intelligent, and they are often used in research studies. The Somali is the perfect breed for you if you’re looking for a loyal and loving cat.

2. Bengal

The Bengal is a relatively new cat breed, having only been around since the 1970s. Bengals are beautiful, with their leopard-like spots and striking green eyes.

They are also knowledgeable and active, making them great pets for families with kids or other pets. 

Meanwhile, Bengals originate from Japan, where they were initially bred as show cats. Today, they are one of the world’s most famous Japanese cat breeds.

A Bengal might be the perfect cat if you want a unique and loving companion.

3. Abyssinian

The Abyssinian is a popular breed of cat originating from Japan. Their exact origins are unknown, but they are considered a cross between the Russian Blue and the Siamese. 

Abyssinians are known for their lithe bodies, pointed ears, and large eyes. They come in various colors, but all have one thing in common: their beautiful coats.

If you’re looking for Japanese cat breeds that are sure to turn heads, the Abyssinian is a perfect choice!

4. Chinchilla

The Chinchilla is a beautiful Japanese cat breed known for its fluffy gray fur. These Japanese cat breeds are very playful and loving and make great companions. 

Also, they are relatively easy to care for and only require regular brushing and grooming. The Chinchilla is a great option if you’re looking for a new feline friend!

5. Maneki-Neko

Maneki-Neko japanese cat breeds
Photo by Susann Schuster

A well-known Japanese cat breed known as the Maneki-Neko is said to bestow its owner with luck and riches.

They often feature a Japanese Bobtail cat with its paw outstretched in a beckoning gesture and are made of ceramic or plastic.

Also, its foot swings back and forth, and some even have motorized limbs that allow them to wave all day.

To draw people inside, Maneki-Neko is frequently exhibited at the front of establishments, including restaurants, pubs, and laundromats.


The number of Japanese cat breeds is much more than you might have thought initially.

If you are looking for a loving and loyal companion, look no further than a cat. They will love you unconditionally and offer you companionship.

If you’re considering getting a cat, we recommend researching what breed would be best for your needs before making a decision!

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