20 Best Kid Friendly Cat Breeds

Kid Friendly Cat Breeds
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Cats are said to be one of the most popular pets in America. They can offer a lot of love and affection without demanding too much time and attention.

Finding the right match can be hard when you’re looking to welcome an addition to your family. 

Cats are happy to be around you; they’re great companions for families who can’t spend all day with their animals. Cats make great pets because they can be very affectionate and playful if you give them attention.

If you have children, you want to ensure the Cat will be gentle enough not to scratch or hurt them accidentally. 

Of course, many cat breeds exist, so how do you pick just one? Here are some kid friendly cat breeds that may suit your family well.

1. European Burmese

No wonder these are among one the most popular cats around. They have rounded ears and wide eyes that resemble those of toddlers and children. European Burmese make great companions for people of all ages who want a loyal kitty by their side.

Moreover, European Burmese can tolerate living in apartments even if their owner is gone all day. They’re also considered good starter pets since they’re relatively easy to train and get along with kids. 

European Burmese don’t demand too much attention. They easily fit into households with multiple pets or even other small children running around; they’re one kid friendly cat breeds to consider.

2. Abyssinian Cats

A highly intelligent, curious, and kid friendly cat breeds. The Abyssinian is among one of the most family-friendly feline friends around. 

These delightful little kitties are extremely playful and curious—making them excellent companions for children. The Abyssinians are known to be loyal and loving, making them a big hit in homes across America. 

They’re also quite low maintenance, making them ideal pets for busy families. If you’re looking for a playful, affectionate companion, look no further than an Abyssinian!

3. Sphynx Cats

Sphynx is a breed known as an all-hairless feline, making them cool in summer and warm in winter. They’re a great kid friendly cat breeds that enjoy snuggling with their feline friends. 

They come in all colors and patterns, often similar or identical to your average domestic Shorthair or tabby. The only real difference between Sphynx cats and their relatives is that most have completely bald faces rather than whiskers.

Unlike other hairless breeds, though, most are still exceptionally cuddly. Some owners even say they love nothing more than sitting on laps while watching TV! It may take time for your child to get used to such a different-looking animal, but they will get along soon.

4. Japanese Bobtail Cats

These playful and very friendly cats make fantastic companions. They are known to follow their owners around like dogs! This Cat’s huge eyes, flat face, and large puffy tail give it a cute cartoon-like appearance.

They are extremely intelligent but also known for being quite naughty. This breed is bred in Japan, where it’s called Bobtail. They have great bushy tails, love to wag at their owners, and are energetic. 

These unique creatures are extremely popular as pets because of their easygoing and companionable nature.

If you’re looking for a cat that wants to be by your side, you may want a Japanese Bobtail. Since they are compact, they can comfortably sit on your lap while you work or watch TV. 

These kid friendly cat breeds will bond quickly with everyone in your home. They have wonderful attitudes, which means they will be playful with kids and other pets.

This breed makes an excellent addition for families with small children because it thrives on being around people. 

5. Norwegian Forest Cats

This breed hails from Norway and has some of the best instincts around. They have great personalities and love playing games with their owners.

These loving felines will welcome children warmly into their home and would make ideal pets because of their affectionate natures. 

They are long-haired cats that can tolerate cold weather, making them perfect for people who live in colder climates. Their coats are very easy to groom, so that they won’t require much maintenance on your part.

In addition, they tend to be pretty quiet and won’t bother you with loud meowing or yowling. Norwegian Forest Cats do not shed as much as other long-haired breeds but still need regular brushing sessions.

If you want a beautiful and kindhearted cat, go for these lovable kid friendly cat breeds.

6. Cornish Rex Cats

The Cornish Rex is considered a kid friendly cat breeds. These cats are very social and love attention from their owners. These medium-sized cats are smart, playful, active, and very affectionate. 

These kid friendly cat breeds make a great companion for anyone who loves playing with their pets. Cornish Rex is playful, gentle, and extremely affectionate. They get along well with children and are responsive to human interaction. 

For these reasons, they’re one of the best cat breeds that make great companions for kids. Their silky coats do not require as much grooming as other long-haired cats.

But if your children like to play with their pets, brush their fur once or twice a week. Cornish Rex only needs an occasional bath if they get into something stinky!

7.‎ Himalayan

Himalayan cats make sweet companions with their graceful and slender bodies, soft fur, and little white paws. They’re also less active than other cats, so they may be better suited for children who aren’t quite as active. 

Ranging in color from pure white to black or brown, Himalayans come in both long and short hair varieties. They all have in common that they love to curl up with you on your lap! Because of their mellow demeanor, this breed makes an excellent choice if you consider bringing home a new feline friend.

8. Manx

The Manx is a tailless version of another popular domestic breed, although it has its unique history. The first sighting occurred on an Irish Isle called Man, hence its name. This ancient breed has long fascinated people with its sweet personality and smooth body. 

Some owners say they act like dogs in their sociability and obedience and enjoy napping without your permission.

Their smooth coat also makes them allergy-friendly pets—great news for parents with sensitive children. If you’re looking for kid friendly cat breeds that will be loyal and affectionate, you can’t go wrong with a Manx.

9. Persian Cat

Persians are one of 20 kid friendly cat breeds from Asia and Europe. They’re naturally social and can be playful and loyal. Also, they tend to bond well with kids so that you may have a new best friend on your hands. 

However, Persians are notorious kneaders; they love resting their paws on pillows or skin and digging in with their claws.

To ensure everyone stays safe, ensure your kitty’s claws stay clipped at all times! It’ll also help keep them from getting bored and turning into naughty little shredders.

10. Burmese Cat

The Burmese are affectionate, playful, and energetic. They are very social, so they need lots of attention, and they love being in your lap or at your feet. 

This breed is also known as nap-kitty because they like curling up in your lap or at your feet. They are kid friendly cat breeds, too! 

Burmese cats are great if you have kids running around and want a cat that will get along with them. The only downside is that these cats shed quite a bit. But it shouldn’t be an issue if you don’t mind vacuuming daily.

11. American Curl Cat

The American Curl is kid friendly cat breeds known for its sweet demeanor. This feline will happily lounge around with your kids, being gentle and affectionate. They’re very social cats that get along well with other pets in addition to children, making them ideal family pets. 

Their ears’ curl adds extra cuteness to these laid-back cats. These long-haired cats can be kept groomed easily by brushing them daily and trimming their fur once or twice yearly. 

They come in various colors, including white, black, brown, red, and calico. If you’re looking for something unique but not too flashy, look no further than an American Curl Cat!

12. Bengal Cat

The Bengal is one of the most playful, energetic cats available. Bengals can entertain you like no other breed, known for being extremely intelligent and having tremendous jumping abilities.

They’re also adaptable and easily trained, making them great candidates for children who want a well-trained kitty as their companion. 

These beautiful cats are truly a wonderful addition to any home. Their energy level is high, so they’re not recommended if you live where they can’t get enough exercise outside.

These cats are bred primarily as exotic pets, although they’re used extensively in the wild in India to control pests. Bengals are easy to train with food rewards but respond best to positive reinforcement such as praise and attention.

13. Birman Cat

With its thick, long hair and deep blue eyes, it’s hard not to fall in love with a Birman. Birmans are also known for their quietness and gentleness and are kid friendly cat breeds.

They make good companions for children who want playmates but prefer animals that aren’t loud or aggressive. 

They also have very few grooming needs, so they can spend more time playing with kids instead of getting haircuts. These medium-sized cats are ideal for children who may be too young or small to handle larger cats comfortably.

14. Ragdoll

The Ragdoll is one of the best-known kid friendly cat breeds. They are extremely affectionate, calm, and loving and make great pets for children because they get along well with other pets.

The Ragdoll doesn’t generally hunt mice, so you can leave out little toys or treats without worrying about them being found. 

If a Ragdoll gets hold of something she shouldn’t have, don’t expect her to let go until you come along! She has been known to hang on through hugs. The biggest draw against owning a Ragdoll is that they need so much attention from their owners.

15. Maine Coon

According to Cat Fanciers’ Association records, Maine Coons are America’s most popular breed of purebred cats.

Although still relatively rare, they have increased in popularity recently and have enjoyed some success as TV actors. Specifically, Applejack from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is based on an actual Maine Coon named Harrison.  

In fact, during BronyCon 2014, Maine Coons were widely regarded as the unofficial mascot of My Little Pony. These reasons make Maine Coons a kid friendly cat breeds choice for many families with young children.

16. Selkirk Rex Cats

As a cat lover, lit’s important to make sure you pick out a breed that can fit into your home life. Selkirk Rex cats are ideal for families with children with soft curls and a warm, childlike demeanor. They’re known for being loving and affectionate companions who get along. 

These charming cats will quickly become part of your family—and add quite a bit of cuteness too! Their playful nature makes them perfect for playing games or having fun during nap time. They’re highly recommended kid friendly cat breeds.

It may be hard to believe, but these adorable kitties originated in Montana. So if you live in an area where these beautiful felines roam free, take one home today! If not, no worries: they do just fine in homes all over North America. 

17. Ragamuffin

If you’re looking for active kid friendly cat breeds that don’t need much grooming, look no further than a Ragamuffin.

These cats were bred with rabbits and will happily spend their days running around your home chasing down anything that moves. The two-year-old catteries of today are quite different from their street rat ancestors; they come in all colors and pattern variations. 

This playful breed might be just what you’re looking for if you have an active toddler or preschooler in your life.

These loving kitties are great pets for young children as long as they aren’t picked up roughly. They get with other pets; you don’t have to worry about them getting into trouble while you’re busy.

18. Siamese

Known as one of the most beautiful of all cats, Siamese is intelligent and love spending time with their owners.

This breed may be more active than others, but they make great companions. They also tend to be vocal, so they will not want to go unnoticed in any household. 

These kid friendly cat breeds are also affectionate and enjoy interacting with their owners. If you have young children or are thinking about adopting kids down the road, these cats may be right for you!

Siamese can get along well with older children, but younger ones may stress them out because they always want attention.

It would help if you always supervised your children around your pets so that nothing gets broken or damaged as your kids play with them.

19. American Shorthair

The American Shorthair is described as gentle, intelligent, and playful. He gets along well with kids and dogs and is easy to socialize with. He has been bred to be compatible with other cats, so he’s not likely to pick fights. 

The American Shorthair has all-American good looks and personality traits that match. The big sweetheart is one of the favorites on the list of 20 kid friendly cat breeds.

 A typical American Shorthair weighs 10–15 pounds and stands 17–21 inches tall. The average lifespan is 12–15 years. If you’re looking for a dog-like companion who also purrs, look no further than an American Shorthair.

20. Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold is one of those cats that people love or hate. It’s likely due to their ears, which tend to lie flat against their head and make them look adorable, but not exactly like typical cats. 

They’re also known for being very social with humans and other animals, which are traits that some may find endearing.

Because of these traits, many families choose to have these kid friendly cat breeds as permanent residents in their homes. Scottish Folds can do fine around children if an adult properly trains them.


There are many terrific choices for families that want to adopt kid friendly cat breeds or any other animal. However, it would help if you did some research before choosing to ensure you get along with your chosen animal.

There are several great resources (like Petfinder and Petango) if you’re interested in adopting an older or special needs cat. Suppose you’re not interested in adopting but still want to bring home a friend.

In that case, several options exist, such as rescuing and fostering animals until their forever families can adopt them.

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