6 Thanksgiving Foods Safe for Cats

Thanksgiving Foods Safe for Cats

Thanksgiving is always one of the busiest times for cat owners and their feline friends, but that doesn’t mean it has to be stressful if you follow this handy guide to Thanksgiving foods safe for cats.

Cats generally can eat the same Thanksgiving foods as humans and dogs, with some small tweaks here and there, so you won’t need to worry about feeding your cat separately during your family celebration.

This guide will help you figure out how to feed your cat on Thanksgiving and the days following safely, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself!

1. Turkey

Turkey is a great source of protein and thanksgiving foods safe for cats. Skinless turkey breasts are especially good because they’re low in fat, which can be hard for cats to digest. Ground turkey is also a safe bet. 

However, if you’re preparing the meat yourself or buying it pre-made from the store, make sure it doesn’t have onion powder or other seasonings that might be dangerous for your kitty.

And always ensure that the meat has been cooked thoroughly (not pink) to kill bacteria that could harm your cat’s digestive system.

2. Mashed Potatoes

Cats can eat mashed potatoes, but it’s not a high-quality diet. These thanksgiving foods safe for cats need more water in their food than mashed potatoes provide, and the carbohydrate content is too high.

If you’re cooking a big batch of mashed potatoes, boil some extra water and add it to your mashed potatoes before serving them to your cat.

 You can also make two batches of mashed potatoes: one with extra water and one without so that you have something to offer your cat and your family on Thanksgiving.

3. Green Beans

Green beans are a great Thanksgiving side dish. These thanksgiving foods safe for cats are high in nutrients and low in calories, making them a healthier option for your cat’s diet.

While green beans can be good for cats, they should be cooked first because raw green beans can make your cat sick. 

If you want to cook green beans specifically for your cat, add some plain chicken broth while cooking and keep the water at a low simmer.

The reduced cooking time will help maintain the nutritional value of the green beans while still keeping them safe for your kitty!

4. Pumpkin

Pumpkin is a great Thanksgiving food that is safe for cats. Raw pumpkin is loaded with fiber, vitamin A, and beta-carotene. These thanksgiving foods safe for cats can be treated or mixed with your cat’s dry food. 

Cooked pumpkin can also be given as a treat or used in recipes. Pumpkin purée can be found at most grocery stores and is a less messy option than raw pumpkin.

5. Apples

While apples may not be the traditional thanksgiving foods safe for cats, they are perfect for your kitty! Apples are safe for cats when cooked as apple sauce or baked into a pie.

When cooking an apple, peel it and cut it up into small pieces or slices so that the pieces will cook thoroughly. 

If you use apples in a pie, boil them before adding them to the crust. Do you have any other favorite Thanksgiving foods that your cat can eat? Could you share them in the comments below?

6. Dinner rolls

Cats are carnivores, so they will not eat much Thanksgiving food. But there are some things that they can eat and will enjoy.

Some foods like cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes might be OK if they are in moderation because they have sugar in them. 

These thanksgiving foods safe for cats can also have turkey if cooked without any seasoning or vegetable broth.

Turkey is also good because it has protein, but remember that cats cannot digest carbs, so when you are giving them turkey, make sure to remove the skin and only give them meat without any skin or bones.

They should avoid anything with onions because onions can cause stomach upset, leading to vomiting.


It’s important to note that we are not advising you to give your cat a plate of thanksgiving foods safe for cats overflowing with everything we’ve mentioned is “safe” for cats.

Don’t go overboard the first time you feed your cats a Thanksgiving meal if you have never done so. Try out the water a little. In the future, there will be another Thanksgiving and holiday feast.

In truth, skinless turkey is the only option we can endorse without reservation regarding cat Thanksgiving fare.

However, it’s generally not an emergency if you see your cat licking the gravy bowl, dipping a paw into the cranberry sauce, or scooping up and running off with a piece of bread.

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