16 Adorable Korean Cat Names That Will Melt Your Heart

Adorable Korean Cat Names That Will Melt Your Heart
Photo by Mikhail Vasilyev

Love cats? Love Korean culture? If so, you’ll love this list of 16 adorable Korean cat names.

Whether you just adopted a new feline friend or want to expand your pet’s repertoire of characters, this list is perfect for every fuzzy kitty in your life. 

And, as if that weren’t enough, these Korean cat names also make excellent choices if you’re looking to name your child in the future!

So without further ado, here are 16 adorable Korean cat names!

1. Namjoon

Namjoon is an adorable Korean cat names meaning ‘bright.’ If you are unsure what to call your pet, this is their perfect name. It has a distinctive sound and will make your cat stand out. 

Namjoon also means sunshine in Korean. This is appropriate because cats can often bring sunshine into someone’s life! Namjoon is often used as a nickname for Jungkook, one of the famous K-pop group BTS members. 

It would be extraordinary to give your cat this name in honor of its favorite idol! They’ll be extra excited if they find out that they have a song written about them called Namjoonie. Plus, they’ll never forget who named them. 

You may think it doesn’t matter at first, but when you realize how much you love your pet, you’ll appreciate having such a beautiful name for them. Namjoon would be the perfect gift for any K-pop lover or animal lover!

2. Min-Ki

Min-Ki is a Korean cat names that means beautiful and is often used as an affectionate term for children. It’s a sweet name for your little furry friend because it shows how much you care about them!

Korean culture has a rich and beautiful history, which means there are tons of Korean names to choose from.  

And because it is famous for people in Korea to name their children after beautiful nature scenes, animals and flowers, many names have lovely meanings behind them.

These unique names can be used as inspiration for naming your cat! 

3. Yoongi

Yoongi is one of the most popular Korean cat names, and it’s also among the prettiest! This name means morning, sunrise in Korean. It’s a feminine name, so male cats might not be too happy with this moniker. 

But if you’re looking for something soft and sweet that also happens to be easy to pronounce, then Yoongi is an excellent choice.

If your cat is named after the K-pop superstar, he’ll probably love hearing his name whenever someone calls him from across the room.

But don’t worry about feeling like an outcast with this Korean cat name because Yoongi is a ubiquitous Korean girl’s name as well! 

Plus, kitties are always adorable in any language. Lastly, there are plenty more cool Korean cat names to choose from (click on them!).

4. Hoseok

Hoseok is a Korean word meaning to return home. It’s also the name of an adorable male feline who has warmed hearts worldwide.

This kitty, adopted from a shelter, went viral after being shown cuddling with his owner on a bed. 

Hoseok lives happily with his family and has even become an Instagram sensation with over 100k followers.

His name might not be easy to pronounce for non-Koreans, but it sure does make for a perfect moniker! 

Plus, how Hoseok sounds in Korean makes you want to hug him more. So if you’re looking for Korean cat names, this would be an excellent place to start.

5. Jimin

Jimin has a very soft and round face with adorable little whiskers. He’s an adventurous cat who loves to explore but enjoys snuggling up on the couch or in his cat’s bed.

His favorite foods are tuna and liver, which he can sometimes be found begging for at the dinner table. 

If you’re looking for a cute Korean cat name, Jimin would be perfect! Another sweet option is Jin-ho. You’ll never find Jin-ho sitting around when there’s something fun to do; she’ll always be scampering about exploring her territory. 

6. Taehyung

Taehyung (태형) is a Korean cat names that means success. Taehyung was the eldest son of Taejo and his queen, Hwangjeong.

Taejo founded Goryeo in 918 and gave his first son this name. As a result, there were many kings named Taehyung throughout Korean history. 

The name is also sometimes written as Daemyung or Taemyong. It is also a popular Korean male-given name. 

If you are looking for an adorable Korean cat name, consider Taehyung. Its meaning is a success, and it’s another Korean male-given name.

7. Jungkook

Jungkook is an adorable Korean cat name that means wise and gentle. This name can be spelled in various ways, but the most common is Jungkook. Jungkook is a popular male cat name with a sweet meaning. 

The word Jungkook means wise and gentle or bright and full. It’s often translated as wisdom and intelligence.

The most common spelling of this name is pronounced ‘young-guy, which is also similar to the Korean word for ‘wisdom.’ Other variations are spelled Jangguk, Chungkook, Jeongguk, or Jungguk.

All these different spellings come from the original Korean words, with slightly different pronunciations. Jungkook is one of the Korean cat names that has stood the test of time and continues to be used by many people.

8. Chaewon

Chaewon is a popular Korean cat name with many meanings, including wisdom and hope. It’s also similar to the word for flower, which makes it perfect for someone who loves cats.

A few other names are Beomeo (which means white), Bohwi (which means rabbit), Georgia (which means blue), and Gyeonggi (which means yellow). 

These names will help you find your furry friend’s unique personality! After researching these 16 Korean cat names, my decision to adopt a kitty from South Korea was the best decision I ever made!

If you’re looking for Korean cat names, look at these great choices – they’re adorable and fit with any home or lifestyle.

9. Mina

Mina is a Korean name that means one pearl. This is a lovely name for any cat. Mina can be shortened to Min or Mi. Miu, pronounced mee-oo, tells beautiful women in Korean.

This beautiful name would work well for an elegant feline who is also kind and affectionate. 

Or perhaps your fur baby was found on the street? In which case, he’s been named all wrong up until now! Mina is a Korean name that means one pearl. 

This is a lovely name for any cat. Mina can be shortened to Min or Mi. Miu, pronounced mee-oo, means beautiful woman in Korean. This beautiful name would work well for an elegant feline who is also kind and affectionate.

10. Hyuna

Hyuna is a Korean word that means to go to one’s destination. It also means a happy, satisfied person. Hyuna is often used for female cats and can be spelled in English as Hye-na or Hyun-a. 

Hyuna is a popular name for Korean female celebrities such as Hyuna from the girl group 4minute, Hyuna from the girl group Wonder Girls, and HyunA from the girl group AOA.

Other adorable Korean cat names that start with Hy include Hyunsik and Hiroyuki. 

My favorite Korean cat name is Hyunsik because this sounds like the Korean phrase ” really or I swear! I love the little defiance in this cute kitty’s spirit.

11. Jisoo

Jisoo is the Korean word for a beautiful girl, and with a name like that, it’s no wonder that Jisoo has stolen the hearts of pet owners worldwide.

These cats have a reputation for being intelligent, affectionate, and playful. Like her namesake, this kitty is as sweet as can be. 

She also loves to snuggle with her human or other cat friends. Though she’s shy at first, Jisoo quickly warms up to new people, and once she does, she’ll let them know how much she appreciates their company.

If you’re looking for elegant Korean cat names yet a humble feline companion, look no further than Jisoo!

12. Dubu

Dubu is a Korean term that means to hug and is an adorable word for your new furry companion. If you are looking for something that has more meaning, then consider 애수 (ae-so), which means love.

Other possible names include 나름 (Nam-rum), which means in one’s way, and 화이팅 (hwai-itng), which means fighting! 

These words can be used to show your love, support, or encouragement to your pet. When they hear their name said, they will know how much you care about them, making them very happy. 

Be sure to take some time out of the day to say their name, so they know just how special they are. It’s also a good idea to say the same thing every time so that it becomes recognizable, and soon enough, your kitty will start coming running when they hear Dubu!

13. Sarangi

Sarangi is the perfect name for your kitty if you want to give it a Korean flair. This term means lovely sound or melody and describes something that’s both pleasing and serene.

The word also has ties to being a metaphor for love in other cultures, so it’s no surprise that this moniker would make for a perfect pick as one of the cutest Korean cat names out there.  

Another possibility is using this variation on sarangeul, which translates to a love song. (That’s right – your furry friend can be named after a charming type of music!) 

Finally, we couldn’t talk about sarangi without mentioning one of its many meanings: feeling at peace. If you’ve ever petted a happy kitty, it will be easy to see why they’re such great creatures to have around when you need some emotional comfort.

14. Seunglija

Seunglija is an adorable Korean cat name that means bright and beautiful moon. It’s a perfect name for a cat that has markings on its face like the moon. Seunglija is also the Korean word for a full moon. 

If you have a cat with dark fur, this might be the perfect Korean cat name for them! Think about it – your black cat would go by the Korean name of Seunglija, meaning bright and beautiful moon. 

The Korean word for a full moon is Seunglija. So if you have a small cat with dark fur and white markings like the moon, this might be the perfect Korean cat name for them!

15. Yong-Gahan

Yong-Gamhan 용감한 means brave and strong. Yong-Gamhan is an excellent choice for a cat with a solid or courageous personality. Yong-Gamhan is also the Korean word for me. 

Yong in Korean can mean many things, such as being hardworking, loyal, and pure-hearted, but Gamhan in Korean has a few meanings to it as well, such as being active, always in motion, and giving oneself over.

Together these two words describe someone who does not stop until their goal has been reached–someone who will not give up no matter what happens–someone who’s always full of energy! 

To make this even better, the word 감한 (GamHan) could also mean steadfast, which would make this name perfect! If you want your kitty to have an incredible character, then Yong-Gamhan is the way to go!

16. Yeonwoo

Yeonwoo means moon in Korean, but it also is a word play on the term for the people. If you are looking for Korean cat names that are both adorable and meaningful, then Yeonwoo may be a perfect choice. 

Another fun fact about this name: it’s phonetically similar to the Korean phrase 연우미, which translates to a new moon.

If you have a cat named Yeonwoo, they will often cuddle up with their owners when they feel anxious or scared, as if they are offering companionship.


The best way to find a Korean cat name is to think about what makes your cat special. Consider incorporating that into their name if they have adorable markings, like spots or black and white stripes.

You can also choose a Korean character name inspired by their personality traits—one of my favorite things about having cats is getting to know each one of their little quirks!   

And if you don’t want the pressure of picking the perfect Korean cat name, I’m here for you. For inspiration, I made a list of 17 Korean cat names below, so pick one and give your baby kitty some love today!

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