21 Cat Breeds That Don’t Shed

Cat Breeds That Don't Shed
Photo by Alexander Possingham

Having a pet can be a rewarding, entertaining, and downright dirty experience. While cats are often easier to care for, you should be prepared to have your clothing and upholstery coated in hair.

Since it is practically impossible to completely prevent this so-called “perk” of owning a cat, there are certain cats that may help you avoid the stress of constantly removing hair from furniture and other home appliances.

These cats are called “low-shedding” breeds. If all that excess fur is a deal-breaker for you, here is a list of 21 cat breeds that don’t shed.

1. Siamese

The eyes of a Siamese cat are a brilliant blue, and if you’re not cautious, they may cut right through to your very core.

According to Hill, a pet food manufacturer, these intelligent cats require a lot of attention from people and other animals, and they also have a reputation for being noisy.

The good news is that they need less attention when it comes to grooming, and their short coats undoubtedly place them on the lower end of the scale when it comes to shedding.

2. Exotic Shorthair

The Exotic Shorthair may be the ideal substitute for a dog with a round face. Exotics shed annually but not excessively, and their shorter coat is simple to preserve in good condition with occasional brushing. Even better, they are calm, good-natured lap cats with a relaxed disposition.

3. Bombay

A Bombay could be your best option if you can’t obtain the feline of your dreams because of bothersome exotic-pet rules.

They are Cat breeds that don’t shed much hair with glossy black coats and golden eyes. As well as being attentive and loving, they tend to be somewhat laid back.

4. Cornish Rex

A Sphynx might look like a Cornish Rex if it started growing hair. This cat commands attention because of its slender build, athleticism, large eyes, and even more prominent ears. It’s a good thing that its short, silky, wavy coat sheds very little and doesn’t require much maintenance.

The Cornish Rex is an active breed of cat that seldom gets bored with its owner and will become demanding if it feels as though it is being ignored.


These appropriately titled curly-haired kittens appear to have gotten a low perm.

They are cat breeds that don’t shed lots of furs, especially if their owners keep up with grooming. Additionally, they’re known for being intelligent and even a bit inquisitive, watching over their owners’ every move, frequently from the tallest perch in the room.

6. Ocicat

This strikingly patterned cat may appear like a wild animal, but it is actually a domestic pet. Its short, silky hair shouldn’t bother owners who dislike a lot of shedding, as long as they brush or comb it regularly. This cat will rule the list, even if it contains dogs because it is intelligent, kind, and loving.

7. Japanese Bobtail

The Japanese Bobtail has a plush coat that may come in a variety of lengths but doesn’t shed all that much and has been popular in Japan for generations.

 In addition to their kind demeanor, these cats are distinguished by their short tails, intelligence (they are able to learn their names and play fetch, for example), and playful personalities.

8. Devon Rex

The Devon Rex is a must-mention on the list of cat breeds that don’t shed, as it is not like the conventional image of a domestic cat because of its unusually large ears in proportion to its body size. They have a very short, curly coat that is actually so delicate that cat keepers shouldn’t comb it.

Thankfully, they also do not shed as the usual house cat does. These intelligent dogs like jumping, playing and interacting with their owners and the other pets in the household.

9. Turkish Van

The coat of the Turkish Van is soft and medium in length, with a dense undercoat that sheds very little and is simple to maintain with a once-per-week brushing.

A Turkish Van is unique not just because it is as soft as a cashmere sweater but also because it enjoys something that most other cats despise: water. This cat is a lot of fun to have around, even though it’s not the best choice for a lap pet.

10. Korat

The Korat is a beautiful breed that originated in Thailand; it has a coat that is silver-blue in color, is short, thick, and silky, and it sheds very little.

Because of this, maintaining its appearance is a straightforward task. If you do discover a Korat, you will have a devoted lap cat for the duration of your care of the animal.

11. Colorpoint Shorthair

What type of domestic Shorthair do you get when you cross a Siamese with a regular domestic shorthair? The sophisticated Colorpoint Shorthair breed.

They are cat breeds that don’t shed much hair because it has a short coat. It is also quite affectionate toward its owners, which requires a great deal of attention.

12. Russian Blue

The stunning silvery-blue color of the Russian Blue, which is so recognizable, makes this cat a real head turner. Not only does this cat have a thick coat that sheds very little, but Russian Blues also generate less of a protein known as Fel-d1, which is the primary allergen in cats and is responsible for allergic responses.

13. Sphynx

The hairless Sphynx is an excellent option for potential owners who wants cat breeds that don’t shed fur all over the upholstery.

 However, this does not free you of all responsibility for maintaining your pet. Cat experts recommend that you wash them once every few weeks in order to remove any extra oil from their coat.

The Sphynx is a sociable, loving lap cat that usually enjoys humans and other pets, despite their intimidating exterior concealing the notion that they are a social animal.

14. Abyssinian

Consider getting an Abyssinian if you want a cat with a dog’s personality. They are eager to learn new things, like playing, and thrive on the attention of the people who care for them. Their short, thick coat sheds very little, and they require very little maintenance because of it.

15. Bengal

The stunning Bengal, known as a “wild cat that appears to be tamed,” is characterized by a coat covered in striking spots, an athletic frame, and abundant vitality. Bengals are affectionate pets, despite their reputation for having a lively nature.

Because of their short hair, they are among cat breeds that don’t shed much, and they don’t require much grooming from their owners because of how well they take care of themselves.

16. Peterbald

There are other types of hairless cats besides the Sphynx. Even though some Peterbalds have extremely short hair, most don’t have any at all, which implies that they have very little to no hair loss.

 To avoid an accumulation of greasy buildup, Peterbalds need to be washed much like Sphynx. In return, You will receive a devoted, friendly, and affectionate friend in exchange.

17. Burmese

The Burmese cat, like its near relative, the Siamese, has a coat that is short and fluffy and is a cat breed that don’t shed very much. Although described as large cats, they are highly athletic, as seen by their ability to leap from perch to perch.

The Burmese require the occasional use of a brush to maintain their impeccable appearance, and they adore the companionship of both their owners and their other animals.

18. Birman

If you really can’t shake the idea of having a cat with long hair, the beautiful Birman is an excellent option for reducing the amount of hair that your cat sheds.

The absence of an undercoat contributes to the fact that their hair is less likely to become tangled and matted, but combing can also be of assistance. The Birman gets along well with humans and other animals, making him an excellent choice for active homes.

19. Oriental Shorthair

Another cat breed that don’t shed is the Oriental Shorthair which is closely related to the Siamese and has a distinctive appearance.

They have a fine coat that doesn’t shed much. They also generate reduced quantities of the Fel-d1 protein, which is an allergen that can cause reactions in sensitive individuals.

These cats can learn new skills and will lap up any attention given to them.

20. Singapura

This little-known species packs a powerful punch despite its small size. The adult Singapura weighs only about six pounds on average, making it one of the most petite cat breeds; yet, they all have huge, alert eyes and prominent ears.

Their short, light-brown coat sheds very little and only needs to be brushed occasionally. These little cats have enormous personalities, plenty of energy, and a need to be in the middle of everything that’s happening.

21. Turkish Angora

 The last cat breeds that don’t shed on this list is the Turkish Angora. You might be concerned that this white fluff ball would shed all over the place, but it sheds relatively little hair. Brush it once a week to maintain it silky form.

In terms of personality, the Turkish Angora will keep you on your toes: a naughty charmer who isn’t afraid to get into a bit of mischief.

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