19 Best Biblical Cat Names for Your Feline Friend

Best Biblical Cat Names

Whether you’re an avid animal lover or looking to add religious flavor to your pet’s name, there are plenty of biblical cat names to choose from.

If you’re looking for the perfect word to suit your feline friend, try out one of these ten biblical cat names inspired by some of the most famous cats in history.

Finding the perfect name for your furry friend can be very difficult, especially if you’re looking for something biblical cat name.

Whether your kitty is Manx or siamese, short-haired or longhaired, there’s bound to be a name from the Bible that will suit him (or her!) perfectly,

1. Abel

Abel is a biblical name and the first recorded murder victim, as the Bible tells. This is a touching name for a cat you always want to remember. Abel means meek or gentle, which is an apt description of this little guy. 

When looking for biblical cat names, Abel is an excellent choice because it’s both traditional and unique. Abel’s origins are from the Hebrew word Hebel which means breath, vapor, or smoke. With Abel, you get a cute-sounding name and one that has deep meaning!

2. Cain

Cain is also biblical cat names that have biblical roots. Cain’s story begins in the Bible when his brother, Abel, offers him some of his sheep’s meat as an offering to God. Abel’s offering was accepted by God while Cain’s was not, making Cain angry and jealous. 

He killed Abel and then felt guilty about it. Many people like this name for their cat because it has Biblical roots. Cain is a Biblical figure from the Bible who was the firstborn son of Adam and Eve. 

This would be an appropriate choice for any black or dark-colored cat. Cain also means smith, which may be why some people like this name for their cat because they think it would sound cool for their kitty to have a job too!

3. Isabelle

Isabelle, a girl’s name that means God is my oath, is a classic name for your kitty. It was popularized by the book Gone With the Wind, and it’s also been used as a name in two other books. You could also call her Isabella or Izabelle to have more options.

4. Gideon

Gideon is a Biblical name that means to be strong or brave. It is associated with many people throughout history, including the biblical Gideon. 

You might also recognize it from the Anita Blake series as one of Anita Blake’s friends. Gideon is also a popular boy name, but if you’re looking for something more unique and cat-like, here are some other great biblical cat names to consider

5. Honor

Honor is a Hebrew word that means to show respect and value. The name Honor has biblical origins as it appears in the Bible. 

It’s also the name of one of Noah’s grandsons and a character in Margaret Mitchell’s book Gone With the Wind. Honor is a unisex name meaning either male or female, but I’ll be focusing on the ten best biblical cat names for cats.

6. Isaac

Isaac is an excellent biblical cat names for a kitty because it means laughter. The meowing sound can be very therapeutic, so ensure your cat has plenty of happy hours. Some other great names from the Bible are Noah and Samson. 

These names are perfect for a fuzzy friend who has a big personality. I would also recommend choosing a biblical name if you want to teach your child about the Bible through their pet.

7. Jacob

Jacob was a major player in the Bible, and he also happens to have an awesome name. Jacob is a great place to start if you’re looking for a biblical cat name. This name is about one of Israel’s 12 tribes and means to follow. 

It has a beautiful meaning that suits any cat well! Jacob is the son of Isaac and Rebecca and the older brother of Esau. He’s known in the Bible as one of God’s chosen people, which is why many believe his name means he who supplants. 

Jacob was a trickster, much like his father before him; he tricked his brother out of their birthright by deceiving their blind father into blessing him instead. In return for his blessings, Jacob worked seven years for Laban to get Rachel as his wife.

8. Jonah

Jonah is one of the biblical cat names for your friend, who’s a little mischievous. This is perfect if you’re looking for a biblical cat name that means to be drawn out. 

Plus, it’s got a nice meaning of dove. You can’t go wrong with that! 

9. Noah

I have seven great biblical cat names for your feline friend. Noah, If you are a fan of the Bible, this is an excellent choice as it was one of the few animals to survive the flood. Plus, it has a nice ring to it. 

10. Tabitha

A more uncommon biblical cat name is Tabitha, which means gazelle. If you’re looking for something with more of an old-school vibe, try Jacob or Jeshurun for your furry friend. Whatever you do, don’t pick Methuselah as a biblical cat name! 

People commonly give their pets biblical names to remember the Biblical story that helped shape their values and beliefs.

Some people have names picked out even before they get a pet because it’s a part of who they are.

They want to carry that into their home life and share it with their new family member (aka their new pet).

11. Jael

Jael is one demanding biblical cat name and a fitting choice if you want to pick one with an intimidating ring. It also has the fantastic definition of trampled, which I think we can all agree makes these biblical cat names pretty badass.

12. Caleb

This name comes from the Old Testament and translates as a dog, wolf-lover, or strong-willed child (which I think would be awesome). The name means bold in Hebrew. 

In scripture, Caleb was one of Moses’ most trusted spies. Name meanings can also be gleaned from biblical heroines.  

13. Esther

One such example is found with the biblical heroine Esther. She is Persian royalty who risked her life to save her people. 

Her name means star, and it’s not a stretch to see why this relates to cats. If you’re looking for a feminine biblical cat name, Esther could be just what you’re looking for! 

14. Lazarus

This biblical cat name is the most well-known and has been popularized by the song Rock of Ages.

Lazarus is a Biblical figure from the Bible who was raised from death by Jesus Christ after being in his tomb for four days. This would be an appropriate choice for any dark-colored cat. 

Lazarus was raised from the dead by Jesus and is often depicted as being covered in fleas or wearing rags on his head, which might be why some people are hesitant about naming their cats after him.

Nevertheless, he was a crucial character in the Bible, so this could be an exciting choice for you if you’re looking for biblical cat names.

15. Isaac

This name is from the Old Testament and means laughter or jest. It would be perfect for your playful kitty! How much fun would it be to watch your cat catch an imaginary mouse? 

It may even be able to teach you a thing or two about how to play. You can say that a biblical cat name fits any personality or age. 

16. Tazia

Tazia (Italian: the one who will be reborn) is a feminine name that means resurrection in Hebrew. It is a beautiful biblical name for your new cat! 

It’s never too late to welcome a new family member into your home, and if you’re looking for a tremendous biblical cat name, we hope this list has helped you find just what you need, so if you’re looking for biblical dog names or an Irish baby name.

17. Deborah

Deborah (meaning bee) Deborah is a sweet-sounding name that would be perfect for your kitty friend. Plus, this biblical cat names is of Hebrew origin and fits nicely with Jewish traditions. 

Most likely, you have a unique pet in mind. Maybe they’re a sweet cat that adores attention or a shy kitty that prefers to sit in your lap and not be touched. 

18. Sarah

Sarah (meaning princess) Ah yes, Sarah! One of the most well-known biblical cat names. No matter what your religious affiliation is, you will recognize this name. 

If you are a follower of the Old Testament, you know that this name belongs to Abraham’s wife. In the book of Genesis, we learn that she was initially called Sarai but later changed her name to Sarah when God blessed her with children. Her symbol as a cat is none other than a black cat, as seen in folklore and superstition. 

One of my favorite aspects about this name is that it has three syllables for maximum cuteness. Black cats were thought to be witches’ pets and were sometimes associated with black magic and evil because they would sneak around at night and cause mischief by stealing milk from cows or chickens’ eggs.

19. Lot

Lot is another Biblical figure from the Bible who was displaced by God’s wrath after refusing to offer his daughters to rape at King Sodom’s request. Biblical cat names that share similarities with Lot include Mordecai, Job, Samson, and Elijah. Biblical cat names can be an excellent way for people to remember important figures in their faith or their family tree. 


No matter your religious background, there’s no denying that the Bible is full of great ideas. Choosing biblical cat names can be a great way to express your religious convictions and be a great conversation starter. 

There are many other Biblical cats for you to choose from as well. Take your time and explore!

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