24 Best Cat Names for Ginger Cats

Best Cat Names for Ginger Cats
Photo by Alex Nicolopoulos

The sight of a ginger cat can bring joy to the most hardened of hearts, and deciding upon the perfect cat names for ginger cats might be the most fun part of owning your feline.

So how do you go about finding the perfect name for your new ginger cat? Thankfully, we’re here to help you!

Read on to discover some of the best cat names for ginger cats, and let us know how your new feline friend responds once they have their new moniker!

1. Kenny

Kenny is a trendy cat name, and it’s no surprise why. It brings up images of cuddly kittens that love attention and can’t get enough of their humans.

However, if you’re looking for a more traditional name, then Kenny would be perfect! These cat names for ginger cats are ideal for a ginger cat as it goes well with its fiery red hair.

You can also go with a nickname like Ken or even Kiki, which is short for Kikirara, the Japanese word for cat. 

2. Freckles

Freckles aren’t just the cutest nickname; it doubles as an adorable cat name! Who doesn’t love naming their pet after the things they have?

Your ginger cat may not have freckles, but this fun name would make anyone feel special. But, unfortunately, it’s one of those cat names for ginger cats that is only available to a select few.

Cats don’t seem to mind being called by a human name. So when your friend starts with a favorite song, you can try calling out hey Fuzzy! and see how well that goes over!

3. Caramel

 This sweet-sounding name will make your cat feel extra special. 

4. Honey

A cat like Honey is a furry bundle of joy. They love to be petted and are not picky about where they sleep. If you have trouble deciding on the perfect cat names for ginger cats, this list will give you some ideas! 

5. Cinnamon

Cinnamon – With this name, your ginger kitty will be the sweetest. A warm, spicy name that evokes thoughts of mulled wine and hot cocoa by the fire. 

6. Lenny

Lenny is a name that is both cool and classic. It’s perfect for a confident ginger cat that likes to go on adventures.

These cat names for ginger cats also have the word lion in them, which means there will always be someone who says he looks like a lion. A sweet name for with a bite!

Not only does this one come from ‘Leo’ (meaning lion), but it was initially used as an abbreviated form of Leonard or Leonardo.

All you need to do is say Lenny three times fast, and it becomes clear why! If your cat hates being picked up, use this time-saving trick.

Find the nearest person you know with a kitten and ask them if they can pet your cat while you’re not around. They’ll likely oblige – kittens are cute, after all – so long as they understand what they’re getting into first.

7. Dandelion

 Dandelion – Just as your cat is always happy and cheerful, so is a dandelion. It is the best cat name for ginger cats.

8. Marmalade

Marmalade A popular choice among cat owners with black cats, this moniker could also be applied to orange kitties. 

9. Lemon Drop

It may sound sweet, but lemon drops can pack quite a punch. Your ginger kitty will indeed have that same kind of attitude!

10. Clementine

Sweet and spicy, this lovely citrus fruit is typically associated with oranges but can also be found in lemons and limes. Apply either nickname to your feline friend! 

11. Blaze

A perfect name for any ginger kitty, this could be short for Blaze, as in ‘blazing red hair. –

12. Amber

A sweet name, Amber is derived from the word meaning fire or flame

13. Bubble

 Bubbles would be perfect if your cat is energetic and loves playing with water.

14. Clownfish

Ginger cats are a beautiful breed that can be hard to find. It is essential to think of the perfect name for your furry friend. So, if you’re looking for some cat names for ginger cats, here are some ideas. 

15. Jasmine

 Jasmine – Cat names with J at the start usually spell pretty, which suits jasmine well. 

16. Pumpkin Pie

I love ginger cats, and I believe it is essential to have a list of cat names for ginger cats. This way, you can find the perfect name for your new kitten! 

I will start with my favorite first name on the list, ‘Pumpkin Pie. I love how this name sounds. 

It also has a lot of meaning behind it. Pumpkin pie is a dessert that people associate with Thanksgiving and fall. This means that if you get your cat a pumpkin pie, it will be loved all year round! 

17. Kit Kat

Ginger cats are a unique breed with a few special needs. Kit Kat is a great name for them because it’s fun and rolls off the tongue.

They also love to play, so any cat names for ginger cats with an ee sound would be perfect.

If you want your cat to stand out from other ginger cats, something like KitKat will work well. The important thing is that you pick a name that reflects your personality and color!

18. Butterscotch

Butterscotch – The perfect name for a sweet little ginger cat.

19. Caramel

Caramel! A soft, sweet character will make you just as irresistible as you are to pet lovers everywhere.

20. Cinder

 A name that’s cute and on-theme with the color of your fur. 

21. Ginger Snap

Ginger cats are adorable and have such a sweet disposition. That’s why the best cat names for ginger cats suit their personality and let their personality shine through.

One of the best names to call your ginger kitty is Tootsie. This name is perfect because it sounds like Tootsies, one of the most popular candies in America.

Other great names for ginger cats include Honey, Marmalade, and Sunny.

22. Mai Tai

Mai Tai is an old-fashioned way of saying good stuff, so this one is an excellent name for your new ginger feline friend. And don’t worry, there are plenty more where that came from.

23. Blossom

Hey, my name is Blossom. I’m a ginger cat that people say looks a lot like a fox. I love to play with my toys and explore the world, but it’s hard to find other cats that are just as curious as me!

If you have a feline companion who’s also an adventurer, you might want to consider some cat names for ginger cats for your new friend.

24. Apricot Fizz

Apricot fizz I think this would be an adorable name because apricots are so sweet and fizzy. It’s also the perfect cat names for ginger cats.

Plus, if your kitty has some gray in its fur, the gray will show off beautifully with the apricot color. 


After all, you know they will be the furriest little ball of adorable energy you’ll ever meet. So how can you find the proper cat names for ginger cats, especially since it’s such an important decision?

If you don’t have a ginger cat at home, you may know someone who does! Share these fun facts with friends. Some are silly, and others are plain cool. 

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