What Animals Are in Petting Zoos?

What Animals Are in Petting Zoos
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Petting zoos allow children and adults to get up close and personal with animals that they would not usually be able to see in the wild, but the question remains, What animals are in petting zoos?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question depends on where you live in the United States. Different states have regulations on what animals can be contained within petting zoo walls.

Petting zoos are ideal if you’re looking to interact with smaller animals like goats, lambs, rabbits, and chickens.

But if you’re looking to get up close with more giant animals like cows and horses, you might have to go to a giant petting zoo or animal sanctuary instead. 

1. Sheep

Petting zoos are popular places to bring children to interact with animals, but what animals are in petting zoos? Sheep can be found in both large and small petting zoos.

However, they’re usually kept in enclosed areas for safety reasons. Petting zoos typically charge an admission fee, allowing people to roam around the park freely.

Visitors will often have the opportunity to feed or hold a baby lamb and feed other farm animals. It’s also possible to purchase food from vendors who may be located near any designated feeding area.

2. Zebras

What animals are in petting zoos? Petting zoos are a place where people can pet animals like zebras. Zebras are often found in these zoos because they have thick fur that is easy to pet. 

The zebras often open their mouths to show their teeth and sometimes yawn and snort. People can usually buy hay or carrots from the vendors at the zoo, then feed them to the zebras. 

3. Camels

What animals are in petting zoos? Camels are common in petting zoos. They’re usually used as rides to help kids walk around.  

They’re also a place where children can learn about different animals and their habitats. There’s usually a variety of animals in petting zoos, such as cows, pigs, rabbits, sheep, goats, llamas, and camels! Camels are well known for their long necks and humps on their backs.

These humps store fat so they can live off this fat when food is scarce. Like most other mammals, camels have hair all over their body, but theirs is made of coarse hairs called bristles. 

4. Ostrich

What animals are in petting zoos? In petting zoos, you can find a variety of animals, such as ostriches and llamas. Ostriches are large birds with long legs and two toes on each foot used for walking. 

They have feathers but do not fly very well because they weigh so much. Llamas are related to camels and rabbits, except they have ears. They live in South America and can be found in petting zoos worldwide! 

5 Giraffe

What animals are in petting zoos? One of the most common animals in petting zoos is the giraffe. Giraffes are tall, with long necks and long tongues that they use to eat leaves off trees. 

They can grow up to 18 feet (5.5 meters) high and weigh as much as 3,000 pounds (1,360 kilograms).

They have a spotted coat with skin covered in fur. Giraffes are another animal that is sometimes found at petting zoos.

These animals are tall and have long necks. They eat leaves high in trees, so people need to bring feed bags to reach them. Giraffes can drink water from a small pool of water in some zoos. 

6. Goats

Petting zoos are a great place to bring kids and teach them about animals. What animals are in petting zoos? There are many animals in petting zoos, but goats are one of the most popular.

Goats are intelligent, curious, and often playful creatures. They’re also herding animals and like to be around other goats.

If you’re visiting the petting zoo, stop by the goat pen for a fun experience! The petting zoo is an educational adventure perfect for children who love animals and want to learn more about their behavior.

7. Rabbits

What animals are in petting zoos? Many animals are often found in petting zoos; most of the time, they are cute, cuddly, and friendly. Here is a list of some animals you might find at petting zoos. 

Bunnies – are one of the most popular animals at petting zoos because they are so soft and cuddly. You will usually find bunnies in cages or pens where you can reach through to pet them. 

8. Cats

Cats- are also an animal that’s common at many petting zoos. Most cats love being held, scratched behind their ear, and rubbing their bellies.

There is often a cat or two lounging on top of tiny wooden houses at the end of the alleyway, with benches nearby for people to sit and chat while the cats’ nap. 

They will be waiting patiently for someone to stop by and give them some attention. The volunteer might offer you a handful of treats, then watch as the cats sniff it out before eating it in one gulp.

9. Duck

Petting zoos are an excellent place for kids to get up close and personal with animals they might not usually see.

They’re also a fantastic opportunity for parents to teach their children about the importance of conservation, animal welfare, and good old-fashioned family fun.

What animals are in petting zoos? There are some of the most popular animals in petting zoos because they are easy to handle. Ducks often make an appearance at petting zoos as well!

10. Alpaca

Many people may not know this, but many petting zoos have alpacas. Alpacas are not only furry and adorable but also intelligent, curious, and friendly animals. 

They can live in mountainous regions up to 12000 feet high and survive in temperatures that could be as low as -22 degrees Fahrenheit! The alpaca usually stands 4-5 ft tall and weighs 130-250 pounds. 

These gorgeous creatures originate from the Andes Mountains in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, and northern Chile. There are about 2 million wild alpacas today.

What an excellent opportunity for you to get up close and personal with these fascinating animals when you visit your local petting zoo!

11. Guinea Fowl

What animals are in petting zoos? Animals in petting zoos vary depending on where you are.

They include birds, reptiles, mammals, and amphibians. Birds are the most common animals in petting zoos because they are easy to maintain.

Guinea fowl can be found in petting zoos, and more common birds such as ducks, chickens, emus, geese, turkeys, and ostriches. 

13. Chipmunks

What animals are in petting zoos? Animals you might find at a petting zoo are chipmunks, sheep, and more. Chipmunks are rodents that live in North America. They eat nuts and seeds.

Their body has brown fur with white on the stomach; if you go to a petting zoo and see a chipmunk, pick it up because they have bushy tails, making them look adorable! 

14. Ferrets

What animals are in petting zoos? Ferrets are one of the most popular animals found in petting zoos. Ferrets are domesticated members of the mustelid family. They are related to weasels, otters, and badgers. 

Ferrets have been around since Roman times, although they were initially wild animals used for hunting. To this day, farmers use ferrets as pets or pest control agents.

Despite their popularity as pets, ferrets require care and attention just like any other animal would need.

Although they don’t make great pets for small children because they can bite (especially when they’re young), ferrets can be wonderful companions to older children and adults willing to spend a lot of time with them.

15. Squirrels

What animals are in petting zoos? Squirrels are one of those animals found in petting zoos.

It is believed that they spend only about six hours a day sleeping as they need to be alert to chase off other squirrels looking for a free meal and also because they have predators, such as birds of prey, who might be looking for an easy meal themselves! The rest of the time, squirrels are on the move. 

They are speedy runners and can jump up to 10 feet (3 meters) in the air! Their paws help them grip tree branches, but they don’t have claws, so getting a hold of things like ropes or cables is hard.

Sometimes squirrels use their tail as an extra limb to balance while standing upright or grasping objects with their paws while hanging upside down from a branch! 


What animals are in petting zoos? They allow you to interact with animals that you might not usually see. Some animals require more care than dogs or cats. 

So if you happen to find yourself at a petting zoo soon, take some time to enjoy the experience of being so close to all these beautiful creatures! What is your favorite animal? Let us know below! 

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