18 Low-maintenance Pet Birds for Beginners

Low-maintenance Pet Birds for Beginners
Photo by Prasad Panchakshari

Are you a newbie looking for low-maintenance pet birds for beginners? You have come across the right article.

There are a lot of different reasons to keep birds as pets. Some people keep chickens because they take pleasure in the responsibility of caring for a pet.

Others do it because they take pleasure in including fresh eggs in their diet. Yet, others do it because they want to educate their children about the natural world.

Bringing birds up from a young age can be a rewarding experience; however, it does need hard effort and dedication.

There are several species of birds; fortunately, some take a little less care than others. This piece will discuss the 18 best low-maintenance pet birds for beginners that you may keep as pets or nurture as a hobby.

1. Canary

The canaries are related to finches; however, they are frequently considered separate species because different varieties and subspecies of canaries have different needs in terms of care.

Caring for practically any kind of canary shouldn’t be too challenging. They require a nutritious feed, a secure enclosure to fly, and some fun toys to play with.

Aside from that, these birds should be left alone as pets. They are only five to eight inches long, so they only take up a small amount of room, and they will also provide your home with a gorgeous splash of color.

2. Parrotlets

These adorable little birds have a reputation for not taking care of themselves properly. They have dispositions that are fun to be around and are full of energy, and they make excellent companions.

However, if you want to tame your parrotlet, you will need a little extra time because these birds require more attention from their human caregivers.

However, they are excellent low-maintenance pet birds for beginners and owners who work inside the home or have young children in the household.

It is quite social and enjoys being around people, so whenever it gets the chance, it showers this bird with a lot of love, which doesn’t require much care.

3. Lineolated Parakeet

The lineolated parakeet is an excellent choice for low-maintenance pet birds for beginners. This bird is known to be one of the most laid-back members of the parrot family as a whole. The daily care of a social bird must involve a lot of interaction between the bird and its keepers.

In addition to this benefit, these little birds won’t create much of a mess in your house and won’t take up much room, both of which contribute to the fact that they are low-maintenance pet birds for beginners.

4. Hyacinth Macaws

We have decided to include Hyacinth Macaws on this list of low-maintenance pet birds for beginners because they require little upkeep in all aspects other than their housing.

Despite their big size and mild temperament, these birds are reputable for their outgoing and pleasant demeanor.

They are noted for being quite upbeat and have a penchant for engaging in activities such as playing and cuddling. As a result of this, their behaviors are pretty straightforward to control.

However, you will need to make sure that you choose a large cage for your macaws because of their large size, which renders them unsuitable for cages of smaller sizes.

5. Pionus Parrot

Pionus parrots have a well-deserved reputation for being devoted to the people who care for them and exhibiting an independent and resourceful spirit.

Why is it beneficial to do so? You won’t be tied down to your responsibilities regarding the care of the birds all the time.

If you have to leave your Pionus parrots alone for a few hours, they won’t be upset about it. They like playing with their carers but are quite content when they are left alone to play.

Simply ensuring that they spend a few hours outside of the cage daily will go a long way toward maintaining their good health.

6. Quaker Parakeets

As long as you treat them with care and respect, Quaker parakeets are excellent low-maintenance pet birds for beginners. They are very affectionate creatures that do not call for a great deal of specialized attention or care.

It is essential to be aware that it is against the law in some regions to acquire a Quaker parakeet because these birds are prohibited due to agricultural concerns. Check out what the regulations are in your area, and you should be good!

7. Lovebirds

If you are looking for an animal that requires little care and attention, you should also consider keeping a lovebird as a pet. These colorful birds possess all the vitality and beauty of parrots, yet they are much simpler to care for.

We had the misconception that lovebirds had to pair for a long time. However, a single lovebird may thrive independently, provided it spends at least a few hours interacting with its caretakers.

Just remember to provide your bird with a spacious cage and many fun toys to play with. Because of their relatively small size (no more than seven inches in length), you shouldn’t have too much trouble locating an appropriate cage for these birds.

8. Dove

Doves have a well-deserved reputation for being user-friendly and requiring a relatively minimal level of care.

Doves enjoy interacting with the people who care for them and are also perfectly content to spend most of the day occupying themselves by playing alone.

In addition, these birds are not particularly large, making them excellent low-maintenance pet birds for beginners.

If you give your doves nutritious food and let them exercise for at least a few hours each day, they should have no problems maintaining their health.

It is essential to keep in mind that doves are susceptible to vitamin D deficiency, so it is best to position their cage in a location where they may receive some natural light.

9. Amazon Parrot

We have decided to put the Amazon parrot on our list because even though they are substantially more expensive than many of the other low-maintenance pet birds for beginners that we have discussed with you. They are among the most entertaining of all the birds that you can own!

These birds are the life of the party; not only are they stunning to look at, but they also like making themselves heard.

They enjoy a reasonable bit of attention, and more importantly, they enjoy being the focal point of your attention.

They are not too difficult to handle, particularly if you select Amazon parrots such as lilac crowns, white-fronted parrots, and blue-fronted parrots.

These parrots come from South America. The red-lored parrots are still another viable alternative to consider.

If you go with one of these kinds, you’ll discover that they don’t make many demands and are simple to care for.

They are also very calm, providing that you give them time in the evenings to interact with other people and that you give them plenty of opportunities to play and exercise.

10. Cockatiel

Cockatiels are stunning birds that typically measure between 30 and 33 centimeters (about 12 and 13 inches) in length.

These tiny birds are gray and yellow and have brilliant orange cheeks that give them a flushed appearance with emotion despite only weighing three ounces.

The only thing required for the care of cockatiels on a daily basis is a few hours of fun outside of the cage. Cockatiels are good low-maintenance pet birds for beginners.

They are not quite as demanding as other parrot species, and as long as you can supply your birds with a roomy enclosure, they will keep themselves busy for hours on end, all by themselves!

Cockatiels, in comparison to other types of birds, aren’t nearly as talkative, which is the one drawback to keeping them as pets.

These birds are exceptionally intelligent, can learn to whistle, and even follow specific directions.

11. Finch

There’s a good reason why finches are one of the most popular species of pet birds: they make great little companions and excellent low-maintenance pet birds for beginners.

It’s important to provide finches with a few pleasant companions and a large cage so they may go around and exercise.

They adore getting together with other finches and, in many instances, would prefer to play with other birds rather than people.

Therefore, if you can supply friends for your pet finches, you will probably discover that your birds are excellent when left to their own devices for the entirety of the day.

Because of this, they are among the most excellent low-maintenance pet birds for beginners and people who spend their days away from home and want a pet in their home.

You will be responsible for providing them with food and water. In exchange, they will reward you with a never-ending supply of hilarious antics and odd, chirpy expressions of gratitude.

12. Budgies

As is the case with most species of parrots, budgies form a strong and immediate attachment with the people who care for them.

They enjoy receiving a lot of attention, but if you get them a friend at the same time, it will be much simpler for you to keep your birds occupied.

If you want your budgie to be content, provide him with a roomy cage and various fun items to play with.

Budgies, also known as parakeets, are not extremely filthy, particularly in comparison to other types of giant parrots, which means that you will not need to clean their cage regularly—making them one of the best low-maintenance pet birds for beginners.

13. Bourke’s Parakeet

This bird cannot be left out when mentioning the best low-maintenance pet birds for beginners. The Bourke’s parakeet is not one of the more common species of pet birds that you will find at your neighborhood pet store.

On the other hand, it is an excellent choice for folks who like calm and unruffled birds. The average activity level of these birds is significantly lower than that of other parakeet varieties.

The sunrise and the evening are the times of day when Bourke’s parakeets are the most active. During the middle of the day, they prefer to relax.

As a result, these birds are perfect for individuals who have to leave the house during the day to go to work but want to pay a great deal of attention to their pets in the early morning and late nighttime hours.

These birds require little grooming and typically have brown feathers that are seven to nine inches in length.

They also typically have a pink abdomen, blue rump, and yellow-brown beak. Because males have blue crowns and females have white crowns, it is simple to distinguish between the sexes of this species.

14. Zebra Finch

The zebra finch is a species of finch found in Australia. It is one of the species that has gained popularity in recent years since it is exuberant, active, communicative, and laid-back.

People go crazy for this small feathered critter since it is tough, strong, and one of the best low-maintenance pet birds for beginners.

This is why people go crazy about it. As a result, it is an excellent pick for low-maintenance pet birds for beginners.

15. Gould’s Diamond

The Gouldian Diamond is a stunningly attractive bird with plumage that possesses hues that are vibrant and dazzling in appearance.

Elegant, inquisitive, energetic, and sociable, it enjoys the peace and company of humans and finds them fascinating.

On the other hand, it does not get along with other birds because they are frequently too noisy. It does well when kept in pairs and can reproduce without any problems, given the appropriate conditions.

The Gouldian diamond is a gorgeous bird, but since it does not engage in a lot of conversation, it is very good at maintaining its privacy.

As a result, those who value peace and quiet and those who live in apartments will find that it does not irritate their neighbors.

Despite its inability to speak, it has an incredible singing voice, but only the guy has a song with such beautiful melodies. The female primarily communicates with short, high-pitched calls, particularly during the mating season.

16. Religious Mynah

The bird known as the Religious Mynah has glossy black feathers and an orange beak. However, despite its unmarkable physical appearance, it is best renowned for being an exceptional imitator.

It can perfectly replicate your speech as well as the sounds that are occurring around him. Although it is noisy and makes a mess, it likes being cuddled and participating in the family’s life.

It has an average life expectancy of anywhere between 15 and 30 years. It would be best to adopt it when young and spend time with it because it is easy to tame and quickly picks up language.

Because it enjoys involvement in the family’s activities, it will need to cohabitate with you in a vibrant space such as the living room.

If you can only adopt one, make sure you spend a lot of time with it; if not, you should consider adopting a couple.

17. Lori

Another low-maintenance pet birds for beginners is the Lori, a member of the family Loriinae and is a bird that is indigenous to Australasia (which includes Australia, New Zealand, and New Guinea).

The Lori is a gorgeous and colorful bird that adores playing the part of a clown and amusing onlookers. It is also highly social and possesses a high level of intelligence.

This real small clown is a lively individual that enjoys playing, hiding, and continually discovering new games and devices.

It has a little, high-pitched voice but is also a good imitator and enjoys repeating a few noises and sentences repeatedly.

It is an animal that forms strong bonds with the people who live in the area it calls home very rapidly. On the other side, it is extremely wary of strangers and has a propensity to bite easily, regardless of whether or not it perceives itself as in danger.

It is compatible with the presence of other parrot species. Be aware, however, that lorises that have not socialized adequately might be hostile toward other types of birds and even toward other lorises.

18. Gabon Gray Parrot

The Gabon Gray Parrot is a social bird that enjoys the company of others and is known for its warmth and joy. If it is well taken care of, it has the potential to survive for up to 50 years.

It is a huge gray parrot with a high level of attachment, intelligence, and curiosity. Additionally, among the parrots, it is the most chatty, and he can mimic the words you teach it.

It is simple to educate, making it an excellent choice for family life. On the other side, this bird despises being alone, which is a factor that might contribute to sadness. If you will be gone for a while, turn on the radio or television and leave it on.

Hearing human sounds will trick it into thinking that someone else is at home, which will improve his mood.


People who do not have much time to care for a pet, like a dog or a cat, often find that keeping birds as a pet is the best option.

In fact, keeping birds as pets is typically very simple and requires only a little time. Even while there is no such thing as a bird that does not require any upkeep, numerous species are much simpler to care for than others.

It is not a simple task to select a domestic bird due to the wide variety of options available; yet, the outcome will be the same in that this cute little feathered companion will liven up the atmosphere in your house.

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