12 Christmas Animals From Around the World

Christmas Animals From Around the World
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I’m sure you’ve all heard of the common Christmas traditions here in the U.S., but what about around the world?

Christmas has different meanings and styles depending on where you live, and if you’re traveling this Christmas, you might want to learn about some of these other traditions!

Here are 12 of the most popular Christmas animals from around the world (and their fun facts). Make sure to tell us which Christmas animals you like best by commenting below!

1. Dogs

Dogs are a quintessential part of the holiday season and come in all shapes, sizes, and breeds.

Whether you’re a fan of Pugs or Poodles, Hounds or Huskies, Dogs are often a major part of our family traditions. Some families will even have their pets pose for photos with Santa! 

The healthiest way to keep your dog safe this holiday is by keeping them inside and only taking them on walks during daylight hours.

Dogs are a mainstay in many families during the holidays, but there are plenty of other Christmas animals from around the world that are worth getting to know.

2. Kangaroos

Kangaroos are native to Australia and New Zealand. Christmas animals are from around the world, but they are a common sight in zoos around the world.

They come in various colors and sizes, with one of the most popular being a blue kangaroo. The kangaroo is an iconic symbol of Australia.

 It appears on the Australian coat of arms as well as on numerous items such as the Australian national emblem and Australian coins.

Kangaroos are native to Australia and New Zealand. They are marsupials, which means they carry their babies in a pouch for about six months.

3. Donkeys

Donkeys are a type of domesticated animal that is typically used as beasts of burden, but they also have a Christmas connection.

The donkey is often seen in nativity scenes because it was said that Jesus rode one into Bethlehem on the night he was born.

In some cultures, donkeys are also considered a symbol of fertility and virility. Donkeys are among the Christmas animals from around the world.

They come in various shapes and sizes with very different appearances. However, most are brown with a black stripe down their back.

4. Reindeer

The reindeer is a symbol of prosperity and good fortune in many Scandinavian countries.

In Finland, it is believed that Santa’s reindeer can fly faster than any bird or even some jets! It’s also thought that Santa’s sleigh has eight reindeer pulling it with two in front as lead runners. 

They are known as Rudolf, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid (or Donner), and Blitzen.

 There is actually a unique reindeer for each country and culture in places such as Russia, Lapland (Finland), Alaska, and Mongolia. It is among the best Christmas animals from around the world.

5. Partridges

Partridges are a symbol of Jesus’ birth because they represent purity and innocence. In France, it is said that if you eat a partridge before Christmas, then you will have good luck in love.

Partridges are often used as symbols of peace because, in Christianity, Jesus is said to have been born into the world as a baby partridge. 

The partridge is among the Goodluck Christmas animals from around the world. It is traditionally one of the most-used animals on cards at Christmas time.

These cards date back to Victorian times when people would send them to family members on December 24th.

6. Sheep

With so many different cultures and different Christmas animals from around the world. In Denmark, they celebrate Julekalender, meaning Yule Calendar.

They believe that at night, an animal comes and leaves a present in every child’s shoes. The animal varies from year to year, depending on what is going on in the world.

This year it is a sheep! And for those who are not Christians, it does not matter if you are Jewish or Muslim.

7. Polar Bears

Polar bears are native to the Arctic Circle and were once hunted for their fur, but now they’re protected by international treaties.

These Christmas animals from around the world are at risk of becoming extinct because their environment is warming faster than that of any other animal in the world.

This is because polar bears rely on sea ice for hunting and breeding, which is melting due to climate change.

In order to save them, some countries have banned importing products made from them or taken other steps such as limiting access to areas where they live.

8. Turtle Doves

Turtle doves are a symbol of peace and love. They were mentioned in the Bible in Exodus 12:21 when they were used as part of a sacrifice to God.

Their gentle nature has also made them popular Christmas animals from around the world. The turtle dove’s name comes from its gentle call, which resembles that of a mourning dove.

In ancient times, it was thought that turtle doves would return to their birthplace after traveling for four years.

9. Turkeys

Growing up in Europe, we always had a tradition where on Christmas Eve, my mom would go out and buy a live turkey for us for Christmas. After it was killed and cooked, we would eat it with all of our family and friends. 

They have a bunch of different Christmas animals from around the world, but they are most commonly known as turkeys.

Turkeys come from North America originally and were first domesticated by Native Americans around 2,000 years ago.

10. Camels

The word camel is derived from a Latin word meaning to go slowly. Camels are often used as beasts of burden in arid regions, with their ability to withstand extreme temperatures and maintain thirst.

The camel’s hump stores energy and water, which it uses when food and water sources are scarce. In Islam, camels represent peace and richness because they can travel long distances without any worries.

When mentioning the best Christmas animals from around the world, the camel must not be exempted.

11. Robins

Robins are among the types of Christmas animals from around the world that are known for their beautiful songs.

In England, they are often called the robin redbreast because they have reddish breasts. Robins prefer nesting in shrubs and bushes near the ground, usually near water. 

They live in many different places around the world, but Europe and North America are two of their most common homes.

The majority of these birds migrate south in the winter months to warmer climates, although some stay all year round.

Their song can be heard on Christmas morning as they make their way back home after being away for so long.

12. Penguins

Penguins are found in Antarctica and live in groups. The penguin’s diet consists of fish, squid, krill, and other crustaceans.

This animal is a symbol of peace because they do not have teeth or claws. Penguins are the most adorable and loved Christmas animals from around the world. 

They are a symbol of peace and happiness, not only during this holiday season but all year round. In parts of Europe, they’re called the bird that brings good luck.

This is because they were seen as a sign that trade would return after being lost in a war. Penguins live in Antarctica and other cold climates, where they live in colonies on ice-covered land or sea ice.


There’s something about a Christmas animal that just speaks holiday cheer. Whether it’s a jolly old elf, a silly penguin, or a cute little reindeer, these Christmas animals from around the world are sure to remind you of the magic of wintertime. 

Plus, they’re unique and make for some really cool gifts! So before you go shopping this year, read up on how these animals celebrate Christmas in their respective countries and get ready for an adventure!

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