10 Popular Goat Breeds With Long Hair

Goat Breeds with Long Hair

Many farms benefit from goats, but you might be wondering which ones have long hair. On most farms in America, short hair goats are the most popular.

Long-haired goats, on the other hand, still survive in considerable numbers today. However, we’ll discuss goat breeds with long hair on this page.

These goat breeds with long hair are helpful because people use their wool or hair as fiber to make clothes; they even sell or trade it to other farmers.

Furthermore, long-haired goats are not only beautiful to look at, but they also thrive in cold areas, and their hair is often a valuable commodity.

10 Goat Breeds with Long Hair

1. Saanen Goat Breed

The Saanen is a dairy breed that originated in Switzerland and is one of the most productive.

This all-white goat is one of the best milk producers and adapts well to a variety of situations.

As a result, it is one of the most prevalent dairy goats in the United States.

However, the Saanen is straightforward to raise, so simple that even a toddler can do it!

Quick Facts

  • Switzerland is the country of origin.
  • Other names for this cheese are Capra, Chevre de Gessenay, and Saaneziege.
  • Medium/large breed size.
  • The main goal is to produce milk.

2. Pygora Goat Breed

Breeders crossed the Angora goat with a Pygmy goat to create the Pygora goat breed.

The outcome was a goat with a lower stature and silky, beautiful fleece.

This breed’s hair appears thick and short, but it is actually in curls that can reach up to 6 inches in length in some of these goats!

The wool coat of a Pygora goat might be incredibly soft, like cashmere, or a little coarser, like mohair.

Furthermore, they raise these goats for their fiber and reach mature weights of 75 to 95 pounds.

Quick Facts

  • They originated in America.
  • Their other name is Miniature Angora goat.
  • They are small-sized breeds.
  • Their primary purpose is to produce fiber and milk.

3. Anglo Nubian Goat Breed

The Anglo Nubian goat, or simply Nubian in the United States, is long-haired. It’s also a big goat, weighing in at roughly 79 kg.

They can also develop a significant set of dangerously long horns if they are not disbudded.

Furthermore, they are a dual-purpose breed utilized in the United States for their milk and have short fur.

Their milk is also known for having a high butterfat content, making it ideal for making cheese.

Quick Facts

  • Great Britain is the country of origin.
  • Greyhound goat, a Nubian goat, Lop-eared goat are some of the other names for this goat.
  • They are large-sized.
  • The main work is to produce milk.

4. Nigora Goat Breed

The Nigora goat is a hybrid between a Nigerian Dwarf goat and an Angora goat. It is why these tiny milking goats have long silky hair.

Their fur is a mix between mohair and cashmere, and they use it to make cashgora fiber.

These beautiful little fluff balls of fun produce three different types of wool with their long soft hair.

However, they also make mohair and cashmere-like fiber.

Quick Facts

  • Milk and fiber are the main ingredients.
  • America is the country of origin.
  • The breed is small-sized.
  • They don’t have other names.

5. Bagot Goat Breed

The Bagot breed is not one to see in your neighborhood farm because they are endangered.

Their coat is not as long as that of a short-haired goat, but it is significantly lengthier.

However, the Bagot goat breed originated in England and has persisted in a semi-wild form for many years.

Their coat is not as long as that of a short-haired goat, but it is significantly lengthier.

Furthermore, their hair has a cashmere-like texture, but they don’t create enough profit.

Quick Facts

  • The goat breed originated in England.
  • They are small to medium-sized.
  • They mainly produce milk and meat.

6. Pygmy Goat Breed

These goat breeds are little goats that can produce a lot of milk and have good cashmere fiber quality and meat goats.

However, Their long hair is straight, smooth, and delicate to the touch, and they are adorable goats, at least when they aren’t flaunting their horns.

Further, the American Pygmy is an achondroplastic goat breed from the United States. It’s small, compact, and sturdily constructed.

It descends from the West African Dwarf group of breeds, just like the Nigerian Dwarf.

Quick Facts

  • The West African Dwarf goat is a Landrace animal native to the Cameroon Valley and West Africa.
  • People also call them the African Pygmy.
  • They are small-sized.
  • They are mainly useful as pets, display, and milk production.

7. Orobica Goat Breed

The Orobica goat breed is a domestic goat breed native to the Val Gerola region of Sondrio in the Bergamo Alps of northern Italy.

However, it grows in the provinces of Sondrio’s Val Gerola and Valchiavenna, Como’s Alto Lario Occidentale, Valsassina and Val Varrone, and Bergamo’s upper Val Brembana.

People don’t know the breed’s origins, but they documented it in the early twentieth century.

Furthermore, the Orobica breed is one of eight autochthonous Italian goat breeds for which the Associazione Nazionale Della Pastorizia, the Italian national sheep breeders’ group, maintains a genealogical herdbook.

Quick Facts

  • They are of medium size.
  • Their sole purpose is to produce milk.
  • People also call them Valgerola.
  • They originated in Italy.

8. Stiefelgeiss Goat Breed

The Stiefelgeiss goat breed is one of the goat breeds with long hair and a mountain goat native to St Gallen, Switzerland.

These nimble goats are excellent climbers and can negotiate challenging terrain as if it were a piece of cake.

However, they feature long, mean-looking thick horns on their heads, a two-toned coat that is most commonly red and black, and brown or black legs that make them appear to be wearing small boots.

In truth, they refer to the leg color as “black or brown boots.”

Quick Facts

  • Their sole purpose is to produce fiber and meat.
  • They are of medium size.
  • They originated in Switzerland.
  • People also call them Booted goats.

9. Girgentana Goat Breed

These goat breeds have the most magnificent flowing, straight, silky white coats, exquisite faces, and thin bodies.

They are lovely goats people use as milk goats and generate high-quality milk.

However, if they don’t disbud them early, the Girgentana goat’s horns usually are pure milky white and long and twisted.

Quick Facts

  • They originated in Italy.
  • They are of medium size.
  • Their sole purpose is to produce milk.
  • People also call them Agrigento.

10. Bilberry Goat Breed

The Bilberry Goat is a goat that has lived for hundreds of years on Bilberry Rock in Waterford City, Ireland.

However, locals believe that they brought this breed to Ireland hundreds of years ago by the Huguenots who migrated from France.

They are an old goat breed that connects to the Dutch Landrace, Pashmina, and Maltese goat breeds.

Quick Facts

  • They connect with Pashmina or Cashmere goats.
  • Their primary purpose is to produce milk.
  • They are large.
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