23 Dog Breeds That Are Good With Cats

Dog Breeds That Are Good With Cats
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Cats and dogs are natural enemies, and many owners find that having both in the same household can be fun!

This article looks at twenty-three dog breeds that are good with cats and can make excellent pets in multi-pet homes.

1. Basset Hound

Although they may not look like it, Basset Hounds are one of the best dog breeds that are good with cats.

They are gentle and tolerant animals that can live in small spaces with their feline friends. So if you’re looking for a low-key dog, basset hounds will be perfect! 

Basset hounds were originally bred to track and hunt rabbits in the dense brush of France’s Bassets region.

These long-legged dogs have a lovely temperament, but they do tend to be stubborn at times.

Although this breed was once used as an all-around hunting dog, these days, they’re primarily kept as pets because of their endearing nature and gentle disposition. 

Basset Hounds get along well with everyone–including cats!

2. Beagle

The beagle is a dog bred to hunt, chase, and flush out small game. These dog breeds that are good with cats are energetic and need a lot of exercises, but they are also content to doze in the sun.

Beagles have an average height at the shoulder of about 16 inches and weigh between 30-45 pounds. 

Beagles are generally good with cats as long as they are raised with them from an early age. However, they may not be great for homes with cat doors because they will follow their nose around the neighborhood.

3. Border Collie

The Border collie is a herding dog originally bred to herd sheep and cattle. While this breed has an instinct to herd animals, he also makes a great companion for your cat. 

The Border collie is very intelligent and can be trained easily, making him an ideal pet for someone who doesn’t have the time or patience to train their pet.

The Border collie is right for you if you are looking for a good family dog, the Border collie is right for you!

4. Border Terrier

Border terriers are a cross between the Scottish and the Cocker spaniel. These dog breeds that are good with cats are gentle, affectionate, and very intelligent. Border terriers have a wiry coat to the touch but do not shed much. 

They require frequent brushing and can be prone to skin problems because of their dense coats. In addition, border terriers should be given a daily exercise to maintain their mental health, as they are high-energy dogs. 

They do well in rural and urban environments where they can get plenty of exercise on walks or hikes in the woods near neighborhoods with parks.

This makes them good for people who live in apartments or condos without yards as long as there is an adequate supply of dog parks nearby for them to explore daily.

5. Boston Terrier

The Boston terrier is an excellent choice for those who want a little more company in their home.

They’re typically very friendly with strangers and other animals, making them a great addition to any family with cats. 

Boston terriers are also known for being very playful, which will provide your cat with some much-needed entertainment.

They’re the perfect option for people looking for a low-maintenance pet that’s easy to train as they’ll do well on their own when left alone.

Plus, they have a 12-14 years lifespan, so you won’t need to worry about rehoming them anytime soon.

6. Bulldog

So which breed is the right one for you and your kitty? If you’re looking for a mix of personality, friendliness, and convenience, Labrador Retrievers are a good fit. They’re eager to please, easy to train, and get along well with cats. 

The Golden Retriever is also a good choice if you want a gentle dog with enough energy to keep up with your children or go on hikes with you.

Beagles are another popular choice because they’re known to be very gentle around kids and other animals.

7. Cardigan Welsh Corgi

The Bulldog is a breed of dog that originated in England. These dog breeds that are good with cats are short-haired and have distinctive faces, wrinkled foreheads, muzzles, and large hanging ears. Bulldogs are normally very gentle around children and other animals. 

They are also extremely patient and docile. Bulldogs do not require much exercise, making them perfect for those living in apartments or having small yards.

However, they do need some form of daily activity to keep their muscles strong, so owners may want to invest in a few toys for the dog to play with when no one is home to provide the necessary attention it needs.

8. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

One of the dog breeds that are good with cats for a household with cats is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

These dogs are not only good with cats, but they also make great family pets in general. Cavaliers are small and have outgoing personality that makes them easy to train.

In addition, they have a low-shedding coat and require minimal grooming, so they’ll be low-maintenance as far as your cat is concerned. Plus, they’re smart and love to play!

9. Collie

Collies are one of the best dog breeds for living with cats. These dog breeds that are good with cats love to play and will be happy to spend time with your cat, especially when you’re away. They’re also good watchdogs but not too protective. 

They’ll guard your home while giving your cat plenty of space. Collies are also very trainable and easygoing, so they can live in various situations, including if you have multiple pets or children.

10. Corgi

Corgis are a happy, active dog breed that loves to play and interact with people. They are very tolerant of cats and other small pets, making them one of the best breeds for families with dogs and cats. 

The corgi’s fur is also hypoallergenic, which means it will not trigger an allergic reaction in most people. This also makes them a good match for households where one person has allergies, but others do not.

Corgis often make excellent companions because they are intelligent, gentle, playful, and loyal animals.

Many owners say they would never consider having another breed of dog after getting their first corgi because they have such a special personality unmatched by any other breed. 

11. Curly-coated Retriever

It’s not hard to find a dog that’s good with cats. Curly-coated retrievers are the number one dog breed that gets along well with other animals, and they’re a favorite among cat owners.

They’re patient and gentle with them, which is ideal because you want your feline friend to feel comfortable around your new four-legged family member.

It’s important to note that these dogs are good with any animal, so if you have other pets in the house, you won’t need to worry about introducing them later on down the line.

12. English Springer Spaniel

The English springer spaniel is one of the best dogs that are good with cats. These dog breeds that are good with cats are very playful and gentle around children but not so much with other animals.

English springers are also very patient, which makes them great dogs for families with cats who want to teach their pets manners!

13. Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is a medium-sized dog originally bred to retrieve waterfowl. It is one of the more popular breeds in America and can be seen in many TV shows and movies. 

Golden retrievers are energetic, patient, and loyal dogs that enjoy the company of humans and other animals.

These dog breeds that are good with cats are good with cats because they are gentle and patient by nature.

14. Irish Setter

The Irish setter is a dog breed known to be good with cats. These dog breeds that are good with cats are typically friendly and enjoy interacting with other pets.

Unfortunately, this breed’s long and shaggy coat makes them heavy shedders. However, they require little grooming because their coat is not prone to matting.

Additionally, the Irish setter does not need a lot of exercise since they were bred for hunting, so it may be an ideal choice for those who don’t have time for extensive dog walks or jogs daily.

15. Maltese

The Maltese is a good dog breed for people with cats because they are intelligent, gentle, and affectionate.

These dog breeds that are good with cats also have a long lifespan of 12-14 years. The Maltese is a toy breed that stands 8 to 10 inches tall and usually weighs 3 to 7 pounds.

This dog is hypoallergenic, so it won’t trigger allergies or irritate sensitive skin. Plus, grooming them is easy because they don’t shed much fur at all.

16. Newfoundland

The Newfoundland is a large and gentle breed of working dog. The breed originated in Canada and is popular as a working dog in water rescue and as a companion animal.

These dog breeds that are good with cats are known for their intelligence, calm temperament, tolerance of cold water, and love of children. Of course, they are also known for being good with cats!

17. Papillon

The Papillon is a small dog breed often labeled gorgeous, exquisite, and dainty. They have a long hairless tail or no tail at all. These dog breeds that are good with cats are gentle, affectionate, and playful. 

They are good with cats because they enjoy the company of felines. The Papillon also gets along well with other breeds of dogs.

18. Pekingese

Known as the lion dog of China, the Pekingese is a small, square-headed, long-bodied dog with drooping ears.

The Pekingese is a good choice if you have cats because they are natural hunters and will keep your cat’s numbers in check. 

These dog breeds that are good with cats also have a high prey drive and may not be good with other small pets.

Make sure to socialize them well and gradually introduce them to their new home, so they don’t feel threatened by your other animals.

19. Pomeranian

Dogs that are good with cats include a Pomeranian. These dog breeds that are good with cats are very playful, affectionate, and great for a family with children and cats. 

They will play with the cat but also enjoy long walks outside, so they won’t be too much of a burden to keep all the time indoors. Also, their short hair means their fur doesn’t shed as easily as other breeds.

20. Poodle

The Poodle is a breed that has been around for centuries. Originally bred as a water retriever, the dog’s long, curly coat was originally used to keep him warm in the cold water.

Today, these dog breeds that are good with cats are most commonly seen as companions and entertainers. 

While they’re generally gentle with children and other pets, they require some grooming to ensure their coats stay healthy.

When choosing a breed of dog that is good with cats, it’s important to consider what your cat will be like when you bring home a new pup.

Will he be curious about meeting your new pet, or will he have an adverse reaction? If you have time to train your cats when you bring a puppy, then the Poodle may be right for you!

21. Pug

The Pug is a low-maintenance dog, which means he’s easy to train and doesn’t need much exercise.

But he does like to play, so don’t be surprised if you come home to find your shoes chewed up or your trash can overturned.

Don’t worry, though – Pugs are just as good with cats as they are with people! Pugs have been popular pets in China for centuries. They’re also the fifth most popular breed in the United States today.

22. Silky Terrier

The Silky Terrier is a breed of dog bred specifically to hunt small vermin. These dog breeds that are good with cats are very gentle and affectionate dogs with people they know but can be quite wary of strangers. 

When it comes to cats, Silky Terriers should be monitored around them because they tend to chase them. The Silky Terrier might not be the best choice if you want a dog that will get along with your cat.


Some dog breeds are just not compatible with cats. However, some dog breeds that are good with cats are very amenable to life with a feline companion. 

The best way to find out is by doing your research and meeting the dog in person before you decide to bring them into your home. Check out this list of twenty-three breeds that will get along great with your cat!

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