16 Scottish Dog Names for Your Dog

Scottish Dog Names
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The Scottish breed of dog has been around for hundreds of years, and there are as many different types of Scottish dogs as there are Scottish people.

If you’re looking to give your new best friend a name that reflects his beautiful home country, you may be wondering where to begin.

This list of Scottish dog names will get you searching for the perfect moniker!

1. Lassie

Lassie is the most famous Scottish dog name, and it’s easy to see why. Lassie is the heroic female collie from the novel by Eric Knight and later TV show who repeatedly rescues her master from danger.

2. Bailey

Bailey is a scottish dog names that means little one. It’s an excellent choice for your new friend, especially if you’re looking for something that isn’t too common.

Bailey is also a perfect name for those looking to honor their family members with a Scottish dog name.

This pup’s name can be shortened to Baily or Baylee, and it can also be spelled as Bailey or Bailee.

Another option would be to shorten the name to just Bae with an added ee sound at the end. This will give your pup a cute nickname while still honoring its heritage.

3. Brodie

Brodie is a Scottish dog names meaning beloved. It’s the perfect name for your furry friend. Brodies are known to be loyal, intelligent, and well-behaved.

If you’re looking for a Scottish dog name that’s just as sweet as your pup, look no further than Brodie. Brodies are known to be loyal, intelligent, and well-behaved.

It also has a sweet sound when spoken aloud. There’s nothing better than giving your four-legged friend a Scottish moniker to make him feel right at home.

4. Duff

Duff is the Scottish word for black. This is an excellent name for black Scottish terriers and dogs that are black or have black fur.

Duffs, also known as Scottish deerhounds, were initially bred to hunt deer. They were named after William de Soules (Duff), the lord of Annandale who introduced these hounds to Scotland.

5. Dobbie

Dobbie is the Scottishscottish dog names for dobby, which means shabby and low quality. Dobbie would be a good name for an old dog, but it could also refer to the appearance of an old dog if you’re not looking to refer to personality traits.

It could also refer to someone slightly messy, like when they wake up in the morning with no time to get ready, or they might have just come from being outside all day and are still covered in dirt.

6. Dainty

This Scottish name means pretty or dainty, which is appropriate for a small dog like the Scottish Terrier. This dog is solid and sturdy, despite its smaller size. In Scottish, dainty means small or delicate.

This could be an appropriate name if you have a Scottish Terrier. The Scottish Terrier is strong and sturdy despite its smaller size. It also doesn’t matter if you are male or female with this dog breed because both sexes are considered Dainty.

7. Duncan

Duncan is a Scottish dog name derived from the Gaelic word donn, meaning brown. This name is perfect for a brown-haired pup that loves to explore and gets along with everyone. Duncan suggests brown in Gaelic, and this pup will have brown fur.

Duncan comes from the Gaelic word dun which means hill, and it may refer to the color of a mountain or the brownish hue created by rain on soil.

Duncans are typically friendly scottish dog names with happy personalities, making them perfect for any family. Duncan is a Scottish dog name that means dark warrior and hails from Dunkeld on the River Tay in Perthshire.

8. Fraser

Fraser was a popular name for Scotsmen back in the day. Now, he is a classic Scottish dog name that resonates with those who want something traditional and traditional. He will bring good luck to your household, provided you give him only a few treats.

Maybe you are thinking about a black Scottish terrier or searching for one particular breed. The answer is probably yes- there is one for any canine lover.

9. Lassie

Lassie is a Scottish Terrier and the most famous Scottish dog name. She was famously played by four different dogs in the TV series of the same name.

Other breeds have also portrayed Lassie, including a Dachshund, Labrador Retriever, Border Collie, and Golden Retriever.

The original Lassie was a Rough Collie bred by Elsie Mitchell from her unregistered Rough Collies. Lassie is a diminutive form of lassies or lasses, meaning a girl or young woman in Scots vernacular.

It may also derive from an Old Norse word meaning a female wolf. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a sweet Scottish dog name like Lassie to describe your loyal companion.

10. Rona

Rona is a Scottish dog names that means strong, powerful, and courageous. these scottish dog names were the wife of Robert the Bruce, the Scottish King who battled against England in the 1400s. Another popular Scottish dog name is Lassie.

The origins are unclear, but some say it’s because she has a loud bark, and others say she’s an excellent herder.

Either way, if you’re looking for a Scottish dog name with strength, this could be just what you’re looking for!

The origin of the word Lassie is debated, but some believe it’s derived from the lass, which means girl or woman. Others think it may come from old Norse words, the young girl or beautiful woman…

11. Kyle

Kyle’s name means swarthy, which is fitting for a Scottish dog. I know of two Kyles from my experience; they’re both fantastic dogs.

One is a border collie-dachshund mix in Canada, and the other is a Scottish terrier, Kyle, who has his own Facebook page. Kyle might be your guy if you’re looking for Scottish dog names with an earthy vibe.

12. Tara

Tara is a female Scottish dog name that means princess. It is commonly used as a nickname for Patricia and occasionally used as a name in its own right.

Tara was one of the main characters in the Disney movie ‘Tangled,’ where Mandy Moore voiced her. This Scottish dog name has been popular with parents looking for words that mean strong.

13. Blair

Blair is a Scottish dog names that means bright and shining. This is an excellent option if you have a pup that shines in its personality or loves to spend time outside.

If your puppy shares the same birth month as you, it may be a good idea to use this name because they’ll share some of your star power.

Another significant meaning behind this dog’s name is that it’s a variation of the word blare, which means to make loud noises or sounds.

This would be perfect for any pup who loves making noise and going on adventures with their human friends.

14. Knox

Knox is a Scottish dog name that means hill fort. It’s great because it’s not only a masculine name but also has this sweet meaning. Knox is of Celtic origin and means hill fort.

It’s a name that can be used for both male and female dogs, which is very helpful if you’re planning on getting more than one pup. The meaning of the name is perfect for any Scottish-themed dog.

15. Howard

Howard is a Scottish dog name that means high fortress, and it’s one of the best Scottish dog names for Irish terriers, golden retrievers, and other breeds with a similar height.

Howard might be perfect if you’re looking for an original name that’s still a common surname, like Henry or Charles. It’s been popular since the Middle Ages and will never go out of style.

16. Greyfriars Bobby

The most famous of all Scottish dog names is Greyfriars Bobby, named for where he lived in Edinburgh. He was a Skye Terrier that guarded his master’s grave until his death many years later.

He is known as the most loyal dog in history and inspired a statue in his honor that still stands today. Another popular name with Scottish roots is Gellert which comes from Gellért Hill.

17. Dougall

Dougall is a Scottish dog name that comes from Dougal, meaning dark stranger. Dougall was also used to refer to travelers who came from afar during ancient times when most people were poor, and strangers could bring trade into town.

18. Mackay

Mackay is a Scottish dog name that means son of the beloved one. If your favorite little pup has an adorable personality and you feel he deserves to be cherished for the rest of his days, this might be his perfect name.

This name can also be spelled as Mackie or Maky. Mackay is also a town in northern Queensland, Australia. This may be an interesting coincidence if you live there and have a Scottish terrier.


There are many Scottish dog names to choose from, but these are some of the best. So before you decide on your pup’s name, why not consider one of these? It is the perfect fit for your new furry friend.

If not, we’ve got plenty more Scottish dog names to go around, so keep scrolling! Scottish dogs are a loyal and faithful breed that need a stable home and lots of love.

Whether they’re by your side in Scotland or America with you, make sure they know how much they mean to you. Choose a Scottish dog name that suits them best and thank them for giving their all each day when they’re away from home at work or school.

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