400+ French Cat Names With Meanings

French Cat Names

French cat names can give your feline friend an intriguing aura. Classic, attractive, and sophisticated are words that are easily associated with French names.

What could be better for your fancy cat than a lovely fancy French name? When we consider France, the first thing that springs to mind is Paris—the city of love and romance, the Eiffel Tower, red wines, and croissants.

Nothing beats French names, especially when it comes to elegance and sophistication.  Many cat owners around the world have issues deciding what name to give their pets.

Generally, many of them settle for boring names that their cats would prefer to change; that’s if they could.

Below is a list of French cat names and their meanings. These include both male and female French names for your cats.

French Cat Names Names starting with the letter A

  • Abeau: Beautiful, handsome
  • Abelard: Brave Abel
  • Abella: Breath
  • Adaline: Noble, nobility
  • Adette: Nobility, noble
  • Aimeé: Beloved
  • Aimee: Beloved friend
  • Alienor: Pity
  • Alix: Of the nobility
  • Alizée: Trade wind
  • Allura: Entice, attract
  • Alouette: Lark
  • Alphonse: Noble
  • Alphonse: Noble, battle-ready
  • Aluin: Noble friend
  • Amandine: Much loved
  • Amaury: Power
  • Ambroise: Immortal
  • Amelie: Work
  • Amour: Love
  • Anaise: Gracious
  • Anatole: Sunrise
  • Andre: Warrior
  • Angéle: Angel
  • Angelette: Little Angel
  • Angeline: Angel
  • Anselme: Helmet of God
  • Antoine: Praiseworthy
  • Août: August
  • Apollinaire: French poet
  • Arbre: Tree
  • Archambault: Bold, precious, daring
  • Armand: Army man
  • Arnaud: Leader, power
  • Arnoux, Arno: Eagle
  • Arséne: Virile male
  • Artus, Arthus: Bear
  • Aubin: White, bright
  • Audric: Old, wise
  • Augustin: Great
  • Aurel: Golden
  • Aurélien: Little golden one
  • Aurore: Dawn

French Cat Names Names starting with the letter B

  • Baie: Bay, bright
  • Baize: Dark brown
  • Basile: Basil, herb
  • Baudoin, Baudouin: Friend
  • Béatrice: She who makes happy
  • Beau: Beautiful
  • Beau: Beautiful, handsome
  • Beauchamp: Handsome
  • Beaumont: Beautiful mountain
  • Beauregard: Lovely outlook, regard
  • Beline: Goddess
  • Belle: Beautiful
  • Belle: Beautiful
  • Benoît: Benedict, one says good
  • Benoit: The one who says the good
  • Bérénice: Brings victory
  • Bernadette: Brave bear
  • Bernadine: Brave, strong
  • Bertrand: Bright raven
  • Bibi:  Life, toy, delight, the lady of the house
  • Bibi: Toy, delight, lady of the house
  • Bichette: Young doe
  • Bijou: Jewel
  • Blaise: Stammering, bent, or distorted
  • Blanche: White
  • Blanche: White
  • Bleu: Blue
  • Bleu: Blue
  • Bonjour: Good morning
  • Bourgeon: Bud
  • Bourgogne: Burgundy
  • Brie: Marshland
  • Brigitte: Strength
  • Brittany: From Briton

Names starting with the letter C

  • Cadeau: Gift
  • Calixte: Most beautiful (unisex)
  • Camille: Perfect
  • Camille: Youth attendant
  • Candide: White
  • Caprice: Impulsive
  • Caton: Intelligent
  • Céleste: Heavenly
  • Célina: Heaven, sky
  • Cerise: Cherry
  • Champs Élysée: The Elysian Fields
  • Chanel: Canal
  • Chanel: Dwells near the canal
  • Chaney: Oaktree
  • Chantal: Stone
  • Chantilly: White
  • Chardonnay: White
  • Charlot: Petite (F)
  • Cherie: Darling
  • Chesare, Cesare, Césaire: Dictator, Caesar
  • Cheval: Horseman, knight
  • Chevy: Old-fashioned
  • Chloé: Blooming
  • Ciel: From heaven
  • Ciel: Sky
  • Claiborne: Boundary with clover or clay
  • Clairette: Bright
  • Claude: Limping
  • Claudine: Lame
  • Clément: Mild temperament
  • Clovis: Famous in battle
  • Coeur: Heart
  • Coiffeur: Barber
  • Colette: Victory, people
  • Constantin: Constant steadfast
  • Coralie: Coral
  • Corinne: Coral
  • Coty: Small slope
  • Cybele: Mother of the gods
  • Cyprien, Cypriot: Native of Cyprus
  • Cyrille: Lord

Names starting with the letter D

  • Darcy: Dark one
  • Dariela: Dear one
  • D’Artagnan: From Artagnan, one of the Musketeers
  • Dax: Leader
  • Delphine: Dolphin
  • Delphine: Woman from Delphi
  • Desirée: Desired
  • Deveraux: Riverbank
  • Devere: Of fishing place
  • Dionne: Goddess
  • Dior: Golden
  • Dominique: Of the Lord
  • Donatien: Gift
  • Dorothée: God’s gift
  • Dory, Doré: Gift of God
  • Dougray: Well-behaved, mannerly
  • Duvall: Of the valley

Names starting with the letter E

  • Eglantine: Wild rose
  • Elle: She
  • Eloise: Famous warrior
  • Eloise: Healthy
  • Elvéra: White, fair
  • Emilien: Friendly
  • Esmé: Esteemed
  • Esperer: Hope
  • Estée: Star
  • Etoile: Star

Names starting with the letter F

  • Fabrice: Craftsman
  • Fantine: Baby
  • Felicienne: Great happiness
  • Félicité: Congratulated
  • Felipan: Lover of horses
  • Fifi: God increases
  • Flaviere: Fair
  • Fleur: Flower
  • Fleur: Flower
  • Flore: Flora, flower
  • Florine: Flowering, in bloom
  • Foi: Faith
  • Foulques: Chieftain
  • Franc: Free
  • Franchot: Free
  • Francine: From France
  • Francois: Frenchman
  • François: Frenchman
  • Frédéric: Peaceful ruler
  • Frere Jacques: Brother Jacque
  • Frère Jacques: Brother John

French Cat Names Names starting with the letter G

  • Gable: Triangular hill
  • Gaelle: Father’s joy
  • Gaetan: Of Gaeta
  • Gaspard: Treasure
  • Gaston: Gascony
  • Geneviève: Tribe woman
  • Geoffrey: God, peace
  • Georgienne: Farmer
  • Géraud: Ruler
  • Gervais: Spearman
  • Gigi: Earth worker
  • Gigi: Earth worker, God is gracious
  • Giraud: Brave spear
  • Gisele: Bright pledge
  • Gisele: Bright pledge
  • Grenat: Garnet
  • Guilbert, Gibert: Bright famous
  • Guillaume: With a gilded helmet, William
  • Guy: Guide

Names starting with the letter H

  • Hadrien: Dark-haired
  • Harvey: Strong, battle-ready
  • Hazard: Chance, luck
  • Hebert: Variant Herbert, warrior, noble
  • Heloise: Healthy
  • Henri: Ruler of the home
  • Henry: Home, ruler
  • Hercule: Glory of Hera
  • Hervé: Bright, blazing
  • Honore: Respected
  • Hyacinthe: Flower name

Names starting with the letter I

  • Illuminée: Illuminated
  • Isabelle: God is my oath
  • Ivette: Yew

Names starting with the letter J

  • Jacques: Supplanter
  • Jardin: Enclosure, garden
  • Jean: Lord is gracious
  • Jeffroi: Peace
  • Jeter: To throw
  • Jeune: Young
  • Joie: Joy
  • Jolie: Pretty
  • Jolie: Pretty
  • Josue: God rescues
  • Juillet: July
  • Juliette: Little Julia
  • Juliette: Son of Jove

Names starting with the letter L

  • Laure: Butterfly
  • Laurent: Bright one
  • Laverne: Woodland
  • Le Chat Noir: The black cat
  • Le Chat Noir: The black cat
  • Leandre: Lion man
  • Leelee: Lily
  • Lemar: Famous throughout the land
  • Leonello: Lionel, lion
  • Leonila: Lioness
  • Liana: Climb like a vine
  • Lilas: Lilac
  • Liliane: Lily
  • Lionne: Lioness
  • Lucette: Light
  • Lucrèce: Lucretia, wealth
  • Lucy: Born at the dawn
  • Lumiere: Light
  • Luna: Moon
  • Lys: Lilies

French Cat Names Names starting with the letter M

  • Madame Chat: Miss kitty cat
  • Madame: Miss
  • Madeleine: Tower
  • Maeva: Welcome
  • Mai: May
  • Marceau: Little warrior
  • Marcel: Belongs to Mars
  • Marcelia: White
  • Marceline: Young warrior
  • Mardi: Tuesday
  • Margaret: Pearl
  • Maxence: Greatest
  • Maxim: Greatest
  • Merci Beau: Thank you, beautiful
  • Merci: Thank you
  • Minette: Faithful defender
  • Minou: kitten
  • Minou: Kitty
  • Mirabelle: Marvelous
  • Mon Petit Cho: My little cabbage
  • Mon Petit Chou: My little cabbage
  • Monique: Advisor
  • Monsieur Chat: Mr cat
  • Monsieur: Mister

Names starting with the letter N

  • Nanette: Favor, grace
  • Neville: New village
  • Nicaise: Victory
  • Noelle: Christmas
  • Nouvel: New

Names starting with the letter O

  • Odette: Wealth
  • Oliver: Elf warrior/army
  • Onfroi: Peaceful Hun
  • Oralie: Golden
  • Orville: Golden city
  • Ottilie: Prosperous

French Cat Names Names starting with the letter P

  • Papillion: Butterfly
  • Paris: Wallet
  • Patrice: Noble, patrician
  • Paulette: Small or humble. This French cat name is perfect for small cat breeds.
  • Pauline: The little
  • Pensée: Thought
  • Pepe Le Pew: Looney Tunes cartoon
  • Percy: The person who pierces the valley
  • Perle: Pearle
  • Peverell: Piper
  • Piaf: Small bird
  • Picard: From Picardy
  • Proust: Worthy, valiant
  • Prue, Prou: Brave

Names starting with the letter Q

  • Quain: Clever
  • Quay: Wharf
  • Quentin: The fifth

Names starting with the letter R

  • Rafaella: God has healed
  • Reine: Queen
  • Remi, Remy: Remedy
  • Remi: Remedy
  • Rémy: Oarsman
  • Renee: Born again
  • Rochelle: Small rock
  • Rodolphe: Glory-wolf

Names starting with the letter S

  • Severin: Serious
  • Sigfroi: Victory, peace
  • Simone: Harkening
  • Soleil: Sun
  • Sorrel: Reddish brown
  • Sully: From south meadow

French Cat Names Names starting with the letter T

  • Terrence: Smooth
  • Thaibault: People, bold
  • Thoreau: Ruler of the people
  • Tracy: From Thracius (Unisex)
  • Travis: Traverser, to cross

Names starting with the letter V

  • Valentin: Strength, health
  • Vallis: From Wales
  • Vardon: Green knoll
  • Véronique: True image
  • Verrill: Honest
  • Victoire: Victory
  • Violette: Violet, flower
  • Vivienne: Life

French Cat Names Names starting with the letter Y

  • Yolande: Violet flower
  • Yves: Yew
  • Yvette: Yew, archer
  • Yvon: Archer

French Cat Names Names starting with the letter Z

  • Zele: Zealous
  • Zélie: Solemn
  • Zephyrin: West wind


So, have you come up with the ideal French cat names for your furry pet? To make picking a cat name easy, we advise you to go for a name you can easily pronounce.

Also, select a name that blends well with your cat’s personality. Knowing the meaning of the name is a great step to selecting the perfect french cat name.

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