9 Animals That Can Survive Without Food for a Long Time

Animals That Can Survive Without Food

It’s shocking to know that while we as humans can’t live without having 3 to 5 meals a day, there are animals that can survive without food.

There are lots of animals in this world that can do some bizarre things.  

Survivor without food is one of them. Humans see it to be strange; however, it is not Impossible.

Food, as we know, is a significant source of energy that enables the body to function correctly. 

Moreover, food increases metabolism, and it is essential for the survival of humans and likewise Animals.

If you are curious about what animal can survive without food, read till the end; it will be fun.  

1. Camels

Photo by NamibianHeart on Pixabay

Yes!! Camels are parts of animals that can survive without food, and they can survive for two months without food.  

The humps on the camel’s back contain the fat stored in the body, making them survive for around 40 days while roaming through the desert.  

2. Crocodile

Saltwater crocodile

The crocodile can last up to three years without food. Crocodile, as we know, is rugged.

They can conserve their energy by remaining motionless, which helps them stay up to 3 years.

However, this only happens when they have an irresistible and heavy meal. 

3. Great White Shark

Great white sharks can survive for three months, and a single meal could tide the sharks for three months at a time.

However, if it comes to it, great white sharks can consume up to 11 tons of food annually. In addition, the longer the sharks stay without food, the more they become perfect for hunting.  

4. Ball Pythons

Ball Pythons
Photo by Kapa65 on Pixabay

Ball pythons are known for their friendliness, but they are sure to be among those with low metabolic rates, which helps them preserve their energy well enough to go for 6 months without having to eat.  

5. Tardigrade

Tardigrade Animals That Can Survive Without Food

Tardigrade is also one of the animals that can survive without food. This specie can stay without food for up to thirty (30) years.

These Tardigrades enter a state of cryptobiosis (a condition where their metabolism is lowered).

The metallism of a Tardigrade fall to 0.01 percent of its regular rate. Additionally, the Tardigrades Are weird looking  

6. Snakes

Most Venomous Snakes in Australia
Photo by sippakorn yamkasikorn

This reptile can manage without food for a year. And the exciting part of it is that their metabolism is reduced to 70% during cold weather.  

7. Burrowing Frog

Burrowing Frog
by Rushen! is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The burrowing frog goes through a period of inactivity after their meal. These fabulous little frogs can stay buried in the mud for a year without feeding. 

8. Bear

Different Types of Bears
Photo by Eva Blue

Bear can survive without food for three months. Bears are not just cute on TV but scary in real life. They are also known as the great Hibernators. 

Furthermore, bears can go without eating and go a long way ( three months, though) without drinking. Defecating, urinating, and even exercising.  

9. Domestic Cats

Thanksgiving Foods Safe for Cats

Domestic Cats are last on our list of animals that can survive without food.

Among the animals that survive without food, the cat can survive just two weeks.

Although Cats can be demanding, they can decide to let you be when there’s no appetite to eat.

Furthermore, a cat can last for two weeks if only they are healthy and its last meal is satisfying.

Now you know those animals that survive without food, although they are more. 

I know it was surprising to know that some of these animals go without food for some time. That’s the essence of research though 

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