50 Blue-eyed Cat Names

Blue-eyed Cat Names
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Blue-Eyed Cat Names are rarer than their more common counterparts, making them special and unique among cat lovers.

Blue-eyed cats come in all shapes and sizes, so finding an appropriate name can be hard without the right help.

If you have a blue-eyed kitty or are just looking for a great name to call your new baby feline, here are 50 cute names for blue-eyed cats that will help you find the perfect name for your sweet blue-eyed kitten.

1. Mr. Blue

Looking for a name for your new Blue-Eyed Cat Names? Mr. Blue is a befitting name for your cute cat. It calms her, and she wants to always stick her body to you.

2. Blueberry

Blue-Eyed Cat Names are known to be more intelligent than other cats. But unfortunately, they are also notoriously aloof and independent. Blueberry is a sweet name that fits this type of personality.

3. Blue

If you’re looking for a name that suits your baby’s Blue-Eyed Cat names, then Blue is the sweet name that suits her. Their eyes are almost indigo.

4. River

Many people have a favorite color, and the river is one of the most popular Blue-eyed cat Names are striking with their pale fur and icy gaze, which is why they’re often called icy by pet owners.

5. Mordecai

Mordecai is among the types of  Blue-Eyed Cat Names that are slightly uncommon but still very cute. The name Mordecai can mean servant of Marduk in Hebrew.

6. Skye

If you’re looking for a cute name for your Blue-Eyed Cat Names, here is the name Skye. These cats are so adorable and friendly.

7. Hyacinth

In Greek mythology, Hyacinthus was a beautiful Spartan prince who loved the God Apollo. One day while they were playing a discus-throwing game, the discus fatally wounded him. These show how beautiful these Blue-Eyed Cat Names could be.

8. Glacier

One of the most beautiful types of cats is the Glacier cat. These Blue-Eyed Cat Names are so mesmerizing that you can’t take your eyes off them.

9. Taylor

We’ve compiled a great Blue-Eyed Cat Names you can name your  Blue-Eyed cat. Taylor is the name of a singer that loves cats so much.

10. Glory

We love cats and have beautiful Blue-Eyed Cat Names at home called Glory. these cats have this unique nature that attracts you to them. 

11. Churchill

There are many cute names you can use to describe your blue-eyed cats. Here are some of my favorite Blue-Eyed Cat Names called Churchill – the name says it all. They aren’t troublesome.

12. Electricity

As the name implies, Electricity Brings light, and also light beautifies the house. We can’t see without light, so Electricity is among good Blue-Eyed Cat Names for your Blue-Eyed Cat.

13. Benedict

These Blue-Eyed Cat Names are after Benedict Cumberbatch, a blue-eyed movie actor. This is from a Latin word meaning blessed. It is indeed a great name for your cat.

14. Sinatra

The name Sinatra was derived from the name of the singer, Frank Sinatra, who is Blue eyed and has a melodious voice. So your beautiful Blue-Eyed Cat deserves one of the great Blue-Eyed Cat Names like this.

15. Ice

As the Blue-Eyed Cat Names implies, name your Blue-Eyed Cat with cool and blue color ice from a distance. These cats have extremely beautiful lovely eyes.  

16. Violet

This Blue-Eyed cat with violet eyes has a very wonderful, calm, and royal look. These Blue-Eyed Cat Names are so beautiful.

17. Jasmine

Naming your Blue-Eyed Cat Names is as simple as naming it after an attractive flower. But, then, you can imagine how charming the eyes would be.

18. Gem

Gem is among the Blue-Eyed Cat Names that will suit the Blue-Eyed cat because Gem symbolizes an expensive and uniquely valuable. Therefore, these cats are also expensive and valuable.

19. Lilly

These names are for beautiful and should be considered Blue-Eyed Cat Names that love water reflecting this water plant with amazing flowers.

20. Water

The name water is among Blue-Eyed Cat Names that are wonderful, cool, calm, and peaceful Blue-Eyed Cat names you want to see around you.

21. Colton

These names Blue-Eyed Cat Names are particularly for the dark-bodied Blue-Eyed Cat. the Blue from their eyes is more pronounced because of their dark body.

22. Amory

Amory is among the Blue-Eyed Cat Names given to a Blue-Eyed cat that is fearless and powerful. But unfortunately, these types of cats are not often friendly to humanity.

23. Isra

 For cats that play freely in your home, the name Isra is very beautiful and should be considered one of the best Blue-Eyed Cat Names for your fury Blue-Eyed cat. These types of cats enjoy playing a lot making your environment and home lively.

24. Hansa

One of the silliest Blue-Eyed Cat Names, Hansa, sounds funny. Imagine you smiling just because of your little Blue-Eyed cat.

Well, this little fellow called Hansa is filled with energy and happiness. So, the most befitting name is Hansa for those cats that are always happy or have brought some happiness to you.  

25. Chariya

Chariya is a beautiful name that means moonlight in the San skirt. It’s perfect for your grey, blue-eyed cat. The name Chariya can be given among many more Blue-Eyed Cat Names to those cats with good manners.

26. Virote

Virote is a name that comes from the Latin word viresco, which means to become green. Virote is derived from the French word vert, meaning green.

( I know what you may be thinking, why Blue-Eyed Cat Names Virote?), It shouldn’t matter what color your cat is to choose a perfect name for him; find a name that suits his personality.

27. Sunti

Sunti is a playful, fun name for your Blue-Eyed Cat Names. It’s easy to say and spell, so it will be much easier to tell everyone about your new furry family member!

27. Kiet

Some of the most popular Blue-Eyed Cat Names is Kiet; cats that deserve some honor because of their behavior call them Kiet. They are very brave.

28. Paul Hollywood

A name after this celebrity who is blue-eyed. Finding an available male kitten with the same eye color as Paul Hollywood might be hard, but its uniqueness would make it a beautiful addition to any family.

29. Jared Leto

If you’re a fan of Jared Leto, or if your cat happens to have the same eyes, this list is for you. The actor and his iconic look inspire these Blue-Eyed Cat Names. So brace yourself and give that cute-looking Blue-Eyed cat a name after your favorite star.

30. Aimee

Aimee is a French name meaning beloved. It’s perfect for a blue-eyed feline companion you love. It is among the best Blue-Eyed Cat Names.

31. Jocely

Jocely is a great name because it is feminine but not too cutesy. Plus, it has the bonus of sounding jocular, which means being cheerful and happy. Budon’t’t worries; it is among many more Blue-Eyed Cat Names.

32. Agatha

Agatha is a Greek name that means good. It’s also the name of a famous mystery novelist who wrote under the pen name A. N. yap. It’s not a bad idea to give your Blue-Eyed Cat Names lavishing like Agatha.

33. Tove

Tove is a Swedish name meaning to turn. So you’re looking for something short, cute, and unique, Tove could be perfect out of many Blue-Eyed Cat Names for your blue-eyed cat.

34. Vita

Vita is the Swedish word for life. It also means liveliness and vigor. So, give them vita for Blue-Eyed Cat Names that bring good luck to your home.

35. Sada

Sada is a Japanese word that means gentle or calm. So you’re looking for Blue-Eyed Cat Names with an exotic feel? This one might be just what you’re looking for.

36. Hugo

Hugo is among the most popular Blue-Eyed Cat Names in the United States; it’s no surprise that it was also among the top names given to the blue-eyed cat if you have a black and white cat!

37. Gaius

Gaius is a Latin name meaning one who opens. For those joyful cats. For your little fury, and among the best blue-Eyed Cat Names, these names Gaius did quite a lot of justiceDon’t’t you think so?  

38. Kailan

Kailan is derived from the word kaleidoscope, meaning a mirror of various colors. It is pronounced Kay-lahn. Your little blue-eyed cat will love this name because it’s among the finest Blue-Eyed Cat Names.

39. Sittichai

Sittichai is a word that means Blue and is among the great Blue-Eyed Cat Names because it’s both original and cool.

40. Pierre

Pierre is a French name that means stone. It’s also the name of a famous painter, so it has an artistic vibe. It’s a great choice for your Blue-Eyed Cat Name if you want something classic and strong.

41. Renne

Renne is a beautiful French name that means crowned with roses. The name is also shared by the female protagonist in the film, Léon: The Professional. not a bad idea for your Blue-Eyed Cat Names.  

42. Colton

Colton is a name that means little red fox. It’s perfect for blue-Eyed Cat Names and cats with reddish fur.

43. Isidoro

Isidoro is a Spanish name meaning gift of Isis. In the Egyptian pantheon, Isis was the goddess of magic and motherhood, so far among the best Blue-Eyed Cat Names,

44. Amory

The most popular color of the cat, by far, is black. However, other colors do exist and can be quite beautiful as well. For the brave and powerful blue-Eyed Cat Names, Amory is just great for its brave nature. 

45. Glyn

Glyn is a Welsh name meaning fair or bright. This is among the perfect Blue-Eyed Cat Names if you have a blue-eyed cat.

46. Skipper

Skipper is a name that conjures up thoughts of the early days of sailing, but it can also refer to a small ship’s captain.

For those blue-Eyed Cat Names that deserve the title of a captain, the skipper is just the name that best suits his kind. 

47. Micaiah

Micaiah is a Hebrew name meaning God has heard. It’s also the name of a game designer, an actress, and a male singer.

So what does this have to do with cats? That’s scatted a very nice question. Micaiah can be given as one of the most powerful Blue-Eyed Cat Names, meaning honored and respected as a deity.

48. Bannan

Bannan is a name that means white in Gaelic. Unfortunately, it is also a surname, meaning it has a long history of usage as both a first and last name for your Blue-Eyed Cat.

49. Ophelie

Ophelie is among the French Blue-Eyed Cat Names meaning help. In the Bible, Ophelie is a woman who helps to save her sister from an evil man.

In other words, the name Ophelie is a helper or protector, and also it can be given to Blue-Eyed Cat that may have killed a snake.

50. Seraphina

Seraphina is a name that means burning one or fiery one in Hebrew. If your Blue-Eyed Cat is a  fashion freak, then trust me, Seraphina is among the great blue-Eyed Cat Names for hot and pretty cats.


This list of 50 cute Blue-Eyed Cat Names is just the start, but hopefully, it will help you find a name that suits your kitty’s personality.

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