49 Animals That Start With Y

Animals That Start With Y
Photo by Matt Walsh

Do you ever feel like you’re missing out on some of the most incredible animals that start with Y? Well, you’re not alone!

Many overlook the yawn-inducing animals that start with Y, but they’re some of the most amazing creatures out there.

In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at these remarkable animals, including yaks, yellow-bellied marmots, yellow anacondas, yellow mongooses, and yellow-spotted river turtles. Read on to learn more about these fascinating creatures!

Many people think there are no names of animals that start with Y, but you may be surprised to find out that there are quite a few!

This blog post will explore some of the most interesting animals whose names begin with the letter Y.

From yaks to yellowfin tuna, you’ll learn about some fascinating creatures that you may not have heard of before.

So, get ready to explore the wonderful world of animals that starts with Y.

1. Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoo

The yellow-tailed black cockatoo is the first on our list of animals that start with Y. It’s a species of large parrot native to Australia.

The plumage of the adult bird is mostly jet black, except for the yellow panels on the underside of its wings and tail. 

These striking birds can grow up to 70 cm in length, making them one of the largest parrot species in the world.

The yellow-tailed black cockatoo can often be seen perched on high trees or shrubs, searching for food such as seeds, flowers, nuts, fruit, and insects. 

They are known to inhabit wooded areas, open forests, and farmlands in the eastern and southwestern parts of the continent. This species is listed as vulnerable due to habitat loss and degradation.

2. Yellowtail Damsel

The Yellowtail Damsel is one of the animals that start with Y. It is a small, saltwater fish found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

It is one of the few animals whose name starts with the letter Y and has become a popular aquarium fish due to its hardy nature and vibrant coloration. 

The Yellowtail Damsel is an attractive, brightly colored fish with a yellow body and bright blue stripes. It typically grows to around three inches in length and can live for up to five years when properly cared for in captivity.

This friendly species of fish are generally peaceful and can live harmoniously with other small fish, such as clownfish and blennies.

It can also be kept in small groups of two or more as long as there is plenty of space and hiding places in the aquarium. 

Yellowtail damsels are also easy to feed, accepting most kinds of flake and frozen food. With proper care, these colorful fish can bring both beauty and fun to your home aquarium.

3. Yellow-Spotted Amazon River Turtle

The yellow-spotted Amazon river turtle is an aquatic species found in the Amazon basin. It is one of the many animals that start with Y. This turtle species is particularly unique due to the vibrant yellow spots that decorate its brown shell. 

It is an important species to the local environment and plays a crucial role in the food chain. The yellow-spotted Amazon river turtle has an omnivorous diet, consuming both plants and animals, which helps maintain the balance in the surrounding ecosystem. 

Due to its unique appearance, it is also a popular pet among reptile enthusiasts. However, conservation efforts have been put in place to protect these animals that start with Y from becoming endangered or extinct.

4. Yellow-Winged Bat

The Yellow-Winged Bat is a bat species found in South America and other nearby areas. These bats animals that start with Y are medium-sized and have yellowish-brown fur on their backs, wings, and face. 

They also have a unique yellow membrane that runs along the undersides of their wings and helps them fly efficiently.

Yellow-Winged Bats feed mainly on fruits and nectar, but they also eat small insects like moths and mosquitoes. 

They are active during the night and tend to form colonies in trees. These colonies can get quite large, with up to 100 bats living together in one tree. In general, they are harmless and make no noise during flight.

5. Yellow-Footed Antechinus

The yellow-footed antechinus is next on the list of animals that start with Y. It is a small species of marsupial native to Australia. This cute animal has bright yellow fur on its feet and tail, giving it its distinctive name. 

The yellow-footed antechinus is one of the few marsupials that exhibits a seasonal breeding pattern, meaning they breed and mate during certain times of the year.

In addition to this unique breeding pattern, they have some other fascinating features.

The yellow-footed antechinus has a very small body and can easily fit in the palm of your hand. Its fur is light gray to dark brown, and its feet are orange-brown with a distinctive yellow color on its hind feet and tail. They also have long ears, a pointed snout, and a long slender tail. 

They are mainly nocturnal animals, which means they are active during the night and sleep during the day.

The yellow-footed antechinus diet consists of insects, spiders, fruit, flowers, and some small vertebrates. These animals that start with Y also have sharp claws that help them catch their prey.

6. Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier, or ‘Yorkie’ as it is commonly known, is an adorable small breed of dog. Their distinctive coats consist of a long, silky top coat and a soft, wiry undercoat.

Yorkies are known for their feisty personalities, loyalty, and intelligence. They make great pets, as they get along well with other pets, children, and strangers.

They also require very little exercise, making them a good fit for those who don’t have much time to dedicate to pet ownership. 

Yorkies are a great choice for those looking for a small companion who can bring much joy and entertainment. This breed is very easy to train and loves to be the center of attention.

Whether you are looking for a cuddle buddy or a feisty companion, the Yorkshire Terrier is a great option for animals that start with Y!

7. Yellow Line Arrow Crab

The Yellow line Arrow Crab is a unique crustacean species with the distinction of being one of the few animals that start with Y.

These crabs are found in shallow waters throughout the Caribbean, from Bermuda down to Trinidad and Tobago. The color of the Yellow line Arrow Crab is a vibrant orange with white stripes running along its body. 

The crab is an omnivore and feeds primarily on mollusks and small crustaceans. It is important to note that the Yellow line Arrow Crab is a very social species, and they tend to live in large groups around rocks and coral reefs. It is also a hardy species, as it can survive in various temperatures and salinity levels.

8. Yellow-Vented Green Pigeon

The yellow-vented green pigeon is a species of bird found primarily in tropical and subtropical regions of South Asia, Southeast Asia, and East Asia. It’s known for its distinctive yellow vent and breast, as well as its vibrant green plumage. 

The yellow-vented green pigeon is considered an important species due to its role in the local environment as a key pollinator and seed disperser.

This unique bird species have adapted to living in various habitats, ranging from rainforests to open woodland. 

It can fly long distances, helping it spread its genetic material across wide geographic areas. The yellow-vented green pigeon is also often seen in gardens and parks, where it feeds on fruits, flowers, and other vegetation.

9. Yellow-Spotted Tree Frog

The Yellow-Spotted Tree Frog is also an animal that starts with Y. It is a species of amphibian found in Central and South America. This frog is known for its yellow spots on its back, which can vary in size, shape, and placement. 

The frogs are nocturnal and prefer humid climates such as tropical rainforests. They typically feed on insects, spiders, and other small invertebrates. The Yellow-Spotted Tree Frogs have an average lifespan of four to five years in captivity.

These frogs are animals that start with Y and are a popular choice for pet owners due to their small size and attractive appearance.

However, they require a lot of care and attention, so experienced pet owners should only keep them. 

The frogs can also be found in zoos and aquariums, where they can be observed in their natural habitat. If you are looking for an interesting pet with an exotic look, the Yellow-Spotted Tree Frog might be a perfect choice.

10. Yungas Pygmy Owl

The Yungas Pygmy Owl is a small species of owl found in the mountain forests of northern Argentina and southern Bolivia. It has been classified as Near Threatened by the IUCN since 2016.

This species is unique, as it is one of the few active owls during the day.

The Yungas Pygmy Owl has distinctive black, white, and buff-colored plumage with a bright yellow facial disc. It also has a barred tail, which helps it blend in with its natural habitat of trees and shrubs. 

The species prey on small mammals, birds, insects, and roosts during the day in dense thickets. This species of owl is quite shy, so sightings are rare.

However, it is a sight to behold when it does make an appearance!

11. Yellow-Bellied Marmot

The yellow-bellied marmot is a species of large ground squirrel native to western North America. It is also known as the rock chuck and is found in mountainous regions such as the Rocky Mountains, Cascades, and Sierra Nevada. 

The yellow-bellied marmot has a distinctive yellowish underside, hence its name. Its upper body is usually grayish-brown or sandy in color.

These animals that start with Y feed mainly on grasses, seeds, roots, flowers, and fruits. During winter months, they will store food in their burrows. 

They also eat insects, small reptiles, and even carrion. They are relatively social animals and live in colonies with other members of their species.

12. Yarrow’s Spiny Lizard

Yarrow’s Spiny Lizard (Sceloporus jarrovii) is a species of lizard that inhabits the southwestern United States and northern Mexico.

It is an endangered species but still manages to inhabit various habitats, including deserts, grasslands, and low-elevation coniferous forests.

This species can be identified by its relatively small size and the scales on its back that give it a spiny appearance.

Yarrow’s Spiny Lizard is an omnivorous species that feeds on both insects and plants. During the summer months, it is most active during the day and feeds on insects, but as temperatures cool down in the winter, it becomes more nocturnal and feeds primarily on seeds and fruits. 

Despite these animals that start with Y being an endangered species, conservation efforts are in place to protect Yarrow’s Spiny Lizard.

These include habitat protection, population monitoring, and educational outreach programs to help raise awareness of this species.

13. Yellow-Bellied Weasel

The yellow-bellied weasel is a small mammal that can be found in various parts of the world, including North America and Europe.

It’s a part of the Mustela family, and it can grow up to 24 cm long and weigh between 40 and 140 grams. The yellow-bellied weasel has a slender body, brown fur, and yellowish-to-white belly fur.

These animals that start with Y are mainly active at night and prefer to stay near forest edges or meadows.

They eat small mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, and insects and can catch their prey by pouncing on them from high distances. 

They live alone in nests that they make inside hollow logs, tree trunks, and stumps. The yellow-bellied weasels are interesting animals that start with Y.

14. Yellowtail Amberjack

The Yellowtail Amberjack, also known as the Greater Amberjack, is a fish found in tropical and temperate oceans worldwide. It is easily identifiable by its large size and bright yellow tail. 

This fish can reach up to 3 feet in length and can weigh up to 120 pounds. It is an excellent game fish, as it will fight hard when hooked.

The Yellowtail Amberjack is considered to be a prized catch for sports fishermen. Its meat is considered a delicacy and highly sought after for sashimi and sushi.

Its flesh has a delicate flavor and is highly recommended to be eaten raw. The fish can also be cooked, but it should not be overcooked as it will become dry and tough.

15. Yellowish Streaked Lory

The Yellowish Streaked Lory (Chalcopsitta sintillata) is a colorful parrot native to parts of Indonesia and the Philippines.

This particular lory species have bright red plumage on its head, wings, and tail feathers, with yellowish streaking on its body. The yellowish streaks become more prominent as the bird matures. 

These animals that start with Y are known to form flocks in their natural habitat and tend to stay close to the trees they inhabit.

They feed mainly on fruit, flowers, and nectar, but they also eat insects and other small animals. They are great companions in captivity and make wonderful pets, but they require plenty of social interaction to thrive.

16. Yosemite Toad

The Yosemite Toad is one of the most iconic animals that start with Y. This toad is endemic to California and can be found in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. 

It is easily identified by its bronze-brown coloration, ranging from light tan to darker brown. It also has dark spots on its back and sides that can be seen from a distance.

The Yosemite Toad is not a very social creature, preferring to stay near its burrow or hide away in moist areas such as a creek or pond. Its diet consists mainly of small invertebrates like insects, spiders, and snails.

Despite this, it is a vital part of the ecosystem and plays an important role in controlling insect populations.

17. Yellow Cup Black Coral

The Yellow Cup Black Coral is one of the many animals that start with Y. It is a type of black coral that belongs to the family Antipathidae. 

This coral is found in various parts of the world, including the Caribbean and the Red Sea. It is a colonial organism, meaning that it is composed of multiple polyps that are held together by a common tissue layer.

The unique look of this coral species is quite remarkable, with its bright yellow-colored cups contrasting against the deep black tissue. 

When seen in their natural habitat, the yellow cups are very visible in the dark waters, making them easy to spot.

The coral can grow up to three feet tall, and its branches form a thicket-like structure. The tissue of this coral species is also known for being quite strong, making it an ideal choice for aquariums and other marine displays.

18. Yellow Rat Snake

The yellow rat snake (Elaphe obsoleta) is one of the interesting and unique animals that starts with Y. This species is a member of the colubrid snake family, which includes more than two-thirds of all known living snake species.

It is found throughout much of the United States and is also known as the chicken snake due to its habit of consuming large numbers of eggs in some areas.

The yellow rat snake is typically between three and five feet in length, and its body color can range from bright yellow to brown or black. It has dark spots running along its back, providing excellent camouflage against its natural habitat. 

The yellow rat snake is a very adaptable species, living in forests, woodlands, marshes, and even urban areas. It feeds on rodents, lizards, frogs, and small birds.

These animals that start with Y are considered to be non-venomous and quite docile, making them popular pets for reptile enthusiasts. 

In order to keep them healthy and comfortable in captivity, it’s important to provide the proper environment, including warm temperatures and plenty of hiding places.

Yellow rat snakes make interesting and rewarding pets that can live up to twenty years with proper care.

19. Yellow-Knobbed Curassow

The Yellow-Knobbed Curassow is a large species of bird from South America that is native to Colombia, Venezuela, and Guyana. The name is derived from its distinct yellow wattle located at the base of its beak. 

These animals that start with Y are usually found in tropical forests and can grow to around 25 inches in length. They mainly feed on fruits and seeds that they find in the undergrowth.

The Yellow-Knobbed Curassow is an impressive bird due to its bright colors and curious behavior. Its feathers are generally black, with bright yellow patches on its wings, head, and throat. 

Its most distinct feature is the pair of yellow knobs located at the base of its beak. As a shy creature, it is rarely seen out in the open but can often be heard as it calls out its loud and repetitive two-note call.

20. Yakutian Laika

The Yakutian Laika is next on the list of animals that start with Y. It is a breed of Nordic-type dog originating in Siberia.

It is an ancient breed that the Yakuts have used the native people of Siberia as a hunting dog for hundreds of years. 

The Yakutian Laika is an independent, hardy breed that can withstand harsh weather conditions and is known for its intelligence and eagerness to please its master. It has a thick double coat that protects it from the cold and is also a great family pet.

This breed can be quite friendly and loyal but also quite stubborn at times. They are active and love to play, but they also need plenty of exercises to stay healthy and happy. 

As far as care goes, they require regular brushing to keep their fur from matting, and they also need to have their nails trimmed regularly.

With proper training and socialization, the Yakutian Laika makes an excellent companion for any family.

21. Yellow-Necked Spurfowl

The Yellow-Necked Spurfowl, also known as the Yellow-Necked Francolin, is a species of bird native to Africa. This species can be found in grasslands and open woodlands, where they feed mainly on insects, larvae, and small reptiles.

They are medium-sized birds, measuring up to 25 centimeters in length and with wingspans of around 40 centimeters.

The Yellow-Necked Spurfowl is easily recognizable due to its distinctive yellow throat patch, which contrasts sharply against its otherwise brown body.

Its diet consists mostly of ground invertebrates, though it occasionally takes fruit and other plant matter. While these animals that start with Y are often hunted for sport, their populations are generally stable.

22. Yellow-Spotted Monitor

The Yellow-Spotted Monitor is a species of lizard native to Australia and parts of Papua New Guinea. These lizards are easily recognizable due to their bright yellow spots that stand out against their dark brown scales.

They are often found in arid climates, basking on rocks and logs to stay warm.

Yellow-Spotted Monitors can reach up to six feet in length and weigh around 4.4 pounds. While they are not dangerous to humans, they do have sharp claws and teeth that they use to defend themselves from predators. They mostly feed on insects and small mammals but eat fruit and leaves.

23. Yellow-Mantled Widowbird

One of the lesser-known animals that start with Y is the yellow-mantled widowbird. This bird is found mainly in the savannas and grasslands of South Africa.

It is a small, plump bird that is usually around 6 inches in length. Its upper parts are grayish-brown, with a distinctive yellow stripe running along its neck and chest.

This bird species is an insectivore, meaning it feeds mainly on insects. These animals that start with Y can also feed on seeds and small fruits. 

The yellow-mantled widowbird is mainly active during the day and can be found in up to 30 bird flocks. These birds tend to live in pairs or small groups but can also form larger flocks at times.

24. Yellow-Banded Poison Dart Frog

The yellow-banded poison dart frog is a small amphibian that is found in the rainforests of Central and South America. The frog has bright yellow and black stripes, making it one of the most colorful creatures in its habitat.

These frog animals that start with Y have unique toxins in their skin, which they use to ward off predators.

This amazing creature has adapted to its tropical environment over millions of years. It can move quickly from leaf to leaf and spends most of its time among the branches of the trees.

The yellow-banded poison dart frog is a great example of an animal that has learned to survive in the wild with its special abilities.

25. Yellow Bullhead

The Yellow Bullhead (Ameiurus natalis) is also an animal that starts with Y. It is a catfish found in freshwater habitats across the United States and parts of Canada. 

It is also known as the Flathead Catfish or Yellow Catfish. This species prefers to inhabit slow-moving, shallow waters, such as lakes, ponds, and rivers. It typically feeds on small fish, invertebrates, and plants.

The Yellow Bullhead is a silvery-yellow color on the upper body and light brown on the lower body. It has an elongated body and can reach up to about 20 inches in length. 

The Yellow Bullhead is also known for its low tolerance to polluted water and is a good indicator of water quality. They have become popular with fishermen due to their fighting spirit and willingness to bite on the bait.

26. Yellow-Rumped Flowerpecker

The Yellow-Rumped Flowerpecker is an adorable bird native to South Asia. This small bird has a yellow rump and yellow feathers on its head and breast. Its wings and back are black, while its belly and throat are white. 

The Yellow-Rumped Flowerpecker is also known as the Yellow-vented Flowerpecker and the Flame-backed Flowerpecker.

This bird primarily eats insects and nectar from flowers. It is often found perching in trees and bushes, and its diet consists of flying insects, larvae, spiders, fruits, and berries. 

The Yellow-Rumped Flowerpecker is a social species and can often be seen in large flocks. In some regions, it may even form mixed flocks with other species of flowerpeckers.

27. York Chocolate

The York Chocolate, scientifically known as Porphyrio poliocephalus, is a bird species in the rail family. This unique bird, native to Australia and New Guinea, has a black head, neck, and chest with striking blue-gray wings. 

The York Chocolate is most often found near freshwater wetlands and mangrove swamps, where it uses its long beak to search for invertebrates and vegetation. It is not uncommon to see these birds nesting in colonies near these wetland areas.

These animals that start with Y are quite timid but also known to be quite vocal, making cooing sounds during the breeding season and occasionally whistling during migration.

The York Chocolate prefers to fly low, often just above the treetops. While they may not be the most common of birds, they are a beautiful addition to any wetland area!

28. Yellow-Lipped Sea Krait

The yellow-lipped sea krait is a species of venomous sea snake found throughout the tropical waters of the Indo-Pacific. It is sometimes referred to as the golden-lipped sea krait, and its scientific name is Laticauda Colubrina. 

This species has a distinct pattern of yellow and black rings along its entire body and a striking yellow patch on its lips, from which it gets its common name.

The yellow-lipped sea krait is an excellent swimmer and can often be seen hunting in shallow water near coral reefs and sandy shores. 

These animals that start with Y mainly feed on small fish and eels, although they are also known to eat crabs and other marine invertebrates. Because of their highly venomous bite, humans should avoid these snakes.

Despite this, they have an important role in their ecosystems and should be respected.

29. Yellow-Crowned Amazon

The Yellow-Crowned Amazon is a parrot species native to Mexico and Central America. These birds are known for their vibrant feathers, which feature shades of yellow, green, blue, and red.

They typically measure between 12 and 15 inches long and have yellow patches on their head, wings, and tail feathers.

These birds, as animals that start with Y, are intelligent and sociable creatures that make great pets. They can be quite vocal and can be taught to mimic human speech and other sounds. They are also known for their playful personalities and can be very affectionate with their owners.

With the proper care, a Yellow-Crowned Amazon can live up to 50 years in captivity.

30. Yellow-Necked Field Mouse

The Yellow-Necked Field Mouse is an adorable little rodent that lives in the meadows, woodlands, and hedgerows of England and parts of Europe. Its upper body is grayish-brown in color, while its belly is a bright yellow.

Its long whiskers and small ears make it easy to identify. It is a nocturnal creature that comes out at night for food such as berries, nuts, and insects.

In the wild, the Yellow-Necked Field Mouse has become quite rare due to habitat destruction and the presence of predators.

Conservation efforts are underway to help protect these mice and their habitats. With careful conservation, these animals that start with Y may one day be seen scampering around the English countryside again.

31. Yellow Bromeliad Tree Frog

Meet the Yellow Bromeliad Tree Frog, one of the many animals that start with Y. It is found throughout Central and South America, including Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. It’s an amphibian that prefers to live in bromeliads and other vegetation near water sources.

The Yellow Bromeliad Tree Frog has a yellow and orange body with white spots. Its abdomen is typically white with dark blotches, while its toes are webbed to help it move in and around water. 

It typically grows to two inches long and lasts up to 10 years in the wild. It’s a nocturnal animal, spending its days hiding in trees and coming out at night to hunt for food.

32. Yelkouan Shearwater

The Yelkouan Shearwater, also known as the Mediterranean Shearwater, is a seabird species belonging to the family Procellariidae. This species is found in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea and can reach up to 16 inches in length. 

These animals that start with Y have a wingspan ranging from 25 to 29 inches, and their feathers are generally a dark brown or black color.

The Yelkouan Shearwater typically nests in the rocky cliffs of the Mediterranean, nesting in colonies of hundreds or thousands of birds. 

During the breeding season, the birds engage in spectacular courtship displays in the sky, such as chasing and diving into the ocean.

They feed on small fish and invertebrates, such as squid, which they catch by diving beneath the waves.

33. Yellow Tang

When it comes to animals that start with Y, The Yellow Tang is one of them. It’s an eye-catching fish that can be found in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. 

The Yellow Tang is bright yellow in color and can grow up to 8 inches in length. It has a flat, oval body shape and two long fins on its back. It feeds on algae, plankton, and other small creatures.

These unique animals that start with Y are popular with aquarists because of their attractive colors and hardiness. They are relatively easy to care for and can live for up to 10 years in captivity.

The Yellow Tang is a great addition to any home aquarium, adding a splash of color and life to your environment.

34. Yellow-Headed Amazon

The Yellow-Headed Amazon is a parrot native to Central America and parts of South America. It is best known for its bright yellow head, green wings and tail, and white body feathers. 

It is an intelligent bird and can be taught to mimic human speech. They are known to form strong bonds with their owners and can even become affectionate when properly cared for.

The Yellow-Headed Amazon is an endangered species due to habitat destruction and illegal capture for the pet trade.

Conservation efforts are currently in place to protect these birds and ensure their long-term survival. 

The birds can also be seen in zoos and aviaries throughout the world. It is important to remember to support conservation efforts regarding animals that start with Y.

35. Yellow-Nosed Cotton Rat

The yellow-nosed cotton rat is one of the animals that start with Y. It is a medium-sized rodent that is found in the southern United States, Mexico, and northern South America. They are most active at night but can also be found foraging during the day. 

The yellow-nosed cotton rat has a unique yellow-tinged nose that helps it to identify food sources. This species is highly adaptable and can thrive in many different habitats, from wetlands to deserts. 

They eat mostly plants and insects but will also eat small reptiles, birds, and carrion. They are essential to their ecosystems, providing food for many larger predators and helping to disperse seeds and maintain healthy plant populations.

36. Yellow-Spotted Newt

The yellow-spotted newt is an amphibian inhabiting areas throughout North America and Central America. This species of newt is well-known for its bright yellow spots that adorn its back. 

The yellow-spotted newt can typically be found in wetland habitats, such as marshes and ponds. They can also be seen in dry forest areas during the spring and summer months. 

The yellow-spotted newt is a small creature, only growing up to 3 inches in length when fully grown. They feed on worms, insects, and spiders found in the wetland areas they inhabit. 

These newts animals that start with Y are incredibly important to their local ecosystem as they help to keep insect populations in check. They also provide sustenance for other species, like fish and birds.

37. Yellowhead Jawfish

The yellowhead jawfish, also known as the yellow-headed jawfish, is a species of ray-finned fish found in coral reefs in the Caribbean and parts of the Gulf of Mexico. It’s named for its yellow head, which has a black stripe along the top. 

This fish is characterized by its distinctive large jaw, which it uses to feed on small crustaceans and other organisms.

The yellowhead jawfish lives in burrows dug into the sandy bottom of coral reefs, which they construct with their mouths. They use these burrows for protection from predators and to find food. 

The yellowhead jawfish can reach lengths of up to 8 inches long, and they are typically found at depths of up to 40 feet. They are often seen hovering near their burrows or peeking out of them.

38. Yemen Chameleon

The Yemen chameleon (Chamaeleo calyptratus) is a chameleon native to the Middle East and parts of North Africa.

These lizard animals that start with Y have distinctive colors that vary depending on their mood or habitat, ranging from bright green to yellowish-brown. Their bodies are slightly flattened in shape and can reach up to 8 inches in length.

Yemen chameleons are usually found near mountains and hills with plenty of rocks and vegetation. They feed mainly on insects but also eat flowers and plants. 

These animals that start with Y are quite shy and will usually retreat into their hiding spots if approached. They make great pets for those with enough space for their enclosure and can provide them with good habitat.

39. Yellow Lab

The Yellow Labrador Retriever is an iconic breed of dog known for its loyalty, intelligence, and friendliness. Originally bred to help hunters, these dogs have since become beloved family pets worldwide.

Not only do they make wonderful companions, but they are also incredibly easy to train and require minimal grooming.

The Yellow Lab is a popular choice for pet owners, especially those with children or other pets. This breed is known for its even temperament and gentle nature, making it an ideal family pet. 

These animals that start with Y are also known for their intelligence, as they can easily learn new tricks and commands. This makes them perfect for obedience training and agility competitions.

They are a great choice for those looking for an active, loyal companion that will always be ready to play.

40. Yacare Caimans

The Yacare Caiman is an animal that starts with the letter Y and is native to South America. It is a crocodilian species closely related to alligators and caimans.

This animal can be found in slow-moving rivers, streams, ponds, and on the banks of these bodies of water.

The Yacare Caiman has a large, bulky head with a flat snout and a bony ridge on its forehead. It also has long, powerful jaws and sharp teeth that help it capture prey. Its coloration varies from yellowish-green to brown with black spots or stripes. 

The size of the Yacare Caiman depends on the sex of the individual and can range from four to seven feet in length. Males are typically larger than females and have more distinct markings.

This species is usually quite shy and can be difficult to spot in the wild.

41. Yellow Anaconda

The Yellow Anaconda (Eunectes notaeus) is a non-venomous snake native to South America. It is the smallest of all anacondas and is one of the few known species of anacondas that is found in Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. 

This bright yellow-colored snake has adapted to its wetland habitats by being able to hide in hollow logs and even swim in shallow bodies of water.

While it can grow up to 6 feet in length, it is still considered one of the least aggressive snakes, so it won’t cause you any harm. 

It is also quite inactive, meaning it prefers to stay tucked away in its hiding place and wait for prey to come by. As such, watching this creature in its natural habitat can be quite a tranquil experience.

42. Yellow-Eyed Penguins

The yellow-eyed penguin, or Megadyptes antipodes, is a species of penguin native to New Zealand. It’s one of the rarest penguin species worldwide and is considered an endangered species. 

The yellow-eyed penguin is easily recognizable by its distinctive yellow eye-ring and yellow-orange bill. Its coloring also includes shades of blue, gray, and black.

These animals that start with Y are slow and plodding, taking two or three steps per second as they move on land.

When they enter the water, however, they become agile swimmers and can reach speeds of up to 17 kilometers per hour.

They feed mainly on fish, squid, and other small sea creatures that they catch while swimming underwater. 

The yellow-eyed penguin will often return to the same nesting area each year, digging burrows to lay its eggs.

Conservation efforts have been put in place to help this species’ population recover.

43. Yellow-Footed Rock Wallaby

The yellow-footed rock wallaby is an endangered species of macropod found primarily in the rocky outcrops of central Australia.

This adorable creature has a light-brown coat with a distinctive yellow patch on its hind feet, giving it its name. 

It is also known for its large, pointed ears and long, powerful hind legs. Although it is a timid animal and prefers to hide from predators, it is a great climber and can easily traverse steep rocky hillsides. It is an herbivore, eating grasses, shrubs, and leaves. 

Sadly, the yellow-footed rock wallaby is critically endangered due to habitat loss and predation from introduced species such as foxes and cats.

Conservation efforts are ongoing to protect this unique animal from extinction.

44. Yellow-Backed Duiker

The yellow-backed duiker is one of the animals that start with Y. It is an antelope species that is native to Sub-Saharan Africa.

This small mammal has distinctive golden-brown fur and a yellow stripe on its back that extends from the head to its tail. 

This animal is known for its impressive agility, allowing it to jump quickly and move through dense bushland.

While they are commonly seen in wooded areas, these animals are naturally shy and prefer to live in smaller groups. 

They have powerful front legs, enabling them to dig for roots and tubers, which comprise most of their diet.

Although they may be one of the lesser-known animals, the yellow-backed duiker is an important species in African ecosystems and deserves recognition.

45. Yellow Ground Squirrel

The yellow ground squirrel is a small mammal that is native to western North America. This squirrel species has fur ranging in color from brown to yellow, with white and tan markings on its body.

The yellow ground squirrel can reach up to 8 inches in length, with a long, bushy tail and a slender body.

These little critters are mainly active during the day, spending their time foraging for food, such as fruits, nuts, and insects. These animals that start with Y also feed on vegetation and are known to eat eggs or young birds. 

The yellow ground squirrel can be found in various habitats, including forests, grasslands, and deserts.

Although they are often seen alone or in pairs, they can gather in large groups during the breeding season.

46. Yelloweye Rockfish

The Yelloweye Rockfish (Sebastes ruberrimus) is a unique and interesting species of fish that starts with the letter Y.

Found along the Pacific Coast of North America; the Yelloweye Rockfish is an important part of the region’s ecology and an iconic member of the ocean environment. 

It is also known for its vibrant yellow eyes, which give it its distinctive name. The Yelloweye Rockfish is an omnivore that feeds on plant and animal matter. 

It can eat small shrimp, squid, crabs, and even other fish in the wild. It also consumes algae, sea stars, other invertebrates, and some plant material.

When food is scarce, it will sometimes scavenge for dead fish or scavenge on the seafloor for small invertebrates. 

As one of the longest-living rockfish species, the Yelloweye Rockfish can live up to 100 years in the wild. Its life span makes it a valuable species for preserving the region’s marine habitats and ecosystems.

47. Yucatan Jay

The Yucatan Jay is an often overlooked bird found in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. With its bright blue feathers and black beak, the Yucatan Jay is a remarkable sight to behold. 

These animals that start with Y live in tropical forests and spend much of their time searching for food. Its diet consists mostly of fruits, nuts, insects, and eggs.

The Yucatan Jay is considered an important part of the ecosystem, as it helps disperse seeds and regulate insect populations. 

Though they are relatively small birds, they make up for it with their loud calls and curious personalities. While not the most energetic bird, the Yucatan Jay makes for a captivating sight in its natural habitat.

48. Yellow Dot Guard Crab

The yellow dot guard crab, also known as Dotilla fenestrata, is unique in the Indo-Pacific region. This crab species stands out due to its distinctive yellow spots on its carapace and claws, giving it its name. 

These crabs are quite small and have an average size of only about 2 inches. Despite their size, they are incredibly hardy and can live in various marine environments.

The yellow dot guard crab is a nocturnal species that feeds mainly on small mollusks and other invertebrates.

They have developed specialized claws that are capable of quickly trapping and crushing their prey, making them adept predators. 

Interestingly, they can store energy in their claws, allowing them to remain active even during periods of starvation.

These crabs also exhibit a behavior known as mate guarding, in which males protect the female after mating.

All in all, the yellow dot guard crab is an incredible creature that is sure to leave you yawning with admiration!

49. Yakka Skink

Lastly, on our list of animals that start with Y is The Yakka Skink. It is an animal native to Australia, New Zealand, and nearby islands.

This skink is particularly notable due to its odd behavior of being active during the day and night. 

Because of its unique sleeping pattern, it has been called the ‘yawning skink.’ In terms of its physical appearance, it is a medium-sized lizard with brown and black markings that help it blend into its environment. 

While it is not considered an endangered species, its numbers have declined due to habitat loss and predation by cats, foxes, and birds of prey.

Although it is not typically kept as a pet, it can make for an interesting addition to any reptile enthusiast’s collection.


Animals that start with Y are some of the most interesting and unique creatures on the planet. While some may be familiar to us, some may surprise you. 

In this blog post, we have looked at the different animals that start with the letter Y and why they might be causing us to yawn.

From the yellow-bellied marmot to the yellow-eyed penguin, these creatures may cause you to doze off in admiration.

So hope you have explored the yawn-inducing animals that start with Y!

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