19 Animals That Eat Rats – Some You Wouldn’t Expect!

animals that eat rats
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What are the animals that eat rats? Most people consider rats in the modern world; rats are considered to be pests and therefore vilified.

However, in some parts of the world, rats still have their uses and can be put to good use rather than being killed on sight.

In this article, you’ll learn about animals that eat rats and those that humans have used to fight against the plague of rats!

Check out our list and see if you know any of these fascinating creatures – there might even be one or two you’ve never heard of before!

1. Cats

You can tell exactly the animals that eat rats. Cats(Felis Catus) are one of them. I have a cat who loves to hunt and catches prey.

Her favorite is rats, she has caught eight so far this year, and she’s getting ready for some more hunting this fall. 

But, of course, if you don’t have any cats around your house, you might need to get another animal to catch your rats for you. That’s why there are other types of animals that are rats besides cats.

2. Bobcats

What animals eat rats? The most common animal known to eat rats is the American Black Bear. However, Bobcats(Lynx Rufus) are also known to prey on rats.

This type of cat, also called the Bay Lynx, ranges from Canada to northern Mexico and has a yellow-brown coat with black spots. 

In addition to eating rats, bobcats will eat birds and small mammals like mice and voles. When asked about the animals that eat, Rats are skilled hunters and can capture rodents in their paws or by pouncing on them. AlaskaAnother large predator that eats rats is the coyote. 

These wild dogs have long, pointed snouts and light brown fur with dark brown streaks. What are the animals that eat rats all over North America except for some parts of northern Canada, Alaska, Central America, and much of South America?

3. Cougars

When asked about animals that eat rats, Cougars(Puma Concolor) are among the largest small cats in North, Central, and South America.

They tend to be solitary animals, though they may also live in family groups; sugar is a generalist predator (meaning it preys on a variety of other animals) who hunts at night and rests during the day. 

These animals that eat rats prefer dense forests with plenty of cover to stalk their prey. When hunting, they will crouch low to the ground or lie down on their stomachs when trying to ambush prey by surprising them from behind or jumping out from near a bush or tree trunk.

Cougars are stealthy hunters and wait for hours before attacking their prey.

4. Weasels

Weasels(Mustela) are among the animals that eat rats; They can take down prey as large as a rabbit with only one bite.

Weasels live all over the world, but they have been introduced to many areas with no natural predators, so there are now more weasels than ever before. The most common type is the least weasel, which lives in North America and Europe.

5. Coyotes

Coyotes(Canis Latrans) are medium-sized dog family members with long, slender bodies and pointed snouts. Animals that eat rats range in size from 40 to 75 pounds, with males usually larger than females.

With their strong jaws and teeth, coyotes can take down animals much larger than themselves, including livestock and deer.

Interestingly, they do not hunt rats often enough to be considered a major pest. However, they can prey on rats if other food is scarce.

6. Opossums

The opossum(Didelphidae) is a nocturnal, omnivorous mammal native to North and South America but has been introduced to other countries.

These animals that eat rats do not hibernate in the winter; instead, they go into a deep sleep called torpor. This can last up to five hours at a time and allows them to survive on just one hour of food per day.

They are the only marsupial (meaning they carry their babies in a pouch) found outside of Australia and the only animal aside from humans that has opposable thumbs on their back feet.

7. Foxes

Foxes(Vulpes) are carnivorous mammals native to the Northern Hemisphere. They have a long snout, pointed ears, and a bushy tail and are hunters of small animals such as rodents.

For example, foxes are animals that eat rats. They may eat the entire rat or just the heart, liver, and kidneys. 

The fox will use its teeth to peel off the skin and fur, chew on the head and break open the skull to get at the brains.

The stomach acid in a fox’s stomach can dissolve bones, but they typically won’t eat them because they can be hard to digest.

8. Raccoons

Raccoons(Procyon Lotor) have been known to be the best animals that eat rats. This is because they are opportunistic feeders and eat whatever they can find.

One reason is that raccoons often live near humans and dumpsters, which means they are more likely to come into contact with rats. 

They will also eat other small mammals like squirrels, rabbits, mice, chipmunks, prairie dogs, etc. The coon’s diet may vary depending on its habitat and the availability of food sources in the area.

9. Owls

Barn Owl (Tyto alba) The Barn Owl is a large, common owl of the Northern Hemisphere.

These animals that eat rats have a round head and body, barred wings and legs, and a short tail. It’s lightly brown on top with dark brown spots on its lower back. 

This bird has been known to prey on rats and other small mammals such as rabbits, squirrels, mice, and birds up to the size of chickens. Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus). This is one of the largest owls in North America.

They have yellow eyes on their black face with white eyebrows contrasting sharply with their dark plumage. They are nocturnal hunters who prey mostly on rodents. Long-eared Owl (Asio otus): These are more nocturnal than most owls.

Animals that eat rats and hunt by flying close to the ground in open areas at night, listening for sounds made by potential prey.

10. Red-Tailed Hawks

Red-tailed Hawks(Buteo Jamaicensis) are one of North America’s most common birds of prey, and they eat much more than just rodents.

Animals that eat rats and small animals like rabbits, squirrels, and raccoons? They even have been known to go after some bigger prey as well. 

These birds make an effective rodent control solution with their nails and sharp beaks. The only downside is you have to figure out where the nest is before trying this method. If you’re not careful, they can rip you apart while trying to protect their eggs or young.

11. American Kestrels

The American kestrel(Falco Sparvarius) is a small bird of prey native to North America. It has many names, including sparrow hawk, grasshopper hawk, and red-tailed hawk.

The American kestrel is unique because it’s the only bird of prey in North America that primarily feeds on insects like grasshoppers and dragonflies during the summer months. 

It also eats small mammals like mice and voles. The American kestrel can occasionally be mentioned as one of the animals that eat rats but prefer smaller rodent species since they’re easier to catch.

12. Northern Harriers

The northern harrier(Circus hudsonius), also known as the marsh hawk, is a bird of prey in the genus Circus.

It is found across North America and Eurasia. These animals that eat rats usually hunt over grassy areas, wetlands, or sometimes along forest edges. 

The northern harrier hunts by flying low over an area of wetland or plowed field to flush out rodents such as voles,s, mice, and rats. It then swoops down to catch them before they can scurry back into their hiding places.

13. Crows

When talking about animals that eat rats, Crows (Corvus) are one of the most intelligent animal species on Earth, having an intelligence level similar to primates.

In addition, they are omnivorous, meaning they eat both plant and animal matter, but they can eat rats. 

Crows forage for food using their feet to poke around in the dirt and then pick up any grubs or worms they find with their beaks.

The birds also scavenge roadkill carcasses and garbage dumps, where they will occasionally eat a rat.

14. Rat Snakes

Rat snakes (Colubridae) are a small, non-venomous snake species. However, they do have a unique way of hunting rats and mice.

Rat snakes will crawl up to the entrance of a rat’s burrow and wait patiently until it feels the vibrations of their prey inside. 

Once they sense it’s close enough, they will lunge into the hole with their mouth wide open to grab whatever is inside.

These snakes can also be among animals that eat rats, like rabbits and birds, if they don’t get their rodent prey.

15. Boa Constrictors

Boas are a type of snake native to South America. These animals that eat rats typically have thick bodies and can grow up to 12 feet long, and Boa Constrictors are one of the few snake species that are what animals eat rats.

These snakes kill their prey by constricting it, which is when they wrap around their victim and squeeze until it suffocates or dies from the pressure on its heart.

16. American Bullfrogs

American bullfrogs (Lithobates catesbeianus) are amphibians. They are terrestrial animals but also spend much time in the water.

American bullfrogs eat various foods but primarily feed on small mammals and reptiles. Rats have been found in the stomach contents of many frogs and toads, including the American bullfrog.

17. Humans

Humans are among the animals that eat rats ( humans are higher animals). They are best at eating rats and can eat as many as they want without any problem.

We’re the only animals in the world who can do that. So what would be the end of animals eating rats? 

18. Dogs

Dogs are good at catching and love them too. These animals that eat rats try to kill them by biting their head or suffocating it with their paws before they tear into them with their teeth.

To get the rat out of its hole, a dog will dig its nose in the dirt until it smells the rat’s scent. 

It can then follow this trail for up to 200 yards. Once found, a dog will use its paw and nose together to try and catch the rat as long as it’s not too large.

If a larger one is encountered, it can be aggressive enough to bite the back of their neck while chasing after them until finally catching up with them again (or even worse: eating them). 

Sometimes, if the rat gets away from the dog when hunting, he’ll return home with nothing but his empty mouth in defeat. The dog is among the most deadly animals that eat rats.


The 18 different animals listed are all predatory animals, and it’s their job to maintain the balance in their natural habitat.

Therefore, they will eat any rodent, including. It’s important to remember that the only way for these predators to keep their numbers up is if they are allowed to eat rodents without interference from humans or other predators. all the above-listed animals that eat rats are very good at their job.

The more rats out there, the more food for these animals, so it’s important not to disrupt nature too much. After knowing these animals, you can conclude and proudly answer any questions concerning what animals eat rats.

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