11 Popular English Dog Breeds in the World

English Dog Breeds
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English dog breeds are the most popular worldwide and have existed for centuries.

They were initially bred to hunt, guard, herd livestock, pull carts, or perform other tasks that required a solid working animal.

Today they still serve these purposes but also excel at companionship, agility, obedience, and showmanship.

However, they’re in various shapes and sizes, so we’ll discuss the most popular English dog breeds in this post.

1. Bulldog

The Bulldog is one of the oldest and most popular English dog breeds. It is a large, powerful dog with a square face and a heavy build. Also, they are famous for having a deep voice and a loud bark.

People initially used them as fighting dogs, but they now serve as companions. The breed has been around since the 13th century when breeders crossbred it with the Mastiff.

Also, the Bulldog is a highly loyal and affectionate dog, and its short legs make it agile enough to chase down prey. Its thick skin makes it resistant to heat and cold, which helps keep them active year-round.

However, the English Bulldog has a lot more than looks. They are very athletic and trainable. Bulldogs make excellent family dogs because of their ability to adapt to any situation.

2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Charles Spaniel is a popular toy breed kept by the royals back in the day. It is a small, short-haired, toy-like dog with a flat head and a long body. Also, its name comes from its resemblance to the French word château, meaning castle.

History shows King Charles I and II loved a spaniel breed in the 17th century. Then, they were later crossed with an Asian breed, giving them another dog breed.

By the 1930s, breeders tried to recreate the original version based on their paintings in England, and the result was the Cavalier.

However, the present Cavs developed in the 20th century are quite different from the early Cavs. Cavaliers are usually white, although there are many variations in colors.

Their coats may be smooth or rough. Cavaliers are generally friendly, playful, and energetic. They tend to be very active and love to play ‘fetch.’ Moreover, Cavaliers are often kept as pets because of their gentle nature.

3. Whippet

Whippets are another English dog breed developed in Victorian England. This breed is a medium-sized dog with a strong frame and a short coat.

Whippets are fast, agile, and intelligent. They can run up to 30 miles per hour. In addition, they are excellent swimmers and climbers.

Also, they are excellent family dogs due to their intelligence and trainability. They are not aggressive towards strangers but bark at unfamiliar people.

4. Airedale Terrier

Airedale is a terrier breed that originated in Yorkshire, England. They are small, sturdy, and muscular dogs. They have a short tail and a double coat and are famous for being versatile. Also, you can train them to work as herding dogs, watchdogs, and hunting dogs.

Moreover, Airedales are excellent family dog breeds and get along well with children. However, they do need some training and mental stimulation to be well-behaved.

5. Cocker Spaniel

The Cocker Spaniel is a medium-sized, long-bodied dog breed that originated in England during the 18th century. Their original purpose was to hunt woodcocks. However, their small size made them excel at retrieving game birds like quail.

Today, cocker spaniels are still bred primarily for hunting, although people use them as pets. Cockers are generally amiable dogs, making them great family companions.

Also, its short hair makes it easy to care for. The Cocker Spaniel is famous for its calm temperament and affectionate personality.

Also, these popular breeds are intelligent, lively, obedient, good with kids, and enjoy playing games. They are also very social animals who enjoy spending time with other dogs.

6. Flat-coated Retrievers

Flat-coated retrievers are also among the popular English dog breeds worldwide. In England, people bred them in the 18th century, and they are medium-sized, powerful, and athletic. Also, they are famous for having a soft, silky coat.

These dogs are known for retrieving game birds such as ducks and pheasants. They are incredibly loyal and devoted to their owners. Also, they are intelligent and eager to learn new things.

Therefore, it’s easy to train them to become great family pets. However, they are not suitable for apartment living because of their large size.

7. Bull Terrier

Though Bull Terriers and Bulldogs are different, they share the same ancestors. They originate from the United Kingdom and are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world.

This breed has a thick, dense coat that protects them from cold weather and is incredibly courageous and protective. Also, they are brilliant and trainable.

They are used as police dogs and guard dogs. Because of this, people see them as reliable and trustworthy dogs.

Also, they make lovely family pets. They are friendly, playful, and energetic. Moreover, they are active and love to play games. Due to their active lifestyle, the owner has to attend to their mental stimulation needs.

8. English Mastiff

Mastiffs are large, muscular, and powerful dogs that originated in England. People often use these dogs as guard dogs or working dogs.

Mastiffs are usually black or brown. They have a deep chest, broad shoulders, and a massive head. Also, they have thick necks and heavy bodies. Because of their strength and power, mastiffs are not recommended for young children.

However, they are gentle and loving towards strangers. Also, they are brilliant and trainable. As a result, they can quickly adapt to any environment.

9. English Foxhound

Foxhounds are another popular English dog breed. They are medium-sized, muscular, and agile. This breed originates from England and is famous for being fast and agile.

Because of their speed and agility, foxhounds are excellent hunters. They are also brilliant and trainable. In addition, they are very loyal and affectionate. Further, they have a beautiful appearance and are very attractive.

10. English Setter

Setters are small, elegant, graceful dogs originating in England and France. They are medium-sized, sturdy, and athletic. The setter was initially bred for hunting rabbits and hares. However, today, people mainly use them as show dogs.

They are brilliant, trainable, and affectionate. Also, they are incredibly loyal and devoted to their families. They are good with kids and other animals. However, you should adequately train them so that they don’t harm anyone.

11. English Springer Spaniel

Springer Spaniels are small, elegant, agile, and graceful dogs from Spain, England, and Italy. They are medium-small, sturdy, and athletic dogs.

People initially bred springer spaniels to hunt waterfowl. Today, they primarily use them as show dogs. They are brilliant and trainable.

Also, they’re very loyal and affectionate towards their owners. They are also good with kids and other pets. However, these dogs need proper training and mental stimulation. Otherwise, they may bite someone.


These are some of the best English dog breeds. If you want to adopt an English dog, you must consider your preferences first. Then, choose the right dog breed according to your requirements. Good luck in your search!

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