Differences Between Border Collie and Australian Shepherd

We will never discover dog breeds completely. Will we? As time goes by, we keep hearing about different dog breeds, their characteristics, and their usefulness.

This article looks into two different types of dog breeds, which are Border Collies and Australian Shepherds.

We will, however, look into the history, characteristics, and differences between Border Collie and Australian Shepherd.

About Border Collies

Border Collies are excellent family dogs since they are very people-oriented.

It has incredible stamina, boundless energy, and a strong desire to work, and they still use them to herd sheep on farms all over the world.

Border Collies are the best working breed for sheepherding in the world. And the fact that they are purebred dogs doesn’t mean they can’t end up in shelters or rescue groups.


Border Collies are a working dog breed that originated somewhere far from the normal world.

However, the Romans brought herding dogs with them when they first conquered the British Isles in the first century. Again, the Vikings brought a smaller dog with them.

Then, the Border Collie came into existence as a result of the crossing of these two breeds.


There are two sorts of coats for this dog breed: smooth and rough.

The smooth type is short all over, has a coarser texture than the rough type, and has little feathering, whereas the rough type is medium length and has feathers on the legs, chest, and belly.

It has a black coat with a tanned white blaze on the face, neck, feet, legs, and tail tip. He can be any bicolor, tricolor, Merle, or solid color except white.

About Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds are raised as qualified herds.

They have a lot of energy and a delightful side. They make wonderful working dogs and are extremely practicable for pleasure.

Also, this dog breeds best for families who live on a farm and people who are active. Life is an adventure for Aussies.

He will work and play with his loyal and loving traits, from sunrise to dusk, and he will win your heart.


Many assume that, because of its name, the Australian Shepherd dog breed comes from Australia. Well, it’s false as the Australian shepherd comes from the U.S.

However, this race was first intended for ranchers and farmers in the western U.S. to grow herd cattle. But nobody knows exactly how the race gained its name.

Some assume it originated from the sheep Merino that was grown and imported into the USA in great numbers in Australia.

Others believe it is from their appearance: in many dogs that came from Australia, they had a typical blue Merle pattern and this has become the moniker of all dogs of that appearance.


The Australian Shepherd has a weather-resistant coat of medium length.

In the rain and snow, this keeps him cozy. However, the straight or wavy hair of the dog covers the head and ears with short and silky hair, on the front and bottom of the forelegs.

On the neck and chest, there is long abundant hair that is particularly thick and full of males.

Differences Between Border Collie and Australian Shepherd

Everything that has a similarity must also have a difference, no matter how little. Although the coat patterns of these two races are similar, the Border Collie has more diversity.

The Australian shepherd, though at about the same height, is a touch heavier than the Border Collie, but sturdy.


Australian ShepherdBorder Collie
The females are about 18 to 21 cm tall while the males are about 20 to 23 cm tallThe females are about 46-53 cm tall while the males are about 48-56 cm tall.
Their tails might be docked or natural.Their tails are long and they stretch slightly upwards from their backside.
They weigh between 40 and 50 lbs for women and between 50 and 65 lbs for men.The females weigh between 18-21 cm and the males weigh between 30-55 pounds.
Their ears should be a button ear so that they break a bit and sit on the spot.Their ears are picked, pointed, or thrown.
Their rich coat is medium and straight or slightly wavy.Border Collies come in a rough coat and smooth coat in two kinds.


Border Collies and Australian Shepherds have very similar appearances. This could be because they raised the Australian Shepherd from the Collie hundreds of years ago.

Although they are both medium-sized and silky-coat dogs, there are some physical differences that can help distinguish them.

When it comes to color combinations, Border Collies have more options than Australian Shepherds.

The Border Collie dog breed is available in a variety of colors, including black, brindle, Lilac, Red Merle, Blue, and others, whereas the Aussie Shepherd is only available in four colors: Blue Merle, Black, Red Merle, and Red.


Border Collies and Australian Shepherds are both social dogs. The Australian Shepherd, on the other hand, is slightly more obedient to its owner than the Collie.

They’re both smart workers who can’t seem to get enough of their jobs. With either of these men around, you’ll never run out of things to do as long as you have the stamina to keep playing.

Though they are both close to their families, the Border Collie is more suspicious of strangers or those with whom he is not yet acquainted.

Furthermore, the Collie has superior herding tendencies to the Australian Shepherd, and research has it that they have attempted to herd tiny children.


Every dog breed requires attention, yet each type has its own set of requirements.

Though the Australian Shepherd’s fur needs to be groomed on a regular basis to be in good form, you don’t need to trim them very often.

To maintain its fur perfectly, the Border Collie demands a little more effort.

Because many Border Collies and Australian Shepherds work in fields, the owners may need to cut their nails every month or so.

You must check the male Australian Shepherd’s coat frequently because it is a little thicker around the throat and tail.

Also, you should brush them on a regular basis. At the very least, dog owners should brush their teeth once a week to keep them healthy.


Because the Collie has a tougher coat than the Australian Shepherd, he uses a little more attention when it comes to grooming.

The Australian Shepherd loses about the same amount as a Border Collie, but its coat has a different feel to it.

However, the Collie requires you to brush it two or three times a week to keep it healthy. The dog owner will need to bathe both breeds once a month to be clean and healthy.

Because these dogs are going to spend many hours a week roaming about fields and forests, ticks and other nasty insects will come around them.


These dog breeds have more similarities and differences than the ones listed above.

These are, however, the most popular differences that people talk about. Because the Australian Shepherd came from a Border Collie, they have a similar look.

The Australian Shepherd is ten inches taller, while the Border Collie has a rougher coat that takes a little more maintenance than the Aussie.

So, if you can’t cope with these features, then none of these dogs is for you.

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