22 Bird Names That Start With L

Bird Names That Start With L
Photo by Vittorio Zamboni

Are you looking to name your new pet bird? Or, maybe you’re just planning to impress someone with your knowledge of exotic animal names.

Finding cool bird names that start with L can be difficult. That’s why we put together this list of ten unique bird names that start with L!

These names will come in handy if you’re looking for an interesting and slightly unexpected pick that isn’t too common.

Scroll down and check our list, then let us know if you have any suggestions!

1. Limestone Wren-Babbler

The first on my list of bird names that start with L is the Limestone Wren-Babbler, a small passerine bird that lives in the tropical and subtropical areas of India and parts of Southeast Asia.

It is a part of the family Timaliidae, which includes other wren-babblers such as the Rufous-throated Wren-Babbler and the Grey-crowned Babbler. 

The Limestone Wren-Babbler has an olive-brown upper body, a dark brown head, and a white throat. It has a long, curved bill and long legs.

It is a skulking bird that prefers dense undergrowth and is found in lowland forests, scrubland, and secondary growth. 

Its diet consists mainly of insects and other small invertebrates.

This bird is an important part of the local ecosystem, providing an important food source for many animals.

2. Lark-Like Brushrunner

The second on my list of bird names that start with L is the lark-like brushrunner. This unusual bird belongs to the family of runners and resembles a small thrush.

Its head is decorated with a bold, black and white pattern, while its wings are brownish-gray. 

Its tail is long and fluffy, making it appear as if it were made of feathers. It can be found in tropical forests, often near rivers and streams.

In terms of behavior, the lark-like brushrunner is active and alert, often singing and fluttering around during the day.

It loves to feed on fruits and berries, and its diet includes insects, seeds, and even small birds. 

This species is highly social, often forming small flocks or joining larger groups of other birds.

When it comes to reproduction, lark-like brush runners prefer to nest in small cavities, although some have been known to construct large, complicated nests. 

Regarding conservation, lark-like brush runners are listed as Least Concern by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

This species is not currently threatened, but its numbers have declined due to deforestation and urbanization.

Therefore, it’s important to protect their habitats to ensure their survival.

3. Laced Woodpecker

The third on my list of bird names that start with L is the Laced Woodpecker (Piculus Authus), a stunningly beautiful bird native to Mexico, Central America, and some parts of South America.

These birds are known for their brightly-colored feathers, with yellow, black, and white markings. 

The head and neck of the Laced Woodpecker are bright yellows, while its back and wings are black and white with intricate patterns.

Its eyes are a deep, intense black color. In terms of behavior, these birds are quite noisy and can often be heard before they are seen. They usually feed on insects, fruit, and berries. 

These bird names that start with L typically live in groups of four to eight birds, and nests are found in tree cavities or cactus hollows.

The Laced Woodpecker is a beautiful bird to watch and can add a touch of exotic charm to any birding outing.

With its interesting coloring and distinct call, it’s no wonder why it’s one of the most popular bird names that start with the letter L.

4. Lady Amherst’s Pheasant

The next on my list of bird names that start with L  Lady Amherst’s Pheasant is a beautiful and exotic bird native to parts of China, Myanmar, and Thailand.

This majestic bird is known for its long, drooping tail feathers and brilliant blue and red plumage. 

Lady Amherst’s Pheasant’s name comes from the 18th-century noblewoman Sarah Elizabeth Amherst, who introduced the species to the West.

These birds can reach up to 55 centimeters in length and weigh up to 650 grams. 

They are ground dwellers and feed on insects, grain, and small fruits.

These bird names that start with L can also make interesting pets if they are socialized properly and kept in an appropriate environment.

5. Lanner Falcon

Moving on, the next on my list of bird names that start with L is the Lanner Falcon, an impressive raptor species with a wide range of geographical distribution.

Native to the Old World, this bird of prey can be found in parts of Europe, Africa, and Asia.

The Lanner Falcon has a strong presence throughout the Middle East and is even featured on the coat of arms of several countries. 

These bird names that start with L have a unique appearance: brown back and head, pale underparts, and distinctive black mustache-like markings.

The Lanner Falcon is known for its agility and strength when hunting and soaring through the sky.

It primarily feeds on small mammals but will also hunt other birds and reptiles if necessary. 

This species is highly adaptable and has survived in urban and rural environments. With its striking features and impressive abilities, it’s no wonder why the Lanner Falcon is so widely admired among birders.

If you’re looking for an exotic bird name that starts with L, consider the Lanner Falcon!

6. Lake Duck

The next on my list of bird names that start with L is the Lake Duck or Anas platyrhynchos, a waterfowl native to much of North America, Europe, and Asia.

The Lake Duck is an iconic symbol of many wetland areas and can be identified by its distinctive green-tipped head and brown-and-white feathered body. 

It prefers shallow bodies of water, such as ponds, lakes, and wetlands, and can often be seen swimming in pairs or small flocks. Lake Ducks are omnivorous, eating both plant matter and aquatic invertebrates.

These birds are also noted for their vocalizations, honking, and croaking noises.

7. Lanceolated Warbler

The next on my list of bird names that start with L is the Lanceolated Warbler, a small migratory bird native to Central and South America.

This bird has bright green upper parts and white underparts, with a distinctive long-tailed silhouette. Its call is a loud, melodious trill that can be heard during the nesting season. 

The Lanceolated Warbler is often found in wooded areas, such as forests and mangroves.

It is also commonly seen in gardens, parks, and other open spaces. Its diet consists of insects, spiders, and other small invertebrates.

This species is vulnerable to habitat destruction and the destruction of its food sources.

8. Laysan Albatross

Laying the groundwork for all other bird names that start with L, the Laysan Albatross is a remarkable species.

With a wingspan of up to 8 feet and the ability to fly nonstop over the open ocean for weeks, it’s easy to see why they are so beloved by birders and conservationists alike. 

The Laysan Albatross is a cultivated species, soaring through the air with its long, slim wings spread wide and their iconic yellow beak leading the way.

These bird names that start with L  have an impressive breeding range, covering most of the North Pacific Ocean and nesting mainly on islands in the Hawaiian archipelago. 

This species has even been observed in the Arctic and off the coast of California. Although their numbers are dropping due to human interference, the Laysan Albatross continues to captivate people worldwide.

9. Ladder-Backed Woodpecker

The ladder-backed woodpecker is a species found in the deserts and woodlands of North and Central America.

As its name implies, it has a distinctive ladder pattern on its back, which is one of the ways to identify this species of bird. 

These bird names that start with L are also known for their loud call and the characteristic drumming sound it makes when searching for food.

The ladder-backed woodpecker feeds mainly on insects but will also eat some fruits and berries.

This bird species is listed as the Least Concern on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

10. Ladder-Tailed Nightjar

The next on my list of bird names that start with L is the Ladder-tailed Nightjar, a beautiful bird found in South and Central America.

This species is closely related to other nightjars and is often confused with the Nacunda Nightjar.

It is a large, stocky bird with a distinctive tail pattern featuring bars of white, black, and brown that give it its name. 

These bird names that start with L  head are marked with a white eye ring, and its throat is dark brown with a white mustache.

The Ladder-tailed Nightjar is a nocturnal species, hunting for insects during the night. Its diet consists of small moths, beetles, grasshoppers, and other insects. 

During the day, it can be found perched on tree branches or hiding in dense vegetation.

This bird species also has an interesting courtship behavior where the male performs elaborate displays to attract a mate.

11. Lagden’s Bushshrikel

Lagden’s Bushshrike (Malaconotus lagdeni) is a species of bushshrike found in Angola, Namibia and Zambia.

This bird has mainly brown and grey plumage, with black and white barring on the chest and flanks. Its tail is barred with white and black, and it has a yellow bill and yellow eyes.

The habitat of Lagden’s Bushshrike is typically thorn scrub and savanna woodlands, where it feeds mostly on insects and other invertebrates.

It is a fairly common bird, but its numbers are thought to be declining due to habitat destruction.

These bird names that start with L are usually seen singly or in pairs but may form small groups during the breeding season.

The males are highly territorial and aggressively defend their nesting territories from intruders. They have a very loud, ringing call which carries over long distances.

12. Lapland Bunting

The Lapland Bunting is a small passerine bird belonging to the family Emberizidae. These bird names that start with L are found across northern Europe and in parts of western Asia. Its winter range extends as far south as the Mediterranean coast. 

The Lapland Bunting has a distinctive yellow breast with black spots, a grey back and wings, and white underparts. Males have bright yellow heads and throats, while females are duller in coloration.

These bird names that start with L  typically breed in open grasslands and tundra habitats during the spring and summer. 

The Lapland Bunting is an insectivore and mainly feeds on beetles, caterpillars, grasshoppers, and other invertebrates.

They forage for food on the ground or in short vegetation and occasionally take seeds from feeders or ground-level trays. During winter, they may travel to coastal areas to find food.

In addition to being a lovely bird to observe, the Lapland Bunting also serves an important ecological role in its natural environment.

These bird names that start with L are insectivores, helping to regulate insect populations, and their migratory nature aids in the spread of seeds across large areas.

All these factors make the Lapland Bunting an important species to help protect.

13. Lemon Dove

The next on my list of bird names that start with L is the Lemon Dove (Columba larvata), a bird found in Europe, Asia, and Africa. It is a member of the family Columbidae, which consists of doves and pigeons.

The Lemon Dove has a distinct yellow-green plumage with a purple-gray head, white breasts, and bright orange legs. It is also known for its loud and melodic songs.

The Lemon Dove typically inhabits open forests, grasslands, and cultivated areas. Its diet consists of seeds, grains, fruits, and some insects. The species can be seen in pairs or small flocks and often perch high in trees or wires.

The Lemon Dove is not considered to be threatened by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

However, its population is declining due to habitat destruction and degradation. Therefore, conservation efforts are being undertaken to ensure the species remain stable.

14. Large Grey Babbler

The next on my list of bird names that start with L is the Large Grey Babbler, a bird species native to South Asia and Southeast Asia.

This species is also known as the Puff-throated Babbler and can be found in open forest, scrub, and grassland habitats.

The Large Grey Babbler has a grey-brown body with a darker head, black wings, and a buff chest.

It also has a white line running down its back and a short, square tail. The tail is used for balance when the bird hops along the ground.

The Large Grey Babbler is often found in pairs or small groups, foraging for insects, seeds, fruit, and small animals on the ground.

It has a distinctive call that sounds like ‘huh-huh-huh.’ In addition to the Large Grey Babbler.

15. Lark Sparrow

When it comes to bird names that start with L, one of the most popular is the lark sparrow.

This small, chunky sparrow is native to the North American continent and is easily identified by its bright chestnut crown and white streaks on its head and neck. Its wings are a light tan with dark brown streaks, and its tail is a light yellow-brown. 

These bird names that start with L usually make their home in grasslands, agricultural fields, and other open areas, often perched on fences and posts.

The lark sparrow’s diet consists of seeds and insects, which it catches while hopping on the ground or flying. 

It also eats berries, which it finds in shrubs and low trees. It typically builds its nest in shrubs or low trees near the ground.

The female lays 4 to 5 eggs, incubated for about two weeks. Both parents help feed the young until they fledge in about two weeks.

Lark sparrows are migratory birds, travelling south for the winter and north for the summer. During migration, they often stop to rest and refuel, congregating in large flocks.

They can be seen in many parts of North America from March through October.

The lark sparrow is considered a species of least concern by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, meaning that it is not currently threatened by extinction.

Despite this, its population is decreasing due to habitat loss, so it is important to protect areas where lark sparrows can live and breed.

16. Lazuli Bunting

The Lazuli Bunting (Passerina amoena) is a small passerine bird in the finch family. It is native to North America, and its range stretches from southern British Columbia to northern Mexico. It is a common summer resident across much of its range. 

These bird names that start with L get their name from the vivid blue colour of the male’s head, back, wings and tail during the breeding season.

The female has brownish upper parts and a yellowish-white breast with fine dark streaks.

The Lazuli Bunting feeds mainly on seeds but eats insects in the summer. They are typically found in grasslands, meadows, and open woodland habitats.

They can be seen perching atop shrubs and tall vegetation, singing their particular song composed of warbles, chirps, and trills.

17. Laughing Gull

The Laughing Gull (Leucophaeus atricilla) is a large seabird in the gull family Laridae. This medium-sized bird is found across much of the Americas, from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast, and is known for its distinctive black-headed, white-bodied plumage. 

These bird names that start with L can also be recognized by their long and slender yellow bill and their unique loud, laughing call.

During the breeding season, adults are distinguished by their bright red legs and a deep pinkish-red patch around their eyes. 

These bird names that start with L  typically breed on sandy beaches and mudflats, often near lagoons, marshes, and estuaries.

They are highly social birds, forming large flocks in migration and foraging for food in groups. They eat fish, crabs, mollusks, insects, and other small prey items. 

When threatened, Laughing Gulls may give off a high-pitched laugh or cackle as a warning to other birds. This behaviour has earned them the nickname sea-giggle.

These bird names that start with L nest in colonies, with up to five pairs nesting within one square meter. Both sexes take turns incubating the eggs, which hatch after about three weeks.

18. Lark Bunting

The next on my list of bird names that start with L is the Lark Bunting, a bird found in North America. It is a large, medium-sized songbird with a slender body, a long tail, and a large bill.

The male has a black head, neck, and back, with white underparts and white wings with two distinct stripes. The female is similar but duller in coloration.

Lark Buntings prefer open grassland and can often be found along roadsides, fields, and pastures.

These bird names that start with L feed mainly on insects, seeds, and grains. During the breeding season, they are highly territorial and can be heard singing their loud, flutelike song.

The Lark Bunting nests in loose colonies, building a cup-shaped nest on the ground or in low shrubs. The female typically lays three to four eggs incubated for 13 to 15 days before hatching.

Both parents feed the young birds for about two weeks until they fledge and become independent.

19. Lawrence’s Goldfinch

L is for Lawrence’s Goldfinch – a small finch species of the western United States and northwestern Mexico.

These bird names that start with L measure roughly 4 inches in length and have distinctive, mottled-gray plumage.

They also have yellow patches on their wings and tails, which give them their common name.

Lawrence’s Goldfinch can be found in dry, open habitats, such as grasslands and deserts, and they feed on various types of seeds and grains. They are highly social birds, often forming large flocks of up to 50 individuals.

During the breeding season, they form monogamous pairs and nest in low shrubs or trees.

These bird names that start with L  are not commonly kept as pets, but they can be successfully kept in captivity with a large aviary and a steady food supply.

Lawrence’s Goldfinches can live for up to 7 years in the wild.

20. Least Flycatcher

The next on my list of bird names that start with L is the Least Flycatcher, a small insect-eating bird native to North America. It is found in open woodlands and marshes from southern Canada down to Mexico.

The Least Flycatcher is a plain grayish-olive above and white below, with a short yellow bill and an eye ring of white. 

These bird names that start with L have bright yellow throat and breasts, and its tail has white edges.

The Least Flycatcher is found near water, where it catches insects in the air, sallying up from low perches like fence posts or twigs.

These bird names that start with L also pluck insects off the surface of foliage or catch them on the ground. 

Its song is a series of thin, buzzy notes, and its call is a sharp chip. Least Flycatchers can often be found in groups during migration.

During the nesting season, they are solitary or in pairs. They will aggressively defend their territories against intruders. 

They nest in shrubs or trees near water, constructing a cup-shaped nest out of twigs, grasses, and mosses.

If you’re lucky enough to spot a Least Flycatcher, keep an eye out for some of its relatives – Eastern Wood-Pewee, Willow Flycatcher, and Olive-sided Flycatcher – which all  bird names that start with L 

21. At Least Bittern

My favourite bird names that start with L is the Least Bittern, a bird species found in marshes and wetlands in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

This bittern species is one of the smallest members of the heron family and is known for its unique nesting habits. 

The Least Bittern is a solitary bird that makes its nest in reeds, cattails, and other vegetation close to water sources.

It has a brown and yellow-striped plumage with a white head and neck. Its diet consists mainly of small fish, frogs, invertebrates, and insects.

The Least Bittern is listed as Near Threatened on the IUCN Red List due to habitat loss and fragmentation caused by human activity.

It is also vulnerable to predation from larger birds such as hawks and owls. Conservation efforts are needed to ensure this species remains secure in the wild.

22. Lapland Longspur

The last on my list of bird names that start with L is the Lapland Longspur (Calcarius lapponicus), a small sparrow-like bird native to North America.

It is one of the most abundant and widespread North American songbirds and is found in open habitats such as grasslands, pastures, farm fields, tundra, bogs, and even some urban areas. 

The Lapland Longspur is highly adapted to cold weather and breeds farther north than any other North American passerine.

This bird is named for its long tail and long legs, which give it the appearance of a sparrow-sized lark. 

These bird names that start with L  plumage are largely brown, with a pale yellow breast and white face.

Its wings are boldly marked with black and white stripes, making them easy to spot in flight. Males are more brightly coloured than females. 

The Lapland Longspur feeds on various insects, seeds, berries, and other plant matter. It forages mostly on the ground, walking or running to catch its prey.

During the breeding season, it engages in courtship displays in which the male performs an aerial display of singing and fluttering his wings while the female watches from below.

In winter, the Lapland Longspur forms large flocks that migrate southward, often gathering in large numbers in fields and along roadsides.

These bird names that start with L are considered an important game bird species due to their abundance and hearty flavour when cooked. As a result, hunting regulations may be in place in some areas. 

Overall, the Lapland Longspur is an important bird species throughout much of North America.

Its bright colours make it a beautiful addition to any backyard or field, and its cheerful song will surely brighten any day!


After researching bird names that start with L, we can conclude that many amazing avian species exist to explore.

From the majestic loon to the humble lark, you can find a variety of unique birds that start with the letter L. 

Whether you’re looking for a beautiful bird to add to your backyard habitat or a rare species to your bird-watching list, this list of bird names that start with L can provide some great options.

Whether a beginner or an experienced birder, you will find something special in these avian species.

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