95 Welsh Dog Names for Male or Female Pooches

Wales has a long tradition of producing good working dogs that are reliable. As Wales also has a very rich history as a human sanctuary, this is no surprise.

Prehistoric-age individuals continually populated it. Some of today’s most common dog breeds originated in this area.

We therefore happily present to you an article on the names of Welsh dogs. For more than 30,000 years, modern humans have been living in Wales.

They were hunters and gatherers in the early days, but they became farmers during the Neolithic Revolution, around 6,000 years ago.

This lifestyle change involved significant adjustments, which retained a steady number of herding and guard dogs.

90 Welsh dog names

  1. Aled
  2. Alwyn means always
  3. Anwen
  4. Bailey
  5. Bear
  6. Bleddyn means like a wolf for a female dog
  7. Bledig means like a wolf
  8. Bran means crow or raven
  9. Cai means Lord
  10. Caitrin means pure
  11. Cari
  12. Cari means comforter
  13. Chloe
  14. Dai means to shine
  15. Dexter
  16. Duke
  17. Dwyn means pleaant
  18. Dylan
  19. Efa means life
  20. Elena
  21. Elis
  22. Ellian
  23. Ellie
  24. Emma
  25. Enfys means rainbow
  26. Eres means wonderful
  27. Erys
  28. Eurig means gold
  29. Ffion
  30. Filomenameans song lover
  31. Finn
  32. Gawen means White or holy
  33. George
  34. Ginger
  35. Gizmo
  36. Glain means jewel
  37. Glynn means valley
  38. Gracie
  39. Gruffy
  40. Gus
  41. Gwilym
  42. Hari
  43. Harley
  44. Henry
  45. Huw: means heart and mind
  46. Ifan
  47. Jac
  48. Jack
  49. Leo
  50. Lewis
  51. Lily
  52. Lola
  53. Lucy
  54. Luna
  55. Lyn
  56. Maddox means good fortune
  57. Maggie
  58. Mai
  59. Max
  60. Max
  61. Megan
  62. Milo
  63. Mochi
  64. Molly
  65. Morgan
  66. Myfanwy
  67. Nala
  68. Nia
  69. Nia
  70. Osian
  71. Pepper
  72. Piper
  73. Rhiannon
  74. Rhona
  75. Rhoswen
  76. Rhys
  77. Riley
  78. Rose
  79. Roxy
  80. Sadie
  81. Scout
  82. Seren
  83. Sian
  84. Sion
  85. Sophie
  86. Stella
  87. Teddy
  88. Thor
  89. Toby
  90. Tristan
  91. Tucker
  92. Vala means chosen
  93. Waffles
  94. Wyn
  95. Zoe

Tips for choosing Welsh dog names

Welsh dogs are energetic, and they are also stunning. Here are some common Welsh dog names to choose from if you don’t know what you will call your new Welsh dog.

Remember to pick a simple name to pronounce, one that is also easy to spell and suits your dog’s personality. The names of Welsh dogs are distinct from other names, and each has a different meaning.

When you choose the name, do a quick search to find a definition for that name to best match your dog’s personality.

Three common welsh dog breeds

Knowing done of the Welsh dog breed will help you decide whether or not to give your doggy a welsh name (that’s if you want to consider its origin)

Black and Tan Terrier

Although now extinct, this breed performed an important role in the development of a breed now known as the Welsh Terrier.

This dog was a big part of the Welsh people’s national heritage and had a tumultuous past.

The English Kennel Club decided during the late 19th century to grab something worth grabbing and called this pooch the “Old English Broken-Haired Black and Tan.”

The Welsh people had none of that, and a “terrier war” soon broke out. The good old Black and Tan was the single victim of this battle, sadly.

Welsh terrier

On the other hand, the Welsh Terrier was formed from the ashes, and something positive came out of all the chaos and confrontation.

The breed was standardized and gained its place in official registers at last.

Such pooches are as “terrier” as they can be. They are very vibrant and active, bouncy and playful, but they have the heart of a lion when it comes to protecting their pack and territories.

Attitude is the middle name of these dogs, and it should not be taken lightly in this sentence. Whoever attempted to compete with the Welsh Terrier’s emotional tug-of-war disgracefully lost, don’t be fooled, either, by their small scale.

This dog wants a lot of workouts and will happily be your jogging or riding partner.

Cardigan welsh corgi

This is one of the British Isles’ oldest breeds. Corgis have been used for herding for decades.

Owing to their loyalty and versatility, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi is well established today and very common. There is hardly any other breed with such a positive and smart disposition!

The name Corgi derives from the Welsh words “cor” and “gi,” indicating “dwarf dog.” Since 2000 B.C., it is thought that the Corgis have lived with humans.

Welsh sheep-dog

This is a Collie-type dog that, for generations, has been used for herding and hunting. To the point of being a handful, the Welsh Sheepdog is very clever, independent, and active.

This is a breed that has been made for working day and night. So, make sure you provide your dog with plenty of mental and physical exercise if you want to keep them as pets.

And when we say ‘a lot’, we mean, every day, at least 2 hours a day. In order not to become harmful, these dogs are very intense and must perform.


There are many Welsh dog names from which you can choose. Depending on what you want, you can find some Welsh dog names that are fun, unique, and different from the usual dog names you hear every day.

The beautiful part is that whether you like the Welsh name or have got a Welsh breed for yourself, you’ll find something that works for you.

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