34 Bird Names That Start With C

Bird Names that Start with C
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Baby birds are so cute, especially when you know their names! These bird names that start with C are some of the cutest little birds you’ll ever hear about!

For cute bird names, check out this list that starts with C. Bird names that start with C are pretty adorable.

See below for some of the cutest bird names on the market: Can you think of any others?

1. Crow

Crows are intelligent birds, which is why they were chosen as the most popular bird in literature.

Whether it’s the raven in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series or Edgar Allan Poe’s famous The Raven, crows have a certain mystique and intelligence to them. 

These bird names that start with C are often depicted as being a bit naughty, like when they stole all of Farmer Brown’s corn in Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind in the Willows. 

2. Cockatoo

Cockatoos are large, showy birds native to Australia and Papua New Guinea. These bird names that start with C are one of the parrot family’s loudest members, and their calls can be heard up to a mile away.

A cockatoo’s plumage is mostly white, with bright yellow or orange cheek patches and distinctive black markings on its wings. 

In the wild, these bird names that start with C  live in trees in family groups known as flocks.

The most popular pet bird in America, they love human interaction but may become aggressive if not socialized early enough.

So if you’re looking for an adorable bird name that starts with C, Cockatoo is a great option!

3. Carrier Pigeon

Carrier Pigeon is bird names that start with C and can be one of the best bird names to use if you’re looking for an animal name beginning with the letter C because carrier pigeons are one of the most well-known animals in the world.

One example of a carrier pigeon is named Cher Ami. 

The story behind this famous carrier pigeon’s name goes like this: Cher Ami was sent on a mission during World War I and was shot down by German fire. 

However, after being shot, he flew back more than 50 miles through enemy territory to deliver his message.

This amazing act made him so famous that he was awarded two medals, including France’s Croix de Guerre (War Cross).

4. Cuckoo

Cuckoo is a fun, spunky name for a bird. It’s also the word to describe a type of bird that lays its eggs in another’s nest and leaves it to the other bird to take care of the baby cuckoo.

These bird names that start with C ‘Cuckoo’ comes from the Old French cucu, an imitation of this bird’s call. 

The cuckoo is indigenous to Africa, Europe, and Asia and appears in many cultures as a symbol of spring or summer.

It has been said that the rain will soon follow when you hear one song.

5. Chickadee

The Chickadee is a small songbird that thrives in the colder climates of North America. These social birds live in large groups and have an intricate system for warning about predators.

These bird names that start with C are often seen eating seeds from trees and plants. 

Their name is derived from their high-pitched chick-a-dee call. Its Latin name is Parus atricapillus, which means dark-headed woodpecker.

Other bird names include Canary, Crane, Cuckoo, and Cassowary.

6. Canada Goose

Canada Goose is the most popular bird name, but not because of its Canadian heritage.

On the contrary, Canada Goose has been associated with this type of bird for decades, so it’s often a go-to when looking for a name to call their pet. 

However, plenty of other bird names that start with C can be used if you’re looking for something new.

7. Chicken

The word chicken is an onomatopoeia for the sound of a bird clucking, which is what chickens do.

These bird names that start with C ‘chicken’ comes from the Middle English word ‘cheken,’ meaning to chatter or peck in a subdued manner. 

Chickens are most closely related to turkeys and domestic ducks. However, humans often keep chickens as farm animals, and sometimes their eggs are eaten.

8. Comorant

A comorant is a bird that lives in marshes, lakes, and rivers. These bird names that start with C  are known for their long necks and beaks, which they use to hunt fish and other small aquatic animals.

Comorants can be found worldwide, but they prefer temperate climates. 

Some common comorants are the American White Pelican, the Brown Pelican, and the Great Cormorant.

To keep track of their prey, comorants will sometimes dive underwater for up to 3 minutes at a time!

9. Canary

The canary is a beautiful bird with a lovely song. In addition, the canary has a cheerful personality, so it is often seen as an excellent pet for children.

The origins of the name canary are obscure, but it may be derived from the Latin word canarius, which means yellow and refers to its bright coloration. 

These bird names that start with C, ‘canaries,’ were first imported into Europe in the 16th century and have remained one of the most popular cage birds ever since.

10. Caatinga Parakeet

The Caatinga Parakeet is a small green bird found in the dry regions of northeastern Brazil, near the border of Paraguay.

They are monogamous birds and lay 3-4 eggs at a time. The eggs are pale yellow and take about 18 days to hatch. 

The chicks have stripes on their necks, which they lose as they grow up. So if you’re looking for adorable bird names that start with C, this is one option to consider!

11. Cab-nary Island Chaffinch

This bird is a very cute, petite little thing. It has a small head and a short, chubby body.

They have some cutest, most beautiful feathers on their heads and wings. They are usually brown or tan. 

These bird names that start with C can also be found in other colors, such as green or blue. So, if you’re looking for an adorable bird name C, this one is perfect!

12. Cabanis’s Spinetail

Cabanis’s Spinetail is the only bird in its genus. This bird can be found in Central and South America and some Caribbean islands.

However, they are classified as a near-threatened species due to habitat loss and other issues. 

These bird names that start with C  are mostly brown or black, but they have a few patches of white on their wings and tail feathers.

13. Cabanis’s Bunting

The Cabanis Bunting is a bird from North America. They are usually found in the southern portion of Canada and the United States, but they are also found on some islands off the coast of South America. 

These bird names that start with C can be identified by their greenish-olive back, buff-yellow belly, and chestnut-colored wings.

They also have two types of feathers: one type is short and bristly, while the other is longer and has a slight curl.

14. Caatinga Woodpecker

The Caatinga Woodpecker, or Dryocopus Martius, is a medium-sized woodpecker in the family Picidae.

It is native to Central and South America and lives in forests and old second-growth woodland. 

The Caatinga Woodpecker is widespread, but it has been declining in numbers and is classified as Near Threatened by IUCN due to deforestation of its habitat.

These bird names that start with C refer to the Caatinga ecoregion where it lives.

15. Cockatiel

In my list of bird names that start with C, A cockatiel is a small, brightly-colored bird native to Australia. They are very pleasant and love to be around people.

Cockatiels make great pets because they have a good sense of humor, are easy to train, and can be taught tricks. 

They can also talk! The word cockatoo comes from the Malay word for talkative, kukatah. So if you want an animal to keep you entertained, this might be the one for you. 

Despite their small size (about 12 inches), they are powerful flyers and can even fly backward if necessary.

They may not live as long as other birds (12-25 years), but they will leave a lasting impression on you!

16. Caatinga Cacholote

The Caatinga cacholote, also known as the Spix’s cacholote or Sao Luiz hermit, is a species of bird in the family Trochilidae.

This bird is endemic to Brazil, inhabiting the Caatinga and Atlantic Forest biomes.

 In my list of bird names that start with C, these little fellas are threatened by deforestation. The name cacholote comes from the Portuguese word for the hermit.

17. Cackling Goose

Cackling Goose is a type typically found in the Southern United States. They have a unique call that sounds like baa-baa, baa-baa. 

The bird names that start with C translate to babbling goose because its sound is similar to baby talk. Babbling geese live in wetlands and ponds and can be found around coastal areas.

18. Cactus Wren

Cactus Wrens are migratory birds found in North and South America. Small, ground-dwelling birds typically travel in pairs or small family groups.

The males are slightly larger than the females and have an orange-brown head and a dark brown back. 

These bird names that start with C eat insects, spiders, lizards, and other small animals. The female lays three to five eggs at once on the ground or on plants, where they’re incubated for around 12 days.

The chicks will leave the nest after around two weeks and become independent within a few weeks of that time.

Cactus Wrens are named for their habitat preference – cacti – and their distinctive call, which sounds like someone saying wren.

19. Calandra Lark

The Calandra Lark is a rare bird that breeds in New Zealand. The bird gets its name from the female’s calandra call.

The males are smaller and brown, while the females are green-brown and red. 

These bird names that start with C  have also been spotted in Australia, which is now considered an endangered species due to habitat loss and competition for nesting space from introduced birds such as starlings and sparrows.

20. Calayan Rail

The Calayan Rail is a small bird that is endemic to the Philippines. These bird names that start with C have never been observed in the wild, but their breeding habits are well known.

It breeds on three islands, and even on one of these islands, it only breeds every other year. 

With this limited population, there are many reasons why conservation efforts should be put into place before it’s too late.

The Calayan Rail is a smaller bird species endemic to the Philippines. 

It has never been seen in the wild but is well known for its breeding habits on three different islands and even one island where it only breeds every other year.

These limited populations have many conservationists worried about what will happen if more drastic measures are not taken soon to ensure their survival.

21. California bluebird

Going deeper into my list of bird names that start with C, The California bluebird (Sialia California) is a bird of the Icteridae, endemic to California.

It is one of the most commonly seen birds in urban and suburban areas of southern California and has been introduced to other parts of North America. 

John K. Townsend first collected this bird on April 26, 1839, during the United States Exploring Expedition under Lieutenant Charles Wilkes, but not officially described until Townsend died in 1848. Townsend had named it California bluejay. 

The name was changed to California bluebird by George Newbold Lawrence (John K. Townsend’s successor as curator at Philadelphia) in 1850.

He claimed that this change better reflected this bird’s habits and natural history than its last name.

22. California Gull

Although the California Gull is not as well-known as some of its peers, this species has a distinctive black head and neck, a white eye ring, and a yellow bill. They are found along the coast from Alaska to Baja, California, and Mexico. 

The California Gull is also known for their distinctive laughing call.

In addition, several bird names that start with C are worth checking out if you’re in the market for a new pet. Below are 16 cute bird names to get you started!

23. California pygmy owl

The California pygmy owl is a small, dark, round-headed bird that measures about 3-5 inches in height.

It has short wings and a short tail, both barred. This species makes its nests on the ground or in low trees. 

Its diet consists primarily of insects, earthworms, and other invertebrates. In addition, they will feed on rodents, bird eggs, reptiles, and amphibians if available. 

These bird names that start with C are often described as high-pitched. This is because they have very good hearing for their size and will react to noises above 10 kHz.

24. California Quail Quail

The next on my list of bird names that start with C is the California quail, a small bird that lives in the deserts and shrublands of the Southwestern United States.

They are one of the few birds adapted to humans and live near people. The California Quail also has a long lifespan, living up to eight years in captivity. 

The California Quail’s name comes from its range which includes most of California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.

It is also called the desert quail because it prefers arid areas with sparse or no vegetation. 

California Quails are omnivorous birds and eat anything from grains to insects to small reptiles like lizards and snakes. They even drink water droplets off leaves!

25. California Quail thrasher

The California Quail thrasher is among my list of bird names that start with C and has seven letters.

The California Quail thrasher is a medium-sized gray bird with a long tail. They are found in North America and have a brown line on their cheek feathers.

The California Quail thrasher’s diet consists of seeds, berries, insects, eggs, and small animals such as lizards and frogs.

26. California Quail Towhee

It’s hard to find bird names that start with C  that don’t end in cuckoo. But the California Quail Towhee is an attractive option for a little feathered friend. 

Plus, it’s a type of bird that makes its home in different parts of North America, so there are plenty of places you can come up with this name! 

27. Calliope hummingbird

Moving on to the next on my list of bird names that start with C, The Calliope hummingbird is a beautiful and common bird found in the western United States and Canada.

The bird’s calliope hummingbird name comes from its call, which sounds like a small organ when they’re in flight. 

They are one of the smallest birds in North America, weighing only two to three grams.

In its adult form, the Calliope hummingbird has a mixture of olive green feathers on its head and back, with black feathers on its breast and belly. 

The male’s tail feathers are mostly black, while the females are mostly green. Female Calliopes also have a red patch on their throat that is not present in males. This patch gets brighter during mating season to attract mates!

28. Campbell island teal

Campbell Island teal is a small, brown, ground-dwelling bird endemic to Campbell Island in New Zealand.

These bird names that start with C  are found in small numbers on the island and can be difficult to spot, as they prefer to remain close to the ground.

Campbell Island teal feed mostly on insects, which they find by turning over stones and pecking at fallen leaves. 

The common call of these birds is described as a short rasping or rattling sound. 

The Campbell Island teal has been listed as vulnerable under the New Zealand Threat Classification System because of its small population and limited distribution.

In addition, hunting has been identified as a potential threat to this species.

29. Canada Nuthatch

The Canada Nuthatch is a bird that nests in tree cavities and holes. These bird names that start with C  are often found in the eastern parts of North America, the Rocky Mountains, and Canada. 

Canada Nuthatches have a black head and neck, white cheeks, brown wings, and gray-brown back. Their tail has two feathers that are longer than the rest of their tail feathers.

In addition, they have an orange-red throat patch, usually hidden by feathers when perched on a branch.

30. Canada Warbler

A small bird, the Canada Warbler is easy to identify by its yellow-green back and black head.

They are found in brushy, wooded areas, often near water. They have a high-pitched song that can be heard well before they are seen.

So if you’re looking for cute bird names that start with C, the Canada Warbler might be the right choice!

31. Canary-winged Finch

Canary-winged Finches are native to South America but live in large numbers in the United States.

These bird names that start with C have a black head, olive-colored back and wings, and a cream-colored chest. 

Canary-winged Finches are monogamous, meaning they mate for life. These little birds are often confused with other finches because of their small size and coloration.

32. Canvasback

The next amazing bird names that start with C on my list is the canvasback bird, a North American waterfowl species.

It has a distinctive head pattern resembling a black and white checkered plastic bag.

Male and female canvasbacks have the same plumage coloration, but females have a larger body size than males. 

The canvasbacks are also known as the living jewels of North America. The name canvasback comes from their habit of resting on the water’s surface to dry their feathers after diving for food.

33. Canastero

The Canastero is an elegant, medium-sized bird living in South America’s desert regions.

It has a dark gray head and neck, a black back and wings, a white belly, and a small yellow crest on its head. 

These bird names that start with C are monogamous during mating season, which lasts from October through February.

The females lay their eggs in burrows they make in the ground, where they hatch after 28 days. 

Once they have hatched, both parents take care of them until they are old enough to fly away.

34. Canyon Wren

The last on my list of bird names that start with C is the Canyon wren, a small, dark brown wren living in the southwestern United States and Mexico.

They make their nests in cliffs or crevices in rocks, making them difficult to spot. 

Canyon wrens can live up to 10 years and have been known to have a home range of over 1,000 square miles!

Canyon wrens tend to be shy but aggressively defend their territory when an intruder threatens them.


C is a popular letter to start a bird’s name. These bird names that start with C will surely help you find the perfect name for your pet bird.

For example, the first bird is called the Chaffinch and belongs to the finch family of birds. 

The next bird is called the Coppery Tit-babbler, a type of Asian tit babbler found in Southeast Asia. For more information on bird names that start with C, 

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