29 Bird Names That Start With B

Bird Names That Start With B
Photo by Gareth Davies

Bird names are arguably the most fun to learn about of all the animal names that start with the letter B.

This list of 29 bird names that start with B will teach you about birds from Bali and Baltimore Orioles to Blue-winged Pittas and Black-shouldered Nightjars, all of which are special in their way.

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1. Bald Eagle

Bald Eagles(Haliaeetus Leucocephalus) are large birds of prey in the family Accipitridae. These bird names that start with B  are called Sea Eagles or White-Headed Eagles.

The bald eagle symbolizes freedom and power because it is strong and free. Therefore, some countries use it as a national symbol. 

The bald eagle has a 6-7 feet wingspan, and adults weigh between 8 and 12 pounds.

It has brown feathers on its head, body, and tail but white feathers on its head, neck, chest, and tail tips give it its name Bald Eagle.

Because these eagles fly high in the sky, they have excellent eyesight, which makes them an excellent hunter.

2. Black-Browed Albatross

The black-browed albatross(Thalassarche melanophris) is an endangered species in Australia and New Zealand.

They are part of a large Procellariidae family, which includes many other seabirds.

Some of their relatives include the northern fulmar and southern royal albatross. 

These bird names that start with B  are known for their diet consisting mostly of squid and fish!

The black-browed albatross has a wingspan of around 9 feet long, making it one of the largest birds in the world

The name albatross comes from a 19th-century poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge called The Rime of Ancient Mariner. It tells the story of an old sailor who shoots an albatross on his ship.

3. Blue Jay

The blue jay (Cyanocitta Cristata) is a member of the Corvidae family and native to North America.

Its name comes from its coloration. It has a crest on its head and blueish-gray feathers. These bird names that start with B  have black beaks and gray feet. 

These bird names that start with B are found in North America’s n woodlands, suburbs, and parks.

Blue jays are known for their intelligence and can mimic human voices as well as other bird calls. 

They also have a reputation for being loud but playful birds. Blue Jay (Cyanocitta Cristata) These birds are found in North America’s woodlands, suburbs, and parks.

4. Burrowing Owl

The other on my list of bird names that start with B is the burrowing owl(Athene cunicularia), a small bird in the order of Strigiformes.

It is also known for being one of the only owl species that hunt underground to find its prey. This is because this owl spends most of its life in the caves they create. 

Burrowing owls are found throughout North and South America and as far south as Argentina and Chile.

These birds eat mainly rodents but will also eat some insects, frogs, lizards, or snakes if they are available. 

If a rodent finds its way into a burrow without entering through an entrance hole, it can be hard for a burrowing owl to get at it; however, these birds have been observed scratching away earth to widen their entrances enough for them to reach their prey.

5. Budgerigar

Budgerigars (Melopsittacus Undulatus) are small birds native to Australia. They are also known as budgies or parakeets.

These colorful little creatures can grow up to four inches long and weigh around two ounces. They’re a popular choice for bird owners because they’re easy to care for and don’t require a large cage. 

These bird names that start with B come in many colors, like green, yellow, blue, white, brown, and grey. You may even see some in calico or tortoiseshell patterns!

A budgie’s life span is 10-15 years in captivity, making them an excellent pet for children who want a companion animal they can grow up with over time.

6. Brown Pelican

Brown Pelican(Pelecanus Occidentalis) is a bird of the order Pelecaniformes and the family Pelecanidae. It lives in coastal regions of North and South America.

These bird names that start with B  tend to live near water because they are seabirds. 

The brown pelican is one of two pelican species found in North America. These bird names that start with B are migratory birds that travel as far north as southern Canada during summer months and migrate as far south as Chile for winter months. 

Brown pelicans usually nest on an island or above ground level to avoid predators such as raccoons, foxes, coyotes, or bears.

A group of brown pelicans is called a colony or company (or pod).

7. Brandt’s Cormorant

You may have never heard of Brandt’s Cormorant (Urile Penicillatus). It is a type of seabird that lives in shallow water and feeds on small fish, crustaceans, and other types of prey.

So, if you’re looking for a cute bird name that starts with B, this one could be it. 

These bird names that start with B are very shy birds who stay away from humans, so they don’t get hunted down. They are also known as Grey Pigeons, and they live worldwide!

8. Black-Crowned Night Heron

The black-crowned (Nycticorax Nycticorax) night heron is a medium-sized bird and one of two members of the night heron family found in North America.

They are mostly active at night and feed on small animals like frogs, fish, and crustaceans.

They have long, thin legs, which they use to wade through shallow water, hunting for prey. 

When they catch something, they will often swallow it whole so they can return to their nest quickly.

Sometimes people mistake them for crows because of their black feathers and loud call, but they are much smaller than a crow. This is also one of many bird names that start with b!

9. Black Vulture

Moving on to the next on my list of bird names that start with B is the Black Vulture, a bird found in North America.

The Black Vulture is also known as the American Black Vulture or simply the Black Vulture.

It is one of two species in the genus Coragyps and belongs to the Cathartidae family of vultures.

Black Vultures(Coragyps Atratus) are scavengers and feed mostly on carrion.

However, they occasionally eat prey like small mammals, reptiles, or other birds. This vulture has distinctive dark plumage and an unfeathered head and neck. 

It finds its food either by roosting on high ground or soaring over open areas while looking for carcasses. It uses thermals to stay aloft while scanning for a meal.

10. Barnacle Goose

My favorite on the list of bird names that start with B is the Barnacle Goose(Branta Leucopsis), a migratory bird species of geese in the Branta genus.

They have a black head and neck, a broad white cheek stripe, brown upperparts and breasts, and greyish-brown underparts.

These birds are distinguished by their long neck and legs, which give them an upright stance. 

The Barnacle Goose breeds in the Arctic regions of North America and Eurasia during the summer months. The male typically has a larger neck than the female.

The Barnacle Goose is also known as Branta Leucopsis in Europe, or its scientific name is Branta bernicla leucopsis.

11. Black-Footed Albatross

The black-footed albatross (Phoebastria nigripes) is a large seabird. It has a wingspan of up to eight feet and can weigh up to twenty pounds. This bird’s call is described as a strange, melancholy cry. 

These bird names that start with B  are found in the southern oceans around Antarctica and are among the most endangered species on earth.

The black-footed albatross (Phoebastria nigripes) is a large seabird. It has a wingspan of up to eight feet and can weigh up to twenty pounds. 

This bird’s call is described as a strange, melancholy cry. They are found in the southern oceans around Antarctica and are among the most endangered species on earth.

12. Black-Capped Petrel

This is one of those bird names that start with b, which is beautiful and bizarre. This bird is found in the Pacific Ocean off of Chile and Peru. They are quite small birds, averaging only two feet long. 

When they are not flying, they can be seen on coastal cliffs waiting for prey.

Black-Capped Petrels(Pterodroma Hasitata) are most active at dawn and dusk, but some have been observed during the day when they feed. 

As with other petrels, their bills help them find food by feeling through their feathers when diving into the water.

These birds primarily eat fish, crustaceans, squid, or krill, depending on what’s available.

13. Black Rosy-Finch

If you are looking for bird names that start with B and want something different than a blue jay, this is your list. Some of these bird names, such as the black rosy-finch or bobolink, may be familiar.

Others, like the black-headed oriole or broad-billed hummingbird, may be new and exciting. 

The rosy black finch is a redhead- finch (Leucosticte Atrata) is a type of bird in North America’s western region.

These birds are at home in open meadows and fly down to ground level, looking for food on sidewalks and lawns.

The bobolink is known for its beautiful song, which can last up to five minutes long!

14. Bronzed Cowbird

The Bronzed Cowbird (Molothrus Aeneus) is a bird species belonging to the family Icteridae. It is found in North and South America.

The Bronzed Cowbird prefers to live in dry open countries such as prairies and savannahs. 

These bird names that start with B are also found in crops and pastures. They are an omnivore but feed mostly on insects.

The bird gets its name from its appearance, which resembles a cowbird’s coloring after eating brassica plants.

15. Band-Rumped Storm Petrel

The Band-Rumped Storm Petrel (Hydrobates Castro) is a small seabird. The bird is about 10 inches long and has a wingspan of about 18 inches.

Adult birds are black on their back and white on their belly. 

These bird names that start with B have a brown head and neck. Juveniles have brown upper parts and dark-brown heads and necks.

The Band-Rumped Storm Petrel breeds on islands in the tropical Pacific Ocean (such as Hawaii) south of Japan, east of New Zealand, and north of Australia.

16. Blue-Footed Booby

The Blue-Footed Booby(Sula nebouxii) is a small seabird found in large colonies on islands off the coast of South America.

They are usually greyish-brown with a white belly and a large black spot on their wings. These bird names that start with B have blue feet for catching fish in shallow water. 

The booby is an excellent swimmer and has been seen diving as deep as 20 meters in search of food.

The booby’s diet consists primarily of fish but can also include squid, octopus, and shrimp. 

These bird names that start with B  roost high up on cliffs to avoid predators such as sea lions or pelicans who prey on chicks and eggs. This bird’s name starts with B!

17. Brown Booby

Brown Booby (Sula leucogaster) This large seabird is named for its brown plumage and is the only member of its genus. Brown boobies are found in tropical oceans throughout the world.

They feed on fish and squid they catch while swimming in groups or diving underwater. 

These bird names that start with B  call a loud booing sound. The brown booby lays two eggs simultaneously, usually on cliff ledges or remote rocky islands.

18. Blue-Winged Teal

The blue-winged teal(Spatula Discors) is a small bird in North America. It’s known for its unique call, which is described as a quacking sound. They’re also known for their speed and agility in flight. 

These bird names that start with B are usually found near open water and feed on insects and seeds on land or in water.

The blue-winged teal is a migratory bird found in Canada and the United States during the spring and summer.

19. Baikal Teal

Baikal Teal (Sibirionetta Formosa) is a migratory duck known as the Siberian Teal. Baikal Teal (Sibirionetta Formosa) is a migratory duck.

They are about 17 inches long and weigh about one pound. Like many ducks, Baikal Teals like to eat plants and insects in their environment.

To find food, these bird names that start with B  will spend a lot of time wading through shallow water or diving underwater for plants.

They can stay underwater for up to two minutes while looking for food at the bottom of rivers or lakes.

20. Barrow’s Goldeneye

Barrow’s Goldeneye is the scientific name is Bucephala Islandica. These bird names that start with B are a mix between a goldeneye and a bufflehead.

The Barrow’s Goldeneye is also known as the Barrow’s Golden-eye or Goldeneye and can be found in Canada and Alaska.

21. Black Rail

The next on my list of bird names that start with B is the Black Rail (Laterallus jamaicensis), a small bird found in wetland habitats of North and South America.

It has a dark brown head, neck, and back. The wings are black on top with white underneath, and a black stripe goes down its sides and around its eye. 

Its belly is white, as well as its long legs and toes. The tail feathers are dark brown with a blackish band at the end. It uses a sharp bill to catch insects and mollusks in the water or on land. 

Since it inhabits wet areas where it feeds on aquatic prey while standing in shallow water or mud, they have evolved longer legs than other rails so it can move more easily over marshy terrain.

22. Black-Bellied Plover

If you want bird names that start with B but don’t want your pet bird to be called black-bellied plover, these names may be for you. The black-bellied plover(Pluvialis Squatarola) is also known as a lapwing. 

This bird is native to Eurasia and Africa. It feeds on insects and other small animals. It prefers grassy plains, marshes, and riverside habitats.

23. Black Scoter

Black Scoter(Melanitta Americana) is a medium-sized diving bird of North America. The black scoter has a small head and a long narrow bill.

It has a dark brown body with white underparts and black wings. This bird has a distinctive white patch at the base of its bill.

The black scoters are one of the most common birds in North America, but this name is misleading because they are not related to any other type of  bird names that start with B.’

24. Black-Necked Stilt

The black-necked (Himantopus Mexicanus) stilt is a long-legged wading bird native to North and South America.

They have distinctive red eyes and white feathers on their head, making them easy to identify. The black-necked stilt is an omnivore, eating small fish, insects, and plants. 

These bird names that start with B use their long legs and webbed feet to walk or run on water in search of prey.

This helps them get away from predators as well as hunt for food at the same time. 

Black-Necked Stilts are not afraid of humans; they often come very close when people are nearby!

The Black-Necked Stilt is about 18 inches tall and has a wingspan of about 20 inches.

25. Black-Capped Vireo

The Black-Capped Vireo(Vireo atricapilla) is a small bird with a black cap and bib, blue and white wings, white underparts, and dark bars on its back.

It lives in brushy areas of North America west of the Rockies. 

These bird names that start with B forage insects and spiders on or near the ground. When it finds an insect, it will fly up and hover over it before dropping to snatch it up.

The Black-Capped Vireo is a common bird found in gardens across Canada.

26. Black Oystercatcher

The Black Oystercatche (Haematopus Bachmani)r is a member of the oystercatcher bird family.

This bird has black upper parts and a white underbelly and has a long red bill tipped in black. In addition, they have red legs and feet. 

The Black Oystercatcher lives in coastal areas around Asia, Europe, and North America.

These bird names that start with B are omnivorous birds eating aquatic invertebrates and small vertebrates such as fish or rodents. 

In North America, this bird is also known for its loud call that sounds like pok pok, which it does when it spots intruders near its nesting area.

27. Bachman’s Sparrow

The Bachman’s Sparrow(Aimophila aestivalis) is a small son of the southeastern United States.

This bird is native to certain parts of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. It also lives in some parts of Tennessee and North Carolina as well. 

These bird names that start with B are usually seen in open fields or forest edges, where they like to feed on insects and seeds.

The Bachman’s Sparrow has an average weight of 1 ounce, making it one of North America’s smallest birds.

These birds can be found in groups or pairs, so they typically do not migrate from their home range during their lifetime. 

The males are mostly white with a black head, while females have brown streaked backs and crowns with white stripes on their breasts. The males also have darker markings on their throats than females do.

28. Black Noddy

The Black Noddy (Anous Minutus) is a small seabird in the noddy family. These bird names that start with B come from its habit of sitting on its eggs or roosting in its nest for long periods, often making it appear as if it has an extra head.

The black noddy has a dark blue-black head and upper body with white underparts and a yellow bill. 

The wings are dark blue-black with white edging on the secondary feathers. It has pale brown legs and feet, which can sometimes look greenish due to algae growing on them.

The black noddy measures around 17 inches (43 cm) in length and weighs up to 1 pound (.5 kg).

29. Bicknell’s Thrush

Bicknell’s Thrush (CatharusBicknelli) The first time this bird was observed, it was deemed incredible and remarkable.

This type of bird is among many who fly south in October and return north in April. These bird names that start with B are known for their musical song, emphasizing whistles and warbles. 

It lives in dense forests and woodland edges at high altitudes on mountains across Canada, Northern US states, and the New England States.

These birds feed primarily on insects but occasionally eat berries or other fruit when available.


Many bird names start with b and range from the very common (bluebird) to the more obscure (Blyth’s kingfisher).

The name is not just something you need for a pet bird either – it can be used as a nickname or even give you an idea for your career! 

Here are some of my favorite bird names: Bonaparte’s gull, blue jay, a brown-headed nuthatch. If you’re looking for bird names that start with B, then this list will help.

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