46 Animals That Start With O

Animals That Start With O
Photo by Andy Chilton

Animals are amazing creatures of all shapes, sizes, and species. Did you know that some animals start with O?

They all have unique characteristics that make them stand out. This blog post will look at some of these incredible animals that start with O. 

It’s amazing how many animals start with O. The world of animals is filled with fascinating creatures with names beginning with this letter.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most interesting and unique animals that start with O from around the world. 

From mammals to reptiles, amphibians, and even invertebrates, you may be surprised to find out how many animals exist with names that start with O.

So, let’s take a look at some of these remarkable creatures!

1. Olive Sea Snake

The Olive Sea Snake is the starter of our list of animals that start with O. It is a species of venomous sea snake found in the warm waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

This snake can reach up to 1 meter in length and has a greenish-brown back with black and white stripes along its sides.

Additionally, its diet mainly consists of small fishes, such as herring and mackerel. It is an adept swimmer and has been known to travel up to 3 kilometers an hour.

Despite its venomous bite, it is not considered dangerous and is generally shy around humans.

2. Ozark Big-Eared Bat

The Ozark Big-Eared Bat is a species of bat found in the Ozark Mountains in North America.

They are highly adapted to life in their cave environment and can often be seen flying around the entrance at night. The cones are second on our list of animals that start with O. 

The Ozark Big-Eared Bat is characterized by its large ears, which help it detect insects in the dark, and its yellowish fur, which is usually grayish on the upper parts of its body.

It is listed as a threatened species due to its low population numbers and the fact that it is especially vulnerable to environmental changes.

3. Ovenbird

The Ovenbird is a small passerine bird that is native to North and South America. It is commonly found in open woodlands and forest edges and has a distinctive song that is often used to recognize its presence.

This species has a greyish-brown back and pale chest, with a white stripe above each eye. 

They typically measure around 5-6 inches in length, making them one of the smaller birds on the continent.

The Ovenbird can be found in various habitats, from boreal forests to swamps, but it prefers habitats with dense vegetation for protection.

The diet of the Ovenbird consists of a variety of invertebrates and some plant matter, including beetles, caterpillars, spiders, and fruits.

4. Ogilby’s Duiker

Ogilby’s Duiker is an African antelope with the scientific name Cephalophus ogilbyi. It is found mainly in central and eastern Africa, from Liberia to Kenya.

This species of duiker is one of the smaller types, standing around 25 inches tall at the shoulder and weighing only between 25 and 35 pounds. 

Their coats are typically grey-brown and have lighter-colored stripes down their backs.

Ogilby’s Duikers, which start with O, are shy and secretive animals, so they can be hard to spot in the wild. They mainly feed on leaves and fruits but eat insects and seeds.

5. Oldenburg Horse

The Oldenburg Horse is also one of the animals that start with O and is a breed of draft horse originating from Germany.

It is one of the strongest and most powerful breeds, with impressive athletic prowess. This breed is renowned for its intelligence, reliable temperament, and willingness to work.

They are usually found in black or bay colors and are used for riding, driving, and show jumping. The Oldenburg Horse is also known for its docile, kind-hearted nature and versatility in various disciplines.

It is also extremely hardy, capable of surviving harsh environments and extreme weather conditions.

6. Oahu Creeper

The Oahu Creeper is a small songbird native to the Hawaiian Islands. The Oahu Creeper is small and gray, with a white breast and a belly.

It feeds on insects, nectar, and fruits and can be found in forested areas of Oahu. 

This species is unique because it is the only known songbird that lives exclusively in the Hawaiian Islands.

It is an important part of the local ecosystem, and its populations are declining due to habitat loss and predation by invasive species. 

The Oahu Creeper is listed as a species of concern by the US Fish and Wildlife Service and is protected under the Endangered Species Act.

Conservation efforts are underway to ensure the survival of this beautiful bird.

7. Olive Ridley Turtle

The Olive Ridley Turtle is a species of sea turtle that is easily recognizable by its olive-colored carapace.

They are found mainly in tropical and subtropical oceans, including the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

The Olive Ridley Turtle is one of the smallest sea turtle species, measuring about 28 inches long and weighing about 75 to 100 pounds. 

Olive Ridley Turtles are omnivores, primarily eating shrimp, jellyfish, and other marine invertebrates.

However, these animals start with O and feed on algae and aquatic plants. They spend most of their time in the open ocean but come to shore to lay eggs.

8. Old Norwegian Sheep

The Old Norwegian Sheep is a breed of sheep that originated in Norway and is known for its wool production and cold hardiness.

The breed is relatively rare outside of its native country and is usually used as a dual-purpose animal, providing meat and wool. 

Its coat is long and may range in color from white to black, while its horns are generally ridged.

The Old Norwegian Sheep is a hardy and adaptable animal that can thrive in cold climates. It has become popular among farmers in northern Europe and North America.

9. Ornate Chorus Frog

The Ornate Chorus Frog is a species of frog that animals start with O. It has a unique pattern of black stripes and spots on its back that resembles an ornate mosaic. Its call is often described as a loud ‘boink’ sound. 

The Ornate Chorus Frog is found in the southeastern United States from North Carolina to Louisiana.

It is an amphibious species living near ponds and other wetland areas. It spends most of its time in the water but comes out to bask in the sun during cooler days.

It eats small insects and worms and is preyed upon by larger animals such as snakes.

10. Orange-Bellied Parakeet

The Orange-Bellied Parakeet, also known as the Neophema chrysogaster, is a small parrot native to Australia.

These birds are mainly found in Tasmania and on the mainland of southeastern Australia.

They have bright green feathers on their back and wings and orange feathers underneath, giving them the appearance of wearing an orange vest. 

This species is currently listed as endangered due to habitat loss and fragmentation, with fewer than 2000 mature individuals remaining.

Conservation efforts are in place to protect their remaining habitats and help their population recover. All in all, they aren’t left out of this list of animals that start with O.

11. Orangequit

The Orangequit is a species of hummingbird found in the tropical lowlands of Central and South America.

This tiny bird can be seen with its bright orange breast and white belly. It has a short black bill and a green-gray back. Its wings are reddish-brown, and its tail is deeply forked. 

The Orangequit feeds on nectar from various flowers and small insects and spiders. Its habitat includes tropical forests, second-growth woodlands, and gardens.

It will also come to gardens with feeders to enjoy sugar water and other treats.

The Orangequit, one of the various animals that start with O, is an essential pollinator and helps to keep ecosystems healthy.

12. Orinoco Crocodile

The Orinoco Crocodile is a crocodilian species native to the Orinoco River basin in northern South America.

This species is the largest and most endangered of the four crocodiles in the Americas. It is brownish-gray, with lighter-colored areas around its eyes, throat, and stomach. 

The adult Orinoco Crocodile can reach up to 5.2 meters long and weigh up to 500 kg. It feeds mainly on fish, turtles, water birds, and small mammals.

It is an excellent swimmer and uses its powerful tail to propel itself through the water.

13. Ostracod

Ostracods are tiny, shrimp-like crustaceans which are also animals that start with O. They have an oval or rounded body and two shell valves that enclose the animal. 

There are several thousand species of ostracods, and they are found in marine, freshwater, and terrestrial habitats around the world.

Ostracods are an important food source for many aquatic animals, including fish, birds, and invertebrates.

14. Octopus Squid

The octopus squid, also known as Octopoteuthis deletron, is a type of cephalopod belonging to the family Octopoteuthidae.

It is found in the deep ocean waters off the coasts of South and Central America, the Caribbean, and even parts of Africa.

The octopus squid has unique characteristics, such as eight arms, two tentacles, and large eyes. 

Its tentacles can be used to catch small prey, and it also uses them to communicate with another octopus squid.

The octopus squid’s distinctive body shape allows it to change its color to blend into its surroundings. This camouflaging helps protect the octopus squid from predators.

15. Outstalet’s Chameleon

Outstalet’s Chameleon is a species of chameleon found in southeastern Madagascar.

These chameleons have an unmistakable appearance, with their distinctive yellow and green coloration and orange and pink highlights.

These animals start with O and are relatively small, ranging from 4-8 cm in length. 

Outstalet’s Chameleon is primarily arboreal and spends most of its time in trees, which is where it finds its food. It feeds mainly on small insects such as moths, flies, and beetles.

Outstalet’s Chameleon is also diurnal, meaning it is active during the day and sleeps at night. This species of chameleon is considered to be threatened by habitat loss due to human activity.

16. Old English Sheepdog

The Old English Sheepdog is a large, shaggy breed of dog that has become a symbol of England.

It is believed to have descended from ancient herding breeds and was used extensively in the 1800s to help herd sheep on farms. 

Its trademark coat consists of a thick double layer of fur that is white, gray, blue, or black in color.

The Old English Sheepdog is a loyal and devoted pet with a strong sense of loyalty. It is known for its friendly, playful personality and can be an excellent watchdog and family companion.

17. Othnielia

Othnielia is an extinct marine reptile species that lived during the late Triassic period, approximately 230 million years ago. It had a long neck, a flat tail, and two pairs of paddle-like fins for swimming.

Othnielia was about five feet long, making it one of the larger reptiles from that era. It was the first known ichthyosaur to be discovered, although only a partial skeleton was found.

Othnielia was an active predator, preying on fish and other small creatures in the ocean.

Its remains have been found in Europe and North America, giving scientists an insight into life during the Triassic period.

18. One-Finned Shark

Let’s talk about the One-Finned Shark as one of the numerous animals that start with O. This is a species of shark found throughout the tropical waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

This relatively small shark can reach up to two meters in length, characterized by its long, slender body and one dorsal fin near the base of its caudal fin. 

While the One-Finned Shark usually prefers deeper waters and is rarely seen by humans, they are occasionally found near shore or in shallow waters.

They are solitary creatures that feed mainly on small fish and invertebrates such as squid, octopus, and crabs.

This species of shark is considered to be of the least concern by conservationists. But their populations are being monitored due to increasing pollution levels in the ocean.

19. Oahu Elepaio

The Oahu Elepaio is a species of flycatcher that can be found on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. These birds are small but have bright orange feathers and a distinct white eye stripe.

They have adapted to the island’s tropical climate, living in forests and other semi-open habitats. 

They feed mainly on insects, which they catch on the wing. Oahu Elepaio is known to nest in tree cavities and is also known for its song, which is a mix of whistles and chirps.

Let’s proceed with the list of fascinating animals that start with O!

20. Otago Skink

The Otago Skink is an endangered species native to New Zealand and can be found on the southern parts of the South Island. It is a rare, medium-sized lizard that grows up to 15 cm in length.

The skink is characterized by its long and slender body and yellow-brown skin with small, dark spots on its head, neck, and tail.

It is often seen in moist and open habitats such as grassland and shrubland and prefers warm, dry microhabitats like rocks and logs.

The Otago Skink is mainly insectivorous but feeds on small lizards, geckos, and other small vertebrates. It is regarded as one of the interesting animals that start with O.

21. Ossimi Sheep

Ossimi Sheep is a breed of domestic sheep from around Omsk in Russia. They are a medium-sized breed that stands about 75 centimeters tall and has a white fleece.

The Ossimi Sheep is a hardy breed with good foraging abilities and can thrive in harsh climates. 

The wool of these sheep is light and fine, making it ideal for spinning and weaving. These sheep are also known for their high fertility levels and prolific lambing rates.

Overall, the Ossimi Sheep is an excellent choice for farmers looking for a productive and reliable flock of sheep.

22. Ochre-Breasted Antpitta

The Ochre-Breasted Antpitta (Grallaria dignissima) is a species of small bird found in the tropical Andes mountain range.

These ground-dwelling birds are endemic to Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. They have been classified as endangered due to their limited range and declining population size. 

The Ochre-Breasted Antpitta is around 15 cm long and has a distinctive red-brown back and wings. Its most striking feature is its bright yellow-orange throat and chest.

The bird, on this list of animals that start with O, feeds mainly on insects and spiders. However, it will also eat some fruits, seeds, and even small lizards.

23. Ozark Cavefish

The Ozark Cavefish is a species of fish found in the rivers and streams of the Ozarks, a region spanning parts of Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

The fish is an endangered species, with limited populations remaining in certain areas. This species is unique because it has adapted to live in complete and total darkness. 

The fish, which is likewise one of the different types of animals that start with O, lacks eyes and pigment and can grow up to 6 inches long.

It feeds primarily on small insects and worms but is also known to consume small fish and crustaceans.

Conservation efforts are being made to protect the Ozark Cavefish, as human activities and environmental change threaten its populations.

24. Octopus

Octopus is one of the amazing animals that start with O. It is a cephalopod, belonging to the class of mollusks, and has a soft body that can be found in almost all oceans around the world.

Octopuses are one of the most intelligent sea creatures and have been known to have problem-solving skills and even the ability to mimic other animals. 

Additionally, its eight arms are covered with suckers, enabling it to grab onto objects. It can also use these suckers to climb rocks or coral reefs.

They also have highly developed eyesight and can change their color, allowing them to blend into their environment and hide from predators.

25. Okapi

The okapi is an incredibly unique animal that is native to the Congo Basin of Central Africa.

It looks like a cross between a zebra and a giraffe, with a long neck and legs, dark brown or reddish-brown fur, and white stripes on its legs and haunches.

The okapi is an herbivore and feeds on leaves, buds, twigs, grasses, fruits, fungi, and bark.

In addition, it has been known to eat soil and clay for their mineral content. It lives in the rainforest and is a solitary animal, preferring to live alone or in small groups.

Okapis are shy creatures, but they have been seen in the wild and photographed.

26. Orange Fiddler Crab

The Orange Fiddler Crab is an adorable crab species that live in salt marshes and mud flats.

They get their name from their bright orange claws, which they use to wave in a fiddling motion as a display of dominance. 

These crabs are known to live for up to three years, growing up to a maximum size of about two inches. Their diet consists mainly of small pieces of vegetation and small animals.

These small crustaceans are active during the day and make great pets for anyone interested in keeping small marine invertebrates.

27. Oryx

Talking about impressive animals that start with O, the Oryx is included. This African antelope is a large and strong species, typically found in the desert, grasslands, and bush savannas.

It has a distinct long head, long nose, and long pointed horns. 

The Oryx is an herbivore that primarily feeds on grass, leaves, and flowers. It is a powerful jumper capable of jumping over fences up to two meters high.

The Oryx is usually found in herds, though they are sometimes solitary animals. This species is currently listed as vulnerable due to hunting, habitat loss, and human disturbance.

28. Opossum

The opossum is a nocturnal, semi-arboreal mammal native to the Americas. It is the only living marsupial of the order Didelphimorphia found in North America.

Although they are typically timid animals, they are well known for their characteristic threat display, which involves baring their teeth and hissing or growling at potential predators. 

Opossums have also been known to “play possum” when frightened or threatened, involuntarily entering a comatose state for several minutes in an attempt to deter predators.

The opossum is a unique and interesting animal with its distinctive long snout, pointed ears, and white and gray fur.

29. Owens Pupfish

Animals that start with O? Here’s another. The Owens pupfish (Cyprinodon radiosus) is an endangered fish species native to the Owens Valley in Inyo County, California. 

This species is a member of the Cyprinodontidae family, including all other pupfish found in the United States.

The Owens pupfish is distinguished from other pupfish species by its bright orange-red coloration.

It grows to about two inches in length and prefers shallow water, vegetation, and aquatic algae as its food source. 

Also, it is known to be an extremely resilient species, surviving in waters that are over 120°F!

Unfortunately, due to habitat destruction and competition with other species, this small fish is now critically endangered and facing extinction.

30. Oxford Sheep

Oxford sheep is an iconic British breed of domestic sheep. It is a medium-sized and fine-boned animal with a thick, white fleece covering its body.

Oxford sheep is a dual-purpose breed widely kept for wool and meat production. 

This breed is also well known for its hardiness and good grazing habits. Oxford sheep produce good quality wool, and its fleece can reach up to 8.5 kg per year.

The average weight of mature rams is between 80–90 kg, while ewes can weigh between 55–65 kg. 

Oxford sheep are intelligent animals that are very easy to handle and manage. They are known for their docile temperaments and calm personalities.

Most importantly, they are also on our list of animals that start with O!

31. Ornate Spiny Lobster

The ornate spiny lobster (Panulirus ornatus) is a lobster found in shallow coastal waters of the Indian Ocean and Western Pacific Ocean.

This species can be identified by its blue-brown or olive-brown coloring and ornately patterned spines covering its body. 

The ornate spiny lobster feeds on crustaceans, mollusks, and sea urchins and can reach up to 35 cm in length.

As with many species of lobster, this species has been harvested for food, though conservation efforts have been made to protect the population.

32. Otterhound

The otterhound is a rare breed of dog that originates from England and is considered one of the oldest breeds.

This large and lovable hound is known for its dense double coat, webbed feet, and deep bark. The otterhound is an excellent swimmer and can easily adapt to any environment. 

Of the animals that start with O, their friendly and social nature makes them the perfect family pet.

They are also renowned for their strong sense of smell, making them great hunting partners. Due to their rarity, the otterhound is often considered a status symbol amongst hunters.

33. Omura’s Whale

Omura’s Whale (Balaenoptera omurai) is an elusive baleen whale species that was only first described in 2003.

This species is rarely encountered and is currently known to inhabit the warm coastal waters of the western Pacific Ocean and tropical waters near Madagascar.

Omura’s Whales grow to approximately 30 feet long and can be identified by their white and black coloration.

In addition, their dorsal fin is located just behind the midpoint of their back, and they have a slender body shape.

They feed mainly on small fishes and crustaceans and are believed to form small groups or pods with up to seven individuals.

Their current population size is unknown due to the difficulty in sighting these animals.

34. Okarito Kiwi

The Okarito Kiwi is a type of kiwi native to the South Island of New Zealand. It’s one of five species of kiwi and is the only one found in the wild on the mainland.

The Okarito Kiwi is a small flightless bird with a large head and small body that’s covered in dense, brown feathers. 

It is on this list of animals that start with O and has a long beak and large eyes, which help it hunt for food at night.

The species is endangered, and its numbers are dwindling due to introduced predators, habitat destruction, and other human activities.

To protect the Okarito Kiwi, the New Zealand Department of Conservation has set up numerous conservation areas where the species can be observed and monitored.

35. Oyster

Oysters are a mollusk that lives in the ocean and have shells composed of calcium carbonate. Oysters can be found worldwide, typically in shallow water beds near coasts and estuaries.

They are filter feeders, meaning they use their gills to take in plankton and other microscopic organisms from the water. 

Oysters are popular seafood dishes that can be eaten raw, smoked, or cooked raw.

Oysters also produce pearls, which are formed when a grain of sand gets stuck in an oyster’s shell and is slowly covered by layers of nacre. They aren’t excluded from our list of animals that start with O!

36. Orange-Breasted Falcon

The orange-breasted falcon (Falco deiroleucus) is a bird of prey that is native to South and Central America.

It is a medium-sized falcon with a body length of up to 26 inches and a wingspan of up to 40 inches.

The upper parts of the bird are dark gray, and its underside is light gray with some black streaking. 

Its most distinctive feature is the orange patch on its breast. This species is highly specialized for hunting birds in open spaces such as savannahs and wetlands.

They usually hunt by making quick and agile flights, diving on their prey from high altitudes.

Although this bird has an impressive appearance, it is listed as near threatened due to habitat loss and degradation.

37. Oxyrhyncha Mantis Shrimp

The Oxyrhyncha Mantis Shrimp is a small marine crustacean with a colorful appearance and is easily recognizable.

It is also known as a mantis shrimp or stomatopod and is usually found in shallow waters.

This species is characterized by its large eyes, long antennae, and two raptorial claws that they use to capture prey. 

Its carapace is typically bright orange with light blue spots, while its legs are usually a bright red color.

The Oxyrhyncha Mantis Shrimp is an omnivore, eating small fish, shellfish, and other crustaceans.

Its unique appearance and diet make it a popular inhabitant of many aquariums. And yes, it is an interesting animal that starts with O too.

38. Orange Thighed Tree Frog

The Orange Thighed Tree Frog is an amphibian native to Central and South America. It has a distinctively bright orange or yellowish-orange underside, hence its common name.

It prefers humid forests with dense foliage, where it lives among bromeliads and other trees. 

The Orange Thighed Tree Frog is an excellent climber and can be seen on the upper parts of branches and trunks of trees.

It is active during both day and night, feeding on small invertebrates such as spiders, snails, crickets, beetles, and flies.

These frogs are very sensitive to temperature, humidity, and air quality changes, so they need to be kept in the correct conditions for them to thrive.

39. Ox

The ox is a large and powerful four-legged mammal that belongs to the Bovidae family.

It is often used as a draft animal in many parts of the world and is especially popular for its strength, endurance, and hardworking attitude.

Oxen have been used for centuries to pull carts and plows, carry goods, and transport people.

They are known for their gentle disposition and high intelligence level, making them easier to train than horses.

The horns of an ox vary depending on the species, but all oxen possess a pair of sturdy horns that are curved and tapering in shape.

If you are searching to know different animals that start with O, the ox is not left out!

40. Oregon Spotted Frog

Oregon spotted frog is a unique species of frog that is native to the Pacific Northwest and parts of California.

This frog species is the only true water-breeding frog in the region and has a black spot on its back.

It’s mostly aquatic, living in slow-moving, fresh waters such as ponds, marshes, wetlands, lakes, and rivers. 

Oregon spotted frog is considered endangered due to habitat destruction and fragmentation.

Efforts to save the species have included captive breeding programs and wetland restoration projects. Talk about animals that start with O that are about to go to extinction; here’s one.

41. Osprey

The Osprey is a large raptor that is often referred to as the sea hawk, fish eagle, or fish hawk. They can be found in most regions of the world and are distinguished by their white head and a brownish-gray body.

Their wingspan ranges from 4.3 to 6.7 feet, and they can weigh up to 4.4 pounds.

Ospreys, which are animals that start with O, usually feed on small fish but also eat rodents, amphibians, and even other birds.

They build large stick nests near bodies of water and can often be seen soaring above rivers, lakes, and oceans in search of prey.

They are a remarkable species of birds that have remained relatively unchanged since the time of the ancient Greeks.

42. Oriental Weatherfish

The Oriental Weatherfish is an interesting and unique species found in the waters of East Asia, particularly in Japan and China.

They are small but distinctive, typically growing no larger than seven inches long.

These fish are recognized by their dark gray and brown stripes running horizontally across their body. 

They prefer to reside in slow-moving streams or ponds with a moderate temperature, where they feed on worms, insects, and smaller fish.

Oriental Weatherfish are an important source of food for local communities. These animals start with O, which are also popular attractions for anglers and recreational fishermen.

43. Orca

Orca, also known as killer whales, are one of the largest-toothed whales in the world.

Orca is intelligent, social animals that travel in groups called pods and can be found in every ocean around the globe. These magnificent creatures can reach up to 31 feet long and weigh up to 6 tons. 

Orcas are apex predators and feed on fish, squid, sea lions, seals, dolphins, and even whales. They have often seen breaching and are known to be playful with other marine life.

They have complex vocalization patterns and communication skills that researchers are still trying to understand.

Of the animals that start with O, Orcas are an iconic species and are admired by many for their strength and beauty.

44. O’Shaughnessy’s Chameleon

The O’Shaughnessy’s Chameleon is a species of small chameleon native to the island of Mauritius.

They are found mostly in forests and other areas of dense vegetation. They have a rather unique color pattern that makes them quite recognizable. 

These animals that start with O are generally grey or brown in color with black, yellow, and white accents.

Males are typically larger than females and have much more vibrant coloration. The males also have a pair of spikes on their heads, while females lack these features.

The O’Shaughnessy’s Chameleon is a very interesting reptile species, and they can make great pets if cared for properly.

45. Ocelot

The ocelot is a wild cat species native to Central and South America and is part of the Felidae family.

These cats have beautiful tan-colored fur with black spots and stripes and large ears with black and white tufts of fur.

Ocelots are carnivores whose diet consists of rabbits, rodents, birds, fish, and frogs. 

They are solitary animals and are active both day and night, although they tend to be more active during twilight hours.

They can be found in rainforests, swamps, and even desert areas, though they are typically found near water sources.

Ocelots are endangered due to habitat loss, poaching, and the illegal pet trade.

46. Orange-Bellied Leafbird

Lastly on this list of animals that start with O is the Orange-Bellied Leafbird, a bird found in tropical climates.

These birds are found primarily in Southeast Asia, with some specimens also found in parts of India and Sri Lanka.

They have distinctive orange bellies and usually live in deciduous forests or open woodlands. 

Additionally, they are small songbirds with bright green upper parts and long tail feathers. They typically feed on insects, spiders, and small fruits, but they may also feed on nectar.

They prefer to stay close to the ground, but they can fly quite high when they feel threatened. These birds also flock together in large numbers during the breeding season.


Are you looking for some interesting animals to learn about? Look no further! This blog post explored some amazing animals that start with O.

From a species of large, flightless bird to a small, nocturnal mammal, these animals come from all walks of life.

Make sure to read the guide above to the end to learn more about these unique animals that start with O!

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