5 Amazing Facts About the Indian Ringneck Parakeet

Indian Ringneck Parakeet

In recent years, the Indian ringneck parakeet has become one of the most loved and popular pet birds.

Their fame has been attributed to different reasons, one of which is the fact that they make wonderful talkers.

Some of the Indian ringneck parakeets even build a vocabulary of many words that they can use with amazing clarity.

In addition to their medium size and beauty, the features of these birds have made them an attractive companion to an ever-increasing population of bird lovers.

If you have picked an interest in this bird, you may want to learn a thing or two about them before adopting one.

The information in this article will feed you with a few ideas of the fascinating characteristic of this bird and how best you can live with one.

1. The Indian red neck parakeet are very affectionate birds

Although the Indian ringneck parakeet was regarded as an ornamental bird specie for many years, people who have spent time with them and love them will tell you how affectionate these birds can be towards their owners.

When properly raised and hand fed as nestlings, they grow to become comfortable with humans because they are social pets.

Naturally, Indian ringneck thrive in places where they are allowed to interact as much as possible with their humans.

2. Like some other parrots, the Indian ringneck parakeet may go through a bluffing phase

Just like we know of other birds, the Indian ringneck parakeet also goes through what is called a bluffing phase during it’s adolescent period.

This happens due to hormonal changes the bird experiences at that time in its life, and some inexperienced bird owners may end up avoiding interactions with their parakeet at that point, resulting to a loss of much needed time together.

To easily get thought the bluffing phase is to keep loving your pet because giving up on it may cause an unrepairable disconnection.

During this stage of hormonal instability, your bird is sure to test your patience too many times but bird owners who are patient enough often report that things get better once the hormones begin to balance.

3. Indian ringneck parakeets are parrots

Although people call them parakeets, the Indian ringnecks are parrots just like other parakeets.

Some people have theorised that Indian ringnecks are called parakeets because of their small or medium size, while some other bird lovers think they are called parakeets because their tails are long and beautiful.

However, many people call this bird the Indian ringneck parrot and that seems to be the most accurate name for it.

The bottom line of this matter is that the Indian ringneck parakeet is a hook-billed bird, and it has every character of the birds in the parrot family.

4. Indian ringneck parakeet are wonderful talkers

While it is not 100% guaranteed that you’ll pick a bird that will talk at all, getting an Indian ringneck parakeet will increase your chances.

The voices of Indian ringneck parakeet are one of the most adorable you’ll ever hear from a bird.

Get ready to enjoy listening to a high pitched tone with a very comical feel that’ll get you laughing as you engage in interactions with them.

Did you know that Indian ringneck parakeets were seen as sacred birds in their native home because of their ability to talk.

Long ago Indian religious leader noticed that the birds were repeating prayers that were excited on a daily basis in the garden surrounding the worship places.

That explains why the clarity of speech possessed by this bird has become a quality that makes people interested in keeping it as a pet both in india and other places around the world.

5. Indian ringneck parakeets come in a variety of colours

Indian ringneck parrots in the wild are usually coloured green with the exception of the black and rose rings around the necks (usually in the male ringneck parakeet) and the turquoise blue colour on their long tail.

However captive breeding programs have allowed for the options of different colour mutations within the Indian ringneck parakeet specie.

Now you can get various colors of the Indian ringneck parakeet. From white, yellow, blue, to a combination of different other lovely colours, these adorable creature are eye candy for any bird lover.

In many places around the world, the other colours have become more popular than the original green colour of the Indian ringneck parakeets. However, even the native colour is beautiful.

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