Top 10 Large Rabbit Breeds in the World

Large Rabbit Breeds in the World
Photo by Katelyn Greer

Everyone views rabbits as medium-sized dogs. However, it is not always the case.

The heaviest and biggest rabbit, according to the Guinness Book of Records, Ralph, weighs 55 pounds and eats $90 worth of food every week.

He’s a Continental Giant, one of the world’s largest rabbit breeds. This article discusses 10 large rabbit breeds in the world.

Although these rabbit breeds are all large, they have a vast range of personalities and characteristics.

Also, these rabbit breeds were once developed for fur and meat but are now increasingly popular as pets.

1. Flemish Giant

The Flemish giant is the world’s largest rabbit breed.

Some speculate that they developed this breed by breeding Belgian rabbits with enormous Argentinian rabbits brought back by 16th-century sailors overseas.

However, the result was a massive rabbit known as the “King of Rabbits” due to its size and personality!

Interestingly, wild rabbit bloodlines kept features like long ears and exceptional eyesight.

Quick Facts

  • The most common color is tawny, which comes in a variety of shades.
  • 25-pound weight limit
  • They originated in Flanders.
  • Their good eyesight is a distinguishing feature.

2. Continental Giant

The Continental Giant rabbit is a large rabbit breed that can weigh up to 16 pounds.

Continental Giants have served as meat, fur, and display animals in the past. However, the body of this rabbit breed is robust and lengthy and descended from Flemish Giants.

Their glossy, thick coat is available in several hues.

Although they don’t like people picking them up, this rabbit breed is gentle, kind, and intelligent as a companion.

So, if you’re considering getting a Continental Giant as a pet, bear in mind that they’re best suited to families with older children and owners who can give ample living space.

Quick Facts

  • White, chestnut and black are the most common colors.
  • They weigh about 16 pounds.
  • Germany is the country of origin.
  • They are easily trainable.

3. Blanc de Bouscat

A French couple wanted to produce a giant rabbit with frosty-white hair and ruby eyes, creating the Blanc de Bouscat.

They were successful with this breed, which has subsequently grown in popularity as a pet in France.

Further, the silky soft French Angora was one of the rabbits used to develop this breed, and the Blanc de Bouscat has a particularly luxuriant coat.

Quick Facts

  • White is the most common color.
  • France is the country of origin.
  • 15-pound weight limit
  • Large, strong ears are a distinguishing feature.

4. Hungarian Giant

Hungarian Giant rabbits can weigh anything from 11 to 15 pounds.

Until additional breeding enhanced the color and pattern range of the Hungarian Giant, it was known as Hungarian Agouti.

However, they created this breed about two hundred years ago when they intentionally crossed wild rabbit species with a range of continental rabbit types.

Soft, dense fur and upright ears distinguish this rabbit breed. Further, the flesh of these rabbits has been the primary purpose of these animals.

Recently, they’ve gained popularity as show rabbits and pets.

Quick Facts

  • Tawny is the most common color.
  • 15-pound weight limit.
  • Hungary is the country of origin.
  • Their dense fur is a distinguishing feature.

5. Giant Chinchilla Rabbit

Although its name is the Chinchilla, this rabbit breed is unrelated to Chinchillas and cannot breed alongside them.

However, they name this breed after the Chinchilla because of the striking likeness between their silvery-grey coats, which are incredibly luxuriant and velvety!

More so, the Chinchilla Rabbit comes in a variety of sizes, the standard being one of the tiniest.

Quick Facts

  • First, silvery grey is the most common color.
  • Secondly, the breed’s weight limit is 15-pound.
  • France is the country of origin.
  • Lastly, their thick, luxuriant coat is a distinguishing feature.

6. Checkered Giant

The Checkered Giant rabbit breed features a soft, short white coat with black patterns and can weigh up to 12 pounds.

The Checkered Giant is a small creature with a hare-like arching body, muscular legs, and slender upright ears.

However, this rabbit breed is also known as the Giant Paillon in Europe and was developed from Flemish Giants, Spotted rabbits, and giant French lop-eared rabbits.

They are an active, energetic breed that should exercise frequently. Also, these breeds are entertaining pets because of their curious and friendly attitude.

The lifespan of the Checkered Giant rabbit breed is five to six years.

Quick Facts

  • Firstly, they weigh about 12 pounds.
  • They originated in France and United States.
  • An arched back is a distinguishing feature.
  • Lastly, white with black patterns are the most common color.

7. Giant Papillon

This rabbit breed is one of these 10 large rabbit breeds and similar to the Checkered Giant and originated in the Lorraine region of France in the late 1800s.

These bunnies have slim but muscular bodies, long, straight backs, and bright, playful personalities.

Also, they are known in France as Great Lorrainese and developed from Flemish giants and large French lops.

Quick Facts

  • First, they weigh 12 pounds.
  • France is the country of origin.
  • They are a pleasant demeanor.
  • Lastly, white with black patches or dots is the most common color.

8. Silver Fox

The Silver Fox can grow to be 12 pounds in weight. The Silver Fox rabbit breed has a sweet demeanor as a pet.

This rabbit breed has a reputation for being one of the greatest mothers.

As its name suggests, the Silver Fox has a short, dense coat with standing fur with silver points, similar to the Arctic Silver Fox.

However, ARBA only recognizes black, even though it is available in blue, chocolate, and lilac (American Rabbit Breeders Association).

The Silver Fox has short, erect ears and a medium body. Furthermore, Walter B. Garland created this rabbit breed in America, and it was initially known as the American Heavyweight Silver.

They bred them for both their fur and meat, as well as for display.

Quick Facts

  • “Stand up” fur is the most common color.
  • These rabbits have about 12-pound weight.
  • The breed is from the United States of America.
  • Lastly, their unique, vivid coloring is a distinguishing feature.

9. British Giant Rabbit

They created this lovely rabbit from the Flemish giant, a breed with tight color restrictions imposed by the breed standard.

This rabbit breed is one of these 10 large rabbit breeds and still the most popular in the UK, and it gets along well with children and other pets!

However, they bred the British colossus for color diversity rather than size, and it ended up being slightly smaller than its Flemish forefathers.

Quick Facts

  • Belgium and the United Kingdom are the countries of origin.
  • Their standard colors are white, black, blue, grey.
  • The broad build is a distinguishing feature.
  • 13-pound weight.

10. Altex

The British Rabbit Breeders Council and the British Rabbit Association do not recognize the Altex, which they cross-bred as livestock for the commercial meat sector.

However, there are many variabilities when it comes to the Altex rabbit’s qualities, and its main strength is rapid weight gain due to crossbreeding.

This rabbit is excellent for livestock because of its ability to gain weight swiftly.

Quick Facts

  • Firstly, they weigh about13 pounds.
  • The breeds are from the United States of America.
  • A rapid weight gain is their distinctive characteristic.
  • Lastly, they are of any color, but mostly white.
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