100+ Egyptian Dog Names for Your Doggo

Egyptian Dog Names for Your Doggo
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Bestowing your canines with Egyptian dog names goes a long way in making them unique and stand out. Egypt is one of the most ancient cities in the world. It is a land of myths and legends, ancient civilizations, and the Pyramids of Giza.

Animals played essential roles in this ancient city. The most well-known of these is probably the cat, which has its domestic origins in ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egyptians considered them sacred animals, and most families kept a cat as a pet, which they believed would bring the household good luck.

The dog was also considered an essential member of the household. In Egyptian religion, there were some canine deities. A number of these were represented by the wolf or dog, while others, like Anubis, were more generic and exhibited qualities of both a dog and a jackal.

Egypt is embedded with a rich history and a wealth of names that can inspire one to name dogs. Some of these names often have very distinct meanings behind them.

In this article, the Egyptian dog names to be examined will be divided into 7 sections. They are:

1. Neuter-Gender Egyptian Dog Names

Some names are neuter gender, i.e., unisex. They are fit for either a male or female. Let’s look at some of these neuter-gender dog names.

  • Sabra – this name means ‘patient.’ Also an excellent choice for a canine.
  • Nanu – this name here means ‘cute,’ and it is an adorable ancient Egyptian name for a dog.
  • Nubia – means ‘golden treasure,’ and it is a good name for your dog.
  • Asim – means protector.
  • Menefer – another unisex name here. It means established and beautiful.
  • Min – this name references the god of fertility. Both sexes can answer it.
  • Pili – it means the second born
  • Shu – another beautiful unisex name, it means air
  • Tau – it means Lion
  • Thoth- a name that references the moon
  • Wallis – this name means newly born
  • Zaim – infers flowering
  • Zane – the name means Miracle

2. Egyptian Rulers’ Dog Names

One of the ancient cities that had various rulers in Egypt. Let’s look at some names of Egyptian rulers from which you can draw inspiration to name your dog.

  • Amenhotep – was the second Pharaoh in the 18th dynasty of ancient Egypt. This name means pleased.
  • Nefertiti – this name literally means “a beautiful woman has come” Nefertiti was a queen in the 18th dynasty of ancient Egypt, a great royal wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten.
  • Kaba – this name means ‘the life force, ‘ The third Dynasty Pharaoh inspires this name.
  • Merikara – this is the name of the 10th dynasty Pharaoh. It means ‘beloved.’
  • Narmer – the First Dynasty Pharaoh, inspires this Egyptian dog name. It means ‘fierce catfish.’
  • Djoser – was the name of the Pharaoh of the 3rd dynasty. The name is derived from the Djed symbol of stability. An excellent name for your dog
  • Hatshepsut – another beautiful name here, it was inspired by the Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty
  • Harsiese – The Pharaoh of the 22nd dynasty
  • Inaros – this name once belonged to an Egyptian rebel ruler. Also a great name choice for your dog.
  • Pami – the name of an Egyptian   Ruler in the 22nd dynasty
  • Rameses – is also another tremendous Egyptian dog name. Some pharaohs during the 19th and 20th dynasties are these names.
  • Tutankhamun – this name is inspired by the Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty, who is famous for restoring the god Amun. Okay, that name is a handful. So, one can shorten it to Tuti or whatever you wish.
  • Pepi – the name is inspired by ancient Egypt’s Pharaoh of the sixth dynasty. This name means ‘spirited.’
  • Thutmose – the name means ‘born of the god Thot”. It is the name of the 18th dynasty Pharoah.
  • Unus – is also a unique name. It means ‘dove,’ and it was the name of the last ruler of the fifth dynasty of Ancient Egypt.
  • Tia – the name infers princess. Tia was a princess of the 18th Dynasty in Egypt.
  • Cleopatra – the name means ‘her father’s fame.’ The historic Egyptian queen inspired this name. Cleopatra was the last ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt.

3. Egyptian Female Dog Names

There are so many unique Egyptian dog names for a female dogs. Look at some of these feminine dog names and their meaning.

  • Ain – it means priceless. Is your female canine priceless? The pedestal on which you place your dog shows clearly here. After all, Ain means priceless.
  • Akila – Akila means Intelligent. This is also a great name.
  • Dalila – the name has a gentle ring to it. Well, it means gentle and is an excellent name for your gentle dog.
  • Jamila – it means beauty is. This is also another great Egyptian dog name for your gorgeous breed.
  • Khepri – it infers the morning sun. What a poetic name for your canine friend.
  • Layla – This is a name with a nice ring to it. It means born at night.
  • Nomti – strength is an excellent attribute in a dog. Nomti here infers strong.
  • Aziza – I don’t know how precious your canine friend is to you. But this name right here is a great choice. It means precious.
  • Bahini –  It means Fortune
  • Bahiti – dogs are genuinely resourceful. Here’s a name that reminds you of how resourceful your dog is. 
  • Ebony – the name means beauty. This is a beautiful name for your gorgeous dog.
  • Esrat – it means shining, beautiful
  • Farrah – it means Happiness.
  • Farida – a Unique name here for your distinct breed. It means unique.
  • Halima – the name means gentle, just the way it sounds.
  • Hasina – it means good. This is a great choice here.
  • Kamilah – means perfection. What a distinct name!
  • Lapis – we all know about the precious stone “Lapis.” This name means exactly what it is- precious stone.
  • Layla – it infers Intoxicating
  • Masika – it infers Rain
  • Mesi – it means water
  • Nefret – a great Egyptian dog name here. It means beautiful
  • Zahra – this is also another beautiful Egyptian dog name. It means Flower.
  • Shani – is an excellent Egyptian dog name for your female canine. It means ‘wonderful woman.’

4. Egyptian Male Dog Names

Just as there are several female Egyptian dog names, there are also many Egyptian male dog names. Let us look at some of these names.

  • Runihara – this name might mean ‘destroyer,’ but it’s a fitting name for a dog– especially one that loves to chew on things.
  • Seth – it means ‘supporter of the king.’
  • Akins – it means brave. Dogs are fearless creatures, after all.
  • Gahiji – this name is also a unique name that describes the dog perfectly. It means hunter.
  • Hasani – means handsome.
  • Jabari – also means brave.
  • Lateef – is also another fantastic choice here. It means gentle.
  • Sadiki – it infers faithful.
  • Abasi – is a stern name for a local dog. It means Stern.
  • Abrax – means shining one
  • Ahmed – means praiseworthy
  • Akil – it infers wise, while Akl means Thoughtful
  • Asim – is a name that describes your canine perfectly. It means protector.
  • Dakarai – is the masculine version of Farrah. It means Happiness
  • Khalid – means eternal
  • Kosey – it means lion
  • Mo – this name means defender
  • Montu – means Falcon
  • Omar – it infers long-lived. A name with a positive vibe
  • Ramy – it means to love.
  • Salem – dogs inspire safety most times, and this name buttresses that. It means safe.
  • Tarek – It means morning star
  • Youssef – it means power
  • Zehur – this is also another unique name here. It means Eminent
  • Ziad – Stay put and watch how your dog grows with this name. It means growth

5. Egyptian Location-Based Dog Names

As one of the world’s most ancient and beautiful countries, Egypt has locations with difficult-to-pronounce names, but some places have names that are easy to pronounce and would suit a dog just fine. Let us look at some of these Egyptian dog names inspired by places in Egypt.

  • The Nile – is an iconic river that flows through Egypt and is the longest in Africa. It means ‘river,’ an excellent choice here.
  • Cairo – means ‘victorious one,’ the name of the capital of Egypt, and it’s an excellent name for a dog too.
  • Abydos – this is one of the oldest cities in Egypt
  • Alexandria – it is a famous port city in Egypt
  • Aswan – it is a city on the Nile river. The name has a nice ring to it for a canine.
  • Dahshur – it is a royal necropolis
  • Giza – it is also the name of a city in Egypt
  • Hurghada – the name of a beach town resort
  • Karnak – this is the name of a temple on the Nile
  • Luxor – it is also the name of a Temple on the Nile
  • Memphis – is also the name of another city in Egypt. Memphis once served as the capital of Egypt. It was established about 3000 BC.
  • Ramessum –  this is also another great name for a dog. It is the memorial temple of Pharaoh Ramesses 11
  • Tanis – is a royal city in the delta of the Nile in the northern part of Egypt. It is also the name of a key archaeological site in Egypt.

6. Egyptian God and Goddess Dog Names

Ancient Egypt is known for its worship of several deities. These deities became the center of worship in ancient Egyptian culture. Some ancient religious worship also stemmed from the beliefs and rituals of these figures.

The name of these Gods and goddesses would be a great choice, too, for your canine companion. Let’s examine some of these gods’ and goddesses’ Egyptian dog names.

  • Anat – the goddess of fertility
  • Aker – the Earth deity
  • Anubis – is the ‘god of the dead. Anubis is a dog-headed goddess.
  • Anukis – goddess of water and protector of the Nile
  • Bast – the god of fire and heat
  • Bisu – the god of goodness
  • Denwen – the serpent deity
  • Gen – the god of Earth
  • Hathor – the Egyptian goddess of love, music, dance, and joy
  • Heset – goddess of food & drink
  • Horus – the god of light
  • Khensu – the god of the moon
  • Kherty – the god of the underworld
  • Isis – the goddess of protection and magic
  • Mast – goddess of cosmic harmony
  • Menhit – Egyptian war goddess
  • Merit – goddess of music
  • Mut – mother goddess, creator of everything
  • Neit – the goddess of war and hunting
  • Neper – god of grains
  • Onuris – god of war
  • Osiris – the god of death
  • Ra – the god of the sun
  • Satet – the archer goddess
  • Sekhmet- the goddess of light
  • Seth – god of the storm and violence
  • Tefnut – the goddess of dew
  • Toth – god of wisdom, writing, and magic
  • Hapi – protector god
  • Ba-Pef – god of terror
  • Denwen – serpent deity
  • Ruty – twin lion gods
  • Tutu – protective god

7. Egyptian Dog Names Inspired by Myth

Egypt’s mythological past has inspired many people over the years; some have resorted to naming their dogs after an Egyptian-inspired myth. There are various Egyptian dog names drenched in myth. Let’s look at some of these mythological names.

  • Sobek – is also a mythological Egyptian name. It is depicted as a god with the body of a man and the head of a crocodile.
  • Anubis – a god depicted with a dog or jackal-headed god. Anubis is a mythological god of the afterlife and guides the dead to their destination.     
  • Phoenix – is a mythological bird that rose from the ashes
  • The sphinx – is also a very popular myth in Egypt. It is a symbolic statue with the body of a lion and the head of a man
  • Montu – A god in the form of a falcon
  • Shabti – Small figurines representing the helpers of the dead
  • Odion – an Egyptian yellow daffodil
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