50+ Japanese Dog Names

Japanese Dog Names

Japanese is the world’s ninth most common language, with a population of more than 130 million. This does not imply that it is an easy subject to grasp!

A Category IV language according to the U.S. Department of State, the Japanese language is “exceptionally difficult for native English speakers.”

If you want a Japanese dog name for your new dog, you don’t have to be fluent in the language.

However, this article discusses the Japanese dog names you might want to consider for your pup. But before that, let us discover some Japanese dog breeds.

About Japanese Dog Breeds

The dog breeds in Japan are legendary. Literally. According to Kato, a breeder, showman, and hunter with Nihon Ken, the breeds’ connection to the now-extinct Japanese wolf is the subject of many legends. It’s easy to see why when you look at their pictures.

However, let us discover some of the Japanese dog breeds in existence.

  • Shiba Inu: As the smallest Nihon Ken breed, the Shiba Inu can weigh up to 23 pounds and stand just under 17 inches tall. In addition, the breed can claim the distinction of being the most popular companion dog in the world. Shibas make up 80 percent of the dogs currently being bred in Japan.
  • Kai Ken: This Japanese breed was two distinct breeds: the shishi-inu-gata and the Shika-inu-gata, which they bred for hunting. While the former was for hunting boar, the latter was for hunting deer with its fox-like face and a lean build. In the meantime, there is no distinction between the two types of Kai Kens, and dogs tend to be better as pets rather than hunting companions.
  • Shikoku Ken: Although the Shikoku is among the rarest of the Nihon Ken, it’s not because it doesn’t make a good companion. But despite their independence, this Japanese dog breed is easier to please than some of their more well-known counterparts.
  • Akita Inu: This dog breed can grow to be over 100 pounds and over 2 feet tall. However, today, Akitas are mainly used to protect their families. Akitas were initially bred for hunting in the early 17th century. Because of its popularity in Japan, parents of newborn children often receive an Akita figurine, which symbolizes happiness and long life for their children.

Japanese Names Based on Nature

You can choose for your dog from any of these Japanese pet names.

  1. Bonsai: This Japanese word represents the bonsai tree.
  2. Hoshi: It means star.
  3. Taki: means waterfall.
  4. Tsuki: meaning moon.
  5. Nami: means wave.
  6. Kingyo: meaning goldfish.
  7. Mori: It means forest.
  8. Umi: means sea.
  9. Amaya: It means the night rain.
  10. Daichi: It means from the earth.
  11. Rina: means jasmine.
  12. Uchuu represents the cosmos.
  13. Yuki represents the snow.
  14. Kuuki: It means air.
  15. Kumo: means cloud.
  16. Nori: means seaweed.
  17. Cho: meaning butterfly.
  18. Taiyo: means the sun.

Male Japanese Dog Names

Your male dog could bear any of these popular dog names below.

  1. Ichiro: means first son.
  2. Shohei: It means respect.
  3. Yuuma: means truthful.
  4. Hiroshi: means generous.
  5. Toshiro: means talented.
  6. Eiji: It implies prosperity.
  7. Tadaaki: means faithful light.
  8. Taeko: meaning brave.
  9. Benjiro: means peace.
  10. Kento: represents happiness.

Female Japanese Dog Names

Your female dog could bear any of these popular names below.

  1. Yamato: means excellent harmony.
  2. Makoto: It means true.
  3. Bashira: means joyful.
  4. Shinju: It means pearl.
  5. Himari represents love and light.
  6. Yumi: meaning beautiful.
  7. Danuja represents a ruler.
  8. Yuri: means lily.
  9. Kiyo: It means pure.
  10. Hana: means flower.
  11. Aika: means love song.
  12. Haia: means nimble.

Other Japanese Dog Names

  1. Shuga: meaning sugar.
  2. Aoi represents the color blue.
  3. Daiki: It means born for the great glory.
  4. Chīsana: means pocket-size.
  5. Pinku represents the color pink.
  6. Kichōna: means precious.
  7. Yuki represents good fortune.
  8. Runa: means luna.
  9. Adzuki: means red bean.
  10. Ikigai: means reason for being.
  11. Arata: It means new.
  12. Kiseki: means miracle.
  13. Kenzan: means the spiky frog.
  14. Tadeo: It means loyal.
  15. Pochi: represents spot.
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