Top 10 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds

Are you a dog lover who loves their dogs to be all fancy and beautiful? If so, you are at the right place. However, what seems beautiful to one person might not be as beautiful to the other person.

But, in this article, you will find one appealing dog. Read on! Here are the most beautiful dog breeds.

A dog is man’s best friend, so they say. So, when getting a best friend, you should get one that would please you in every way possible.

Let’s take an insight into the most beautiful dog breeds now.

1. Pomeranian

The Pomeranian dog breed is beautiful. It is in different colors and has a double coat. This beautiful dog breed does not stress its owner, as it is very easy to train.

However, they require some maintenance, like brushing them weekly to keep the coat healthy. The Pomeranian is such a happy dog that you can’t frown while staring at it.

Also, you can call the Pomeranians “poms.” As a Pomeranian dog owner, you should understand that this dog breed sheds heavily.

They are always alert, loyal, and very playful.

2. Australian Shepherd

Contrary to what people might assume, the Australian Shepherd dog breed is from the United States and not Australia.

This dog breed is a popular companion dog that loves to spend time with family. Their fluffy coat has earned them a position among the most beautiful dog breeds.

However, the Australian Shepherd is popular for its activeness, so a non-active family should not get this dog.

3. Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever always finds itself among the great things being mentioned about dog breeds.

Asides from being one of the most popular dog breeds in the U.S, it is one of the most beautiful and cutest breeds.

It has a water-repellent coat that could either be wavy or straight. Also, this dog breed is brilliant, full of energy, and a rescue dog.

Dog enthusiasts bred the Golden Retriever to catch birds unharmed. It is why they have a soft mouth.

Furthermore, the dog breed feels better in suburban cities because they get to do more exercise, perfect for new pup owners.

4. Chow Chow

The Chow Chow dog breed hails from China. This breed has the face of a lion, and it is also powerful. Its coat could sometimes be smooth or rough, but it is dense.

Asides from being pretty and cute, this dog breed protects its owners, and they are also good at hunting. However, these dogs are stubborn and dominant.

Though they love to be independent, they also do great as family dogs.

5. Maltese

This list of the most beautiful dog breeds would be incomplete without the Maltese in it. People admire the Maltese’s coat wherever it goes.

However, as beautiful as this breed is, it gets dirty easily. So, the dog owner should learn to bathe it weekly. This breed is also tough, and its small size will make you doubt its bravery.

Further, they are easy to train and don’t require much exercise. So, why don’t you get yourself a Maltese?

6. Poodle

The name “Poodle” sounds beautiful, so I don’t think anyone would expect less from the dog breed that bears this name.

The Poodle breed is extremely cute. They are popular for their distinctive appearance. However, they need frequent exercise to stay fit.

This dog breed is intelligent, so they understand training easily. They love children but prefer to be alone when strangers are around.

Lastly, they don’t easily get hurt because they are quite large and perfect family dogs.

7. Siberian Husky

This dog breed is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful breeds in the world. Its coat is thick and double and comes in different colors.

We can’t leave the several markings behind its face, as this feature adds to its beauty. This breed also makes a perfect family dog.

However, they require frequent exercise to help them stay healthy and lively. As a dog owner, if you have the time, make sure you involve in some outdoor games with your Siberian Husky.

Further, if you intend to get a watchdog, the Siberian Husky might not be a good option because it is friends with literally everyone.

8. Saluki

In the past, hunters used the Saluki dog breed for hunting animals. That makes it an old dog breed. It is among the most beautiful dog breeds existing.

If you are a territorial kind of person, then you should think twice before getting this dog because it will be all over you.

Saluki needs lots of space to roam around, so forget about this dog if you have a small compound.

Though this breed stays alone while around strangers, they become cheerful when they see family. Lastly, you can leave this dog all alone as long as you meet all its needs.

9. Bernese Mountain

The Bernese Mountain is a large breed that hails from Switzerland. It is among the types of Swiss mountain dogs and is popular for its tri-colored coat.

This dog breed is easy to train because of its intelligence. In the past, they developed this breed to be a farm dog that would protect cows.

Asides from being beautiful, the Bernese Mountain gets along with people and other pets. Unfortunately, it always has a short life span, as it deals with many health issues.

So, anyone getting a Bernese Mountain dog should be ready to follow the right breeding practices.

10. Irish Setter

The Irish Setter dog is among the most beautiful dog breeds, and it comes in different awesome colors. This breed is friendly with everyone and younger animals.

Generally, this dog breed is easy to train but might miss out on things when focusing on something else. Asides from being beautiful, they are energetic, outgoing, and playful.

Further, if you don’t shower this dog breed with enough attention, it will damage many things.

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