100+ Terrific Christmas Dog Names

Christmas Dog Names
Photo by Karsten Winegeart

It’s that time of the year again, and we are all busy planning a perfect Christmas. Isn’t Christmas your favorite holiday?

Then there is the present. How long did it take for you to pick the ideal gift for your spouse? It’s incredible watching your kids play in the snow.

The warm feeling you get ice-skating with friends and loved ones. Watching your dog run around in the snow, barking, howling, and having made you happy.

Perhaps you are thinking up terrific Christmas dog names for this year. You want the perfect name to call your dogs, and you have no clue which would suit you best. Well, look no further!

Several names have been compiled from the world’s largest dog name database. These names, according to experts, were picked to fit your dog’s personality perfectly.

We’ve collected over a hundred names that we feel are best for your pet dog. Be sure to have as much fun when picking these terrific Christmas dog names to call your dog this year.

Amazing Christmas dog names

Christmas dog names don’t have to end with Christmas, even though the name was inspired by the season.

You could also pick more than one name for when your dog has its puppies so that the pups can share in the spirit of this season, as well.

Here are some terrific Christmas dog names for this year;

  1. Carol
  2. Angel
  3. Charity
  4. Elf
  5. Comet
  6. 6. Belen
  7. Charlie
  8. Charlie Brown
  9. Blitzen
  10. Christmas
  11. Clara
  12. Eve
  13. Felicity
  14. Clarence
  15. Feliz
  16. Claus
  17. Ebenezer
  18. Faith
  19. Glow
  20. Happy
  21. Glory or Gloria
  22. Grinch
  23. Hope
  24. Jolly
  25. 25. Holly
  26. 26. Joy
  27. Imani (meaning Faith in Swahili)
  28. King
  29. Jasper
  30. Jingle or Jingles
  31. Kris
  32. Lucia
  33. Leor or Lior
  34. Leora or Liora
  35. Mercy
  36. Norah
  37. Marley
  38. Merry
  39. Natalie
  40. Natalia
  41. Miracle
  42. Poinsettia
  43. Noel/ Noelle
  44. Mistletoe
  45. Nick or Nicholas
  46. Star
  47. Solstice
  48. Rudy
  49. Rey
  50. Ralph is
  51. Reindeer
  52. Tiny ( especially for teacup dogs)
  53. Tinsel or Tinsley
  54. Yule
  55. Wonder
  56. Zuzu
  57. Vida (meaning life in Spanish)

Other Christmas dog names for this year include;

  1. Astra
  2. Arctic
  3. Bell or Belle
  4. Alpine
  5. Bear (suitable for big hairy dogs)
  6. Aspen
  7. Amaretto
  8. Blizzard
  9. Candy
  10. Burr
  11. Aubin (meaning bright in French)
  12. Blaze
  13. Blanca or Bianca
  14. Aurora
  15. Blue
  16. Cedar
  17. Bodhi
  18. Avalanche
  19. Boots
  20. Cocoa
  21. Bailey
  22. Brandy
  23. Caramel
  24. Clove
  25. Breeze
  26. December
  27. Crystal
  28. Dove
  29. Douglas
  30. Ember
  31. Camels
  32. Cider
  33. Canela
  34. Cinnamon
  35. Dickens
  36. Cuddles
  37. Elsa
  38. Elk
  39. February
  40. Elm
  41. Cosmos
  42. Cole
  43. Cozy
  44. Flame
  45. Clementine
  46. Cookie
  47. Eggnog
  48. Fable
  49. Dulce
  50. Cranberry
  51. Crispin
  52. Crimson
  53. Flame
  54. Gem
  55. Garland
  56. Dog
  57. Fleece
  58. Fluffy
  59. Glitter
  60. Flurry
  61. Halle
  62. Ginger
  63. Freya
  64. Frost, Frosty or Frostie
  65. Garner
  66. Gusty
  67. Ivy
  68. Glacier
  69. Icicle
  70. Glitter
  71. Jack
  72. Juniper
  73. Gumdrop
  74. Jellybean
  75. Mocha
  76. January
  77. Marshmallow
  78. Pearl
  79. Midnight
  80. Nutmeg
  81. Mittens
  82. Orchid
  83. North
  84. Moose
  85. Parka
  86. Penguin
  87. Neve (meaning snow in French)
  88. Oso (meaning bear in Spanish)
  89. Toffee
  90. Tiny Tim
  91. Topaz
  92. Vail
  93. Twinkle
  94. Velvet
  95. Tundra
  96. Windy
  97. Wren
  98. Wolf
  99. Yukon
  100. Yeti
  101. Winter
  102. Walnut
  103. Plum
  104. Pudding
  105. Natalia or Natalie
  106. Pine
  107. Pomander
  108. Polar
  109. Silver
  110. Snow
  111. Snuggles
  112. Pumpkin
  113. Sierra
  114. Rosemary
  115. Snowballs
  116. Stormy
  117. Slippers
  118. Spruce
  119. Sugar
  120. Taffy
  121. Sugar plum
  122. Snickerdoodle
  123. Spice
  124. Socks
  125. Sparkle
  126. Sweet potato

Do you think puppies need a Christmas themed name?

We can’t deny that a winter dog names Claus or Snow is nothing short of cuteness. As long as the spirit of the season inspires the name you are picking, you are on the right track to make your dog stand out among other dogs.

Your dog name mustn’t have any connection with winter if you prefer not to; however, it could still be a Christmas dog name that has a beautiful ring to it.

Human names for dogs

What do you think about human names on puppies? Do you find them adorable? If your answer is yes, you’re not alone.

As long as a proper name is agreed upon, then you are on the right track. Names like Bob, Rex, or Fido somehow connect to human-dog names. You might sometimes hear dogs being called human names like Noel, Holly, and Nicholas.

According to data, each year, dog owners increasingly call their pets human names. This is more practiced and embraced in societies where owners see their pets as family members.

Some owners who feel their dogs deserve a unique space among the family would take the time to pick a name that they think suits their dogs best.

Advice on dog naming

It’s okay to have trouble deciding what dog name to pick. It’s best to keep in mind that the perfect dog name can spring from different sources of inspiration.

Your dog’s name might be in a person you know, books, favorite food, celebrities, an animal’s name perhaps, or evening an object.

Names like “Cesar” could fit strong and intelligent dogs or “Lily” for beautiful and adorable dogs. Another thing to put into consideration when picking your dog’s name is dog training. This is very important for puppies.

When dogs are being trained to obey commands like stay, roll, sit, or come, you will want to ensure their name won’t be a source of disorientation.

It would be more helpful if you chose a dog name on time and avoid dog names that sound like a typical command cue. Names that sound similar to commands, like “Fletch,” could be misheard as “fetch.”

What matters most is that your pet’s name comes off easily when you say it. The perfect names will make you thrilled. You could try a few names till one registers.

Picking the best Christmas dog names for this year is a fun way to start your holiday.

Have you gotten a dog recently? What name did you find for your dog? I call mine Mufasa. Leave your answers in the comments.

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