40+ Mexican Dog Names for Your Doggo

Mexico is popular for its rich culture, delicious cuisine, a wide variety of specialty drinks, and stunning beaches.

It is home to some exciting dog breeds, some of which are the oldest breeds with a rich history that may be surprising to some pet lovers in the country.

However, this article discusses Mexican dog names for your dog. But before that, take a glimpse at the characteristics of this pup.

About the Mexican Dog

The Xoloitzcuintles, or Mexican dog breed, have been around the Mexican city for 3,200 years.

Columbus and other European explorers wrote about these “strange hairless dogs” in their journals. Xolotl was the god of the Aztecs who had a dog-like head.

However, the Aztecs revered Xolos, who they often sacrificed and buried with their masters as protective guides to the afterlife.

They are now used as watchdogs and friends. The Xolo’s appearance may not be appealing to everyone at first glance.

Because of its wrinkled brow and round eyes, as well as its mohawk on top of the head and rat-like tail, the Xolo is not as popular as a Golden Retriever.

Except for the people who value the uniqueness of the breed’s characteristics.


  • The Xolo comes in both hairless and coated varieties.
  • Only about 1,000 Xolos live in the United States, out of a global population of about 35,000.
  • Breeders have created three different sizes of this breed so it can fit into any environment.
  • While their hairless bodies may make them less likely to trigger allergies in susceptible individuals, the Xolo does not have hypoallergenic properties.
  • The American Kennel Club recognized this breed as a Non-Sporting Group member in 2011.
  • The dog parent should know that it is prey-driven, the Xolo is likely to pursue other animals.

Mexican Dog Names

What to call your new dog is one of the most challenging decisions you’ll make when getting a puppy.

As an example, how about Mexican dog names? Dog name ideas are all around you.

You can name dogs in honor of their favorite sports teams or musicians. However, we have gathered a list of different Mexican dog names from which you can choose to name your Mexican dog.

Male Mexican Dog Names

These names are ideal for male dogs because they have a distinct, sophisticated flair. The male names are the following:

  1. Manuel
  2. Marco
  3. Pedro
  4. Miguel
  5. Oscar
  6. Roberto
  7. Martín
  8. Rafael
  9. Santiago
  10. Raúl
  11. Ricardo
  12. Paco
  13. Julian
  14. Lorenzo
  15. Caleb
  16. Ezra
  17. Tomas
  18. Leo
  19. Arturo
  20. José

Female Mexican Dog Names

The most popular female dog names in Mexico are attractive, colorful options for your little girl puppy. It would be a blessing for any dog to have one of these lovely names.

  1. Esmerelda 
  2. Selena
  3. Ana
  4. Rosalinda
  5. Rosa
  6. Lola
  7. Luisa
  8. Frida
  9. Nina
  10. María
  11. Carmen
  12. Gloria
  13. Josefina
  14. Adriana
  15. Maya

Spanish Names for Mexican Dogs

  • Chica – Means girl
  • Cordero – It means lamb
  • Che – It means dude for a boy dog
  • Bella – It means beautiful
  • Gordito – Meaning chubby
  • Amor – Meaning Love
  • Chico – Means boy
  • Bonita – Meaning Pretty
  • Chucho – Male name for doggy
  • Diablo – The meaning, devil
  • Chucha – Female name for doggy
  • Corazon – It means heart
  • Fiesta – Means party
  • Domingo – It means Sunday
  • Cosa – Meaning sweet thing
  • Fresca -It means fresh


Choosing a name for your new dog can be difficult as a dog lover because you’ll both have to live with this decision for years to come!

Concentrate on shorter words that are easy to pronounce and remember. Even something as simple as a dog’s name can confuse.

Afterward, try out a few of your favorites! Your dog or yourself may be more drawn to one of these than the others. These tips and name ideas will help you find the perfect Mexican dog name in no time.

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