60 Dog Breeds That Start With C

Dog Breeds That Start With C
Photo by Chris Anderson

Dog breeds that start with C are some of the most loyal, friendly, and clever canines. Today we’ll look at photos and learn about intelligent Collies, cunning Cairn Terriers, and inquisitive Canaan dogs.

From hardworking ancient dogs like the Cane Corso and Corgi to partners and dogs like the Cavalier King Charles, there is a dog for everyone.

First, we’ll discuss their characteristics, habits, appearances, and personalities. Then, we assist you in your search for dog breeds that start with C.

Dog Breeds That Starts With C

1. Cirneco Dell’Etna Dog

These are the well-groomed canines that belong in the Hound category. They have a lifespan that is far greater than the norm.

They have the appearance of Pharaoh Hounds, yet they came from Sicily. Their bodies are smooth and supple, and wiry muscles cover them.

They have low-key personalities and are excellent athletes, making them excellent hunters. In addition, they are known for their mild demeanor, which makes them excellent companion animals.

2. Clumber Spaniel Dog

One of the dog breeds that start with C is the Clumber Spaniel. It is one of the largest of the various types of Spaniels.

As a result of having served as monarchs’ hunting companions, they exude a sense of calm and dignity. However, they do have the propensity to drool and shed quite a lot of their fur.

If these puppies were humans living in the house, their role would be that of the butler. However, they also have a personality that is quite humorous.

3. Cockalier Dog

The Cockalier is known for being one of the most loving and affectionate of all the available puppies. They are one of the many breeds that have been bred with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

They symbolize this breed. The Cocker Spaniel is the other parent of this litter. 

The Cockalier is a loving and devoted companion due to their combined efforts. They forge relationships that last a lifetime with practically everyone who shows them any consideration.

They have a high level of intelligence and a strong desire to please their owner, making it simple to train them.

The Cockalier dog is among the dog breeds that start with C. It is a wonderful breed for people who have never had a dog before.

4. Cockapoo Dog

The Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle are both the parents of one of the more widespread hybrid dog breeds known as a Cockapoo.

They have inherited their parents’ intelligence; thus, they are exceptionally bright. These dog breeds that start with C are endearing in appearance and remarkable for their warm and gregarious personality.

They strongly prefer staying active as much as possible and require a family that enjoys going on adventures.

5. Cock-a-Tzu Dog

The Cocker Spaniel and the Shih Tzu are the breeds that come together to create the Cock-A-Tzu, a dog with a gentle disposition.

They can be either a medium-sized or a little breed, depending on which of their parents they take after. They are rowdy little rascals, but their Shih Tzu ancestors also gave them a stubborn character.

These puppies’ loving and watchful nature makes them wonderful additions to any household because they look out for everyone’s best interests.

However, if people do not train them properly, they have a reputation for being highly talkative.

6. Cocker Spaniel Dog

The Cocker Spaniel are dog breeds that start with C. It is common knowledge that Cocker Spaniels have cheerful, go-with-the-flow temperaments and large, fluffy ears.

They are clever canines that take pleasure in picking up new maneuvers to perform whenever they want to be the center of attention.

So even though people train them to assist hunters, most people today keep them as companion animals.

7. Cockinese Dog

The Cockinese is a hybrid dog that was created by crossing a Cocker Spaniel with a Pekingese. They manifest themselves as jovial cuddle-bug.

They generally have a body comparable to that of a Cocker Spaniel and a head similar to that of a Pekingese.

These dog breeds that start with C make wonderful companions and are a never-ending source of entertainment.

8. Cojack Dog

The Cojack is a hybrid of the Corgi and the Jack Russell Terrier. They tend to keep a healthy equilibrium between the two aspects of life.

These puppies have a lot of energy and a thirst for adventure. These dog breeds that start with C have plenty of stamina, but if they inherit the small legs of a Corgi, they won’t be able to move very far.

This is because Corgis have short legs. The Cojack is a naughty creature that enjoys playing pranks and having fun. They are simple to instruct because they never wish to make anyone angry.

9. Collie Dog

Because of their starring roles in several critically acclaimed movies, the Collie became a widely known breed.

They have a friendly and devoted demeanor. Because of their intelligence, they make wonderful pets for families and dependable working companions.

They are powerful canines with a gorgeous long, multicolored fur coat covering their entire body.

10. Colorado Bulldog

The Colorado Bulldog is among dog breeds that start with C. The looks of the English Bulldog and the Colorado Bulldog are similar to one another.

Even though they are strong-willed and resistant to change, people may train them with a moderate amount of difficulty.

These dogs have a stocky build and are quite powerful. People use them in the role of guard dogs. Even if they do not have a particularly hostile nature, it is best to stay away from them because they appear scary.

11. Combai Dog

The Combai puppy, whose name can be popular as Kombai, has its roots in India and is a breed common in this nation.

They are powerful canines with a reputation for being hostile toward other animals. However, people consider them great pets for families and make excellent guard dogs.

Combai dogs are vigilant and protective, as they know who is permitted to be there and who is not. They have a disposition comparable to that of a Rottweiler in general.

12. Corgipoo Dog

The Corgi and the Poodle are the parent breeds of the popular hybrid dog popular as the Corgipoo. They have inherited their outgoing nature and sense of humor from both parents, contributing to their fun nature.

However, because of the intellect and wit inherent in the Poodle and the Corgi, they also have a cheeky side to go along with those traits.

These dog breeds that start with C require a lot of different games and toys to keep them occupied because they might get into mischief by themselves.

13. Corgsky Dog

Although they are not very widespread, Corgskies are an adorable dog breed. They almost usually have the general appearance of a Husky, with pointed ears, grey and black coats, and wolf-like faces characteristic of the breed.

You can see the difference in their legs, which are much shorter than those of a standard dog. These canines have pleasant demeanors and are sociable.

They are easy to instruct since they wish for the happiness of those around them just as much as they do.

14. Corkie Dog

The Yorkie and the Cocker Spaniel each contribute their special characteristics to the creation of the Corkie.

They are dog breeds that start with C that are loving and affectionate, but if you do not train them properly, they can tend to bark quite a bit.

Because this is not a particularly common combination, it can be challenging to predict how they will develop physically and psychologically.

15. Corman Shepherd Dog

The Corman Shepherd is a hybrid dog that combines the characteristics of the Corgi and the German Shepherd.

When they breed, they produce offspring that resembles a Corgsky in appearance. The legs are similar to the Corgi, but the body and general appearance are similar to those of the German Shepherd.

They are a friendly breed of dog that combines obedience with a bit of mischief. In addition to being protective, these dogs have a somewhat less menacing appearance than their German Shepherd parents.

16. Coton De Tulear Dog

The Coton De Tulear is among the dog breeds that start with C. These canines are among the breeds with the greatest life expectancy that we have on record.

The Coton de Tulear is a stunning breed of dog that is completely white in color and has an abundance of lengthy fur that covers its entire body.

They have an endearing demeanor and always look like they are having a good time. They have gained popularity worldwide; some even refer to them as the “Royal Dog of Madagascar.”

17. Cotonese Dog

The Maltese and Coton de Tulear are the two parent breeds of the hybrid dog famous as the Cotonese. They are very small in stature, their fur coats are wavy, and they have a brilliant white coloration.

They don’t shed much, and some people find that makes them hypoallergenic. However, these small dogs develop strong bonds with their families and require extensive time in their company.

18. Cretan Hound Dog

The Cretan Hound is a well-balanced dog, yet it is an intense hunter at its core. When they are at home, they exhibit characteristics of gentleness, humility, and patience.

They are also highly curious and adore venturing out to investigate unfamiliar territories. These dog breeds that start with C are wise, making them great candidates for guard duty.

When trained to be hunting dogs, they are tenacious and can pursue their prey for a significant distance.

19. Croatian Sheepdog

The Croatian Sheepdog has a distinct appearance compared to other long-haired canines. They have the same thick fur, but their coats are jet-black and wavy, and their ears are pointy.

They are devoted and require engagement. However, they are intelligent canines that learn quickly and excel as herding and working dogs.

20. Curly Coated Retriever Dog

Curly Coated Retrievers are stunning examples of dog breeds that start with C, even though they are not as common as Golden Retrievers.

They have fur that is normally brown or black in color and short and curly all over their bodies. They are superb hunting dogs, and they never doubt their ability to carry out their responsibilities.

However, because their intellect occasionally leads them astray, some people characterize them as wickedly smart.

21. Czechoslovakian wolfdog

Because they are direct ancestors of wolves, Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs have a primitive canine appearance similar to that of wolves.

However, they are intelligent canines that are also very energetic. Therefore, even though they are loyal and faithful to their owners, they nevertheless have a high degree of independence.

They are dog breeds that start with C, have excellent eyesight, and their sense of smell and instinct is far more developed than those of their wolf forebears.

22. Cheagle Dog

The Cheagle is a hybrid dog breed created by breeding Chihuahuas and Beagles together. Because the Chihuahua is a toy breed and the Beagle is a little breed, this dog belongs to the small breed category.

They can exhibit a diverse range of temperaments and personality traits, depending on which parent they identify most closely with.

They have outgoing personalities and are prone to getting easily excited. Because of these characteristics, they are an excellent option for households that include youngsters.

23. Cheek Dog

Cheek dogs are dog breeds that start with C. Chihuahuas and Pekingese are the breeds that go into making a Cheek.

They are a small-statured designer breed rather than a hybrid that is easy to find in nature. If they favor the Chihuahua, they will have a robust physique with a rounded head, and if they favor the Pekingese, they will have a flat head.

Physical features include these. They are patient and gentle with kids but need early and consistent guidance to learn appropriate conduct in a social setting.

It is easy to refer to them as “purse dogs” due to their affectionate and devoted nature.

24. Cheenese Dog

The Cheenese is a hybrid dog combining the Havanese and Chihuahua characteristics. They are also popular by the name of Havachi.

These canines have a personality that is a combination of their parents. They are the dog breeds that start with C that frequently have a lively and gregarious demeanor.

The fact that these puppies typically have a coat similar to that of a Havanese yet behave more like Chihuahuas makes them so desirable.

25. Chesapeake Bay Retriever Dog

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is a breed of dog that came into existence in the Americas, specifically in the region surrounding the Chesapeake Bay.

They are dog breeds that start with C, known as duck dogs, and have an almost waterproof coat, making them useful in various settings.

They are devoted, and after receiving proper training, they make excellent hunting dogs, especially for waterfowl.

26. Chihuahua Dog

Chihuahuas are native to Mexico and are one of the world’s smallest dog breeds. They also have one of the longest lifespans of any canine species.

They have an aggressive demeanor, and even though they enjoy being in the spotlight and receiving attention, they won’t hesitate to voice their displeasure if they feel it’s warranted.

However, the majority of individuals are captivated by their forthright personas.

27. Chilier Dog

The Chihuahua and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel have contributed to the creation of this mutt, which is a mixed-breed dog.

These dog breeds that start with C are outgoing and possess great affection, having typically similar endearing qualities from both parents.

In most cases, the coat of the Chilier is comparable to that of the Cavalier Spaniel. However, the Chilier’s overall body shape and size are more comparable to those of the Chihuahua.

Therefore, they are also sometimes referred to as the Cavachi.

28. Chimatian Dog

The Chimatian is a fascinating hybrid breed that was created by crossing the Chihuahua with the Dalmatian.

Because their parents’ size and patterning are so varied, the offspring might have a wide range of sizes and shapes.

Most of the time, they take after the Chihuahua in size, but their coats are more spotted like those of Dalmatians.

These dog breeds that start with C have a wonderful relationship with their owners, are incredibly loyal to them, and can be quite protective.

However, it is not healthy for these dogs to stay alone for long periods because they thrive in the company of humans.

29. Chinese Crested Dog

The Chinese Crested is in the category of a toy breed of dog. They have huge tufts of hair developing around their ears, tails, and paws, while the rest of their bodies are bald.

This gives them an incredibly distinctive appearance, largely responsible for their widespread popularity. Because of how tasty they are, if dogs could skip, this one would do it.

30. Chinese Shar-pei Dog

The Chinese Shar-pei are dog breeds that start with C. Pedigrees for Chinese Shar-peis are often regarded as some of the oldest in existence anywhere in the world.

They keep their distance from others but are not loyal to their families. They are enormous canines that have short fur that lies near their skin, as well as skin that rolls all over their body.

This gives them a distinct appearance. A true Chinese Shar-pei will have a tongue that is blue-black in color.

31. Chinook Dog

The Wonalancet people, who once inhabited New Hampshire, are responsible for breeding the Chinook dog breed.

They are a loyal family member with a strong work ethic and an endless supply of patience. Because they are so eager to please, they are not difficult to train.

These dog breeds start with C of the rarest purebred dogs you can find in the AKC’s breeding program.

32. Chi-Poo Dog

The Chi-Poo is a hybrid dog that was created by breeding Chihuahuas with Poodles. The dogs in this litter enjoy having a good time and are quite active.

Even when bred with a Standard Poodle, they might be slightly smaller than that breed. So instead, they are typically bred with Miniature or Toy types to produce offspring.

They typically possess a fierce sense of independence, yet at the same time, they are completely loyal to their owners. So you can pick up the Chi-Poo sound from a good distance away.

33. Chippiparai Dog

Aside from its name being entertaining to speak, the Chippiparai is an interesting breed of dog in and of itself.

They originated in India and have, for the most part, retained a presence in that region of the world. But unfortunately, even if they are purebred, the American Kennel Club does not yet recognize them.

These dog breeds that start with C were originally the preferred pet of most Indian elite due to their refined demeanor.

However, this slim and kind hunter saw a decline in popularity when Britain was in control of the world.

34. Chiweenie Dog

Not only is Chiweenie a cute name for a dog, but Chiweenie also refers to dog breeds that start with C. Chihuahuas and Dachshunds were used in breeding these puppies to create a hybrid breed.

They have a kind disposition and are very lovable canines. But, unfortunately, they typically create a lot of noise. And always keep a sharp watch.

The Chiweenies are extremely loyal pets who watch out for their human family members. In most cases, they form a close bond with one individual than any other.

As a result, they require a significant amount of one-on-one time but little physical activity.

35. Chorkie Dog

Chorkies are a type of hybrid dog that is a cross between Chihuahuas and Yorkies.

They frequently prefer the overall look of the Yorkie, particularly concerning the texture and color of the coat.

Because they are both toy breeds, there is not much variation in their size. They have inherited the tendency to speak their minds, which comes from both of their parents.

These dog breeds that start with C have bubbly personalities and just the right amount of brains to make them act goofy, but other than that, they are pretty active.

36. Chow Chow Dog

This dog, which has a deep chest and has the air of having been the product of aristocratic breeding for millennia, originates in China and has an ancient lineage.

Even with their own family, they maintain an air of seriousness and distance from one another. Chow Chows would rather sit back and enjoy the entertainment from a distance rather than actively participate.

37. Chow Pei Dog

The Chow Pei is a hybrid dog created by crossing a Chow Chow with a Sharpei. These dog breeds that start with C have a distinct appearance since their skin is wrinkled all over their bodies, giving them a wrinkly appearance.

They are covered in a golden coat and have jowls that hang down. In terms of personality, they are frequently a combination of the two and are always vigilant.

They are uncomfortable in the company of new people and might be aloof even with members of their own family.

38. Chug Dog

The Chihuahua and the Pug are the two breeds that go into making a Chug Dog. These dogs may have personalities that are a combination of their parents.

The disposition of pugs tends to be much more relaxed and easygoing. They are people-oriented creatures that thrive in the company of other people.

Peevishness and increased hostility toward strangers are two characteristics they may inherit from their Chihuahua ancestors. However, they virtually always treat their relatives with affection and faithfulness.

39. Chusky Dog

The Chow Chow are dog breeds that start with C, known for their calm demeanor, and the Siberian Husky, popular for its wild nature, are the two breeds that go into making a Chusky.

These canines almost always have a look that is completely distinct from all others. For example, Chusky typically has brilliant blue eyes that indicate intelligence and red fur fluffy and pointed ears.

They may inherit the skin wrinkles characteristic of the Chow Chow breed if they take after their Chow Chow father. TChusky is not like other hybrids at all.

40. Chussel Dog

The Chussel is a hybrid dog created by crossing a Chihuahua with a Brussels Griffon.

Unfortunately, because the Brussels Griffon has yet to acquire popularity as a purebred dog, you don’t see too many hybrids of the two breeds.

These dog breeds that start with C is a dog that is popular for their lively personality, boundless amounts of energy, and authoritative demeanor.

However, due to their stubbornness and tendency to be dominant over other dogs, they are not the best canines to have around other puppies.

41. Cairn Terrier Dog

The Cairn Terrier is a canine breed popular for its lively demeanor and happy disposition. They have an increased lifespan compared to the typical pet and are adorable life partners.

On farms and ranches, these little Terriers are often employed as ratters. The Cairn Terrier is easily recognizable if you have seen “The Wizard of Oz” and are familiar with the character Toto.

42. Canaan Dog

Canaan dogs are born herders. These canines exude self-assurance from the tops of their perky ears all the way down to the curl of their tail.

These dog breeds that start with C are typically all black or all white and have a watchful, intelligent look on their face.

They are also the dog that represents Israel as its national dog. Canaans make excellent and devoted family dogs, although they can be reserved with strangers.

43. Cane Corso Dog

Cane Corsos are huge canines with a reputation for being quite aggressive. However, in contrast to their outward appearance, they have a warm and friendly disposition.

They have a majestic bearing and can serve various functions in various contexts. Because people employ them as guard dogs, they have the propensity to be self-reliant and dominant in their manner of interaction.

44. Canis Panther Dog

The Canis Panther derives a portion of its name from the fact that they have a size and coloring similar to that of a panther.

They are extraordinarily enormous and muscular dogs, and their natural habitat is with other canines of their kind.

Despite appearances to the contrary, these canines possess a high degree of emotional sensitivity. They are devoted companions who excel in obedience and agility competitions.

People train them to be effective protection dogs and guard dogs when given the appropriate instruction.

45. Caravan Hound Dog

They are also known by the name Mudhol Hounds. Caravan Hounds. They are indigenous to India and used as sighthounds to provide protection and assistance in hunting for the people there.

They are the type of dog breeds that start with C that spend time alone in the comfort of their own homes.

Caravan Hounds have a strong urge to hunt, and they are willing to capture and kill creatures that are weaker than they are.

46. Cardigan Welsh Corgi Dog

One of the breeds of dogs that can claim to be the oldest in the world. Today, People consider them to have come from the British Isles.

They have short, stumpy legs and lengthy bodies with pointy faces, which makes them extremely cute. However, they are highly intelligent and consistently require great mental and physical stimulation.

First and foremost, Cardigan Corgis are renowned for their unwavering devotion.

47. Carolina Dog

Concerning the history of the Carolina Dog, only a little information is currently available. However, they are an example of an ancient type of dog descended from the wolves in Asia.

They are devoted puppies that also have a streak of independence. They have the propensity to keep their distance from outsiders yet show affection to their kin.

48. Carpathian Sheepdog

The Carpathian Sheepdog, also known as the Romanian Mioritic Shepherd, is a breed of dog that came into existence in a location close to the Carpathian Mountains.

The size of these mountain dogs is astounding, and they have the eyes and fur of a puppy in addition to their scruffy appearance.

These dog breeds that start with C are self-assured and self-reliant and carry a cheerful expression everywhere. As a result, they are frequently kept as companion animals by farmers.

49. Catahoula Leopard Dog

People rear these dogs in swampy areas, so their bodies are strong, and their feet are webbed to navigate the muddy terrain better.

They are high-energy worker dogs that are bred specifically for that purpose. They might be lighthearted sometimes, but they take their responsibilities very seriously when on the job.

These dogs always have a distinctive appearance because of their spotty pattern of black and tan spots spread throughout a grey and tan body and their typically piercing eyes.

50. Catalan Sheepdog

The Catalan Sheepdog is among dog breeds that start with C. The Catalan Sheepdog is a scruffy breed of herder that came into existence in the Catalonia region of Spain.

They were originally brought to the region by the Romans, and since then, they have bred them here. As a result, these canines are calm and easy to train, and they exhibit excellent manners towards all members of the family as well as strangers.

They require a lot of care, which you won’t be able to refuse because they have such gorgeous faces that fill in the hair.

51. Caucasian Shepherd Dog

The Caucasian Shepherd Dog has the appearance of a teddy bear that has come to life. They are huge canines with two layers of thick, fluffy fur covering their bodies.

They possess a brave attitude, and their primary roles are guardian and herder, just like bears. However, they are kind and rarely violent when they are among their humans.

These dogs are aware that there are not many objects that are greater than them, and as a result, they exhibit an attitude of lovable self-confidence.

52. Cavachon Dog

The Cavachon is a hybrid dog that comes from multiple breeds. A dog that is a hybrid between a Bichon and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

They are a hybrid breed. Both of those dogs are from England. The Cavachon typically exhibits characteristics that are a lively combination of the two.

These dog breeds that start with C have a lively spirit and a passion for having a good time.

However, because their fur tends to produce loose curls all over their body, it looks like they could be a hybrid between a Poodle and another breed.

53. Cavador Dog

Labrador Retrievers and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are two popular dog breeds. The two purebred dogs used to create the mixed-breed dog known as the Cavador.

They appear to have inherited most of the better characteristics from both parents. They are dog breeds that start with C that warm and welcoming people who exude gentleness and sweetness.

When you combine that with their intelligence, you get someone highly sensitive to the feelings of the individuals in their immediate environment.

The Labrador and the Cavalier are the two parent breeds of the Cavador, although the offspring of the two can look very different depending on which parent is dominant.

54. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dog

King Charles Spaniel has a long tradition of being coddled and pampered on the laps of monarchs and other members of the nobility.

As a result, they are outgoing and would rather go with you whenever possible, provided they can do so. However, if you leave them alone for a long time, they may develop separation anxiety.

They are one of the breeds of dogs famous for their laziness and are always ready for a good cuddle on the couch.

55. Cavapom Dog

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has been used to create several different hybrid dog breeds, although the Cavapom is not as prevalent as some of those other breeds.

The Pomeranian is the other parent, and Cavapooms inherit a mix of characteristics from both of their parents, both physically and in terms of their personality.

These dog breeds that start with C are kind, devoted, and outgoing companions. However, the degree to which they express their opinions depends on whose parent they prefer.

Because both of its parents are of a similar size, this dog is of the toy breed.

56. Cavapoo Dog

King Charles Spaniel and the Poodle contributed to creating a new dog breed known as the Cavapoo. Because you can breed them to produce a wide range of sizes, the Cavapoo can have a wide range of proportions in terms of height and weight.

They often have a coat coloration that is a combination of ginger and cream. Because they are so affectionate and devoted to their families, they make great family pets.

57. Central Asian Shepherd Dog

The Central Asian Shepherd is a large dog with the confidence that comes from competing against and defeating larger animals.

They are dog breeds that start with C that are calm and independent canines who would rather observe the goings-on from a distance rather than participate in them.

These dogs come from old stock that dates back more than 4,000 years. They are very possessive of their territory and have the potential to turn aggressive if they are not properly supervised and trained.

58. Cesky Terrier Dog

These cute and cunning puppies, with their elongated faces, look like they would be perfect for the role of a sidekick in a detective movie.

In point of fact, people consider them to be the Czech Republic’s national dog. This is because they are daring and therefore make the ideal partner for any child eager to learn or an intrepid explorer.

In comparison to other types of Terriers, the Cesky Terrier is known for its laid-back demeanor, yet it also possesses a dogged work ethic.


The dog breeds that start with C can be used as pets as standing guards. They are very beautiful and can serve many purposes.

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