10 Most Popular Hound Dog Breeds

Hound dog breeds are a wonderful breed of dog to have as a companion. There is one thing that all hounds have in common, regardless of their size or origin: they were bred to hunt.

It is a breed of hunting dogs that hunters employ to capture animals. They tend to be attentive, active, clever, and open to new experiences.

However, these hound dog breeds require some exercise, and you will need to make sure that they get enough to burn off their excess energy or become destructive or engage in other antisocial behaviors.

Below is the list of 10 hound dog breeds you should know. Read on!

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1. Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is a breed that originated in Afghanistan, where people formerly called it the Tazi. Historically, it has been assumed that the breed dates back to the pre-Christian era.

It was initially employed for large game hunting in Afghanistan’s deserts, mountains, and interior. In addition to having prominent hipbones, Afghans have an athletic build.

This particular breed characteristic does not imply that the dog is underweight.

Instead, the hip joints pivot, which allows them to traverse a large amount of ground swiftly and easily navigate around barriers without difficulty.

Its enormous paw pads act as shock absorbers, protecting its joints from the challenging terrain they must traverse.

A low pain tolerance characterizes the Afghan Hound, who might appear whiny or baby-like in particular situations.

More Facts

  • Afghan Hounds are a medium-sized dog breed.
  • It is about 60 pounds heavy.
  • This breed is 27 inches tall.
  • Its coat is long.

2. Beagle

Beagle Hound Dog Breeds

One of the hound dog breeds is the Beagle. Beagles are energetic pets who enjoy being outdoors.

However, the Beagle is not only a fantastic hunting dog, but it is also a friendly, affectionate, and playful companion pet.

The Beagle, which was bred to hunt animals, will be delighted to accept you and the rest of your family.

His nose is the most vital part of his body, and he keeps his head low to the ground, looking for a trail that might be fascinating to follow along the journey.

Because of their small stature and mild nature, Beagles are well-suited to living in flats with their owners.

Although bright and eager to please, this hound dog breed is not recommended for first-time owners because of its size and temperament.

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They require a lot of physical activity, at least an hour every day if at all possible. Beagles can become destructive if they are left alone and without exercise.

More Facts

  • This breed is a small to medium-sized breed.
  • It is about 35 pounds heavy.
  • They come in black, white, and red.
  • And this breed is about 15 inches tall.

3. Bloodhound


Another Hound dog breed is the Bloodhound. The Bloodhound is a member of the Sagaces, a group of canines that hunt in packs based on scent.

Bloodhounds found employment as man trailers for police departments and search and rescue operations.

Even though this wrinkly Hound is kind and friendly, he is anything but idle.

Because of his exceptional sense of smell, the Bloodhound is an unrivaled hunter and finder of persons who have gone missing or are hiding.

A Bloodhound on the trail of a suspect is unyielding. He’s a friendly and easygoing companion who enjoys being in the company of both adults and children when he’s not chasing his nose about the house.

Aside from its outstanding appearance, the Bloodhound is famous as a pet because it is a kind and loving companion.

More Facts

  • This breed has a short coat.
  • It is a large-sized dog.
  • It is about 100 – 110 pounds heavy.
  • And it is about 25 to 27 inches tall.

4. Dachshund


Dachshund is one of the hound dog breeds existing in the world. They’re badger and other animal-hunting scent hound dogs.

Despite being developed to hunt badgers and foxes, the Dachshund has become a favored family companion due to its charming disposition.

However, they may exhibit some hunting-related characteristics because they were raised for hunting.

Cartoonists and toy designers have always been fascinated by Dachshunds. On the other hand, their cute appearance was created for considerably more severe and practical purposes.

Dachshunds frequently form strong bonds with a single individual. They may become envious of their owner’s attention and become irritable if not adequately trained.

More Facts

  • This dog breed could either have a long or short coat.
  • It is a small-sized dog.
  • It is about 9 inches tall.
  • And it is about 32 pounds heavy.

5. English Foxhound

English Foxhound

The English Foxhound was developed as a hunting dog to track down foxes in the English countryside.

This hound breed is recognized as gregarious and amiable, yet it is not commonly seen as a family companion.

They are not suitable for living in an apartment. They are an energetic breed, making them inappropriate for compact spaces.

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He also requires daily exercise, making him unsuitable for the weekend warrior.

He must also be kept on a leash in situations where he could run in front of a car because he is one of the hound dog breeds whose purpose is to go after prey.

More Facts

  • This breed is a medium to large-sized dog breed.
  • It is about 24 inches tall.
  • Its weight is about 75 pounds.
  • And it has a short coat.

6. Basenji

Basenji Hound Dog Breeds

One of the recognized hound dog breeds is the Basenji dog breed. As one of the oldest breeds of domesticated dogs, the Basenji is unlikely to bark excessively, explaining why he is not a barker.

The Basenji dog breed originated in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They were also used for hunting and killing rodents in villages, which was a common occurrence.

Basenjis have a lot of stamina and are pretty active. If they are not supplied with outlets for their excess energy, they will turn destructive or find other means of releasing it.

When children are not being supervised, crating is recommended. The Basenji, however, reserved around strangers, is an affectionate, alert, and clever breed that enjoys action and playtime with its owners.

As a result of the Basenji’s short, odor-free coat, it requires little care.

More Facts

  • This breed is a small-sized dog breed.
  • It is about 17 inches tall.
  • Its weight is around 24 lbs.
  • And it has a short coat.

7. Greyhound

GreyHound Dog Breeds for Seniors

In the beginning, greyhounds were developed as hunting dogs, trained to pursue and kill other animals.

The Greyhound is the fastest of all dog breeds, and it is the most popular. On the other hand, they are designed for speed rather than endurance.

They are usually quiet and kind, and they do not do well in cold temperatures. Also, they make excellent family pets because of their quiet and sensitive nature.

Greyhounds have a reputation for having high energy levels, but in reality, their preferred mode of recreation is sleeping.

Greyhounds are susceptible to getting shivers due to their thin coats. They are often considered a loving breed that is affectionate toward their owners.

However, they can seem aloof with some or all strangers, depending on the situation.

More Facts

  • This breed is large-sized.
  • It is about 30 inches tall.
  • Its weight is about 70 pounds.
  • And it has a short coat.
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8. Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound stands at the top of the list among all dog breeds as the tallest and most prominent sighthounds.

It is a kind dog who, on the whole, gets along with just about everyone. When the Irish Wolfhound dog breed was first developed, it was employed to drag men off horses and chariots during battle.

The eyes of an Irish Wolfhound are always smiling, and you can be sure they belong to one of them. However, beneath his shaggy eyebrows are eyes that glimmer with a lovely and gentle look.

A pony is not what the Irish Wolfhound is, and children, no matter how small, should not be allowed to ride one.

His joints aren’t designed to withstand the stress. He is also not intended to tow a cart or any other type of vehicle.

More Facts

  • It is a giant-sized dog breed.
  • It is about 34 inches tall.
  • This breed weighs about 120 lbs.
  • And it has a medium coat.

9. Saluki

Saluki is one of the hound dog breeds existing. They are one of the world’s fastest dogs, yet they also have tremendous stamina.

The Saluki is the world’s oldest domesticated dog. Salukis are a somewhat rare breed with their own set of obstacles regarding ownership.

They are popular because of their exotic appearance, but not everyone is cut out for living with this passionate and independent hunter.

Salukis are great companions for older kids, but they aren’t advised for families with small children.

More Facts

  • It is a medium-to-large-sized breed.
  • It is about 65 pounds heavy.
  • This breed is about 28 inches tall.
  • And it has a short coat.

10. Scottish Deerhound

Scottish Deerhound

Another extraordinarily tall and powerful breed among the hound dog breeds is the Scottish deerhound.

Although these dogs immensely love the people in their lives, they do not fare well in apartments or with inexperienced pet owners.

The Scottish Deerhound is patient with inexperienced dog owners, but they should be aware that he is not the easiest breed to train.

Apartment living is not advised for Scottish Deerhounds. They are giant dogs who require a lot of space to run, despite their modest indoor activity levels.

They need daily exercise and prefer to live in a house with a large yard.

More Facts

  • This breed is a large-sized dog breed.
  • It is about 32 inches tall.
  • It is about 11 pounds heavy.
  • And its coat is wiry.
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