9 Giant Rabbit Breeds

Giant Rabbit Breeds
Photo by Rick J. Brown

Giant rabbits are a rare breed, but they are growing in popularity.

They are popular for their large size and unusual appearance, but they also have some other interesting features. Read on to find out more about giant rabbit breeds.

The largest rabbit ever recorded was found in the UK in 2010. Its body weighed 49 pounds, and it measured nearly 4 feet long.

Giant rabbits are native to China. They have become popular pets across Europe and North America in recent years.

In addition, giant rabbits are bred for their fur, meat, and other uses. Their fur is considered a luxury item.

They are kept as pets; some are even trained to perform tricks.

Giant Rabbit Breeds

1. Checkered Giant

The Checkered Giant is a large rabbit breed that originated in France. They weigh about 12lbs, and it takes a certain type of owner to handle them. Also, they are commonly seen as show-rabbits, although you can still find them in many homes as pets.

This breed has a muscular build, and its body is hare-like and long while also being arched. Their legs are long, and they have a wide head with upright, broad ears. They have a short to medium-length coat that is soft and thick. 

In addition, checkered giant breeds are not as affectionate as other breeds, but they’re not aggressive. They’re gentle and friendly and will live happily with their owners. Also, they’re energetic and active and love to spend time outside.

2. Grand Chinchilla

The Grand Chinchilla is among the Giant rabbit breeds, weighing about 15lbs. They have a semi-arched body shape, powerful feet and legs, and a white underbelly. Also, their medium-length ears are straight and erect.

The Grand Chinchilla rabbits have only one color, which is dark blue. Their eye circles are well defined with a light pearl color, and their eye color can be brown, blue-grey, or dark brown. The top side of their tail is mostly black, while the underside is white.

However, they need a large enclosure to be comfortable because of their size. This rabbit breed is an easy-going pet and loves a laid-back lifestyle. They have a sweet nature and love watching humans go about their daily lives.

3. Continental Giant

This breed is the long-time holder of the record for ‘the largest rabbit in the world.’ They measure up to 4 feet and weigh between 12 – 30 pounds. These rabbits have a full and imposing presence which contradicts their truly gentle nature.

Continental giants come in 8 different colors: opal, yellow, agouti, red agouti, black, dark steel, light steel, and chinchilla. Above all, ensure to have a lot of space in your home and backyard if you consider owning this breed because their huge size requires regular time spent outdoors.

4. British Giant

The British Giant is a domesticated giant rabbit breed and can weigh up to 15 pounds. They have a powerful body, flat back, round face, and full cheeks. Also, they are very rare, but you can find them in the UK.

This breed has a soft medium length fur that is perfect for cuddles. They also come in various colors: blue, white, black, grey, ebony, and steel grey. They’re popular as in indoor rabbit, though.

The British Giant is a friendly breed and is a good choice for families with small children. They’re also quite sympathetic to the needs of their handlers, regardless of age and size.

However, the biggest challenge of owning this breed is their size and the amount of space they require.

5. Flemish Giant

The Flemish Giant is one of the oldest and largest breeds of rabbit and was initially bred to provide meat and skin. These rabbits usually weigh between 15 and 22lbs and can reach up to 30 inches long. They do not have a maximum weight; a Flemish Giant’s heaviest recorded weight is 50 pounds!

Flemish Giant rabbits have distinctive heads and long V-shaped ears. They also have an arched body shape and rounded tail.

Their medium length coat is thick and glossy and cannot handle hot temperatures. These rabbits come in 7 colors: light gray, black, blue, steel gray, white, and sandy.

In addition, Flemish Giant rabbits can look intimidating, but they have one of the best temperaments. They’re calm and friendly and make excellent companions. Also, they love attention and will always hop on your laps for cuddles.

6. Blanc De Bouscat

Blanc De Bouscat is one of the giant rabbit breeds weighing over 13lbs. They originate from France or the village of Bouscat in Gironde. This breed was formerly bred for meat and fur, but they’re now one of the most popular pet rabbits.

Blanc De Bouscat has an impressive appearance with its strong, muscular body. They have thick, long ears with rounded tips that always hold upright. Also, they have a dense, silky coat that is particularly soft to touch.

This rabbit’s calm and docile demeanor makes them a perfect family pet. They are smart, and training them to use the litter will be a rewarding experience.

7. Hungarian Giant

This rabbit breed weighs between 11 and 15 pounds. They came into existence by intentionally breeding wild rabbit breeds with a variety of continental rabbit breeds. 

The Hungarian Giant rabbit was formerly called Hungarian Agouti until further breeding expanded its color and pattern diversity. They have soft, dense fur and upright ears. Also, they show rabbits and pets, although some people use them for meat. 

8. Spanish Giant

The Spanish Giant is among the giant rabbit breeds, and it weighs about 15 pounds. They result from cross-breeding Flemish Giants and other large Spanish rabbit breeds.  

These rabbits have long, upright ears and dense, short fur that come in few colors. They’re calm and docile, making them good pets, although their lifespan is only four to six years.

9. Silver Fox

The Silver Fox is a large rabbit with a muscled frame, proportionate width and depth, and a luxurious coat. They weigh between 5 to 12 pounds. Also, they have amazing fur that stands up on end when you stroke it backward.

This rabbit breed is a popular meat rabbit as they have a good ratio of muscle to bone. However, they’re now used as show rabbits or family pets.

The Silver Fox is a gentle and friendly pet. They enjoy getting plenty of attention, making them a natural fit for both adults and children. Also, they require only weekly brushing, although you might want to increase it to twice weekly during shedding season.


Knowing a little bit more about some of the giant rabbit breeds should help you decide if owning one of these large rabbit breeds is the right decision for you. Thanks for reading!

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