17 Most Popular Rabbit Breeds in the World

Most Popular Rabbit Breeds
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A rabbit is a great animal and makes an excellent pet for various reasons, and the most popular rabbit breeds are no exception.

Not only are they cuter and fluffier than dogs and cats, but they’re also much more manageable in size!

They are capable of becoming very tamed animals that adore spending time with their families. One can even teach bunnies to use a litter tray, reducing the amount of filth they make.

The American Rabbit Breeders Association only recognizes 49 different kinds of rabbits now, yet there are more than 300 different breeds!

Keeping this information in mind, how can you determine which animal will best serve you as a companion animal?

Are you able to discern the difference between the various kinds of rabbits, and are you aware of the considerations you need to make before introducing one of these creatures into your home?

The good news is that we have put together a guide to teach you all you need to know about rabbits, including the most popular rabbit breeds.

Continue reading to learn more and even find out which types of rabbits are the most desired.

Characteristics of Rabbits

Because there are so many distinct breeds available, the individuals that make up each breed naturally exhibit a wide variety of personality traits. Some dog breeds have a striking resemblance to one another, while others appear to be worlds apart.

Their temperament can range from overly aggressive to calm and lovely. It is essential to note that these characteristics are not subjective to a particular breed but rather individually.

Size and Weight

There is a wide range of sizes and weights for rabbits. There are Miniature breeds, as well as Giant breeds, among others.

If it is your first time owning a rabbit, you should get a rabbit that is on the smaller side because they are slightly easier to care for. Children are more likely to be successful with smaller rabbits since they are simpler to handle.


The five primary morphologies found in rabbit breeds are full-arch, semi-arch, compact, commercial, and cylindrical. The commercial body types are more frequently observed in meat rabbits, whereas compact body types are common in rabbits kept as pets.

On the other hand, some rabbits have a semi-arched or full arch. The Himalayan Rabbit is the only species with a cylindrical body shape.


Rabbits come in an amazing variety of hues! Some breeds have only one or two colors, while others have numerous. Some breeds have unique markings that distinguish them as members of a particular breed.

1. Harlequin Rabbit

The Harlequin breed of Rabbit is a kind of Rabbit that originates in France and can range in size from medium to giant. They typically weigh around in the region of 9.5 pounds.

Their coat’s distinctive markings and coloring set them apart from other animals. Their ears, cheeks, and the soles of their feet have a unique coloration.

Orange and black are the typical color combinations. They are mostly gentle and quiet rabbits but can also be active and curious!

2. New Zealand Rabbit

The New Zealand rabbit came from the United States. They are a large breed that weighs between 10 and 12 pounds and has short fur that can be white, black, “broken,” or different shades of red.

Their ears are big and stand straight up. Most of the time, these bunnies are calm and easy to handle. However, you should always socialize them well before bringing them into your home, especially around children.

3. American Sable Rabbit

The American Sable rabbit has two different kinds of sable coloring. This coloring puts them on the list of most popular rabbit breeds; they weigh between 8 and 9 pounds and are a good size, making them easy to care for and not taking up too much space.

They are friendly and like to be around people, and they love to spend time with them. The American Sable is also a busy, energetic bunny that likes to spend time outside. Even though they make excellent pets, people often use them for shows.

4. Florida White Rabbit

Because of their versatility, Florida White rabbits are often referred to as “all-purpose rabbits.” These rabbits can serve as meat, show rabbits, or pets.

The Florida White is an entirely white rabbit with red eyes and typically weighs around 6 pounds. They are docile and friendly, making them one of the most popular rabbit breeds and excellent options for the role of a family pet.

5. Lionhead Rabbit

The Lionhead rabbit is a small Rabbit that usually doesn’t get much bigger than 4 pounds. Their name comes from their fluffy “lion’s mane,” which makes them easy to spot.

Even though these rabbits are friendly and get along well with kids, they can quickly get bored. They will need to get a lot of exercise and playtime outside their hutch.

6. Californian Rabbit

Most of the time, the Californian Rabbit is used as a pet or for meat. These bunnies are easy to spot because their bodies are white, their ears have brown colors, and their noses, tails, and feet are marked.

They are a big breed and usually weigh between 10 and 12 pounds, but don’t let that stop you! Due to how friendly they are, the Californian is also often kept as a pet.

7. English Angora Rabbit

The English Angora is one of the most popular rabbit breeds known for its fluffy coat! The breed is the oldest breed of Rabbit kept as a pet, and adults of this breed usually weigh about 7.5 pounds.

Even though this breed is calm, friendly, and intelligent, which are all qualities of a great pet, they need a lot of grooming. You must brush these bunnies daily, or they could get sick if they eat too much fur.

8. Netherland Dwarf Rabbit

The Netherland Dwarf is a small rabbit breed, weighing only about 2.5 pounds on average! They feature small, upright ears and are available in a variety of hues.

Even though they are small, they are energetic and active, necessitating extensive time spent outside their hutch exploring and exercising.

They can become aggressive if they do not get enough exercise. As a result, you must let them explore and hop around the house and not confine them to their cage. They can make excellent family pets, but you should keep an eye on them around little children.

9. Mini Rex Rabbit

The Mini Rex rabbit is a more diminutive form of the Rex rabbit. They make good pets and usually have a good attitude, weighing roughly 4.5 pounds. However, they can be a little aggressive at times. They enjoy exercising and, properly socialized, get along with everyone in the household.

10. French Lop Rabbit

The French Lop is well-known for its gentle and bright personality. This medium to large rabbits have beautiful lopped ears and boxy heads.

They have a silky and dense coat that one must carefully groom. Because they can weigh up to 14 pounds, they are often not recommended for households with little children.

They are, nevertheless, incredibly social animals who will like spending time with the elderly members of the family!

11. English Lop

The ears of the English Lop are remarkable! These bunnies have extremely long lopped ears that typically measure 21-32 inches from tip to tip.

The English Lop rabbit is a massive breed that weighs around 12 pounds, but they have a very gentle, loving, and laid-back personality that allows them to thrive in any home.

Many English Lop owners prefer to show them because of their striking beauty, but they also make excellent companion animals and are one of the most popular rabbit breeds.

12. Flemish Giant Rabbit

One of the largest rabbit breeds is the Flemish Giant, which gets its name from its size. They can weigh more than seven kilograms!

People admire them for the great calmness of their demeanor. Because of this trait, the Flemish Rabbit is among the most popular rabbit breeds.

They are very outgoing and friendly with everyone, but they need to be motivated to exercise because they tend to become sedentary. They are also capable of making great show rabbits.

13. Holland Lop Rabbit

The Holland Lop happens to be the smallest of the lop breeds and can weigh no more than 4 pounds. They feature floppy ears and a short, thick coat, contributing to their adorable cuddliness.

Their physique is short and stocky, and their stature allows them to fit into many households. In addition, they have a pleasant and tranquil demeanor and can show great devotion toward their owners.

14. Mini Lop Rabbit

Mini Lops are a very adorable breed of little Rabbit! They are a hybrid breed of Rabbit that was produced by mixing rabbits of various distinct kinds, and their typical weight ranges from three to six pounds.

They have a small frame, but their muscles are so developed that it often gives the impression that they do not have a neck.

The Mini Lop adores being the center of attention and cherishes quality time spent with their families. In fact, there have been reports of them biting and kicking people who don’t pay them enough attention. They are easy to care for and get along well with people of many different backgrounds.

15. Dutch Rabbit

Due to its markings, the dutch Rabbit is one of the most popular rabbit breeds. This feature has earned it a well-deserved reputation.

These rabbits have dark-colored ears and rumps, a band of white extending from their shoulders to the bottom of their bellies, white legs, and a wedge of white fur running up the front of the face called “white blaze.”

They typically weigh about 4 pounds, have a compact body, and have short ears that stand straight. They have a wonderful disposition; they are submissive, kind, and gregarious. The dutch rabbits are the perfect choice for a pet.

16. American Rabbit

The American Rabbit has a body form similar to a mandolin and a coat that resembles fur. The demeanor of these bunnies is gentle, and they make excellent moms.

Even though people initially bred these species for their fur and meat, enthusiasts have begun entering them in shows due to the stunning blue or white coats that some of them have. Some of these breeds can weigh up to 12 pounds.

17. Belgian Hare

Lastly, on our compilation of the most popular rabbit breeds is the Belgian Hare. This domestic breed got its name from its resemblance to a wild hare.

They can live for at least ten years and have long, slim bodies and elegant legs. Their tails are straight, their heads are long, their forepaws are long and fine-boned, and their hind paws are delicate and flat.

Their fur is often dark brown with rusty red highlights, indicating their strength and vigor. The Belgian Hare Rabbit is a curious and active breed of Rabbit that hails from Belgium.


As you can see, there are numerous rabbit breeds. Rabbits vary in size, shape, fur type, color, and other characteristics, so there are a few things to consider before bringing one into your home.

When caring for rabbits, the most important thing to remember is to ensure their hutch is large enough and they get enough exercise daily.

Bunnies can be fantastic additions to many families, but they must be properly socialized and enjoy spending time with their owners.

Give them lots of love and care; they’ll become your greatest buddy regardless of breed! Which of these rabbit breeds do you believe is the best fit for you?

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