31 Rabbit Breeds to Keep as Pets

Rabbit Breeds to Keep as Pets
Photo by Gary Bendig

Choosing the right rabbit breed is important, especially if you’re looking to add one to your home for the first time. Remember, no two fluffy bunnies are the same.

There are different rabbit breeds to keep as pets; all have their personalities, health issues, and so on. 

Due to their temperamental natures, some rabbit breeds may tolerate holding but not touching, while others may like both.

Make sure you’re prepared before purchasing or adopting a rabbit, regardless of what breed you decide on as a pet.

These pets provide love and affection – no wonder many people adore them. I don’t think anyone can resist their cute and cuddly charms.

Some of them form strong ties with their owners and end up being indispensable members of the family. Here is a list of the top 31 rabbit breeds to keep as pets.

1. Argente Creme

The Argent Crème is a rare breed of pet rabbit that is also known as the Crème d’Argent, and it is simple to understand why. These gorgeous rabbits have fluffy orange undercoats and cream overcoats. 

These rabbits make wonderful pets, but because they are so uncommon, most people will probably never get to see one in person. The rabbits have a 9-year lifespan and a maximum weight of 11 lbs. They are wonderful, big, and gentle creatures.

2. Beveren

Beveren rabbits are intelligent, active animals that can weigh up to 12 pounds and live for five to ten years. They need a large amount of space because they are one of the bigger rabbits on this list.

These bunnies come in various colors, such as blue, white, and red. They are excellent pets and show rabbits, so a wide range of people can enjoy them!

3. Blanc de Hotot

Blanc de Hotots are among the different rabbit breeds to keep as pets and are distinguished by their white fur and black rings around their eyes. They are predominantly white; however, their fur may include splotches of gray or black.

The Blanc de Hotot rabbit lives for roughly ten years and weighs between 8 and 11 pounds. These creatures require a lot of positive attention to thrive.

4. Britannia Petite

The Britannia Petite is a small rabbit from Britain that weighs around 2.5 pounds when fully mature. These rabbits have a body form with a prominent rear arch. Their heads are wedge-shaped, with very pointy ears.

These rabbits come in various colors and patterns, including white, black, chestnut, sable, and others. They sometimes even have red eyes.

It is uncommon for these energetic rabbits to relax with their owner. However, they make fantastic pets for anyone who wants a playful animal!

5. Tan

This is among the different rabbit breeds to keep as pets, and it enjoys living with other rabbits. The Tan rabbit is a live show breed that weighs between 4 and 6 pounds.

Most people are familiar with the tan and black form of these animals, which are primarily black on the body and face and tan everywhere else. As long as you are careful with them, they don’t mind being handled.

6. Chinchilla

The original breed of this rabbit is known as the Standard Chinchilla. They have the recognizable rollback fur of a chinchilla and barely weigh around 7lbs at their largest size. Additionally, they have very small bodies.

In captivity, these rabbits have a lifespan of five to ten years. Their fur comes in various colors, including tan, white, brown, and others. However, they often have white rings around their eyes, which help you identify them.

7. Dutch

The Dutch rabbit, commonly known as the Hollander, is one of the most popular rabbit breeds in the world.

Dutch rabbits are distinguished by their distinctive coloring pattern, which consists of dark color on the sides of the head and a light color in the center.

They also have a band of light fur down the middle of the body and a rear that is entirely one dark color.

These rabbits also have fairly rounded bodies. When considering a pet, people typically picture these types of rabbits. They’re small to medium-sized, weighing about 3 to 5 pounds, and surprisingly calm and intelligent for rabbits.

8. Dwarf Papillon

Dwarf papillon rabbits are among the best pet rabbit breeds that you can keep. These rabbits are normally white with distinct brown or black patches around their eyes, as well as spots all over their body and a blotch around their nose.

In addition, they have a coat that can be both smooth and woolly. The dwarf papillon is not very big, only reaching a weight of about 2 pounds.

If you enjoy observing animals, they make good pets because they are naturally energetic and curious.

9. English Angora

The large amount of fur that English angora rabbits produce makes them easily identifiable. Their faces are fur-covered except for the area right above the nose, making them fluffy, almost cloud-like creatures.

Although they are gentle and kind, they require frequent grooming to stay healthy. These rabbits come in various colors and weigh between 5 and 6 pounds.

You’ll often find them in white color, but they can also be blue, brown, chocolate, chestnut, tort, and more. These smaller rabbits have a life expectancy of up to 12 years when given the proper care.

10. Flemish Giant

If you’re looking for rabbit breeds to keep as pets and that is also large, then Flemish Giant is for you. This rabbit weighs 15 pounds and grows over four feet long.

However, you can still find one weighing over 22pounds. They come in various colors: white, blue, black, fawn, and gray.

Moreover, these rabbits need skilled handlers because they are such large creatures. You need to monitor their diet to prevent obesity and keep them away from kids.

Unfortunately, their large size has a negative impact on how long they last. They survive a mere 5-7 years.

11. French Lop

French lops are also large rabbits weighing between 10 and 15 pounds; however, they can weigh more than 20 pounds.

They were originally meat rabbits but have now become show animals and pets. These rabbits come in various colors, including fawn, black, and agouti.

Although these bunnies have incredibly delicate fur, they also require skilled care. They need a lot of space and people who understand how to care for them; they are unsuitable for first-time pets.

12. Havana

These intelligent, long-lived rabbits are excellent rabbit breeds to keep as pets. They have a life expectancy of 12 years. They’re small animals that weigh under five pounds and have mink-like furs.

In addition, Havana rabbits typically occur in dark colors such as chocolate and black. They’re suitable for all types of pet owners, including newbies!

13. Rhinelander

This rabbit breed is famous for its unique color pattern: a white body with two-color markings along the sides, a color streak along its spine, dark eye bands, and a dark snout. They’re rare among the different rabbit breeds to keep as pets in the US.

14. Satin Angora

The Satin Angora may boast the softest and most luxurious coat of any breed of rabbits today. This can be a result of their Satin and French Angora ancestry. 

They are valued for their ability to produce wool and are medium in size. Prospective owners should know that grooming, clipping, and collecting the wool from a Satin Angora could take hours each week.

15. Lionhead

They are a relatively new breed in the United States, but they are growing in popularity thanks to their calm personalities. They have a wooly mane that resembles a lion’s mane and are small and rounded. 

Lionheads are among the friendliest breeds of rabbits and are good-natured and tolerant of kids. They enjoy spending time with their owners, so make sure you give them the love they crave for.

16. Polish

These rabbits are small in size and easy to cuddle. They are friendly toward children, but because they are so small, it is best to keep them away from little children to prevent the rabbit from being dropped or hurt.

Due to their smartness and good nature, this breed has been favored by magicians for use in their performances.

17. English Spot

These are one of the most friendly and affectionate rabbit breeds to keep as pets. They’re perfect for families with young children, first-time rabbit owners, and elders. They have the curiosity and enthusiasm to be an amusing companion.

As long-time show pets, English Spots are accustomed to being held, stroked, and patted, which is one of the reasons they make wonderful pets. They have a white base coat and dots down their back and come in various colors and markings.

18. Himalayan

These adorable bunnies are one of the finest breeds for kids and have wonderful personalities. They weigh between 3 and 5 pounds and are white with black or blue patterns.

Himalayan rabbits have easygoing personalities and love to cuddle and be touched. They are gentle and don’t mind being handled because they have a history of being show bunnies.

19. Jersey Wooly

These are little rabbits that weigh only 1 to 3 pounds, making them a dwarf breed. They require a little more attention than other breeds because they have long coats that need brushing once a week.

You can’t help but cuddle with this bunny because they are so soft and fluffy. They are kind, docile, and wonderful companions for senior citizens looking for a caring companion.

Furthermore, the jersey wooly is also appropriate for kids because they won’t kick or bite. Although some are more extroverted and like to explore their surroundings, they can also be laid back.

20. Rex

You can easily identify this breed by its luxurious coat that has a velvety texture. However, they can come up in 16 different colors.

This affectionate rabbit breed is a fantastic option for a family pet because they appreciate being picked up and hugged. They also develop strong bonds with their humans.

Though they occasionally engage in playful activities and are intelligent, they always accept affection. No wonder they’re a favorite among rabbit breeds to keep as pets. You can discover the same temperament in both the regular and small Rex rabbits.

21. Harlequin

Harlequin rabbits are great pets and show rabbits because of their clever yet docile behavior. In addition, they make the perfect companion for children because of their friendly attitude and peaceful nature.

Despite their affection, they will never sleep on your lap. However, they love it when you pet and scratch them on their back. They have a medium-sized body, short fur, and distinctive colors and markings, making them easy to identify.

22. Sussex

Despite being a new breed, the Sussex rabbit is quickly establishing itself as an ideal pet. It is friendly, docile, inquisitive, and quite intelligent, making this breed easy to train.

This rabbit is prone to greed, so it’s important to keep an eye on their weight and cut back on goodies if you see your bunny has gained more weight than she should.

23. Florida White

The Florida White is a pure white rabbit with pink eyes. These rabbits were first only used as food and test subjects in labs. But lately, they have become popular as show animals and pets. They are small, weighing roughly 4.5-6 lbs, and quite patient, making them excellent pets for children.

24. Checkered Giant

The checkered giant is among the best pet rabbit breeds and will stand out in a crowd. These attractive rabbits, whose top weight ranges from 11 to 16 pounds, are high-energy and black and white in color.

In addition, they make wonderful companions for anyone who can provide them with a sizable cage and plenty of space to roam.

25. Californian

You can easily identify Californians by their robust, muscular physique and black and white color contrast. They are attractive and friendly and can weigh up to 11 pounds. For show purposes, find rabbits that are black only on the ears, nose, paws, and tail.

26. American Fuzzy Lop

American Fuzzy Lops are little, playful rabbits that weigh a maximum of 3 to 4 pounds. These animals are adored for their plush, silky fur. However, owners must frequently groom their hair to prevent it from getting matted.

27. Argente Brun

Argente Brun is among the different rabbit breeds to keep as pets and is famous for its unique color – a light brown with flecks of silver.

In addition, these bunnies have perky ears, watchful eyes, and a pleasant demeanor. They will sit on your lap for pets and cuddles.

They are large rabbits, weighing 7 to 12 pounds at their biggest. Argente Brun rabbits have a lifespan of seven to ten years. 

28. Cinnamon

The Cinnamon rabbit stands out from other animals thanks to its stunning, distinctive coat, which is cinnamon-colored. However, they may have a different face, and ear outlines colors, such as black or white.

They don’t require much maintenance because they have short fur. Although they are most often between 8 and 9 pounds, they can weigh up to 11 pounds. These animals make ideal pets since they are quite gentle and enjoy spending time with their owners.

29. Lilac

The Lilac rabbit is a medium-sized animal with just one distinctive color: a lovely pinkish shade. They are rare animals that weigh between 5 and 8 pounds.

These docile animals are large enough that a child could care for them. They’re among the lovable rabbit breeds to keep as pets. 

30. Silver

The Silver rabbit has an average weight of 6 pounds and a lifespan of 7 to 10 years. They are little rabbits with black, fawn, or brown coloring.

Their flyback coat is thick, and their ears are upright. However, getting one of these beauties as a pet can be difficult because they’re quite rare.

31. Velveteen Lop

The Velveteen Lop rabbit is famous for its broad ears, plush hair, and potentially longer life. With the right care, this rabbit can survive for up to 11 years and only gain 5 to 7 pounds. 

You need to pay extra attention to the rabbit’s ears to prevent them from becoming wet or chilly. However, their fur is short enough that they don’t require much grooming.


Hope you enjoyed our article on the best rabbit breeds to keep as pets. All these breeds would thrive in your home, but some are rare and need special care. Choosing a rabbit is a big decision, but remember that they are sweet, lovable animals that require fun and attention.

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