10 Most Expensive Fish in the World

Most Expensive Fish
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The diversity of fish species found around the world is one of nature’s most abundant gifts. Many people adore the most popular goldfish, but some fish lovers prefer something a little different.

There are several different kinds of fish, and some are very expensive. The price of a fish is usually determined by how rare, unique, or beautiful it is, and some even have distinguishing characteristics that make them prize catches.

Here are the10 most expensive fish in the world, in case you’re looking for a new addition to your collection or just curious about what’s out there.

1. Platinum Arowana – $430,000

Platinum Arowana

The Platinum Arowana is the world’s most expensive fish. People have been known to pay lots of money for one of these stunning fish, which are known not only for their beauty but also for their intelligence. This fish is not only the most costly, but it is also the rarest.

One was so rare that it was microchipped before being allowed to sexually mature so that its sexual growth could be tracked. Its lovely coloring is the product of a genetic mutation, but that only added to its rarity.

The highest price paid for a Platinum Arowana was $430,000. That’s right. It’s close to half a million dollars! That is one pricey fish.

2. Freshwater polka dot stingray – $100,000

Freshwater polka dot stingray

You may not expect a stingray to be on this list, let alone take second place, but this isn’t your average stingray. Collectors should expect to pay over a hundred thousand dollars for this one-of-a-kind stingray.

The Xingu River fish, also known as the white-blotched river stingray, lives in the rocky bottoms of the Brazilian river.

This ray is regarded as the most expensive aquarium fish by some. This freshwater ray is typically dark in color with white spots and makes a unique addition to an aquarium.

3. Peppermint angelfish – $30,000

Peppermint angelfish

This angelfish is red and white striped, much like the candy, as the name suggests and one of the most expensive fish in the world.

This tiny fish reaches a maximum length of seven centimeters, making it ideal for aquarium life. On the other hand, collectors pay about $35,000 for a single one due to its rarity.

Divers often find these beautifully colored fish difficult to capture, in addition to being rare. They prefer to hide in the depths of tropical coral reefs.

With their red and white stripes, these lovely angelfish are a coveted catch for collectors and fish enthusiasts alike.

4. Masked angelfish – $20,000

Masked angelfish

Number four on the list is another angelfish. The Masked angelfish, which sells for about $20,000, is mainly found in the Hawaiian Islands. This fish appears to be wearing a black mask, as its name suggests.

Like its sister species, this angelfish prefers to hang out in coral reefs and has a marbled appearance. The colors of this stunning fish are usually ivory, black, and orange, but their patterns can vary. Nevertheless, they all wear their mask, hence the name.

5. Bladefin basslet – $10,000

Bladefin basslet

The Caribbean is home to this adorable little fish and one of the most expensive fish in the world. Since it is so small and difficult to catch, it is scarce and expensive.

The Bladefin Basslet is ten thousand dollars each because of these factors, and the colors of this fish range from white to bright orange.

Collectors and enthusiasts alike are enamored with this inch-and-a-half-long trout. However, the high price represents the scarcity of these products.

6. Golden basslet – $8,000

Golden basslet

This fish makes up for its lack of size with its price! It is priced at $8,000 because of its exquisite golden coloring. There is no way a list could be complete without this fish.

Since they are so tiny and live so deep in the water, this is one of the most difficult fish for divers to catch. This is one of the smallest members of the Basslet family.

Although they adapt well to captivity, capturing them is difficult due to the need for specialized decompression techniques that enable divers to safely carry them to the surface.

Although this colorful fish appears to be uniform in color, closer examination reveals a yolk yellow color that bleeds into a rich tangerine color in the center. When the two colors are mixed, a honeycomb pattern is formed.

7. Neptune grouper – $6,000

Neptune grouper

The Neptune grouper is a beautiful and highly coveted aquarium fish rarely seen in the aquarium and also among the most expensive fish in the world, so you can expect it to be expensive when it becomes available.

This fish is exceptional in appearance, with a hot pink/orange body and yellow stripes. This fish is usually more costly as a juvenile because they adapt to tank life much more quickly than older specimens.

Since these fish live at depths ranging from 260 to 800 feet, they must undergo a special decompression and transportation phase in order to adjust to the upper levels of the ocean. Surprisingly, these fish are more prevalent in supermarkets.

8. Australian flathead perch – $5,000

Australian flathead perch

The Australian flathead perch, also referred to as Rainfordia opercularis, is among the rarest and least known Basslet. This species is poorly understood, and only one or two species are thought to have been introduced to the United States.

The Steinhart Aquarium was able to get one of them. These fish can grow to be 6 inches long and are much lighter and orange as juveniles than adults. Some of these fishes come in blue stripes with a black edging.

They have a flathead (hence the name) and a large mouth, and it is this distinct appearance that has earned them their genus: Rainfordia. This is a genuine collector’s species, but it’s scarce.

9. Wrought iron butterflyfish – $2,700

Wrought Iron Butterflyfish, 'Chaetodon daedalma' endemic to Japan. Feeding on Algae, Hachijojima, Izu Islands, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan

Butterflyfish are exceptionally beautiful and a sought-after family within the aquarium hobby, renowned for their appealing patterns and colors.

The wrought iron butterflyfish is no exception, with a metallic appearance and outlined yellow-tipped fins. These fish have strong schooling behavioral patterns and prefer to stick together in groups of at least ten.

They can be found near Japan in the western Pacific Ocean, and are among the most expensive fish in the world.

They can have a hard time adjusting to life in captivity, and it can take a long time for them to consider food in the aquarium.

They are plankton-eating fish that graze on algae and invertebrates in the wild, making it difficult to reproduce in a tank.

10. Clarion angelfish – $2,500

Clarion angelfish

The clarion angelfish is among the most well-known saltwater fishes available in the fish-keeping world. They are native to the Eastern Central Pacific and grow up to 10 inches in length. They have yellow bodies with bright blue lines running down their bodies and over their faces.

Their fins are also tipped with the same brilliant blue. These fish are usually captive bred in Bali and can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $7,000 based on how readily accessible they are at the time of purchase.

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