How Much Does a Jellyfish Cost?

How Much Does a Jellyfish Cost
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Sea jellies, or jellies, also known as jellyfish, are regularly found in the liquid portion of the earth all around the world. Knowing how much does a jellyfish cost and the various species’ prices are constantly being debated.

How much does a jellyfish costs should depend on the species and the seller, right? You’d also agree that the price should also depend on the age and size of the sea creature. 

This article goes into detail about what a jellyfish is and how much different kinds of jellyfish cost, so why don’t you keep reading?

Jellyfish: All You Need To Know

A jellyfish is an invertebrate that lives in an aquatic habitat. This creature depends on its flexible body to float when immersed in a fluid. 

Jellies have a distinct saucer-shaped bell appearance and a four-leafed stomach that is a different color than the rest of their body. Their physical features make it easy to avoid predators and catch prey easily. 

They glow under any light that touches them as night falls because of their glassy bodies. Since this gentle creature prefers to stay out of the sun, it is imperative to keep them in dim environments or keep them out of the sun at all times.

We know from research that most of them only have a short lifespan. The lifespan of an adult jellyfish or medusa varies depending on the breed, but some can live for up to two years in captivity. Polyps, on the other hand, can live and multiply for a few more years, or even a decade. 

How Much Does a Pet Jellyfish Cost?

The cost of a pet jellyfish varies with breed, size, and gender and can range from $25 to $150. For instance, you are expected to pay $60 to $80 for a large moon jellyfish.

Nevertheless, if you want to keep it as a pet, you can order a familiar pet like a small moon jellyfish that ranges from $25 to $65. 

A jellyfish starter kit, which can cost between $150 and $400, is required to feed and care for the jellyfish. This starter kit comes with a pair of jellyfish and a small quantity of food.

What Are Their Extra Expenses?

Large, medium, and small moon jellies are the most common sea jellies you will find on the market. Upon delivery, the largest ones are about 3 inches in diameter.

Apart from these types, there are other types of sea jellies with varying prices listed below on the table:

  Atlantic Sea Nettle         $70 to $100
  Purple Striped    $60 to $90
  Amakusa    $60 to $75
  Blue Blubber    $55 to $80
  Red Cross Blubber    $55 to $75
  Australian Spotted    $50 to $75
  Spotted Lagoon    $50 to $75
  Ghost    $40 to $60   
  Flame    $40 to $60
  (Small/Medium/Large) Moon    $30 to $65

Without the starter kit, the price of a live jellyfish from the above-table typically ranges from $30 to $100.

Moreover, if you want to buy a jellyfish, there are some supplementary expenses you need to take into consideration. If you want the jellyfish for your aquarium, the additional costs can go toward a tank for them.

Jellyfish require regular water flow to prevent disorientation brought on by an imbalance in the water. Don’t forget to include salt in your tank if your pet is adopted from saltwater. A good filtration system must also be installed inside your aquarium.

Jellyfish Maintainance

Sea jellies require great effort to keep an eye on. A light temperature change can cause damage to them, which may be immediately fatal.

However, the tank in which they are kept is built to mimic the regular regions’ flow that can be seen in their natural habitat. 

The sea jelly tank should also be designed to oxygenate the water through the air pumps without heating it. Additionally, it’s crucial that they receive daily dietary supplements and live in a clean environment.

Before buying a jellyfish, it is very important for you to know where the jellyfish are going to be delivered from. The jellyfish most familiar among humans is the moon jellyfish, which is often taken as a pet because it does not sting. 

Since sea jellies are seasonal animals, they die faster than expected. Their short lifespan varies between species. A jellyfish will die and bloom at a particular time every year in the wild. 

Despite this, if they are properly cared for while in captivity, they might be able to live longer. This explains why it’s essential to design or find a conducive environment for the proper growth of these creatures.


Sea jellies are frequently called jellies or jellyfish, and they are often found in the sea in various parts of the world. Some species of jelly prefer to stay in salt water, while some prefer fresh water.

There are different varieties of jellyfish at one’s disposal, and they develop from 7–25 mm in diameter.

How much does a jellyfish cost? The price of any jelly relies fully on their stockbreeder pricing arrangement, which is fixed on quality and age.

It is not a must for starters to purchase a jellyfish tank, but if you choose to buy one, you can get the tanks from the stockbreeder.

The price of the first aquarium structure is between $100 and $300, and it will be arranged for you by the stock breeder immediately after you pay.

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