14 Best Fish Names for Your Fin Buddy

Best Fish Names for Your
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Are you searching for fun and quirky best fish names for your pet fishes? Well, look no further because we have got you covered.

We have rounded up a list of unique and creative names for your finned friend. From punny names to pop culture references, we’ve got it all.

Whether you have a betta fish, goldfish, or other species, these best fish names will make your aquatic companion stand out.

So, let’s dive in and explore some of the best names for your pet fish!

1. Sushi or Sashimi

If you’re a fan of Japanese cuisine, then why not name your pet fish after one of its most popular dishes?

Sushi and Sashimi are great options for a fish name that’s not unique but also fits the theme of food names.

These best fish names are short and easy to remember, making them perfect for your new aquatic buddy.

Sushi is typically made with raw fish; since your fish lives in water, it’s the perfect name for your pet.

Sashimi is also made with raw fish, but it’s served thinly sliced, making it a great option if your fish has long, slender fins.

Both names are perfect for any fish, from a neon tetra to a koi carp. Just be prepared for the occasional craving for sushi or sashimi whenever you say your pet fish’s name!

2. Bubbles or Bubble Gum

If you’re looking for a fun and playful name for your pet fish, consider Bubbles or Bubblegum.

These best fish names perfectly capture the bubbly nature of fish as they gracefully swim around their tanks.

Bubbles is a simple yet adorable name that is perfect for any fish with a bubbly personality. 

On the other hand, Bubblegum is a great name for a fish with bright and bold colors that pop out like a bubblegum flavor. 

These names are especially fitting for Betta fish or other brightly colored varieties.

Imagine calling out, “Bubbles, come eat your fish food!” or “Bubblegum, it’s time to clean your tank!” They add a touch of personality and charm to your pet’s everyday life. 

In addition, both names are easy to remember and say, making them a great choice for children who may struggle with more complex names.

They are both gender-neutral, so they work for male or female fish. 

Bubbles or Bubblegum are fun and creative options that will make your pet fish stand out in their tank. Be prepared for lots of bubbly excitement whenever you call out their name!

3. Goldie or Goldilocks

Goldie or Goldilocks is a perfect name if your fish is gold in color. Goldie can also refer to the precious metal, giving your pet fish an elegant and valuable name.

On the other hand, Goldilocks can be a playful name, especially if your fish has a spunky personality. It’s a great name to choose if you want to give your fish a quirky and memorable name.

Plus, it’s a name that people will remember and associate with your pet fish for years. So if your fish is gold, consider the best fish names, Goldie or Goldilocks, for a fun and unique name.

4. Nemo or Dory

If you’re a fan of the classic Disney Pixar film Finding Nemo, why not pay homage to the lovable characters with a fish name?

Nemo and Dory are great options that will make you smile whenever you see your fish swimming around their tank. 

Nemo is a Latin word that means “no one” or “nobody,” which makes it a fitting name for a relatively anonymous and mysterious pet.

On the other hand, Dory is a more lighthearted and playful name that perfectly encapsulates the character’s bubbly personality. 

Both names are also perfect best fish names if you have multiple fish in your tank.

You could name one Nemo and the other Dory, creating a cute little duo that will make everyone who visits your home smile. 

If you’re feeling creative, you could decorate your fish tank to look like the coral reef from the movie.

Add some green plants and colorful rocks, and your fish will feel at home in their little aquatic paradise. 

In any case, both Nemo and Dory are great options for any fish lover looking for a fun and unique name for their pet.

5. Captain Hook or Blackbeard

If you have an aggressive fish, why not give it a pirate-themed name?

Captain Hook and Blackbeard are both great options. Not only are they cool names, but they also bring a sense of adventure to your aquarium.

You could even add some pirate-themed decorations to complete the look. Just be careful that your fish doesn’t start attacking other fish in the tank and “stealing” their food!

6. Splash or Splashy

If your fish has a fun and outgoing personality, Splash or Splashy could be the perfect name for them.

This name is inspired by the playful splashing that fish often do in their tanks, and it’s a great choice for a fish that loves to swim around and explore its environment.

Not only is Splash a cute and quirky best fish ame for fish, but it’s also easy to remember and say. It’s a great choice for anyone who wants a fun and memorable name for their pet fish.

Plus, it’s a name that will make you smile whenever you see your fish swimming in their tank.

If you like the name Splash but want to make it even more unique, add a fun suffix like “y” to create Splashy.

This is a great way to give your fish a personalized and distinctive name that’s all their own.

Overall, Splash and Splashy are great options for anyone looking for a fun and playful name for their pet fish.

They’re both easy to remember and say, and they’re sure to bring a smile to your face every time you see your fish swimming around their tank.

So why not give your fish a name that’s as fun and playful as they are?

7. Blue or Aqua

If your fish has a beautiful blue or aqua hue, why not choose a name that perfectly reflects its stunning color? Blue and Aqua are simple yet effective names that make your fish stand out.

These best fish names especially fit tropical fish such as Bettas, Guppies, and Neon Tetras, who often boast brilliant blue and turquoise tones.

In addition to being a nod to their gorgeous color, Blue and Aqua are versatile names that can be adapted to suit your pet’s personality.

For instance, if your fish is particularly fast and zippy, you could add “Speedy” to the end of its name to make it more unique.

Or, if they’re a bit of a troublemaker, “Blue Devil” could be a fun and fitting option.

Of course, if you’re looking for something more unusual, there are plenty of other blue-inspired names to choose from.

“Indigo” is a deep and mystical option, while “Cyan” is a nod to the scientific name for blue-green hues. Sky” is another cute and simple name that could work well for a lighter blue fish.

Ultimately, the most important thing is to choose a name that you love, and that fits your fish’s personality.

Whether you go for something classic like Blue or get creative with a more unusual name, your pet fish will surely appreciate the attention and affection that comes with its unique moniker.

8. Blinky or Winky

Blinky or Winky are perfect choices for those looking for a playful and cute name for their pet fish.

These best fish names refer to the little movements that fish make with their eyes, giving them an adorable and lovable quality.

Blinky is a name that has been around for decades, while Winky is a newer and more modern option. 

Blinky, in particular, has a charming and endearing quality to it. It’s simple, easy to remember, and nicely rolls off the tongue. Plus, it’s a great way to highlight your pet fish’s cute and curious nature.

On the other hand, Winky has a bit of a bad quality. It’s a name that suits more active and adventurous fish, always exploring their surroundings with a curious eye. 

Overall, both Blinky and Winky are great names for any fish. They’re playful and memorable, adding a personalized touch to your aquatic friend.

So, if you’re looking for a fun and unique name for your pet fish, consider Blinky or Winky a top choice. Your fish will surely appreciate the thought you put into choosing their perfect name!

9. Swimmer or Speedy

If you’re looking for a name that reflects your fish’s fast swimming abilities, consider naming them Swimmer or Speedy. Both names are simple yet effective and fit any fish that loves to zip around its tank.

The Swimmer is a great choice for those who appreciate a classic name, while Speedy is perfect for pet owners who want something more playful.

When it comes to choosing between the two names, it comes down to personal preference. Speedy might be the way to go if your fish is particularly quick.

But if your fish is more laid-back and relaxed, Swimmer might be a better fit. No matter which one you choose, both names suit your fish’s personality perfectly as best fish names.

It’s worth noting that both Swimmer and Speedy are also great names for fish that enjoy racing with each other.

If you have multiple fish in your tank, consider organizing some close races and see which one of your fish earns their name the most. It’s a fun way to bond with your fish and give them extra stimulation and exercise.

Overall, Swimmer and Speedy are two of the best fish names out there, and they are both perfect for any pet fish.

So if you’re looking for a name that reflects your fish’s dynamic nature, you can’t go wrong with one of these options.

10. Angel or Halo

If you’re looking for a fish name that’s both heavenly and beautiful, then “Angel” or “Halo” might be the perfect choice for you.

These names can be used for any fish but are especially fitting for those with graceful movements or unique color patterns.

The name “Angel” evokes feelings of purity, goodness, and spirituality. This name is perfect for fish that have a white or iridescent coloring, such as Angelfish or Koi. It’s a simple yet elegant name that will surely stand out.

On the other hand, “Halo” is a more unique and modern choice. This name is perfect for bright or neon-colored fish, such as Neon Tetras or Guppies.

The name “Halo” can also refer to the ring of light above an angel’s head, so it’s a fitting choice for fish full of energy and light.

No matter which name you choose, both “Angel” and “Halo” are great choices as the best fish names for fish owners who want a beautiful and meaningful name.

Just imagine calling out their name every time you feed them or watching them swim gracefully around their tank. It’s sure to bring a smile to your face every time.

11. Captain Jack Sparrow

If you’re a Pirates of the Caribbean franchise fan, you’ll love this next fish name – Captain Jack Sparrow.

This name is perfect for an aggressive and adventurous fish who loves to explore and take charge. Not only is it a unique and quirky name, but it also has a bit of an edge.

Imagine having a pet fish named after one of the most famous pirates in cinema history! Your friends and family will surely be impressed.

And who knows, maybe your fish will even have a taste for rum like the real Captain Jack Sparrow. Just make sure to keep your treasure chest well-guarded!

12. Long John Silver

Another fun fish name inspired by pirate lore is Long John Silver. This name is perfect for a larger fish or a fish with a silver hue.

It’s also a great choice for fans of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel Treasure Island.

Long John Silver is the main antagonist in the story, known for his cunning and trickery. Naming your fish after him could be a fun way to bring adventure and excitement to your aquarium.

Plus, it’s a memorable name that will impress your friends and family.

So if you’re looking for the best unique fish names with some personality, Long John Silver might be the perfect choice.

13. Bubba Gump

Another fun and unique name for your pet fish is Bubba Gump, inspired by the beloved characters from the Forrest Gump movie.

This name is perfect for a bubbly and energetic fish that loves to explore its surroundings. Plus, it’s just fun to say!

You can even get creative with your tank decor and add some shrimp-themed ornaments to pay homage to the famous shrimp company in the movie.

So why not add some personality to your aquarium with the name Bubba Gump for your fish? Your friends and family will surely get a kick out of it.

14. Flipper

Who said fish couldn’t have names from popular TV shows and movies?

Flipper is a great option for the best fish names for fans of the iconic TV show about a lovable bottlenose dolphin and his adventures with his human family.

This name is particularly fitting for a playful fish with a bubbly personality that loves to flip and flop around its tank.

Like the beloved character Flipper, your pet fish can bring joy and excitement to your everyday life.

Imagine calling out to your little aquatic friend, “Hey, Flipper, it’s feeding time!” or watching them do their little flips and turns in their tank as they play.

With a name like Flipper, your pet fish will surely become a family favorite.

Naming your fish after a TV or movie character is a great conversation starter when you have guests over.

They might be surprised to learn that you named your fish after a TV show character, and it’s a fun way to connect with fellow show fans.

So, if you’re looking for a fun and unique name for your pet fish, consider Flipper. It’s a name that will bring smiles to everyone’s faces and add a touch of nostalgia to your home aquarium.

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