Dog Breeds that Start with H

dog breeds that start with H

Do you want a one-of-a-kind and extraordinary dog breed that not many other people have ever heard of? If this is the case, you might want to investigate Dog breeds that start with H.

These dogs are rare and unusual breeds but make wonderful companion animals. In this article, we’ll look at some Dog breeds that start with H so that you can find out more about them and decide if one would be a good fit for you.

1. Hamiltonstovare

The Hamiltonstovare is a versatile breed of medium-sized canines that, in addition to being a devoted family pet, hunts foxes and hares and competes in dog shows.

It has a rectangular body, long head, robust neck, deep, well-developed chest, well-defined withers, almond-shaped eyes, soft, dangling flat ears, strong nose, and tail that tapers toward the tip.

Despite having a similar appearance to an English Foxhound, it can tell the difference by its lighter structure.

These Dog breeds that start with H has the temperament of a typical hound and is a relentless hunter with a high prey drive and good senses of smell and sight.

The Hamilton Hound is a scent-driven dog that follows its nose wherever it leads. It is a breed that can adapt, yet it may also be stubborn, like a hound.

The Hamilton Hound demands lots of activities frequently due to its high energy levels. It should be given at least 20 minutes of unrestricted running time in a securely fenced yard to meet its exercise needs.

They love to participate in any sport, including lure coursing, agility, rally, weight pulling, and dock diving, because it is a breed that serves multiple purposes.

Its coat requires very little upkeep and is simple to clean. You should brush them occasionally because they shed just a moderate amount. It will look its finest if you bathe once a month and take good care of your teeth and nails.

2. Havanese

The Havanese, a breed similar to the Bichon, is considered Cuba’s national canine. They are wonderful companion animals because of their small size and adorable appearance.

Breeders thought they evolved from the now-extinct Blanquito de la Habana (small white Dog of Havana).

Since the dawn of time, seafaring traders have traded adorable lapdogs of this type, with the nobility or aristocratic class making up the majority of the market.

These Dog breeds that start with H like their human family’s companionship and enjoys following their master from one room to the next.

They are adorable, intelligent, kind, and affectionate. Because of this characteristic, they find it challenging to spend extended periods alone.

The Havanese is also a great performer, making you laugh till you cry with its hilarious antics.

They have an inquisitive aspect to them and are aware of their environment, yet they are not hostile to outsiders. Most of these Dog breeds that start with H would extend a cordial greeting to a visitor.

At the same time, some of them may initially show reserve before letting loose after they observe their master successfully interacting with the visitor. They also get along well with children, dogs, and other animals.

Their amiable and calming attitude makes them suitable as therapy dogs for the physically or mentally handicapped, companion dogs for empty nesters or those looking for a buddy, and signal dogs for persons with hearing loss.

These Dog breeds that start with H require only light activity, which a daily brisk walk and enough fun can meet. Since they are apartment dogs, they will thrive if their energy is properly directed indoors.

A young or senior Havanese should not have excessive hair removed. Take your dog home and give it plenty of rest if you see it panting or looking worn out.

3. Harrier Hound

The Harrier is a medium-sized dog breed developed for pack hare and fox hunting. The Harrier is distinguished by its proportionate head, medium-sized eyes, low-set ears, strong neck, powerful back, deep chest, good straight legs, and long, high-set tail, giving the impression of a working hound.

It is slightly smaller than the English Foxhound despite being bigger and stronger than the Beagle.

Uncertainty surrounds the breed’s ancestry, and conflicting accounts of its evolution abound. Some people think the Harrier hounds may have descended from Talbot, Bloodhounds, and Basset Hounds because Harrier is an English word with French roots.

Another hypothesis holds that the Harrier is merely a scaled-down Foxhound. The Harrier is a people-oriented dog that enjoys being near its owners and other animals. It has a playful, affectionate nature. It is a calm family pet that gets along well with kids.

These Dog breeds that start with H can learn to cooperate with other dogs and is never violent toward them because it is a pack hound.

If not socialized from a young age, it can regard non-canine pets like hamsters, squirrels, and cats as prey. It enjoys exploring and may dig or pursue a pleasant scent like a regular hound.

The Harrier needs plenty of regular activities to maintain its high level of energy and stamina; otherwise, it risks being destructive.

Its coat needs moderate upkeep, such as a weekly brush with a rubber curry brush or hound mitt. It would be best to gently clean its long, drooping ears with a cotton ball dipped in a cleaning solution suggested by the vet because they are prone to infections.

You should cut its nails regularly, and it should brush its teeth at least twice a week. Certain genetic disorders, like hip and elbow dysplasia, are more common in some Harriers.

Harrier hounds can be independent and stubborn; thus, they require a tough and skilled trainer when being trained.

You could train it to dig in a certain yard area to assist it in obtaining an outlet for its energy. In the digging section, you can bury toys and treats for your Dog to discover.

Make sure the ground is not dusty and damp. Harriers are particularly helpful for drag hunting because their slower pace is not a hindrance.

4. Hovawart

The Hovawart is a large-sized working dog that evolved during the Middle Ages in the Black Forest mountain range.

With a clean head, somewhat broad skull, deep nose, well-defined stop, oval-shaped eyes, triangular, drooping ears, a medium-sized neck, straight front legs, and round, compact feet, it has a strong, well-balanced physique.

These Dog breeds that start with H are loving, perceptive, and obedient dogs that continue to serve as working companions, whether securing the land, taking part in rescue efforts, or competing in agility trials.

They require an activity to keep them occupied because of their vivacious and inquisitive personality. They appreciate working on projects with their master the most.

Hovawarts exhibit strong faithfulness and bravery without becoming possessive. Despite their polite demeanor, if provoked into an excited state, these Dog breeds that start with H will not hesitate to defend themselves.

They could act aggressively toward other home pets and are cautious of strangers. However, they remain loyal buddies when nurtured alongside kids and other animals.

Arthritis, chronic kidney failure, osteosarcoma, dilated cardiomyopathy, urethral blockage, or heart failure can all damage the Hovawart.

Training a Hovawart can be challenging for novice dog owners due to its authoritarian and stubborn personality.

A balanced diet with a reasonable intake of carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, proteins, and fats is necessary for Hovawarts because they are a working breed of Dog.

You can give them chicken combined with fish, cheese, fruits, and vegetables in addition to high-quality dry foods.

5. Himalayan Sheepdog

The Himalayan Sheepdog, also known as the “Bhutey Kukur” in its native Bhutan, is a large-sized dog breed with roots in Nepal and Northern India.

They have an athletic build, a big head that ends in a wide muzzle, and powerful jaws. They have broad shoulders, thick necks, overlapping ears, muscular legs, and curling tails. On the chest of several of them is a white spot.

According to legend, this breed is a subbreed of the Tibetan Mastiff. Despite being well-known as companion animals, they are still useful to herders in many regions of their native country. Indigenous tribes have extensively used the violent yet agile nature of Himalayan Sheepdogs.

They are useful for hunting, herding, and livestock protection, particularly for protecting sheep and cattle from rapacious animals. Additionally, they would go hunting for large wildlife in the rugged Himalayan Mountains.

While being bright and brave, these Dog breeds that start with H can sometimes be a little stubborn and obstinate. They are on the lookout and will diligently guard their owner’s home, frequently barking loudly if they notice anything odd.

Although they make ideal family dogs, Himalayan Sheepdogs should not be kept indoors due to their energetic nature.

Take your Dog for a jog while on a leash every morning and evening. Each session should last 30 to 40 minutes. Play interactive activities inside a fenced-in yard with your children.

Brush your Dog’s long coat at least three to four times every week to keep it healthy and in good condition.

There have been no complaints of any issues related to any breed. Watch out for conditions including elbow dysplasia, patellar luxation, hip dysplasia, arthritis, and obesity, which are common in large-sized dogs.

The Himalayan Sheepdogs would frequently act unyielding. Socialize them from a young age. Never keep your Dog inside for extended periods of time; instead, take them for one or two daily walks. Consider taking them to pet parks where they may observe and interact with other animals.

6. Hokkaido Dog

The Hokkaido, also known as the Hokkaido Ken or Hokkaido Ainu, is a medium-sized dog breed created in its original home for its working and hunting prowess.

It has a strong, muscular neck, high-set withers, a somewhat deep chest, slightly sloping shoulders, a broad, slightly flat forehead, a wedge-shaped muzzle, short, erect ears, and a thick tail curved over its back. It is also well-built.

The Hokkaido dog—possibly the oldest breed in Japan—is believed to have descended from the Matagi-ken, a group of medium-sized hunting canines that the Ainu people brought with them from Honshu to Hokkaido some 3,000 years ago.

This Dog breeds that start with H gets along well with other small animals and kids despite its innate predatory drive if properly socialized as a young animal. It is obedient, kind, and house-loving as a family pet.

Thanks to its innate sense of scent and direction, it exhibits exceptional power, endurance, and precise judgment while hunting. It uses particular sighting signals, including howls and lengthy or short barks.

This tough canine can withstand the cold and is powerful enough to contend with wild boars and Hokkaido brown bears.

The Hokkaido needs a lot of regular exercises because it is an energetic breed. It enjoys long strolls and would make wonderful hiking, running, and playing companions for an energetic owner. It excels in dog sports like dock diving, lure coursing, flyball, rally, and agility.

Due to its dense double coat, you must brush it frequently to remove any dead or loose hair. Make careful to brush its undercoat using a pin brush properly. The other is routine care, such as regular tooth brushing and nail trimming.

The Hokkaido Ainu is prone to seizures, anxiety, heart murmurs, pica, psychogenic polydipsia, collie eye abnormality, luxating patella, and hip dysplasia.

7. Havana Silk Dog

A breed of compact, hardy dogs descended from the Havanese is known as the Havana Silk Dog.

The Havanese Silk differs from its parents in that it has straighter forelegs, smaller ears, a longer nose, and a silkier coat. It has a wide, slightly rounded face, quite big, dark eyes, high-set ears, broad nose, reasonably long neck, strong legs with moderate angulation, and a medium-length tail carried high most of the time.

These Dog breeds that start with H were introduced to the US by Cuban immigrants in the late 1960s, and they served as the ancestors of the American Havanese breed.

One of the major health problems impacting the Havanese breed in 2000 was a particular type of dwarfism. Breeders began selectively breeding only dogs with long, straight forelegs.

The Havana Silk gets along with people and other pets, especially dogs, and is a loving family pet. You can use them as a watchdog because of their alertness, but don’t anticipate them to bark constantly and loudly.

These Dog breeds that start with H require a moderate level of regular activity because it is an active breeds. In addition to daily playtime in a fenced yard, you should take your Dog for regular leash-free walks.

It would help if you groomed it frequently to prevent mats and tangles in its coat. Occasionally clip its hair as well as gently brush it with a brush with soft bristles.

The Havana Silk is prone to several ailments, including chondrodysplasia, Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, patellar luxation, heart murmurs, deafness, and patellar luxation.

The Havana Silk can rapidly comprehend your commands because it is naturally intelligent and amiable.

Although the Havana Silk treats people with kindness, there are occasions when it may be suspicious of strangers or unduly protective of its family.

You should therefore socialize it early by bringing it for walks and introducing it to individuals of various ages, heights, sizes, and complexions and those wearing various clothing.

A portion of high-quality dog food with a healthy balance of nutrients should be fed to your Havana Silk. Check its daily calorie intake and give treats sparingly because it is prone to obesity.

8. Havapoo

The Havapoo (standard, miniature, or teacup) is a hybrid of the Havanese and the Poodle. These Dog breeds that start with H are perfect for practically all types of individuals and homes thanks to their adorable appearances, active methods of moving, and attractive personalities.

Their fluffy tail, dangling ears, round button eyes, and curly coat have all contributed to their beauty.

Havapoos are amiable, lively, affectionate, intelligent, and outgoing little creatures. With tremendous kindness and intelligence, they are incredibly affectionate and enjoy spending all of their time with their family.

However, because tiny dogs sometimes experience “little dog syndrome,” placing them in households with older children is advisable. They love playing with children because of their natural tendencies for play.

Havapoos are also kind toward strangers and wouldn’t hesitate to form a quick connection with them.

They are also very at ease around other dogs and small animals and are more than glad to interact with any species or different breeds.

Some Havapoos are outgoing, while others are peaceful and loving, preferring to spend most of their time with their families. They are incredibly vocally sensitive. They become a very valuable companion as a result.

Like most non-shedders, brushing your havapoo two to three times a week is sufficient to ensure that there are no dead hairs left on the coat. Due to their complex genetic makeup, the Havapoos, like most other crosses, are not predisposed to breed-specific health issues.

Havapoos are exuberant dogs, and diet is a major factor in their high energy levels. Ensure that your Dog consumes appropriate, nutrient-rich, high-quality meals that are abundant in minerals and proteins daily.

9. Huskita

The Siberian Husky and the Akita are the parents of the huge crossbreed known as the Huskita. They have exceptionally strong legs, a thick build, and a curly, bushy tail.

The head and jaws are powerful, and the short muzzle ends in a round black nose. They are medium-sized to giant, lively dogs with almond-shaped eyes and broad, widely spaced, upright ears devoted to their families.

It is a highly energetic, lively, and affectionate creature that is attentive and prepared to defend its home by any means necessary, making it an ideal watchdog. Since they are terrific friends, they are perfect for people who live alone.

They are devoted to their family and are also gentle with kids and other animals. Huskitas do best with just one other pet, though. They can occasionally become hostile and territorial.

While generally friendly to strangers, this breed may not always be able to welcome visitors with a calm disposition if the Akita gene governs them.

Given their power and disconnected nature, These Dog breeds that start with H might not be suitable for first-time owners. They also have an independent streak.

They require rigorous daily workout regimens for at least a couple or three hours. Take long jogs or quick walks outside. Play with your Dog in the yard or the dog park with you (but, of course, leashed).

Although they don’t shed much, their coat is dense. Three to four times per week, brush the animal’s hair to remove any dead hair. Dry dog shampoo is another option for ensuring cleanliness. Only wash them when it’s essential.

Due to their stature, they may experience a variety of bone-related problems, the most prevalent of which is hip dysplasia. It’s important to take into account inherited conditions like a propensity for obesity, bloating, eye issues, SA, and hypothyroidism.

10. Havamalt

The Havamalt, a hybrid breed of Dog developed by mixing a Havanese with a Maltese, is renowned for its gentle and sweet temperament.

Breeders created this miniature toy dog in an effort to combine the greatest qualities of its two parent breeds. It has a small body and a smooth, velvety exterior. It may compete in dog sports like agility if properly taught.

The Havamalts like the human company because of their gentle, affable, and friendly personalities. They frequently accompany their owners from one room to the next as devoted companions.

The Havanese/Maltese mix is a playful and happy dog that will amuse its family members with its tricks and antics. They get along well with both people and animals, acting calmly and lovingly toward kids.

The Havamalt is mostly an inside dog and is not well-suited for many outdoor activities. It stays healthy and happy with a daily leash walk and the odd game of fetch in the backyard. Give it plenty of soft toys to keep it occupied indoors.

Its coat won’t tangle if you brush it frequently, and mats won’t grow. The Havamalt fur requires weekly bathing because it is readily soiled.

If your pet already has mats, gently work the mats out with your fingertips using conditioning oil or a detangler spray.

Due to their intelligence and quick learning curve, these Dog breeds that start with H respond well to obedience training and quickly pick up new talents and tricks.

These Dog breeds that start with H might be adversely affected by aggressive or punitive training methods.

11. Hug Dog

Breeders crossed the Siberian Husky and Pug to create the Hug Dog breed. The results are just as wonderful, even if combining the two distinct breeds may sound intriguing because of their dissimilar sizes and traits.

This breed may inherit the thick, long coat of the Siberian Husky or the long, fine coat of the Pug.

In contrast to those who have adopted the Husky’s side, those who have adopted the Pug’s side may be smaller. Additionally, their appearance is unpredictable.

They have a compressed face, a straight or curling tail, flat or drooping ears, sharp ears, and a black mask. The Husky Pug hybrid has been employed for protection, investigation, and rescue operations.

Hug dogs are happy, clever, and devoted. These dogs exhibit pug-like friendliness and are very loyal to their family members. They are also kind to children and other animals.

These Dog breeds that start with H require a lot of daily activity due to their high energy level. This is also the case because they fall under the working dog category and have a genetic propensity for physical activity. Take your Dog on a leashed walk every day for at least an hour.

If it has a pug-like coat, brush it at least twice weekly; if it has a longer coat, brush it more frequently, perhaps three or four times weekly.

You are responsible for maintaining cleanliness and your Dog’s coat’s sheen because they are energetic dogs who play all day.

Your Hug dog should continue to socialize throughout its life; therefore, you should make arrangements to facilitate further meetings between it and other dogs and people.

Ask your friends and neighbors to occasionally bring their dogs over to your place, especially those who own dogs. Feeding this energetic breed of Dog highly nourishing dog food is advisable.

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