33 Different Types of Beetles

Different Types of Beetles
Photo by Nennieinszweidrei

If you’re looking for the perfect pet beetle, it’s crucial to pick from the different Types of Beetles you find more suitable for you.

Different species of beetles have different temperaments and require different care, so it’s essential to match your personal preferences with the characteristics of the specific Beetle you choose as a pet.

We’ve put together an overview of some popular types of beetles and included tips on caring for them as pets at home.

1. Figeater Beetle

Figeater beetles(Green Fruit Beetle) are one of the different types of beetles that can be found in North America. They’re not beetles but rather a type of leaf beetle.

These insects have been observed to feed on green fruit, including apples, apricots, and grapes, as well as leaves from trees like maple and oak.

However, figeater beetles aren’t limited to these foods because they eat dead plant matter. For example, the larvae will often eat the decaying wood underneath a log or stone that might be used as an animal hideout or nesting site.

2. Green June Beetle

Green June beetles(Cotinis nitida), also called Japanese beetles, are the most common Beetle in North America. These Different Types of Beetles can be green or brown and have a yellow border on the top of their wing covers. 

They are typically about 1⁄2 inch long and 1⁄2 inch wide. These beetles chew through leaves and flowers, so they may not be suitable for you if you want to grow plants indoors or outdoors.

June Beetles (Cotinis nitida)

3. Pale Green Weevil Beetle

The Pale Green Weevil Beetle is one of the most common different Types of Beetles. It’s also one of the smallest beetles in the world, measuring just 0.3 inches long.

This Beetle is found in almost every habitat and is a very hardy creature that can adapt to different climates. 

The Pale Green Weevil Beetle is known for its ability to tolerate a wide range of temperatures, from cold up to boiling. This makes it an excellent candidate for farming environments with extreme temperature fluctuations throughout the year.

4. Ten-lined June Beetles

If you’re looking for Different Types of Beetles, consider the Ten-lined June Beetle(Brown Type of Beetle).

This brown Beetle is among the most common in North America and can be found on or near plants, flowers, and trees partially submerged during warm seasons. 

They are often confused with Tiger Beetles and are sometimes called Flower Bugs.

5. Ground Beetle

Ground beetles are among the Different Types of Beetles that spend their entire life on the ground and are often found in moist habitats. Ground beetles differ from other beetles because they do not have wings.

Another difference is that ground beetles typically have a lighter coloration than other species, ranging from yellow to red to orange or brown.  

Ground beetles are the second most diverse group in North America, with around 400 different species. The larval stage, which lasts three to five years, is where the ground beetle begins to form its adult features, such as head shape and wing length.

The adult stage lasts about one year, but it can be more if the conditions allow them to overwinter. Adult ground beetles spend their lives on the ground and are often found in moist habitats.

6. Scarlet Beetle / Lily Beetle

The Scarlet Beetle (Cetonia Aurata) is a beautiful and gentle insect found in Europe, North Africa, and Asia. The Scarlet Beetle gets its name from the bright red on the elytra (wing coverings) and Beetle’s body.

This herbivorous Beetle eats plants instead of other living creatures, such as insects or small rodents. Despite being called a beetle, these Different Types of Beetles, also known as an insect, belong to the family Cetoniidae, which are known as flower chafers because they feed on pollen and nectar.

7. Drugstore Beetle

Insects can be beneficial creatures, but they can also be pests. For example, drugstore beetles are insects that love to feed on dried plants and herbs. If you’ve seen these creatures in your store, you’ll want to find out the problem and fix it quickly.

These Different Types of Beetles will ensure that your plant products don’t go bad or become infested with other insects. It’s important to know what species you’re dealing with, so read on to learn more about drugstore beetles!

8. Grapevine Beetle

Grapevine beetles are invasive in the United States, but they’re not as destructive to plants as some other species. These Different Types of Beetles tend to be located on vines and other vegetation types.

You should remove any infested plant parts and destroy them to get rid of them. Grapevine beetles are most active during the daytime, so you should focus on this period if you’re looking for a way to control them.

9. Black Carpet Beetle

Black Carpet Beetle (Attagenus unicolor) These Different Types of Beetles are black with a redhead and possess a flattened, oval body.

The larvae feed on woolen fabrics, feathers, furs, and carpets. They are also attracted to cheese and decaying flesh. 

The adults feed on pollen and nectar from flowers. These beetles have been found in all continents except Antarctica. They are most active during the summer months.

The Black Carpet Beetle can be found in woolen fabrics, feathers, furs, carpets, and cheese.

10. Stag Beetles

The Stag Beetle is a beautiful beetle that ranges in color from a deep black to light brown, with the males being more brightly colored than the females.

These Different Types of Beetles are often found on flowers and plants, as they are attracted to their bright colors. Stag beetles are not too common but can be spotted in some parts of North America. 

These beetles have three pairs of legs and one pair of wings, which they use to fly if threatened. If startled or threatened, they will drop off the plant and land on their backs so that their feet are pointing up. This makes them appear larger to predators when they try to run away.

11. Hercules Beetles

Hercules beetles are the most substantial bugs in the world, capable of carrying up to 850 times their weight.

These beetles are among the Different Types of Beetles that get their name from the Greek hero Hercules, who was said to have possessed a similar strength.

These giant beetles are also one of the longest-living insects in the world, with some measuring over four inches long and living up to 10 years.

The Hercules beetle’s diet consists primarily of snails and other shellfish that they can pry open with their powerful jaws.

12. Tiger Beetle

Tiger beetles are one of the most colorful in North America, with a wide variety in color, size, and pattern. These Different Types of Beetles are found throughout the Eastern United States and parts of Canada. 

They can be seen on the ground or in leaves during the daytime. Tiger beetles get their name from their fast running speed and bright colors that resemble a tiger’s stripes. Their diet consists mainly of insects, such as flies and tiny spiders.

13. Soldier Beetle

The soldier beetle is a scavenger and feeder of other insects. The larvae eat the larvae of other insects, while adults are known to feed on pollen, nectar, and honeydew.

The soldier beetle is among the Different Types of Beetles found in most parts of North America except Alaska. 

Their black bodies can identify them with white stripes or spots running along the length of their body. These beetles also have two pairs of wings covered in tiny hairs that give them a velvety feel to the touch.

14. Sawyer Beetles

Sawyer beetles are one of the most beautiful and diverse beetles that you can find. These different Types of Beetles come in various bright colors, such as blue, green, yellow, and red.

Sawyer beetles are a lot like ladybugs because they eat other insects like aphids and mites that damage plants. 

Some people call these bugs ladybugs on steroids because they grow two inches long (about three times the size of an average ladybug). These Different Types of Beetles also have wings that can fly away if needed.

In addition, these bugs will often choose sweet fruit trees like apples or cherries to lay their eggs on. So if you see one on your tree at home, don’t worry!

15. Japanese Beetle

Japanese beetles are a pest in the eastern part of the United States. The adult is about 13mm long and has copper-colored wings with a metallic blue sheen.

They lay clusters of eggs on leaves, which hatch into grubs that eventually pupate and emerge as adults to eat more plants. 

These Different Types of Beetles can be controlled through natural means or by using chemicals such as permethrin or bifenthrin.

If you have an infestation, you should consult a professional exterminator to find the best method for your needs.

16. Striped Cucumber Beetle

The striped cucumber beetle is green with three yellow stripes and feeds on various cucurbits, including cucumbers, squash, pumpkins, watermelons, and muskmelons. They can cause significant damage to plants by feeding on the fruit and leaves. 

The striped cucumber beetle also transmits bacterial wilt diseases. Contact your local extension office or agricultural agent for advice if you see one or more beetles in your garden.

17. Colorado Potato Beetle

The Colorado Potato Beetle is a small, oval beetle with a distinctive orange color. These Different Types of Beetles are voracious eaters and can consume as many as 8-12 potato plants per day.

Their preferred food is the leaves and foliage, but they will also eat the flowers and even the fruits of potatoes if they are stressed from lack of water or high temperatures.

The larvae will start by eating just one leaf on a plant before moving on to another; once all the leaves have been eaten off that first plant, they’ll continue to move on to other plants.

If there aren’t any other plants around, they’ll go back to eating just one leaf at a time until all the leaves have been eaten off that first plant again.

18. Red-Headed Cardinal Beetle

The red-headed cardinal Beetle (Pyrochroa serraticornis) is a common ladybug feeding on aphids. It can be found in North America and Europe. 

Their diet consists mainly of aphids, but they will also feed on other types of soft-bodied insects. The larvae develop underground, feeding on the roots, bulbs, and pupae of ants and bees.

19. Clay-Colored Billbug

The Clay-Colored Billbug(Sphenophorus aequalis) can be recognized by its reddish-yellow head and prothorax. The head is round, with a broad forehead, oval eyes set high up on the face, and antennae inserted near the top of the head.

Different Types of Beetles are used to eat plants or feed on other insects. These beetles can be found throughout North America. 

The Clay-Colored Billbug is often confused with other types of billbugs. It is similar in appearance to the Black Turpentine Beetle and Southern Pine Beetle, but it lacks the shiny coat seen on those beetles (and also lacks hair). In addition, the mandibles are smaller than those seen on Southern Pine Beetles.

20. Red Milkweed Beetle

The red milkweed beetle(Tetraopes tetrophthalmus) is among the Different Types of Beetles that feed on milkweed plants.

The male and female beetles gather together during the summer to mate, but in the winter, they separate into individual caves where they hibernate. 

The larvae, called white grubs, live in the soil and feed on roots. When they are finished eating, they pupate and turn into adults that emerge from the ground as giant reddish-brown beetles with black spots on their wing covers.

21. Ninebark Calligraphy Beetle

The ninebark calligraphy beetle(Calligrapha spiraea) is a small, brown beetle with a distinctive white stripe. These Different Types of Beetles are found in the eastern United States and live primarily in trees.

The larvae feed on the leaves of ninebark and other plants in the genus Spiraea, while adults feed on nectar and pollen from various flowers like milkweeds and goldenrods. 

Adult beetles can be seen from late summer through early winter, but they are most active during September.

22. Pedunculate Ground Beetles

The Pedunculate Ground Beetle(Scarites spp.) is a medium-sized beetle with a shiny, metallic greenish-brown exterior with two large spots on its wings.

It is found in grasslands and open habitats near the ground. This insect feeds on snails, slugs, and other small insects, such as caterpillars. 

The Pedunculate Ground Beetle typically emerges from hibernation in April or May but can emerge anytime if the temperature exceeds 20 degrees Celsius.

The Pedunculate Ground Beetle has three pairs of legs attached to its thorax segment and one pair of antennae between its eyes and mouthparts.

These Different Types of Beetles use their antennae to sense chemicals in the environment as they crawl over it, looking for prey.

23. Pennsylvania Ground Beetles

If you’re looking for Different Types of Beetles with shiny black bodies with red-orange heads and antennae, then the Pennsylvania Ground Beetle(Harpalus spp.) is just the one for you! This Beetle spends most of its time on the ground or leaf litter.

It is often seen sprinting on the surface before diving into cracks in soil or under rocks. Its habitat includes northeastern US forests, meadows, and fields. The Pennsylvania Ground Beetle can be found from Maine to Georgia and west to Illinois.

24. False Bombardier Beetle

The False Bombardier Beetle(Galerita bicolor) is one of the most colorful beetles. It has a metallic blue-green body with yellow stripes running along its length. The False Bombardier Beetle can be found in North America, Southern Europe, and Africa. 

These Different Types of Beetles can be easily mistaken for the Bombardier Beetle due to their coloring and markings, but it is not as heavily armored as the Bombardier Beetle. 

The most notable characteristic that separates this Beetle from others is its ability to release a sticky liquid from its abdomen when threatened or disturbed; this liquid contains hydroquinone and hydrogen peroxide, which can create an explosion when mixed.

25. Stenolophus Ground Beetles

Stenolophus ground beetles(Stenolophus spp.) are unusual-looking insects. These Different Types of Beetles are relatively large and have a pair of protrusions on the back that look like horns. Stenolophus ground beetles can be found in various parts of North America, Europe, and Asia. 

Most species have wings to help them fly, but their appearance differs depending on the country they are in. For example, one might be brown with white stripes, while another has red and black stripes. 

Most Stenolophus ground beetles feed on invertebrates such as snails or slugs by crushing them with their powerful jaws or just sucking out the juices from their bodies.

However, some species also eat smaller insects like ants or termites that live underground.

26. Spotted Yellow Cucumber Beetle

The Spotted Yellow Cucumber Beetle (Diabrotica undecimpunctata) is an agricultural pest that can damage vegetables, fruit, and other crops. Adult beetles are yellowish-orange with black spots on their wing covers. 

These Different Types of Beetles measure 1/2 inch long and have a black stripe along the edge of each wing cover.

The larvae feed on plant roots in the soil for about four months before pupating and emerging as adults the following spring. 

The Spotted Yellow Cucumber Beetle has three generations per year in Georgia. Its peak flight periods are from late May through June, July through August and mid-September through October. Larvae overwinter in the soil or sometimes under vegetable debris left on the ground after harvest.

27. Black and Yellow Longhorn Beetle

There are many different types of beetles, and they all come in various colors and sizes. One type is the black and yellow longhorn beetle(Rutpela maculata), also known as Rutpela maculata.

These beetles are typically found in the southwest portion of North America and are usually no bigger than an inch long. 

They have shiny bodies with alternating black and yellow stripes on their wing covers. The coloration may vary depending on where they live and the time of year.

Some are brown or green to blend in with the foliage, while others are brightly colored to warn predators that these bugs taste bad!

28. Yellow-Bellied Garden Fruit Chafer Beetle

The Yellow-Bellied Garden Fruit Chafer Beetle(Pachnoda sinuata flaviventris), or Pachnoda sinuata flaviventris, is among the Different Types of Beetles found in the United States’ southern parts. They are mainly found in Texas and Florida. 

The beetles are typically between 1/4 to 1/2 long, with an oval-shaped body and a yellowish-brown color. The larvae feed on decaying fruit and produce an odor similar to fermented fruit. When males become adults, they will find a female beetle and mate with them for life.

29. Flower Longhorn Beetle

The flower longhorn beetle(Typocerus sparsus) is a type of Beetle that was once only found in the northeastern United States.

Recently, this species has been spotted in other regions in the United States. They are often mistaken for other types of beetles because they don’t look like typical beetles. 

The flower longhorn beetle is white, with black markings on its wings, and its antennae are longer than usual. These beetles can be found on flowers, shrubs, and trees during warmer months.

30. Eurasian Bee Beetle

Eurasian Bee Beetle (Trichius fasciatus) is among the Different Types of Beetles found in various parts of Europe and Asia.

The Beetle is mainly black or brown with yellow stripes on its wing. It also has two orange spots on the thorax, which resembles a bumblebee, giving it its name.

It feeds off honeydew, nectar, and pollen. The Beetle can be found in forests and gardens where the flowers are plentiful. 

The larvae feed on the roots of plants like dandelion, plantain, and nettle; they also eat other insects that live in the soil around them, such as ants and their eggs, slugs, and snails.

31. Tansy Beetle

The Tansy Beetle (Chrysolina graminis) is typically found in Europe, North Africa, and some parts of Asia. It is about 1-1.5mm long and has an orange head with black dots on the back.

The tansy beetle feeds on plants such as tansies, clover, and dandelions and can be a damaging pest to gardens. 

The larvae eat plants from the roots up to the stem, while adults feed on leaves which can lead to stunted growth or death for specific plants. The rounded head these beetles have can be seen with their orange coloration, which also has black dots.

32. Green Scarab Beetle

The green scarab beetle(Heterorrhina elegans) is a gorgeous insect with an emerald green carapace and purple wings.

These Different Types of Beetles feed on plants, flowers, and fruits. The females lay their eggs on the ground in batches of eight to thirty eggs per batch. 

The larvae hatch after about three weeks and go through four larval stages before pupating into adults. They then emerge from their pupae after another two weeks or so. They are often found around the edges of forests, woodland clearings, and near water sources. 

33. Larder Beetles

Larder beetles(Dermestes lardarius) are about 1/4 inch long, with a black body and yellow-gold wing covers.

These different Types of Beetles are named for their habit of living in or near larders, where they feed on dried animal products such as bacon, ham, and bird seed.

Adults have chewing mouthparts; larvae have piercing mouthparts. Larder beetles do not harm humans or animals, but they can cause damage to fabrics such as wool or silk by feeding on them.] Other types of beetles include pill bugs and ladybugs.


It’s essential to know the different types of beetles that exist. They help with the ecosystem and are beneficial in many ways. For example, some beetles eat rotting wood, others eat dead insects, and some even pollinate plants. 

Knowing your type helps you know how to keep it as a pet or if it needs special care. Plus, they’re just plain interesting!

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