10 Types of Animals That Eat Termites

Animals That Eat Termites
Photo by Egor Kamelev on Pexels

Termites are little but mighty insects that can seriously harm houses and structures.

These small insects can severely damage any structure despite their appearance as innocuous bugs.

But thinking about animals that eat termites to control their population? 

Termites offer a plentiful food source, and a range of species have developed to take advantage of this, from predatory birds and reptiles to parasitic wasps and beetles.

This article will examine some animals that eat termites.

Despite how annoying some of these insects can be, they have the unfortunate circumstance of existing at the base of the food chain.

No matter where you are in the world, there are several natural termite predators, which is why they tunnel underground or inside the wood.

So let’s discover animals that eat termites that are assisting you covertly with your termite problem by reading on!

1. Ants


Ants are first on our list of animals that eat termites. Termites and ants get along like oil and water.

These two identical twins don’t get along at all, and if their colonies ever encounter one another, they turn hostile. 

Even some ant species are known to pursue termites aggressively.

While ants are also a pest in our homes, this isn’t entirely good news because we know they won’t bother us simultaneously.

2. Spiders

Jumping Spiders - Amazing Animals That Hop
by Thomas Shahan 3 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Arachnids, like spiders, are also one of the animals that eat termites. Smaller insects like termites, flies, and mosquitoes make up their primary diet. 

Flying termites can occasionally become meals when entangled in a spider’s web. Other spiders on the ground eat any termites they may encounter.

3. Chickens

Sablepoot Chickens - Miniature Chicken Breeds
by ᚛Tilly Mint ᚜ is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

There are chickens all around the Philippines. It always appears chickens pick up worms or seeds from the ground. 

Termites will undoubtedly be on the menu if they ever come across some.

Because they won’t be fussy about what they eat, chickens are a surefire way to keep termites away from your property.

4. Pigeons

Pigeons - Animals that Mate for Life
by zigazou76 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Pigeon collection and breeding is one of the popular animals that eat termites.

Free-flying pigeons can fly great distances in search of food; if they come across some termites, they won’t think twice about eating them.

5. Sparrows

Sparrows - Animals That Eat Ants
by Becky Matsubara is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Philippines is home to many sparrows, animals that eat termites as part of their diet.

The nation’s rural and urban parts are home to the Eurasian Tree Sparrow or Maya.

It wouldn’t be difficult to picture a lucky Maya coming across an unaware termite colony in a tree or house and getting a free meal.

6. Birds

Birds - Animals That Eat Bunnies
by Phil Fiddyment is licensed under CC BY 2.0

A bird’s main food sources include seeds, nuts, flowers, and insects, much like most of the other creatures on this list. Termites are often fair game for birds.

7. Lizards

Lizards - Animals With Claws
by A.Davey is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Lizards, frequently seen on ceilings, enjoy eating insects like flies, mosquitoes, flying ants, and the occasional termite.

Because they are animals that eat termites and nice reptile housemates, they are ideal to have around

8. Mammals

Worse Mammals

Mammals enjoy partaking in the widespread trend among animals to eat insects. Although insects are not a staple of their diets, they do like to eat them occasionally.

9. Bats

Types of Bats in South Dakota
Photo by Pixel-mixer on Pixabay

A range of items, including fruits, insects, and even blood, are consumed by bats.

Particularly if it’s termite mating season, hungry bats are likely to attack a termite colony that emerges at night.

Due to their mastery of the air, bats can readily grab flying termites that may be in their path.

10. Frogs

Different Types of Frogs in the World
Photo by Jelle de Gier

Frogs help to reduce the number of termites wherever they are found, even if they are not the most aesthetically pleasing creatures to see in our homes.

Ants and termites are among the little creatures these animals that eat termites enjoy eating.

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