20 Different Types of Spiders in Hawaii

Different Types of Spiders in Hawaii
Photo by Filipe Resmini

Knowing some of the different types of spiders in Hawaii is helpful. The following 20 spiders can give you nasty bites if you handle them carelessly or try to handle them at all!

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1. Starbellied Orb Weaver Spider

Spiders are fascinating, and many different types of spiders in Hawaii! When you find one in your bedroom late at night, these things are still freaky.

So, what types of spiders can you expect to see when staying in Hawaii? Well, there are four types of brown recluse spiders: 

  • Loxosceles Laeta
  • Loxosceles reclusa var. deserta
  • Loxosceles reclusa var. intermedia
  • Loxosceles reclusa var. reclusa.

2. Shamrock Spider

Unlike other spiders, the shamrock spider does not have an antagonistic nature. Instead, it wants to avoid contact with people and retreats when disturbed. 

Despite its shyness, there are two varieties of this species: a type that lives on Oahu and another on the islands. These two varieties are part of the many types of spiders in Hawaii.

This type of spider is relatively large but doesn’t pose much threat because it won’t jump or bite if left alone.

However, as with all kinds of spiders, you don’t want to disturb them by picking them up or handling their webs.

3. Black and Yellow Garden Spider

Spider webs aren’t usually the most aesthetically pleasing sight. These creepy crawlers create their webs using long threads of proteins, typically using vegetation and other objects close by.

The black and yellow garden spider builds a web with a spiral pattern. They are prevalent in many places around the world, including Hawaii.

Spider webs aren’t usually the most aesthetically pleasing sight. These creepy crawlers create their webs using long threads of proteins, typically using vegetation and other objects close by. 

The black and yellow garden spider builds a web with a spiral pattern. They are in many places around the world. However, they are prevalent types of spiders in Hawaii.

4. American Grass Spider

American Grass Spiders are types of spiders in Hawaii. These spiders are light brown with red stripes and a black head. Their body measures about 1/4 inch long with a leg span about 1-1/2 inches wide. 

This spider does not have a dangerous bite but can cause skin irritation to some humans. These spiders typically like tall grass, around 30 feet high, and lay many egg sacs between September and November.

They are usually found within 50 feet of human dwellings or residential areas on tree trunks, shrubs, logs, or under rocks and debris.

5. Leaf-Curling Sac Spider

Many people are scared of spiders, but the truth is that many species are harmless. However, there are a few types of spiders in Hawaii that you want to avoid, like the leaf-curling sac spider.

These spiders are usually seen late at night and feed on other giant insects and other arthropods. 

Their flattened bodies allow them to camouflage themselves among leaves; thankfully, these spiders typically won’t attack humans unless provoked.

They may make a lunge for your arm if you get too close while they’re curled up into their ball form.

However, they’re not naturally aggressive; of course, it is best if you don’t disturb them anyway so they don’t attack you out of fear. 

5. Northern Yellow Sac Spider

Northern Yellow Sac Spiders are types of spiders in Hawaii. They are common in the more northern regions but can be located as far south as Texas and Florida. 

This species has tiny fangs, and venom is not dangerous, though you might feel some itching if bitten. A significant danger posed by this spider is its poor housekeeping practices, which could lead to allergies.

8. Red-Spotted Ant mimic Spider

The red-spotted ant mimic spider is an arthropod that pretends to be a type of ant (hence the name!) The female can have a body length of up to 4cm, and the male around 3.5cm.

This makes them one of Hawaii‘s most significant types of spiders. They are also the most populous since they will farm their food, primarily flies or ants, instead of hunting. 

The spiny hair on their legs helps them get closer to prey while hiding its true nature until they catch it.

The Red-Spotted Ant Mimic Spider’s diet consists primarily of giant insects such as cockroaches and even small vertebrates like lizards.

There are many types of spiders in Hawaii that you want to avoid being bitten by if possible.

9. Grey House Spider

Grey house spiders are types of spiders in Hawaii. They have a leg span of up to 3/4 of an inch. It is notable for its dark violin-shaped mark on its cephalothorax and its light brown to the black abdomen. 

This spider should not be handled because it may bite if provoked. These spiders typically build their webs under the corners of buildings, bridges, trees, and rocks. 

Their dark color keeps them hidden from prey and potential predators so they can successfully catch insects without being noticed.

The bites from these spiders are not considered dangerous but will likely result in redness, swelling, pain, and itching.

10. Eastern Parson Spider

The Eastern Parson Spider lives across the US, but its name is taken from where it was first identified: eastern New England.

It’s black with yellow or white spots and can have a leg span of up to 4 inches. It may look scary, but it’s relatively harmless, feeding primarily on flies, butterflies, and bees. 

This type of spider doesn’t spin webs to capture prey like most other spiders- instead, they lurk on unsuspecting prey. Luckily these types of spiders in Hawaii are not known for biting humans.

11. Spinybacked Orb Weaver Spider

Spiny-backed orb weaver spiders are types of Spiders in Hawaii. It builds circular, grey webs around plants.

If you happen to brush against the web, it will release a thin strand that can trip you up. This is one reason you’ll want to avoid these types of spiders in Hawaii if you stumble across them. 

For the most part, though, this spider isn’t dangerous and won’t bite unless provoked.

These spiders are only harmful when they’re about an hour away from sunrise, as they like to feed on early morning insects. Many people also mistake these types of spiders in Hawaii for bird droppings.

12. Flower Crab Spider

These unique types of spiders in Hawaii are the Flower Crab Spiders. This spider is typically found on small bushes and flowers, which has earned it its name. The large dark marking covering its abdomen looks strikingly like a flower. 

Females will capture and keep males until they’ve matured enough to mate; these prisoners are called sperm receivers.

Then they kill their partner before breeding with the first one that matures. What an odd lifestyle choice!

13. Wolf Spider

Wolf spiders are common types of spiders in Hawaii. These brown or grey spiders have a black hourglass shape on their abdomen. They can be recognized by the furry ‘wolf-like’ hair that covers their body. 

Wolf spiders are rarely found outside and live on the ground or in burrows they create. This type of spider is known for its speed which is often used as a defense against predators.

Wolf spiders will quickly leap up and attack with swift movements when threatened. This creature has strong jaws.

It uses these jaws to immobilize its prey, liquefy its insides, and then suck out any fluids before consuming them.

Wolf spiders also wait at nightfall inside their burrow, waiting for an unsuspecting prey animal to walk by.

14. Common House Spider

Common house spiders, Tegenaria parietina, are the most prevalent types of spiders in Hawaii. These little pests are nocturnal and will eat anything smaller than themselves. 

Typical signs you may have in this type of spider are a messy web in your surroundings. Vacating their nets frequently is advisable because they can make homes in corners and crevices. 

15. Furrow Spider

Furrow spider spiders are found on many Hawaiian islands, including all the big four: Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island. Furrow spiders build funnel webs with a hole and wait for their prey at the end.

Because they’re so large (around 20mm), they can use their body weight as leverage when attacking and overpowering insects. 

But if you find yourself in a furrow spider’s territory? Stand still; don’t fight back or move around; watch where it goes so you can later avoid any future run-ins.

16. Regal Jumping Spider

The Regal Jumping Spiders are giant types of spiders in Hawaii. The spiders are primarily nocturnal but can occasionally be seen resting or hunting for prey during the daytime. 

This spider typically reaches lengths up to 8mm, including its legs. While this isn’t very big compared to other spiders, it’s still big enough not to want one dropping from your ceiling.

Jumping spiders will quickly grasp their prey before injecting venom; after this, they liquefy their prey with enzymes before eating it.

17. Zebra Spider

Zebra Spiders are types of spiders in Hawaii. It has a shiny carapace that glitters in the sunlight, while its legs are slender and marked with dark bands.

These little arachnids usually range from 2-3mm long but can grow up to 5 mm, depending on their environment. 

They get their name from the zebra-like striped pattern along the top side of their abdomen. When it comes to catching prey, these spiders sit and wait for animals passing by, then drag them into their caves.

This has made it dangerous for these creatures to live on Oahu since predators have been known to devour them.

18. Arrowhead Spider

These types of spiders in Hawaii often get their name from the arrow-shaped marking on the dorsal side of their abdomen.

Most are brown or black but can be found in shades from cream to dark brown. They hunt by sitting and waiting for a hapless insect to fly or attempt to walk over it. 

Although they have poor eyesight, they have a perfect sense of touch, allowing them to detect movement far away.

Arrowheads are typically found beneath rocks and pieces of dead wood that help shield them from predators. Males occasionally wander during mating season.

19. Rabbit Hutch Spider

If you have a rabbit hutch, look out for these guys. They usually hang around the openings where the rabbits come and go from.

Unlike some other spiders, this spider hangs at ground level and has a habit of dropping down on its prey. 

It is not aggressive but painful when it lands on your hand and bites. The bite can be likened to a bee sting with possible allergic reactions.

Fortunately, several good ways to get rid of these pesky critters include spraying insecticidal soap around the entrances. 

20. Banana Spider

You may be wondering how this tiny spider got its name. The reason why it’s called the Banana Spider is that it’s easy for it to hide within a discarded banana peel. These spiders are nocturnal, so they rarely come out during the daytime.

You might also come across another type of spiders in Hawaii: the tarantula. They have some identifying characteristics that can help you distinguish them from other spiders:

  • Their furry body
  • Bushy hair covering their legs
  • Large leg span (usually about six inches)

This spider should give you great pause when you see one.


All 20 types of spiders in Hawaii are not harmful and live among us, but it is vital to recognize them. We should all be informed that they do not pose an even more significant risk than they already do. 

Let’s hope none of these critters decide to make themselves at home where you currently live or work. Better safe than sorry!

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