Top 8 Large Duck Breeds in the World

Large Duck Breeds
Photo by Amit Talwar

Ducks are large waterfowl that we can find in different habitats, including wetlands and lakes. They have long legs, webbed feet, and broad wings for swimming and flying.

Ducks are omnivores, eating both plants and animals, and they are in different sizes.

However, this blog post focuses on the large duck breeds in the world. Here’s a list of a few large duck breeds you should know.

1. Muscovy

Muscovy Duck - Types of Water Birds in Florida
by (aka Brent) is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The muscovy is a domesticated duck breed that originated from South America. It has a very distinctive appearance with its long neck and head, giving it an almost human-like look.

The muscovy’s body is also quite large, making it one of the largest domestic duck breeds. We can recognize this duck breed by its featherless head.

Also, Muscovies are good swimmers and divers, but their flight is not as strong as other breeds. So, hunters easily catch them using nets or traps.

2. Silver Appleyard

Silver Appleyard
by Oast House Archive is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Silver Appleyard is another large duck breed that Reginald Appleyard bred. It serves as a meat bird, and they grow fast and produce lots of eggs.

Silver Appleyards are also famous for being excellent layers, producing up to 200 eggs per year.

Their bodies are like those of mallards, which makes them easy to identify. The most common coloration is white with black specks, but some varieties may have brown speckles.

Silver Appleyards have long legs and short wings, making it easier for them to walk around.

Further, these ducks tend to live longer than other breeds because they don’t need as much space.

3. Golden Cascade Duck

Golden Cascade duck

Goldens are a medium-sized duck breed that originated in North America.

They are famous for having beautiful plumage and are often used as pets. Also, their feathers are usually golden yellow, but there are also many variations.

Goldens are generally friendly birds, so they are suitable for people who want to keep pet ducks. However, they do need a lot of space, and they cannot be kept in small cages.

4. Aylesbury Duck

Aylesbury Ducks
by Bernard Spragg is licensed under CC CC0 1.0

Aylesbury is a large white duck breed that originates from England. This breed is famous for its beautiful plumage, and it is often used as a show duck.

Aylesbury are also popular among hobbyists because they are relatively easy to care for. Aylesbury are hardy birds, and they can survive in cold climates.

However, they have tender and moist flesh. Though this breed of duck became famous in Aylesbury, there are only a few facts about its origin.

Another exciting thing about Aylesbury is that people use its white feathers to make pillows.

Further, it has a solid flavor that distinguishes it from the other large duck breeds.

5. Blue Swedish

Swedish Blue Duck
by Jet Blaque is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Blue Swedish is a domestic duck breed from Sweden. These ducks are famous for their beautiful plumage and are sometimes used as pets.

Blue Swedes are also excellent layers and lay up to 150 eggs per year. These duck breeds are very active birds, and they can swim well.

They weigh about eight pounds and have a white patch on the chest. Also, Swedish Blue ducks are calm, so they’re suitable for novice duck owners.

6. Cayuga

Cayuga Duck
by Kaaren Perry is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Cayuga is a medium-sized duck breed, weighing about 8 pounds. These ducks are famous for their beautiful plumage and are often used as pets and show animals.

Cayugas are good swimmers and can fly a little bit. They are also great at diving into the water and can dive down to 30 feet.

Though their origin is unclear, their bodies are like those of Mallards.

Further, Cayugas can lay about 150 eggs yearly, and their eggs are initially dark. However, they get lighter till they become white before hatching.

7. Pekin

by grace_kat is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Pekins are one of the oldest duck breeds, dating back to the United States. They were initially domesticated for food, but today they are mostly raised as pets.

These domestic breeds are famous for their beautiful plumage and are often used as pets or show ducks. They are also good swimmers, and they can dive deep into the water.

Among the large duck breeds, Pekins are pretty intelligent, and they can recognize human faces. They are also good at flying and can even fly upside down.

Lastly, they are good egg layers and can produce about 200 eggs per year.

8. Rouen

by stevehimages is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Rouen ducks are another large duck breed from France. They have a strong body and can withstand harsh weather. Also, these breeds of ducks are good flyers and can fly upside down.

They are also good egg layers, and they can produce around 100 eggs per year. Furthermore, Rouen ducks are quite smart, and they can recognize human voices.

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