Top 8 Brown Duck Breeds

Brown Duck Breeds
Photo by Anton Darius

The duck world has many different breeds, all uniquely beautiful in their way. The brown duck, with its wide range of physical and behavioral characteristics, is one of the most commonly recognized ducks. 

This makes an excellent choice as a pet or shows animal. This list highlights some of the most popular brown duck breeds. It will help you find the perfect duck companion!

1. Blue Swedish

The Blue Swedish is among the popular brown duck breeds known for its beautiful blue plumage. This duck is also a good layer, producing around 200 eggs annually. 

The Blue Swedish is an excellent choice if you’re looking for brown duck breeds that are both beautiful and productive. They are hardy birds with a calm temperament and should do well as pets.

2. Campbell

The Campbell is a brown duck breed that was developed in New Zealand. It is a cross between Aylesbury and Rouen. The Campbell is a popular choice for meat production.

It has a high yield of breast meat. Campbells are good egg layers, with each duck laying around 200 eggs yearly. They increase to about 12 pounds at maturity. This makes them great for short-term slaughter. 

They are not an ideal backyard chicken substitute. This is because they tend to fly away from home.

3. Hooked Bill

The Hooked Bill is among the brown duck breeds known for its outstanding bill. This duck’s bill is curved downward, giving it a hooked appearance. The Hooked Bill is a popular breed for those who enjoy duck hunting. 

They are known to be good at it. This breed is also known to be friendly and docile, making them great pets. The Hooked Bill is one to consider if you’re looking for a unique and exciting duck breed!

4. Orpington

One of the most popular brown duck breeds is the Orpington. They were initially bred in England and are known for their docile and friendly nature. 

They come in various colors, but the most common is brown. These ducks are excellent foragers and make great pets. If you’re looking for a brown duck breed that’s sure to please, look no further than the Orpington!

5. Welsh Harlequin

If you’re looking for brown duck breeds, the Welsh Harlequin is a great option. These ducks are known for their friendly personalities and their beautiful plumage. 

While they don’t lay as many eggs as other breeds, they make up for it in personality. If you’re looking for a duck that will quickly become a part of the family, the Welsh Harlequin is the breed for you.

6. The American Buff

Despite its name, the American Buff does not have albinism. The body is a mottled gray-brown, while the head and neck have dark red highlights. 

7. The Pekin

The Pekin is most common among the different types of duck breeds in North America because it’s large enough to be practical and small enough to be manageable on smaller farms. It has white feathers with black spots over its entire body. It can produce up to 280 eggs per year! 

8. The Aylesbury

The Aylesbury was developed by Sir John Cross and is considered one of the best layers. It can lay between 240-280 eggs annually and weighs about 8 pounds when fully grown!


There are many different brown duck breeds, each with unique features. Whether you’re looking for a duck to keep as a pet or hoping to add some variety to your farm, there’s a breed of brown duck that’s perfect for you.  

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