Can Dogs Eat Eggshells? How Safe Are They?

Back in the day, dogs were classified as wild wolves. Though they are now domestic pets in many households, they fought for that spot.

Wolves could eat anything to survive then. They ate eggs as a whole, without bothering to separate them from the shell or not.

However, this article discusses how safe it is for dogs to eat shells. Can dogs eat shells? Well, you can only discover that if you read on.

If your dog eats small shells, it will probably end up in its stool as it passes through its intestinal tract. However, this depends on the dog’s size.

Large shells can even block the digestive organ if consumed by a dog. This may not cause a problem, but keeping your dog from the eggshell is advisable.

The reason is that dogs eat whatever they see. However, eggshells are beneficial to your dogs, as they give them calcium and protein.

Let us focus on eggshells. Read on!

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Can Dogs Eat Eggshells?

Can dogs eat shells? Well, the simple answer is yes. Eggshells are safe for dogs to eat because they have many nutritional benefits.

They provide vitamins, protein, amino acids, and calcium. However, this does not mean that dog owners should feed their dogs too many eggshells.

The eggshells given to your dogs should be moderate, so as not to cause other harm to your dog’s body.

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Benefits of Dogs Eating Eggshells

Eggshells can help your dog with strong bones and healthy teeth, an excellent source of calcium and protein.

Statistics show that eggshells can provide a better calcium source than a supplement bought from calcium.

It can also improve your articulation, muscle, and heart health and support your immune system.

Homemade food dogs typically require rough meat to include approximately 20 percent of their food.

Without the contamination or safety issues around raw bones feeding dogs, eggshells could supply the calcium necessary.


  • Selenium prevents damage to their cells.
  • Strontium prevents loss of bone.
  • The folic acid in eggshells helps with strong cell production.
  • Vitamin B6 helps in the development of the brain.
  • Fluoride gives them strong teeth.

How Safe Are Eggshells For Dogs?

Like I said earlier, back in the day, wild dogs could eat raw eggs as a whole. They took the eggs from the nests of birds.

Though it is not clear that eggshells can be a source of salmonella toxicity, it is advisable to follow certain procedures while making them.

However, your dog consuming eggshells as a whole is not a good idea. It may cause indigestion, cut in the throat.

It can even cause blockage in the digestive organ, just as I mentioned above. So, the best way to feed your dog eggshells is by grinding them into bits.

This process does not, in any way, affect the nutrients in the shells, they are still intact. Furthermore, you may decide to grind many eggshells and sprinkle them on their daily meal.

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This means you have an already-made calcium powder.

How Much Eggshell Calcium Powder Does Your Dog Need?

Your dog does not need additional calcium to its diet if it has a good commercial food diet. Like I said earlier, everything has to be in moderation.

Even if we say dogs can eat shells, it doesn’t mean they should consume much. It would be best if you visit your dog’s vet before deciding on adding more supplements to your dog’s diet.

If you serve your dog a homemade diet, you can add eggshell calcium powder to its food.

However, the quantity of calcium powder you will add depends on the quantity of food you serve.

Additional Benefits of Eggshells For Dogs

There are so many benefits from a dog eating eggshells. An eggshell diet can improve the immune system of your dog.

Vitamin E and magnesium are contained in eggshells. Both can support the immune system of a canine. Take into account these possible advantages.

The effects of dietary eggshell membranes were also examined in a study. Powdered eggshell membranes have been found to reduce recovery from exercise-led joint rigidity and pain.

However, another study by Vuong and his colleagues has it that avian eggshells have anti-inflammatory properties.

The investigators studied the eggshell membranes of powdered chicken.

As a result, the eggshells “possess anti-inflammatory properties which make this material a promising ingredient appropriate for the treatment of wounds”.


Eggs and their shells add greatly to any dog’s diet, for these same reasons. Covers can be eaten or ground into powder as part of a full egg. Don’t hesitate to feed your dog eggshells, regardless of the method. There are numerous health benefits, and he will probably find them delicious!

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