IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare)

IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare)

IFAW (International Fund for animal welfare) is a group of people who care about animals and the planet we live in.

It isn’t in every case that it is clear how different people can work together at the very best, whether these people are scientists or fishermen.

However, after over five decades of collaborations, what is clear to the people that make up IFAW is that no single human possesses a monopoly on problem-solving.

This realization is how they were able to save cows in Myanmar, while they created community spaces.

Working with people is also how they created jobs and a network to eradicate wildlife crimes in Malawi.

And that too is how they ensured that victims of domestic abuse in the Netherlands found safety for themselves and their animals.

IFAW focuses on protecting ting protects animals, but they too are people.

We tackle complicated problems with creativity

The problems humans and animals face grow larger and more challenging every day. We suffer from increasing online trafficking.

Increasing ocean noise. IFAW has been around for five decades, but they know certainly that solutions can not stay the same. If there is anything IFAW is known for, it is transparency and innovation.

When the world thought euthanasia was the only option for stranded aquatic mammals, IFAW claimed to have found an alternative. We brought innovation to the table and developed new technology to release these animals back into the waters safely.

When they noticed that people in Bali were falling sick after several natural disasters, we figured out the source: unvaccinated dogs. Today, the international fund for animal welfare is making sure that digs on islands get their rabies vaccines.

Also, when they wanted to stop the hunting of whales in Japan, IFAW called up the Icelandic Tourism Board (Who would have imagined?).

The people at IFAW claim that they are not in search of a different way to do things. They seek out a better way.

The international fund for animal welfare accepts donations from. concerned people, communities, and companies. You can find out more from their official website https://www.ifaw.org.

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