What Are the Pros and Cons of Owning a Dog Kennel?

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Like all great inventions and business models, owning a dog kennel also has ups and downs. This article examines the pros and cons of owning a dog kennel.

A dog kennel is a licensed establishment that offers a safe environment for dogs.

Trained individuals usually operate them, and it offers a friendly environment for dogs.

Here, multiple dogs can be kept for breeding, sale, training, boarding, or grooming purposes and are usually housed in their area.

Considering we live in a world where a dog is said to be man’s best friend, owning a dog kennel business is worth considering.

Some people consider dogs to be members of their families

Statistics show that in America, around 48 million households own around 76 million dogs between them which amounts to a significant number of pet dogs nationwide, i.e., an average of 1.5 dogs between households.

Owning a dog kennel, then, can provide safety and security for these pets.

So, is owning a dog kennel the right choice for you? Keep reading as we look into the pros and cons of owning a dog kennel. 

Pros of Owning a Dog Kennel

There are perks to owning a dog kennel. Let’s take a look at them.

1. A Shot at Having a Fulfilling Career

Doing something you love can be pretty rewarding. In fact, for dog lovers, a great way of spending time all day with their favorite canine is by owning a boarding kennel.

Here, you get to combine your passion for animals with a career you can take pride in.

Dogs are creatures with undying love and affection for humans that thrive on interaction with people; they are glad to see you and make it clear that they appreciate your care.

Off course owning a dog kennel is not all rainbows and sunshine, but as long as you’re primed to put in the time and effort, you can create an enabling environment where you and these canines can thrive even as you turn your hobby into a career.

2. An Opportunity to Be Financially Independent

Making a living is a great step towards financial independence. We live in a world where dogs are loved, and the prospect of a decent earning once your kennel business is established is high.

Owning your own business means you don’t have to wait for a paycheck from your boss, and you can be independent financially.

The truth is that most households with dog treats their pet as part of their family and is likely to spend on them.

As pet owners are busy working full-time jobs away from home, taking care of family, or traveling, they will need somebody they can count on to look after their pets. Knowing that they will pay for it also sweetens the deal.

Hence, when examining the pros and cons of owning a dog kennel, one of the pros is financial independence.

Apart from that, you can also help new dog owners train their pups, bringing in the cash.

3. You Become Your Boss

One of the pros of owning a dog kennel is that you get to set your working hours.

Even though it’s obvious that the more hours you work, the more you earn since you are your boss, you have control over your schedule. 

Your hours don’t need to choose you anymore. You can choose your hours and even work around your other responsibilities without answering anyone.

Another perk to being your boss is choosing your employees. Do you know how you’ve always had this idea about the sort of employee to hire?

Well, here you get to do the hiring process yourself. You don’t have to worry about terrible coworkers because you will be in charge of putting together your business dream team.

4. A Chance to Bond with Myriad Pets and Become a Doggie Expert

One of the pros of owning a dog kennel is bonding with all the dogs who come in and out.

You get to understand a lot of different dogs, the individual quirks and personalities of the dogs, as you groom them.

Taking the dog for a walk and playtime is also a bonding time and a great way to connect with the pups and ensure they get the best care possible.

Eventually, you stand a chance of becoming an expert with dogs. This is because you will be inured with a wealth of experience from this endeavor.

Be sure to kiss boredom goodbye here because the dog kennel can keep you busy.

Every day in this business is different. You can never tell what your day will bring, even if you see the same pets regularly. 

5. Opportunity to Provide Selfless Service to Your Community

While making a living from owning a dog kennel, you also get the opportunity to provide selfless service to your local pet community.

More so, you can use your extra space to help out rescue operations or even incorporate a rescue operation into your dog kenneling business.

Helping dogs needing a home brings fulfillment and can be very rewarding for your career.

Eventually, you can even help to get these pets adopted, and you’ll also acquire some new customers once the parents of those adopted pets want to go on holiday and require a place to leave their new adopted canine.

Cons of Owning a Dog Kennel

While considering the pros and cons of owning a dog kennel in this article, we’ve established some pros. Now, let’s look at some cons to owning a dog kennel.

1. Working With Difficult Clients

A common challenge many businesses face is handling difficult clients, and operating a dog kennel isn’t an exception.

There are a thousand reasons why your clients might get upset, and sometimes they might not even be an issue worth upsetting.

However, you can effectively manage difficult customers and their demands and maintain positive relationships with the right approach.

Apart from your customers, the dogs can also prove difficult, especially an obtuse untrained dog.

2. Cost

The startup cost of owning a dog kennel can be relatively expensive. Hence, the cost is one of the cons of owning a dog kennel.

Having a space to house the dogs is not enough. There are other factors like equipment and running costs to consider.

As is true of any business, starting and maintaining a dog kennel business can be daunting. You need money upfront to start the business. Besides, it could take some time before you start to see a profit.

Furthermore, taking out insurance and its accompanied paperwork is another cost-related factor.

Nevertheless, insurance is necessary when a dog you are looking after gets lost, bites someone or is injured.

The risk of failing after taking out some loans to commence the business is also a cost issue. 

3. Boredom Might Become an Issue

The saying “turn your passion into a job and the money will come after” sounds nice, but sometimes, that saying holds little water and is not true for some people.

This is because your hobby, which you are passionate about, may fizzle out when it’s work.

You might not get excited about being around pets anymore and even start despising the job.

Here, you may no longer be doing it because of an overwhelming desire but because you want to pay the bills.

The routine may become boring, and with time, the same hobby you turned into a job can become dull to you, and with that goes the enthusiasm to make it work.

4. It Can be Challenging

Another disadvantage to owning a dog kennel is that it can be a challenging business.

It is not all kisses and bow ribbons for a dog kennel business. You might not have much free time anymore as you thought.

It can also be physically draining and emotionally taxing. These creatures can be messy, too, and you can’t afford to be squeamish when dealing with them.

The noise and stress of handling them can be challenging too. The incidence of occasional doggie illness is also another daunting factor. 


We’ve seen the pros and cons of owning a dog kennel in this article. Just as we’ve established, it can be a rewarding experience despite its challenges.

But then, now you’re acquainted with the advantages and disadvantages, the choice of owning a kennel business boils down to you.  

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