How to Make Dog Diapers?

The only thing that comes to people’s minds when they hear the word “Diaper” is babies. But babies are not the only ones that use diapers.

Dogs use diapers too. This article discusses dog diapers, how to use dog diapers, and the benefits of using them.

As dog owners, it is advisable to use diapers for your dogs, as it will make your house cleaner because it prevents the female dogs from constantly licking while in heat.

It also makes sure your dog doesn’t poop around in public. Let us put you through how to make dog diapers.

Read on!

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Benefits of Dog Diapers

Female dogs in heat can benefit from dog diapers.

Dog diapers can also be very helpful by preventing the dogs from staining the rugs. It also prevents male dogs from licking the female dog’s back and the potential of mating.

Older dogs, like humans, will have frequent accidents throughout the house because they lack the energy to move around quickly.

Benefits of Making Your Dog Diapers Yourself

There are ready-made dog diapers in dog stores where the pet owners can easily purchase your dog diaper, but sometimes it’s best to make your doggy diaper yourself.

Also, there are two types of diapers; they are reusable and disposable types.

However, let us check out some of the benefits of making your homemade dog diaper yourself.

  • Making your dog diapers saves cost.
  • DIY diaper takes your creativity to another level.
  • Making your dog diapers allows you to give your dog the perfect size around the dog’s waist.
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Dog Diaper Designs

Different designs of dog diapers won’t cost the dog owner much money and would still give you the same features as the ready-made ones.

Check them out!

1. Modified Baby Diaper

For this type of design, you only need scissors and a baby diaper. Check the steps below.

  • Get the slide that suits your dog, preferably one. This material will not be a problem if you have a baby at home.
  • Cut a hole through the baby slide with a pair of scissors, which the dog is going through.
  • If you have a tailor-made dog, you may use the doggie diaper as it is.
  • Place the diaper on your dog after you have cut the hole and you’re done!

2. Pee Pad Diaper

Another dog slide is a pee pad. You have to cut much more, but the methods are straightforward to follow.

Check the steps below.

  • Make an hourglass cutout on a pad for urine.
  • Make sure that your dog fits in properly with the size of the hourglass cutout.
  • Measure the hip circumference of your dog and other sections of the diaper.
  • Slide your dog’s legs and tape them on each side. 

3. Sock Diaper

You may use a sock to make a diaper while your pet is little. This is a simple and relatively effective method.

This is how You can make a dog diaper from a sock:

  • Firstly, measure your dog’s tail base thickness.
  • Cut a loop on the ground and top of the sock, approximately one inch away from the toe.
  • Cut the sock’s ankle so that it almost falls to the heel.
  • Place the hole over the tail of your dog and tug around the rear legs on both sides of the opening sternum.
  • Adjust the sock to provide the proper coverage over the bits of your puppy.
  • Knead the sock on all sides. You want it tightly attached yet slack enough to fit underneath the bowl with two fingers.
  • Lastly, put a sanitary pad between the sock and your dog’s bits to make it absorbed.
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4. Sanitary Pad Diaper

You don’t need many tools for this particular diaper design; you only need to get a boxer and a sanitary pad.

Check out the procedures below.

  • Firstly, cut a tail-hole on the boxer’s brackets first.
  • The tail hole often falls into the crotch someplace.
  • Then, slide the napkin inside the boxer once you have cut off the opening. The center of the stitch that links the two legs should be in line.
  • You must change the boxer briefs if your dog is little so that they will be tighter. It would help if you did so before you took any other measures.
  • Lastly, cut both sides and sew them down to lower the size of the boxers.

5. T-Shirt Diaper

No stitching is necessary for this design. However, it would help if you practiced some shirt folding techniques.

  • After placing the shirt flat, fold the seam to the center of the collar or about a third of the way.
  • Then, fold over the other side to the first fold, then fold down to make a “T” shape. 
  • Press the top portion firmly.
  • Fold the shirt floor to meet the sleeves to shorten it for the correct slide length.
  • Fold the shirt.
  • Put the shirt upside down on your dog’s underside.
  • Check it with the sleeves looped and tied or pinned.


We hope you have learned something new in this article that will save you some money and still provide you the best comfort for your dog. With this, you can construct a low-cost dog nappy with a bit of creativity and some household supplies. Also, when compared to purchasing vast quantities of commercially manufactured dog diapers, you will reduce waste at home. 

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